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Buy a Galaxy S5 and Get $500 in App Subscriptions for Free

Outside of buying (and winning) the Oscars and putting their new flagship in your face across all forms of media over the coming weeks, Samsung is also going to try and lure in potential Galaxy S5 owners with all sorts of freebies. According to a landing page on Samsung’s website titled “Galaxy Gifts,” buyers of the Galaxy S5 could potentially walk away with over $500 in free app subscriptions as “thank you” for their purchase. 

Things like a 6-month full access pass to the Wall Street Journal ($160), 1-year subscription to Businessweek ($30), 1-year premium Run Keeper service ($20), 50GB of Box storage for six months ($60), and a free LinkedIn premium account for three months ($75) headline the list of freebies. You’ll also find deals from Evernote, Cut the Rope 2, Map My Fitness, and others.

We know that many have been lukewarm thus far on the Galaxy S5 – will freebies like this draw you in?

Via:  Samsung | Engadget
  • LionStone

    Nope,… Sammy can’t pay me $500. to use their phone

  • chris125

    But no flappy bird?!?! Automatic no buy for me /s

  • meetloaf13

    LAME…what about the Note 3 I purchased two weeks ago? =]

  • abhele

    what about netflix and hulu plus will they cover that ?

  • Morgan

    None of this comes preinstalled. It’s simply an offer. They have been doing the same with Galaxy Perks. Why is it such a big deal all the sudden?

  • Zack

    So, they’re giving away free trials to apps you probably can’t uninstall? Win?

  • Ali

    all this says to me is that in 6 months i’d be paying $500 bucks more to use the phone how they got me accustomed to

  • scotch1337

    I am waiting to see if the Galaxy F is real or maybe the next hope for the next Nexus 5(6)

  • Blue Sun

    Samsung, a gift is something that is given with no strings attached.

    • spudskier

      Someone should gift me a new phone to replace my dieing RAZR Maxx HD 🙂

    • Tim242

      Google gave me 10 GB extra for linking quick office to my Drive. It’s only free for two years.

  • spudskier

    Still want to see what Motorola comes up with this fall…

    • Intellectua1

      Don’t hold your breath

    • FreeTibet

      It will be like the Moto X but the only color it will come in is red and the only shape will be ‘Tiananmen Square’.

  • Tim242

    I don’t need the freebies, but I do need that phone. Verizon, don’t wait a month after everybody else to release it.

    • PoisonApple31

      I’d be interested on your take on the S5 Tim once you get it. Sold my S4 for a Note 3 and I don’t think I could go with anything else at this point.

      • Tim242

        I had a Note 3, but ended up keeping the S4 instead. It was just a bit too big for me. I missed the slimmer feel. I am ready for the S5 though. That camera looks to be the best yet.

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    I’d rather not become accustomed to using something that I’ll end up having to pay for if I choose to keep it.

    • rawr

      That doesn’t make any sense at all.

      Tons of things have free trials to get you to, oh I don’t know, TRIAL them and see if you would like to keep it. Of course when you choose to keep things you usually pay for the service/item/etc.

      • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

        It actually makes perfect sense. When I try stuff I do t generally try hundreds of dollars worth of free trials. So like I said it would suck to get accustomed to all those services only to be able to renew one or two. Yeah I know first world problems, I’d just rather not get used to something then not have it anymore.

  • mcdonsco


  • Nicolas Pipitone

    I feel like this is just getting the consumer base ready for a new app market. Start promoting free services and products and then the next time they do this it will be “All the same apps and services your used to…. but from our market place… For FREE!!” This is how you manipulate general population of consumers. They won’t know the difference until it’s too late.

  • AngryBadger

    Hmm… wonder if it would have been too many negotiations or perhaps some companies would not be interested; but it would be nice to have had a selection from a series of apps for each “bullet point” they had for the S5. Like a selection of fitness apps, news, cloud, etc. Even if it is just a selection from three apps in each category, it might hit more consumers that way. I don’t use any of those apps for example. Not saying no one else does, just saying customization would nice :).

    With Samsung being so big I figure they could pull off something like that. Blanket a larger audience with basically tailoring an app package.

  • Clint O

    Nope.. S5 isn’t worth upgrading from my note 2..And with Samsung Knox tracking my root I’ll be passing on Samsung devices.. if you have a hardware failure or issue nothing related to root and you have a tripped knox, your up a creek. I don’t think that’s fair. Now if you bricked your device that’s your own fault.. Knox put a bad taste in my mouth for Samsung..

    • 213ninja

      i don’t like knox, but i’ve had my tripped phones at VZW stores and never had any issues getting support.

    • Intellectua1

      I’m not a bug fan of Knox either but I am happy for Samsung because it got them a military contract for 6,000 phones and possibly a contract with the NSA for another 4,000. Why Droid-Life refused to report on this? I have no clue..

  • panicswhenubered

    Your first task, if you get a Galaxy S5, is to uninstall $500 in free garbage?

  • gintoddic

    already starting with the deals because they know the thing won’t sell great.

    • 213ninja

      won’t sell great? that’s hilarious.

      • The Narrator

        A lot of suckers out there.

    • Intellectua1

      Yea right, it’ll sell more than any Android phone out today and most likely this year. Stop being ridiculous.. Not liking a product is one thing but blatantly lying to yourself and believing that lie is a whole other level of hate..

      • gintoddic

        im just predicting the thing won’t sell as well as the previous generations.

        • Tim242

          Everybody with an S3 is up for renewal.. Not to mention, Samsung’s marketing is top notch.

          • The Narrator

            Yes , plastering ads everywhere is top notch.

          • Tim242

            It’s called marketing. Tell HTC and LG to try it…they might sell more phones.

          • Simpsons Did It

            Just like you plastering hate everywhere? I’d ask you if Samsung slept with your wife but we both know you never had one to sleep with in the first place.

    • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

      Samsung’s worst sales would have HTC and others doing backflips and tech blogs wring about a resurgence in phone sales for that company.

      Samsung is Samsung’s worst enemy because the bar is so high right now it terms of what they have done

      • gintoddic

        true. and I’m just agreeing with the 90% of the comments I’ve seen about people having lukewarm excitement about this phone.
        I’m very big into android in general and if I was going to buy a phone in the next 6 months it won’t be the S5.

        • Tim242

          The people on blogs don’t dictate sales. The people on blogs praised the One, with it’s awful camera. It was a big dud

          • gintoddic

            im not talking about blogs, blogs are bias and usually wrong about many things. I’m talking about people who knows phones in forums.
            I never thought the One was a good phone, specs were ok but there were too many things wrong about it.

          • Tim242

            I was referring to blog commenters

        • PoisonApple31

          People are always lukewarm about the early releases in the year. I am also lukewarm about the S5, but I need to play with a demo unit.

    • Tim242

      You are delusional. They have meds that can help you with that.

  • Cael

    Can I buy the crap, get the free stuff, and return it to keep the free stuff?

  • 213ninja

    this bunch would need a subscription to kingo with CM Updater, TWRP, and Wanam Xposed as the bloat.

  • Menger40

    These are nice, and I could see someone less picky than myself being swayed by this many 6-month free subscriptions, not to mention the fact that the S5 appears to be a very solid phone.

    It’s not enough to get me over the locked bootloader and physical home button. I know those aren’t a big deal to some people, but I like what I like.

    • Intellectua1

      The locked Bootloader is something I have to get over also, even though I prefer on screen I don’t mind the home button. I passed on the Note 3 because Knox but I have a upgrade on the 10th of this month and I was thinking the G2 Pro but it’s either this or the Note 3 I think I can get over the locked Bootloader, my only wish is to be able to change the Dpi settings

      • Tim242

        App settings wit xposed.

        • Intellectua1

          Oh yea I know that but from what I understand the AT&T version of the Note doesn’t have a recovery so if something gets screwed then you’re screwed.. I like to have a backup of stock before I go playing around..

          • Tim242

            You have to use Safestrap. With that, the stock ROM stayys put. You install a new one and can switch between them. I’m pretty sure it works on the at&t version as well.

          • Intellectua1

            Yea I’ve been reading something like that on XDA haven’t read much into since I haven’t had the problem yet.. Guess I need to though since my upgrade is on the 10 but I’m waiting until the S5 releases..

      • Gideon Waxfarb

        Will you not be able to unlock the bootloader and/or freeze knox like on the Note 10.1 2014?

        • Intellectua1

          Unlock no, freeze I doubt it..

  • The Narrator
    • Tim242

      Go home fry. You’re drunk.

      • The Narrator

        I’m not Fry. Lay off the LSD, Tim. Making you delusional

        • Tim242

          Fry just happens to upvote your comments, just a few minutes after you talk trash. Fry just happens to show up the other night after I called you out. You can forget it dude, we know.

          • The Narrator

            It amazes me how stupid you are

          • Tim242

            Your bipolar personality amazes me. Take your meds.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        Can you morons stop bickering? What happened to the mods giving the slap down to you guys who can’t let it go. GET OVER IT!

        • MicroNix

          Narrator’s a troll that just antagonizes everyone else.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Haha hahaha my exact reaction to this

  • EC8CH

    So are all these apps going to be pre installed and non-removable bloatware then?

    • 213ninja

      that’s a good question

    • greyhulk

      Worse, if you actually sign up for any of the subscriptions, you automatically get billed after the free period is over. It’s the ultimate bait and switch. In essence, Samsung isn’t giving you ANYTHING (except the Google Play credit. That’s still good). They’re just pushing freemium promotions for these services. It’s very misleading and really shoddy.