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Chrome for Android Scores Update to Version 33, Performance and UI Improvements To Be Had

Yup, it most definitely is an app day over at Mountain View. We now have seen Google+ updated along with the introduction of the Google Now Launcher, but Google hasn’t stopped yet — behold, Chrome 33. The improvements are relatively minor for this update, but are nevertheless good to see.

The changelog is relatively small, but we do see some bugs, such as black screens, addressed on certain devices. Apart from that, we have a refreshed interface for help and feedback, support for download progress notifications for certain file downloads, and recognition of the “<datalist>” tag.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Download progress notification for file downloads using the Chrome network stack
  • Updated help and feedback UI
  • Support for <datalist> tag

Chrome 33 will be rolling out via Google Play in the next few days, but we’ll let you know if we stumble upon an APK you can use to get access to it faster.

Play Link

Update:  If you want to sideload the app rather than wait for it to arrive on Google Play, grab it here.

Via: Chrome Releases Blog
  • Gamblor77

    Still no quick controls? What the hell is wrong with these guys? Quick controls are literally one of most efficient and useful features Google ever made. WTF?!

  • hldc1

    The update reverted the new “new tab page” back to the old “new tab page.” If you want the new “new tab page” back, go to the following (copy into the address bar):


    From the drop down menu, select “Enable” (for me, “Default” was selected).

  • inferno

    Getting random “Couldn’t sign in” errors with this latest update on Verizon S4

  • Ryuuie

    The ‘Rush Card’ ad is almost impossible to remove on this site when you’re on mobile. It FORCES you to go through the entire GIF before the ‘x’ actually works. Until it does, you can tap it all you want but it will reopen on it’s own.

    To be honest, DL’s abundance of obnoxious ads have forced me to use the site less and to not share stories from it. Please fix it.

    • Aardvark99

      Open the developer tools of your browser and switch to the network tab. It’s pretty insane the amount of ad/tracking related data being bounced around… even with ad block enabled.

      • Ryuuie

        DL has really lost quality since the redesign. Iffy writers, annoying ads, and tracking everywhere…

        It really, really needs fixing.

    • interstellarmind

      ask for a refund on your DL subscription…

      …oh wait.

  • gsDroid

    When will chrome automatically switch to new tabs and reflow zoomed text to fit the screen? It will be useable when those features are available.

    • F Young

      Yes, by default, html should always wordwrap at the right edge of the display, column or frame, whichever comes first.

      Another disapointment I have with Chrome on Android is that it does not snap to columns or frames when zooming, unlike Puffin, for example. Puffin will usually show only one column at a time if the page is zoomed in, which makes it easier to read and to scroll vertically. It will show only the column the cursor is in, and that column will be shown full-width without any words being cut off on either edge and without any of the neighbouring text peeking in.

      Once zoomed, the column scrolls up and down strictly vertically, with no horizontal drift, so that you never have to readjust the horizontal position of the column while reading. The other columns of text are bumped off-screen when you first zoom, and will only be displayed if you pull inward from the right or left edge.

      On Chrome, you constantly have to fiddle as you scroll down to read so that the text you’re reading does not go off-page on the right or left, and so that space is not wasted on the right and left with illegible portions of the neighbouring columns.

  • Ryan5609

    Chrome and Google really need to improve their HTML5 performance, canvas especially. Not trolling, but it is miles behind the iPad right now. I develop HTML5 e-learning content and their is no comparison between the iPad Air and the Nexus 7. The Nexus 7 barely gets iPad 2 level performance. Trust me, it hurts saying that, because I am far from being pro-Apple anything.

    • Aardvark99

      How about canvas on the stock android browser? Now that’s really REALLY bad (like windows phone 8 mobile IE bad). Chrome on Android has seemed pretty good, seems to hold it’s own with iOS (iPhone 5 is what I test on) performance wise.

      • Ryan5609

        Since the content we produce is not relevant to phones, we have not tested on anything outside of tablets, laptops, chromebooks and desktops. The HTML 5 canvas elements are just ok and passable on the Nexus 7, but are just so much better on almost all iOS platforms. We produce complex visuals and graphically demanding content, the Nexus 7, even my Nexus 5 for that matter can not run it as smoothly as the iPad Air or iPad 3. I figure it can only get better though.

  • Chris

    Use android but don’t use a Google app

    • AbbyZFresh

      You might as well have an iPhone instead then.

  • Wave
  • Dave

    Haven’t tried Next. Use Dolphin mostly, although Puffin is now optimized for quad cores, and is insane fast.

  • Richard Giordano

    All ready updated to it. Got the update earlier today.

  • Justin Foster
  • T4rd

    I wish they would just post the damn change log in the Play Store’s “What’s new” section instead of linking to their change log page or posting a vague “stability and security improvements.”

  • Josh Nickell
  • shawn

    thank goodness the black screen finally seems to be fixed. now only if they would fix the swipe tabs back to the screen and not just on the address bar.

    • Tim242

      I hated when it was swipe from screen. When scrolling around a page, it always tried to swipe my page.

      • Colton

        yesssss i also know that pain too well

      • a) youth.in.asia

        That’s why it should be an option to toggle between. Bar or edge

        • Tim242

          Yes it should be. Chrome is definitely lacking in options.

  • The Narrator

    I got an update earlier today, wondering what it was.

    • If you have Chrome 33 (you can check by going into Play on your device), would appreciate it if you could pull the APK using Apk Extractor and post it here. 🙂

      • The Narrator

        Let me try that again

        • Permission denied.

      • Franklin Ramsey

        I’ve got the APK, where do I share it?

        • The Narrator

          Drive, Dropbox, etc

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Those require giving permission to people or posting public. I don’t like doing public access.

      • NexusPhan


        Does this work? I don’t own a laptop so it’s difficult.

        • Looks like it! The APK is downloading now, taking a bit.

          • NexusPhan

            Any interest in the other 17 APKs that Google updated today?

  • Eric R.

    I’ll stick with Next Browser, for battery life

    • Steve Yobs

      and performance

    • Jmlowes

      I have never used Next browser before. So far it is awesome, and so damn fast.

      • Eric R.

        I’m glad your liking it. I didn’t know so many people use it.

    • Justin Foster

      I love Next Browser, but doesn’t have full syncing of sites, page translation, and other scrumptious chrome features.

    • YankInDaSouth

      Just installed Next Browser because of your post … Damn it’s fast!! Thanks!

    • theineffablebob

      It has a nice interface but doesn’t render webpages correctly

    • Patmw123

      Just tried out Next Browser. I didn’t notice any performance improvements over chrome on my Moto X 4.4.2, but it is certainly a fast browser. It is definitely a plus for those who care about flash support though. Luckily, I abandoned flash player a good while ago, so I could care less.

      • Black Roger

        “Couldn’t care less”

        • Patmw123

          Thank you, sir. I’m usually pretty good about getting it right but not this time obviously.

  • Colton

    I’ve been hating the black screen. Good news for the update, thanks for the heads up DL

  • JDM

    Immersive mode?
    Come on Google…

    • Tim242

      Xposed = full screen in any app : )

  • Paul

    Seems like just a few weeks ago staged roll-out updates were taking days (as in many, several, much) to make it to my phone. But I have all of today’s updates already. Good stuff Google.

  • Pedro

    It’s Wednesday….
    Update ALL the apps!

    • I won’t approve until someone shows me the meme 😛

      • Pedro

        Theater of the mind, my friend.

      • The Narrator


      • NexusPhan

        I’m not sure what this wedneaday thing means but I received updates to 18 Google apps today. I’m noticing massive chrome speed and scrolling enhancements. Great update.