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Samsung Takes Us on a Feature Tour of the Galaxy S5 in 4-Minute Video

If our hands-on software and hardware tours, feature highlights, and comparisons weren’t enough to satisfy your appetite for all things Galaxy S5, then check out the latest video from Samsung. Sammy takes us on a 4-minute walk-through of all the key features for their new flagship, from a list of specs to new camera functionality to going grey-scale to extend battery life.

This is your step-by-step guide to knowing which features will help your life become “powered” by a GS5. Yes, that’s the tagline here. In fact, Samsung reminds you at the beginning of the clip that innovation isn’t just about the technology and specs, it’s about how the entire package can improve your everyday life. Good ol’ marketing speak.

Still not sold on Samsung’s new phone? 

  • Shawn John

    Hey let’s modify Android, bake in some apps and call it innovation! Bloatware for all! I just cannot do Touchwiz.

  • Jared Krinsky

    I do love the ultra battery saver and Wi-Fi LTE combo for even faster data speeds. I wonder if I can get that on my S4.

  • mcdonsco

    Any idea on off contract (full retail) pricing on Verizon yet? I used to not have a hard time with $650 or so for a phone (when I could resale last one for $450+), but after paying $450 for my lg g2 and knowing as a result I’ll be lucky to get $300 for it on eBay, the $650+/- phone isn’t going to be easy to swallow this time around…that is, if once I play with it in store it makes me want it (which so far it doesn’t, but I will check it out).

    • 213ninja

      They have dropped a few cents of late. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it at $550 – $599ish.

  • mcdonsco

    I do love the idea of combining LTE with WiFi…where I live on an acre I have to turn WiFi off manually when I go outside in the yard because my phone stays connected, but just barely and as a result can’t transfer for crap cause its trying over WiFi only, it won’t switch to LTE unless it has no signal at all on WiFi…having it use WiFi and LTE together seems like it would resolve that?

    Sad that that’s really all i like about it though.

  • Ben Murphy

    She would buy a $97 handbag….

  • 213ninja

    ooh, what if the home button were made of wood?? haters = sold!

  • chris_johns

    I just cant with the home button…like when will they put apple copying days behind them…andriod has evolved to be its own unique experience unlike that of iphone which apple still wants to be like…this is why i praise Moto, Sony, and LG

  • Lurker #438

    Can we talk about the Camera? And please feel free to politely dispute the validity of this request…. I’m a parent of 3 kids, ages 5 through 9, and I’d like a camera on a phone that actually takes pictures of MOVING targets in real life lighting conditions. Every year OEMs increase the megapixels of the sensor. Used to be 5MP was nice then 8, 12, 16, etc. I don’t care about a 16MP picture that is out of focus because the freakin’ sensor is TOO SMALL. I’d pay a premium for a camera sensor that is large enough (8MP resolution should be fine) to capture the needed light in a low light situation and render a picture, in focus of course, before the subject has another birthday. This shouldn’t be difficult but NO ONE in the smartphone world, that I’m aware of, seems to get this. I’m certain that I’m not alone in wanting this functionality. I’m partial to Samsung and love my GS3 but the camera isn’t very impressive unless I want pictures of fruit in a bowl…

    • zionlion02

      Hmmm, the Lumia 1020 is actually an amazing camera for a smart phone…i’d check that out. I know it’s not Android, but well,,, we’re just talking camera’s here.

    • Tim242

      I have high hopes that the S5 will handle this better. The S4’s camera is a huge step up from the S3. I’m hoping that the S5 can get it done with moving objects, without the blur. There should be videos coming soon.

  • Scott Webber

    The main downside to onscreen buttons is the decreased scroll area when reading. Why don’t manufactures make the screens slightly wider to make it (1080p + buttons) instead of what is effectively (1080p – buttons) ? I don’t like the home button, but I’d rather have more screen space.

    I wish manufacturers would make phones smaller like the moto x, but other than the large size, this device is starting to look rather appealing – specifically the camera.

  • Drew

    Who cares about this garbage? Yes its got top specs and a proven record but does it matter? Samsung Lg and HTC are all garbage. A mid spec Moto x is the best or maybe the Nexus 5. Those two are the best phones

    • Tim242

      Unless you want to use the camera…

    • 213ninja

      Ewwww dude.

    • cizzlen

      Lol this guy

  • Mauricio Sanchez

    Doesn’t appeal to me too much, but Samsung knows how to make their products look awesome in these videos.

  • NorCalGuy

    Were is the 12 min video with the kid way more indepth

    • Tim242

      Haha That made me literally laugh out loud.

  • Intellectua1

    Sold.. It’s either this or the Note 3 for me.. Even though this is really tempting I want to return to the Note line.

    • Lumia Nexus

      dont go for Note 3. Note 3 lags, freezes and is still not too much developer friendly. there is one error that bugs me which is unfortunately nearby services has stopped which no one knows what is causing it and how to fix it. XDA cant fix it and Samsung keeps ignoring it. all forums are full of this complain. even it has 3gb ram it still lags. this S5 has 2gb ram, i wont even dare to go near it.

      • Tim242

        Note 3? Lag? You are drunk. Go home.

        • Lumia Nexus

          may be you are Samsung Sheep, i dont care about brands i just like to have the best. when i got Note 3, i thought it would be the best for one year or so but i was wrong, it lags like hell for me, only 180 apps installed and not many games only HayDay and iBasket

          • Tim242

            The Note 3 has never been accused of lag. If you had said S4, you would be more i n line. 180 apps? That may be your problem.

          • Lumia Nexus

            a phone which is 32gb with 3gb ram, 180 or 300 apps should not be a problem

          • Tim242

            I doubt that. 180 apps is ridiculous. There’s no way you use them all. You must be a hoarder.

          • Lumia Nexus

            i use 75% of them i guess. i wish i was a Hoarder

          • Tim242

            There’s no way you could use 135 apps. Sorry dude, but there’s just no way.

      • The Narrator

        That’s touchwiz for ya. Sony, LG, Moto, HTC would love to have you.

    • 213ninja

      i’m not saying no issues exist, but i don’t have any of the issues lumia is talking about with my note 3. if you are a note lover, go note 3. the performance specs are comparable, and the screen and s-pen are what would make you want a note over this to begin with. hopefully kit-kat will be available soon as well.

  • Silky Johnson

    ok I’ll say it… this phone is starting to look more attractive to me….. BRING OUT THE PITCHFORKS!

    • needa

      me too. but i still cannot get past the design.

  • zizo79

    People complain too much in my opinion. Sure there is a bunch of bloat (root will take care of that) but this is still a strong Android phone especially if you’re a fan of removable storage.

    • cizzlen

      It’s really growing on me. Although I’m going to have to wait until the One comes out so I can hold them both in my hands in person.

  • jbdan

    Bottom line is that it will sell like crazy. As disappointing (over the S4) as this is. Hoping LG (or another manufacturer idc) will blow us away with something exciting, new, and refreshing.

  • thunder

    really do not like the fingerprint implementation, it will be very annoying and not even worth using. they had more time to implement the feature since the iphone and they did it worse. was also hoping for atleast a 3000 mah battery, but instead got a marginal one. no improvement in the speaker (like dual front facing), the back looks terrible, still offering 16gb instead of 32gb, touchwiz looks much the same. still have not taken advantage of “always listening” and looks like this phone wont even have it. have been sitting on the note2 since launch and outside of the moto x and the xperia z2, no phone seems to have anything to offer.

    • Tim242

      Dual front speakers? No thanks. That creates too much bezel. Use headphones or a real speaker.

      • thunder

        sony shrunk the bezel and added dual speakers. it can be done. as far as “real speakers” go, are you referring to the ones that get covered up when i watch something in landscape? yea ok. it was something new they could have and should have done. dual front speakers dont take away the ability to use headphones. so yes dual front speakers.

        • Tim242

          Speakers on a phone are sub par for most activities, regardless of where they are. You can bet that the Z2 will not even sound as good as the One, and that’s not great. Headphones are best. When I said real speakers, I’m referring to actual speakers. I have a Jawbone Big Jambox for those times that I don’t want to use headphones. I never rely on a tiny speaker on a phone.

          • thunder

            you seem to have a overblown sense of your opinion. you seem to think you speak for the majority. your telling me that the htc one’s speakers dont sound that great? are your serious? all that does is tell me you have never heard them. especially considering they are way better…significantly better than the speakers phones provide us with today. “headphones are the best” there you go again. what if i am in a social setting and i wanna quickly let a group of people hear something, like say put someone on speakerphone? oh yea headphones work out great than, ill just pass around headphones and ask the speaker to keep repeating what he said.

            oh yea let me be that guy who wants to carry around an external speaker everywhere. so according to you, no improvement in the speakers of the gs5 is better than a improvement. carry around an external speaker and the htc one’s dual speakers dont sound all that great.

            you wanna stand up and defend the marginal change, good for you. dont come on here blazing away with fanboism by providing dumb reasons.

          • Tim242

            And you have an overblown opinion of the importance of a phone speaker in a social setting. Yes, I have heard the One”s speakers. I work in a cell phone store. They’re better than most, but still not great. They are loud, but the sound is still not great. I have proof behind my opinion. HTC One sales were not good at all.

          • thunder

            i dont have a overblown importance of speakers, your the one who harped on it out of the many things i listed.

            -first you said dual speakers “arent that great” now you say they are “better than most” so which one is it?
            -since we’re just making up stuff like “i work in a cell phone store”, well then i design cell phones.

            -you have proof behind your opinion because sales were bad? here’s some more dumb logic by you. can you show me how the speakers were the reason the sales were bad? no you cant. the htc one was the number one selling phone, selling over 5 million units before hitting verizon. it outsold all previous year htc phones.

            you have no credibility or comprehension of anything except your fanboism. now you can go crawl back into whatever hole you came from.

          • Tim242

            The speakers are louder, but still tinny like any other phone. Nobody said that the speakers were the reason for bad sales. My point is if the speakers were so important to people, it would have sold more. Use your brain.

          • thunder

            when you were done flip flopping, you said that the speakers arent that great and you can back that up because they had poor sales. yes you did say that the speakers were the reason. you did that not me. just because speakers arent THE MOST IMPORTANT does not mean they are not important to people.
            cmon dude, your embarassing yourself. just give it up. you lost. no matter how hard you try there will be no respect given.

          • Tim242

            I never said that the speakers were the reason for the bad sales. I said that if they were so great, and people really wanted front speakers, that sales would have been much better. The reasons for HTC’s failure are too much for me to go into here. You are the one embarrassing yourself. You don’t know the difference between your and you’re. First grade grammar, dude. I included a screenshot below for you to study.

  • gpaine

    “Thin bezel” LOL

    Also, I almost could tolerate Touchwiz with that Ultra Low Power mode color scheme. That was almost acceptable.

  • We love Samsung products.

  • Hothfox

    This is the first Galaxy S I’ve actually been interested in. Not interested enough to get it, because I just got my Moto X in December. But interested enough to maybe check out the Note 4 if it has a lot of the same features, or the S6 next year, provided the next Moto X isn’t even more amazing than this year’s.

  • emoney

    the power saving mode, and the multiple download methods were pretty cool. Not gonna buy the phone, but those are pretty neat features.

  • SA_NYC

    The one thing I think is really innovative is the ultra low-power setting. How many times have people here on this forum (like me) made a bunch of manual setting adjustments to try to eek out battery life when nearly out? (Although I will say I do so a lot less on my Note 2 than I did on previous phones.) And I’ve often wondered what else could be done. Having a bunch of these settings grouped together in a single toggle is a fantastic idea. I’m sure we’ll see other manufacturers imitate this, quite possible Google too. Heck, maybe even Apple. So kudos to Sammy on this.

    • j

      Nothing that innovative.. just baking it into the software. I’ve been able to put my screens to b/w, run my socs at a snails pace, and limit battery hogging apps since forever. With the help of automator apps, it’s a one touch implementation too.

      • T4rd

        What do you use to turn your screen b/w? I would like to do this on my Note 2 if need be. I would think this feature would really only make a difference on SAMOLED displays though.

      • Intellectua1

        What app turns your screen b/w? I’m calling bluff.. And doing that with root and several apps is no comparison to one touch that puts the whole system into battery saving mode..

    • The Narrator

      Having a big battery already does it.


    • dontneedtoknow

      I see this as a real innovation as well because it’s making people’s life better and easier. It’s doing something better than other by improving. I think s4 was packed with a lot of gimmick rather than innovation. I think samsung has done pretty well with this phone except the back of the phone. I know it’s subjective but it looks really ugly to me and i’m one of those people who doesn’t put on a cover. I want my phone to look nice like iPhone or HTC One or Z2 Everything else to me about this phone looks though I was hoping for a 3 gb ram. I don’t close my apps and have many apps running on the back ground so that would have been nice. I hope the camera is well but other than that I will consider samsung even though I vowed not to use because of my frustration with s3.

    • feztheforeigner

      LG already has this.

  • uzo ufondu

    The way I look at it is this: this phone may not be the huge improvement that everybody was hoping for, but it is STILL an improvement. Personally, I think it’s a handsome looking phone; perhaps, not the best looking but it’s still not bad. And the complaints about the useless features? At least they’re adding new things and not remaining static. There may not be an awesome feature like the G2’s knock on feature, but there’s no need for that with a home button. I like this phone and I would get it if my upgrade date was not at the end of the year. I’ll be waiting to see what they do with the Note 4

  • Ryan N

    Nope. Samsung has failed to sell me on anything as of late. Too much hype over a product simply because of the name attached… *cough, cough* Apple…

  • Tony G.

    i want to see the note 4 or G3

    • Dominick White

      That is what I am waiting on as well, after playing with the wife’s note 3.,

      • 213ninja

        why wait 9 months? the note 3 just came out, buy one!!

        • Dominick White

          I want to wait and see what the lg g3/note 4 will be like. Plus it’s hard giving up wireless charging …

          • The Narrator

            G Pro 2 , Sony Z2, all ahead of Samsung as of now. The G3 is gonna be one helll of a beast , too.

          • 213ninja

            I’m not sure what you mean by ahead…definitely not in specs or sales, but to each his own with regard to specific features. Is there any evidence the z2 will make it to VZW? That would be neat as hell.

          • The Narrator

            Specs, it certainly does. At least in Ram they do. Sales, well, nobody has the money to spend on marketing.

            It’s been confirmed that the Sony Z2 has Verizon’s LTE bands. This is one key point because most phones don’t. So it could come sooner or later. Along with a “Global Release” as they said. I hope it does, it looks very promising.

          • 213ninja

            i’m all about choices.

          • 213ninja

            I hear that, but the Note 4 is a long ways away. You can have wireless charging on the n3 for a cool $20 if you catch a coupon code for Samsung accessories…but, I do absolutely hate the fact that they refuse to include QI out of the box….they’re sucking out on us.

    • The Narrator

      16 core, 8gb ram, Android 5.5, 70in 64K screen.

      Heard it here first.

      • BigTimmay

        Next up, BGR

      • needa

        per sarge.

  • Trent Russell

    My appetite is very much not satisfied until we get a full review with sample pictures.

    • Weber

      So, pics will make you(r appetite) whet?

  • jsprake1

    I’m still not fond of the home button no matter what.

    • AbbyZFresh

      What’s wrong with the home button?

      • Chris

        its physical?

      • The Narrator

        On screen > i mean, look at the bezels it adds. C’mon now.

      • Eric R.

        Buttons are old news, but I’m still getting the note 4 if it has it, unless LG wows with the G3

      • j

        pointless to have both physical and software buttons. Physical buttons just takes up space, add to bezel size, etc.

        • PoisonApple31

          Even without physical buttons, companies add pointless black bars with their logo underneath the software buttons! This just takes up space, adds to bezel size, etc.

          • Nate

            “Companies”. You mean just HTC.

        • Intellectua1

          If a phone has physical buttons it doesn’t have software buttons also.. I’m referring to the nav bar, unless you’re speaking of something else

      • BigTimmay

        It’s a bitch if you want to long press home to go into Google Now/Search (which makes you click another on screen button) on my S4. I really don’t like their implementation of that, but I knew what i was getting.

        • T4rd

          I easily fixed this in Nova launcher by adding a swipe up action on my app drawer button to launch Google Now search. It’s actually slightly faster doing it this way than it is through the standard home button to Google Now option on Nexus devices.

          • 213ninja

            i did the same, and i still long press the home button from time to time because it’s not a bitch.

          • BigTimmay

            Ah, great idea. As a Nova user as well, I only utilize a few of gesture settings. Thanks

        • 213ninja

          i could see referring to one extra click as “a bitch” if you were using the device to assist you in open heart surgery to save someones life, or maybe even perform some time sensitive monetary transaction like a stock trade, but in this case, no. it’s just not a bitch.

          • BigTimmay

            Wow. You really took that expression to the next level.

        • Vanja Dolas

          I don’t know about you guys, but on my S4 if i hold down the “Menu” button, it sends me into google now/search

      • Orion

        It sucks.

      • T4rd

        Going from a Gnex to my Note 2 wasn’t bad at all for me. I actually like waking my phone with the home button rather than grabbing it from the sides, esp. if it’s laying on a desk or something. I think there’s pro/cons to both configs, but I don’t think either implementation is significantly better than the other.

    • Pratik Holla

      Samsung will continue to stick with that home button until apple moves onto software buttons…..
      Shame really, considering every major OEM has moved onto software buttons this year.

    • BillySuede

      the home button isn’t going away. it’s samsung’s stock in trade with their flagship phones. if the feature is going to be the killer for you then you may as well steer clear from their phones.

      • jsprake1

        I have, since the Galaxy Nexus (no home button).

        • Shawn John

          Home buttons to me is like having handles to roll down your car window.

    • jnt

      I know I’m in the minority, but I actually like having the home button. It gives me a frame of reference if I’m not looking at my phone, and a quick and easy way to, well, get back home if I’m not looking at the phone.

    • LP @ThisisEther

      thats why I’m keeping my NOTE 10.1 2012 and not upgrading…THE HOME BUTTON.

  • Jacob Mustin


  • therealjohnmark


    • Agreed. Can’t wait to see what Motorola, LG, and HTC have up their sleeves.