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New Samsung Commercials Take Direct Shots at iPad Air and iPhone, LeBron James Included

Samsung kicked off a new marketing campaign this morning using ads that show off both the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy TabPRO 10.1 up against Apple’s latest and greatest. They are to the point in their praise of the features filling up their Galaxy products while making sure we all know the same can’t be said for the iPhone 5s and iPad Air. They are casual in tone, at times silly, and will certainly help reinvigorate a battle we have been watching for years now. 

The first is of the Galaxy Note 3, and compares watching highlights of LeBron James in “full HD” on a 5.7-inch display vs. the iPhone 5s which only carries a “non-HD” 4.0-inch display. The second mocks Apple’s use of a pencil to show how thin the iPad Air is, while letting us know that their new TabPRO 10.1 is as thin with more screen real estate to do things like multi-tasking.

Thoughts on the tone of Samsung’s new marketing campaign?

Note 3 vs. iPhone

TabPRO 10.1 vs. iPad

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    Haha these are awesome

  • TC Infantino

    It reminds me of the OG Droid commercials taking shots at the iPhone. I like it.

  • Ben Edwards

    The tablet ad actually gave me quite a laugh, well done Samsung.

  • FrankTank59

    In the Note 3 commercial, what app is being used to cut out the outline of Lebron?

  • Chris M

    lol….love it!

  • IrishSid

    hilarious fun ads.
    Thanks sambo

  • The Note 3 commercial was one ok but the Pro tablet one was a lot funnier.

  • CrashMatrix

    I would not want do all the “multi-tasking” and dragging slowly in place other things to specific places on my tablet… that’s what my desktop is for!?

    • Ben Edwards

      Carry your desktop around with you all the time then.

  • hoosiercub88

    “And I’m gonna take this pencil…” died lol

  • It would have been funnier had he told the iPad Air it could keep the pencil. lol

  • chris_johns

    keep trying to sell those god awfully ugly tablets samsung…any way you can

  • NexusMan

    These are fantastic. Hilarious. And this is why Samsung is doing so well. They’re marketing is the best in class.

  • MikeSaver

    The first one is kind of dumb. Most people don’t want a huge phone.

    A lot of my friends thought even the Moto X was too big.

    • Steve B

      Your friends must be iPhone users.

      • MikeSaver

        yeah thats the point. iPhone users are fine with their small screen size, in fact they prefer it. This ad is clearly aimed at iphone users or people considering an iphone. A good majority of that market prefers the smaller screen size.

        • Chippah

          They say this, now, lets FF to a year or so if a LARGER iphone screen appears they will all suddenly NEED to have that larger screen.

          This is Jobs ass sucking logic, you will see…

          • MikeSaver

            could be right. I can’t see the future.

        • Chris M

          if you go to Apple forums……….they are saying the opposite.

        • That’s what she said

          Everybody says they prefer the smaller size when that’s all they’ve had…just like your wife. But then they try the bigger and they love the way it feels.

        • Steve B

          You’re out of touch with reality. Most iPhone users with their screen was bigger. Maybe not Note bigger, but Nexus5/S4 bigger.

        • MicroNix

          Sorry to break the headlines to you but look around the next time you get out of the house. Even more and more women can be found with the Note 3. Why do you think there is rumor of Apple bumping up the screen size again? Size does matter.

      • FrankTank59

        How true! But once Apple comes out with an iPhone with a big screen they will think it’s the best thing ever, lol.

  • br_hermon

    “Lebron is literally running away from this phone.” LMBO!! 🙂 haha

    • NexusMan

      Yup. Loved that one too!

  • Chippah

    I own a Galaxy tab 10.1 2014 edition.
    2 words

    ABOOOO!!!! Samsung.

    • chris_johns


  • TopXKiller
  • TopXKiller
  • Chad

    A 5.7″ phone?? No thank you!

  • shmigga

    These are great commercials.

  • Curtis

    I love that Galaxy tabPRO commercial. Very funny.

  • Snowbo13

    much better then the old style commercials showing off thousands of un usable features!

  • George264

    Oh, what’s this! An iPad Air Oh what this a Galaxy Tab Pro!

    I still dislike Samsung products, because I don’t like their UI and build quality, but these were some great ads. Love them.

  • RobTheIcon

    Anyone else notice that’s Neal Brennan on the voice over? Like he uses anything but Apple products, as all celebs do.

    • Mike

      It was driving me crazy but I finally placed the voice, I don’t see his face when I listen to his podcast so it was a hard one but I did it, I was embarrassed and ashamed but right after I cleaned myself up I realized it was Brennans voice in the ad.

  • Tony Byatt
  • Raven

    Didn’t Amazon start these iPad comparison commercials with the Kindle Fire HDX tablet vs. the new iPad? Is Samsung copying them now?


    • hoosiercub88

      Fairly certain that since the iPad’s inception.. it has been commercially compared to other tablets.

    • Didn’t Apple start these comparison commercials with the Mac vs PC? Is Amazon copying them now?

  • The Narrator

    And yet, millions still buy iPads over them for a good reason.

  • James Monday

    Even with all the lawsuits, Samsung just doesn’t give an F. I admire the balls.

  • Cesar

    I don’t much care for Samsung or their products, but anything that takes pot-shots like this at Apple is ok in my book.

  • Greg Morgan

    Brand new gif out today that i feel is appropriate for these commercials.


  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    LOL. Omg I miss this Samsung! Feels like to have them back taking shots.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    these commercials….hard to argue with. As much as i hate samsung, their products do everything and more. they have too much functionality to lose. Things like their lockscreen music widget make me not like vanilla android.

    • rawr

      Why do you hate them?

      Did they run over your dog? Did they steal your bike?



      They did nothing but make devices millions of people enjoy?

      Damn them, DAMN THEM TO HELL!

      • Daeshaun Griffiths

        I just praised them, but all you see is “i hate samsung”. It’s a personal matter, they come up with neat tricks that solve real world problems and funny marketing but none of it seems like it for me. I’m watching youtube and turn my head, oh wait that motion doesn’t work with youtube. Do you get it?

      • chris kilps

        Also millions of people don’t enjoy their devices. there are people on either side of the fence. I hate touchwiz and fiscal buttons, for other people they work great. Those are the only reasons why I don’t like samsung curtain devices.Although I do thank samsung for improve android.

        • NastyEmu

          Fiscal buttons? Does the government get a cut of your salary every time you push one?

          • chris kilps

            I mean home button

          • Grammar Police

            You mean “physical” buttons. Geez

          • rdm1776

            No, Samsung makes bank every time you push the fiscal button!

        • hoosiercub88

          And thank the good lorde dawg, that in the world of Android, we have a choice. Don’t like Samsung, you have options. 🙂

          • chris kilps

            with nexus devices on one end and amazon on the other, with samsung going back and forth side to side.

        • Craig C

          This is funny because I worked with a guy that kept saying over and over we were going over the physical cliff.

          • michael arazan

            I hope you guys weren’t in a car when that happened

      • TouchWiz, too many bloated memory-clogging features that won’t be used by most people and aren’t supported by third-party apps, too many proprietary apps and functions, slow updates due to all the proprietary crap, etc., etc., etc. There are good reasons to have grown to hate Samsung. My first three Android phones were Samsung, and I thought they were on top of the world. I’ve moved on since. Perhaps the word “hate” was strong, but this is the Internet, people use that word to mean merely “strongly dislike.” But there are plenty of reasons to “strongly dislike” the company other than make devices millions of people enjoy (what point were you trying to make there?). Biggest one, for me, is the general fact that the company is becoming the next Apple. And I don’t buy Apple products for a reason.

      • Ben Edwards

        Actually I’m pretty sure I did see JK Shin in my back yard a little while ago kicking my dog…

    • George264

      Have you not used vanilla since 4.0? 4.1 has had lockscreen music and 4.2 you can put your own music player’s music widget. 4.4 you got full album art.

    • Wait, their lockscreen music widget? That’s standard in stock Android. Was before Samsung had one, actually, if I’m not mistaken.

  • Fredy Nativi

    And I’m going to take this pencil

    • Bassenza

      He only took the pencil because the Tab Pro doesn’t have an S Pen.

      • The Narrator

        Only Samsung would jew customer’s by making two 12.2 tablets , one with s pen and one without for ridiculous prices.

  • Mordecaidrake

    It’s a shame that Samsung is likely moving away from android. They’ll loose me as a customer.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      They’re not going anywhere.

      • The Narrator

        Sh, don’t give them any idea’s to stay. They can gladly move away.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          And who’s going to backdown Apple in the mobile space? Samsung is the only hope Android has because no one else can compete with Apple.

          • The Narrator

            Google needs to support the Android OEMs who actually do something. LG, HTC, Sony. It has been clear Samsung is only out from themselves. These new tablets look nothing like Android until you scroll over. It’s asinine.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Hopefully the new deal Google struck up with them will help with that going forward.

          • chris_johns


          • kg2128

            What do you mean by “actually do something?” Samsung is the only one that is actually selling. LG has gotten better due to Nexus 4/5 being hits and the G2 but it’s still way behind. The HTC One had the best design but wasn’t noteworthy in any other good way and they are also way behind. Sony is a non-factor.

        • MicroNix

          If Samsung would go away from Android, Apple wins. If that’s what you want, keep wishing.

    • ktnx

      Google “loose me”.

      Take their advice.

  • Derek Duncan

    funny, but that tablet in the second commercial is not even the 10.1 when it’s behind the iPad…

    • tomn1ce

      For who ever gave you the down vote, they should look at the home button. He/she should see how the home button ends up on a different position on the tab from the two different angles.

      • BW

        If you look even more carefully, you’ll notice that the button on the iPad mini appears to be in the wrong position as well (see 23-24s mark). It appears that this is just an optical illusion due to how low the camera is. The wide dimension is actually going up in the video (and away from the camera). This agrees with the positioning of the two devices later in the commercial (see 33s mark).

    • Curtis


  • Please Lebron don’t do this with my toys…

    • MettaWorldTroll

      I heard next year he’ll be taking his talents to Microsoft.

      • haha … Where flop happens.

  • monkey082506

    Gave me a good laugh, keep the battle alive Samsung!

  • Kyle

    These are pretty funny! Well played Samsung