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Updated Motorola Spotlight Player Out Now, Includes Buggy Night for Moto X

Near the end of last month, Motorola teased an upcoming interactive film for Moto X owners titled, Buggy Night. It is the followup video to Windy Day, a cutesy little video that surprised Moto X owners as it randomly appeared on their homescreens, then took them on an adventure through cartoon wood environments. 

The app that holds these videos, Spotlight Player, has been updated on Google Play with Buggy Night included inside.

If you or your kids have been waiting for this new interactive flick to come out, then follow the link below and grab it.

Play Link

Cheers everyone who sent this in!
  • Shannon Oswald

    The spotlight stories are incredible and I can’t wait for the next. I hope Lenovo lets Moto continue making them.

  • I don’t *like* surprises. Seeing that little creepy crawler on my new Moto X was startling and distracting.

  • Dig

    Is there anyway to completely and permanently remove Spotlight Player from Moto X ?

  • Johnix

    Help, I’m stuck…
    I can launch the story, and move around the scene (with one-finger scrolling; no accelerometer this time, contrary to Windy Day).
    I found a spot with five bugs in a circle, buzzing to each other.

    And that’s all. Nothing else happens. What did I miss?

  • John LeGrand

    I don’t need this crap interrupting me! Wasting my time trying to get rid of it!

  • steveP

    Well, now I know what the silly bug was in the bottom corner of my screen was for.

  • CFry

    Mine said coming soon as well. Wifi was turned off – turned it on and few minutes later the bug appeared.

  • Jeralmac

    Ummm, what were they thinking titling software for smart phones using the first word “buggy”?

  • Ryan

    Actually, when you first update the app, it does say that Buggy Night is coming soon. But if you leave it for a few to download in the background, look for a big crawling along your nav bar, then you’ll know it can viewed. It’s definitely shorter than windy day, but still neat.

  • NexusMan

    If you update, does it remove Windy Day? Or can you still access both?

    • Ryan

      You can access both of them in the spotlight player widget.

      • NexusMan

        Cool. Thanks.

  • chris kilps

    that was a lot shorter than the last one

  • 2Berad

    These are the things that drive me nuts about Motorola, I own a droid maxx but get the shaft on this kind of stuff… I wish the moto x had a little better battery and wireless charging then I would switch to the moto x.

    • EC8CH

      come on now… you get Droid Zap…. that should make you feel better.

      • chris kilps

        so does everyone now

        • needa

          true. but droids get the widget.

    • Kevin

      Exactly a Droid Maxx. Moto X is Motorola’s Flagship. Moto X phone. Best phone.

  • bobbyp

    I left my Moto X at the office. No wifi connection even to download over night. Darn! My kids loved Windy Day.

  • requiemn2

    It says ‘coming soon’ on buggy night, only windy day is available…

    • EC8CH

      yeah… I think the update to the spotlight app that is currently available on the play store just preps the app for the new features that will be used once buggy night is released. This article is kind of confusing, as the actual buggy night story isn’t available yet.

    • chris kilps

      Try updating the app. Also it might have to download the episode inside the app, or just keep a eye out for a bug crawling on your screen. By the way you have to use the widget to get to the app.

    • Raven65

      That’s what I’m seeing too.

    • chris kilps

      I guess I am just lucky.

      • tu3218

        Where did you click to open it? I don’t even see the app icon in my app drawer.

        • reyalP

          Install it like a widget. It’s a 1x 1 called spotlight.