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Samsung Intros New LED Flash Components for Advanced Mobile Devices, Will be Used in the Galaxy S5

Samsung made yet another announcement this morning, introducing new LED flash components to help smartphone photographers produce higher quality images while on the go. As a few may know, LED flashes found on smartphones have never been anything too special and usually have a tendency to render a photo either useless or somewhat painful to look at. They have one sole purpose, to brighten a dark space, but usually end up washing out whatever subject you are trying to capture. 

Regardless of the past, Samsung is pushing forward with new LED components, ones which should rival those of the pros. Samsung will be on hand at MWC to show off these new LEDs, and hopes to see the flashes hit the widespread market within Q2 of this year. In the announcement, Samsung confirms that the new LED technology will be used in the upcoming Galaxy flagship device, so future Galaxy S5 buyers should be excited already.

Since I don’t know too much about LED technology, I will let Samsung handle the technical explanation of what it is they are doing.

Because high-quality smartphone cameras require a wider FOV (Field of View) angle for better picture quality, Samsung’s new reflector-integrated flash LEDs are designed to enable a great deal of flexibility by providing a wide FOV within a small space through the integration of a light source,  a lead frame, and a reflector with its own optics and diffusion features.

Of the latest LED mobile offerings, Samsung’s new reflector-integrated flash LED ─ the 3432 1.8t (FH341A) delivers over 165 lux at 1A and a minimum CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 80, assuring quality photos in daylight and at night. In recognition of such superb performance levels, the 3432 1.8t will be used in the next Galaxy smartphone, which is expected to be introduced later this month.

I would be the first person to say that I hate flash photography, but if Samsung can make it a little less terrible on smartphones, I’d be impressed.

The Galaxy S5 is to be announced in less than a week, so let’s see what Samsung can do.

Via: Samsung Tomorrow
  • Graham Green

    “Regardless of the past, Samsung is pushing forward with new LED components”
    No, they clearly took the past into account (poor flash performance on existing phones), otherwise they wouldn’t be making changes.

  • Gamblor77

    I like the upgraded flash but I just want better battery life and front facing speakers dammit!! If the camera sensor ACTUALLY does well low-light, even without a flash – that would be amazing too. But seriously…after I saw HTC’s front facing speakers that seems like a “why hasn’t anyone done that before?” type of idea. Now it’s just complete stupidity to now have them…phones are heavily used to consume video and other media. Why would you still use a tinny, POS speaker on the back of all places where you can’t hear it or accidentally cover it with your finger? Makes NO sense!

    • needa

      top and bottom bezels for one. glued pieces that pop of for the all new one. dont get me wrong.. i would love front speakers… but i dont want a larger phone because of them.

      • Gamblor77

        I’m sure they could squeeze the front speakers in easily enough. Look at the HTC one it’s sexy as hell and the bezels aren’t bad. This is probably the sexiest phone design I’ve ever seen and I’m hoping it’s close to the real thing (minus the curve which I could take or leave)…but it won’t be because Samsung Designers are way too conservative and kinda suck compared to HTC and Sony.
        Mainly I love this pic:

        Here is the rest of the concept:

        My Note 3 is nice and all but it’s not nearly to look at as nice as the HTC One or Xperia and definitely not as nice as that rendering.

        • needa

          yah that is one sexy phone. that design right there would go a long way towards me buying samsung again.

  • coolsilver

    To be honest, I’ve always thought the HTC cameras had the best flashes. Dual LED did happen to create a even lighted area. They often had a wider aperture for the light to flood a room than a focused beam.

  • Justtyn Hutcheson

    Translation of Samsung’s statement:

    The LED currently in your phone is too dim and its light beam is too narrowly focused to give decent pictures.

    What Samsung has done is used a reflector (something shiny) to make sure the light is as bright as possible by getting most of the light out the lens, rather than staying in the LED module (a point light source like an LED shines light in all directions at once when left on its own). Then, they use a lens to spread the light to the same Field of View angles as the camera lens, so it shines light on the entire scene (within a reasonable distance), rather than just the center. Finally, they use a diffuser to scatter the light more evenly, so that you don’t have a really bright spot in the middle (where the reflector focuses the light beam), and little to no light towards the edges. This theory is the same as a pro photographer placing that white plastic cap over their flash in a dark room (I’m sure most of you have seen what I’m talking about).

    Lux is a unit of measure of light intensity. 165 lux is roughly equal to a moderately overcast day (or twice as bright as an office hallway), which considering the source is pretty impressive (most of the current LEDs in smartphones produce less than 100 Lux). The CRi is a measurement of how many colors a light can reveal, and how “natural” those colors are when compared to daylight. Current smartphone LEDs are in the 50-75 CRI range, which is one contributing factor to the unnatural and “washed out” look of flash photos (for reference, incandescent bulbs have a CRI of 100).

    All in all, sounds like a great step forward in low-light photography. While I’m never going to own the GS5, I’m excited to see these new sorts of technology disperse into the greater mobile device world.

    • ramifications

      Wow. Great explanation! Thank you for that!

    • michael arazan

      If you look at the Samsung Flash unit, a pic over at Android Central, It’s just a flash surrounded with a reflector like an old flash light.

  • Tyler

    Looks like Samsung wasn’t happy about apple having its amber flash.

  • Abhijeet Mishra

    “I would be the first person to say that I hate flash photography.” And I’d be the second, really dislike using flash until it’s absolutely necessary, messes up the natural look of a photo.

    • JoshGroff

      I’m the same way, but then again I’m usually taking pictures of box labels at work or scenery outdoors, neither of which flash would really help anyway.

    • Ajmobileguru

      Agreed. Night mode FTW!

  • Menger40

    Sweet, plasticky Gnex in the picture up top. You know what I like, Droid Life.

  • Stnkycheezman

    That LED is exclusively used as a flash light for me….Rare or no camera use for me really.

  • Jonathan Miller

    if anyone could make the camera better would be good.

  • yummy

    Stay away from the brown LED

  • The Narrator

    I remember that camera in the picture. ..it was terrible lol

    • Scott

      No kidding. Shutter speed was amazing, but the quality of the pictures were bad.

      • Eric R.

        I remember I had to choose Galaxy Nexus or Raze Maxx. I ended up going with the Maxx which also had a crappy camera.

        • bogy25

          “…Maxx which also had a crappy camera” ….. probably the worst camera ever on a cell phone. I have my OG Droid all beat up and what not and it takes better pictures than my Razr Maxx HD – Verizon has me by the nuts tho with Unlimited data still until I upgrade 🙁

  • Samvelavich

    Is it safe to say that they took this one RIGHT out of Apple’s book? I mean c’mon Samsing…

    • The Narrator

      I wish they’d go the way of Nokia and use Xenon flash.

      • James Monday

        Yep. Xenon is boss.

    • Simpsons Did It

      Shame on Samsung for improving aspects of their phones!

      I mean they should all be mind blowing improvements like soft keys and a huge black bezel for logos!

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      This has nothing to do with Apple.

      • Michael Harrison

        um, it doesn’t really say what the technology is, so kinda hard to say that.

    • Maxim∑

      this is not like tru tone.

      I think HTC might be implementing something like the 5S but Apple/HTC have a cross patent licensing deal

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      No. Not even close.

    • Aardvark99

      While this is not the same tech as the iPhone 5s’ flash, I do find it funny that they are innovating around the flash in the S5 AND it seems it’ll have a fingerprint scanner. These are the only features I remember about the 5s and the only two things I know about the S5. Even the god damn names are almost the same.