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Google Announces First Project Ara Developers Conference, Taking Place in April (Updated)

Google announced the first of three conferences for developers interested in Project Ara this afternoon, with two other conferences to follow down the road in 2014. Project Ara, a modular phone project currently a part of Google’s Android department, is essentially a smartphone built from various building blocks which the public can give input on. 

The first conference will take place online, April 15 to 16. There will be a full livestream with interactive Q&A capability. Google also announced that a limited number of people will be able to join the conference live down in Mountain View at the Computer History Museum.

The first of these will focus on the alpha release of the Ara Module Developers’ Kit (MDK). The MDK, which we expect to release online in early April, is a free and open platform specification and reference implementation that contains everything you need to develop an Ara module.

The Developers’ Conference will consist of a detailed walk-through of existing and planned features of the Ara platform, a briefing and community feedback sessions on the alpha MDK, and an announcement of a series of prize challenges for module developers.

Google is set to release more details through the all-new Project Ara website, so keep your eyes posted there for specific conference time information.

It appears as though Project Ara is really starting to take shape now.

Update:  The head of Project Ara, Paul Eremenko, will be live shortly here.

ara.side ara.mosiac ara.hands

Via: +Google ATAP | Project Ara
  • Abgar Musayelyan

    is there video of the live interview anywhere?

  • domobraden

    You know all those components being created for the Ara’s “endo” shell? What if you could use them for more than a phone?


    • Viet Hoang-Tran

      Robotics, drones, household devices, Jarvis(ok google) for cars/home, custom built smart glasses… essentially little computer components at a smart phone size. It would be an entirely new industry. The phone would merely be the first PC.

      You sir are brilliant.

  • Eric Palmero

    Can’t wait till this releases…..i’ll have to fire up some Rubix cube and tetris block case designs for sure.

  • Sporttster

    Lego my phone….imagine dropping the thing, lol! Lego pieces all over the place! I know some of you are gung ho on this but to me it just sounds so completely ridiculous. And it’s going to look just like a lego phone. Maybe it’s a nice idea in some strange world somewhere. To me, it’s just bizarre….

  • chris125

    I can’t wait!

  • Richard Giordano

    now if only Moto could still own this project. It would of been a great success for them , but at least Google can maybe do something better then what Moto had planned we will just have to wait and see.

  • Brian Walz

    For some reason I keep thinking project auora instead of Ara.

  • Arty McBert

    This could have been Motorola’s biggest winner since the original RAZR. This was all them and they could have changed everything, but Google had to strip them of this. Google should have been more patient. It’s only a matter of time that there’ll be a Samsung Ara device and then nobody will ever be able to compete.

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    this is awesome ! !! !

  • cns2007

    “It appears as though Project Ara is really starting to take shape now.”

    I see what you did there 🙂

  • AbbyZFresh

    They better make good use of those ex-Apple employees from Nest to help them make the Project Ara phones look fashionable and function the way they want it to do. I don’t trust them doing this alone.

  • Miguel

    Projects Tango, ARA and Google Launcher…They’re just rolling along.

  • The Narrator

    Well, it was cool when Moto was around
    I won’t give up on you though, Google

    • AbbyZFresh

      Moto will be back. Lenovo will make sure of it. Just not under Google.

      • Chris

        or they will ruin a great compney that has been around for years. Foreigners love to do that. Look at what us white men did

        • Per Sarge

          No wonder your account is private. Otherwise everyone could see all the dumb comments you’ve made…

        • Pedro

          Meh. I think they stopped being a great company when Chris Galvin took over the reins.

      • Orion

        Well let’s hope so. Moto is still scheduled to release their devices as planned for this year. Next year is a different story.

      • Montrale Hammonds

        I don’t think so. Just listening to Moto’s statements the other day led me to believe the US focus will drop and be shifted to China where Lenovo is already succeeding. The shows over, time to move on. It was fun while it lasted.

        • AbbyZFresh

          The US market is the reason they wanted to acquire Motorola in the first place. Lenovo’s already #3 in China without needing Motorola as of right now and Lenovo came into the smartphone game already 2-3 years late compared to most companies. They just want to expand.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Look at Good Guy Google giving the people what they want! Woo!

  • chris_johns

    Will moto still be manufacturing this?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Moto is dead man.

      • The Narrator
        • AbbyZFresh

          The X2 will definitely sell more than the original now that people can see Motorola are still making phones recently. The only reason the Moto X didn’t sell well is because they only released it to primarily AT&T for the first couple of months at an expensive price and only in the U.S.

          I’m sure Motorola has learned from their mistakes and will launch the X2 properly this time with Moto Maker and the phone line expanding to more countries and carriers in the coming weeks.

      • chris_johns


    • JonathonFlores

      You mean Lenovo

      • chris_johns

        meh…itll be moto to me…until lenovo kills it

  • AbbyZFresh

    Wow. Google’s actually not spring cleaning this after all. Now i may pay attention to this.

  • chris125

    Can’t wait to see what they unveil and how wide spread it becomes

  • JonathonFlores

    I could have swore Moto was doing this…

    • Tony Byatt

      Google held on to this in the Moto sale…

    • DoctorJB

      Google kept Ara when it sold Moto to Lenovo.

  • bobbyp

    Makes me wish I was a developer. I would love to know more details about how they plan to bring this to market.

  • Ender311

    Wow, I kinda thought this would die off in obscurity…glad to see something starting to come of Project Ara!

    • Guest 2.0

      That’s why Moto’s Advanced Technology Group wasn’t part of the Lenovo deal 🙂

    • calculatorwatch

      I’m still really on the fence about the whole modular phone concept. Obviously there’s a lot of interest from consumers and I’d really like to see it live up to the hype. But I just have this bad feeling that it’s gonna be so much more expensive and so much less space-efficient to build a phone from blocks than to package it all together. Although, I guess a lot of a phone’s cost is R&D and some of the R&D is figuring out how to put the phone together, so by eliminating that aspect it might bring down the cost.

      • j

        It’s a pipe dream right now. Implementation will require much advances in R&D. The current prototype in the pics above highlight some of the issues, the biggest one being strong enough connectors that can stand up to modular replacements and daily use while maintaining an overall body size that is acceptable to consumers at a cost that is acceptable to manufacturers.. We aren’t there yet.

        • asd011

          they explain the solution in the launch video it is an electro-permanent magnet, basically an electromagnet you can turn on and off, but doesn’t require any power to stay on and when its on you wouldnt be able to take it off with just the strength of your fingers