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HTC Sets Date for One Follow-up, Mark March 25 on Your Calendars

HTC is sending out press invites this morning for an event that will take place on March 25 in both London and New York City. Just like you, we are expecting this to be the unveiling of their follow-up to the HTC One, which has been leaked left and right for weeks as the HTC “M8.” While details are certainly not official or confirmed, the device appears to mimic the HTC One, but with an odd dual-camera setup and on-screen navigation buttons

Samsung is going to give us their next flagship, the Galaxy S5, next Monday, so we can’t help but be a little worried for HTC that they will be late to the 2014 party. We’re not sure HTC can afford to be late to the party anymore after struggling for years to regain ground in the smartphone market.

Let’s hope they have something…I actually don’t know what they need anymore. As a tech fan, and for the sake of all other tech fans, I just hope the phone is awesome.

htc m8 event

  • trwb

    I lost my marker…and calender

  • LionStone

    The M8 will be well worth the wait…

  • chris_johns

    im rooting for you htc…i dunno why…but i am

  • MichaelFranz

    Anyone notice the date numbers have 0-1-2-3-4-5 in them 🙂

    Will DL team be attending the NYC event? Wanna grab a beer?

  • Rusted Edge

    >>”Let’s hope they have something…I actually don’t know what they need
    anymore. As a tech fan, and for the sake of all other tech fans, I just
    hope the phone is awesome.”

    Kind of proves everyone’s (who don’t mindlessly defend DL) point that there is nothing but hate for Samsung with the biased writers here. Face the facts, Moto and HTC are gone. Time to move on.

    Shame that Samsung didn’t go windows mobile instead and let android rot and fade away in the beginning. Maybe they would be appreciated for their contribution to the success of the OS if they had. Instead DL feeds the Samsung haters, but to no avail, Samsung is a major player because their phones are good and not due to release times and marketing.

    • MistaButters

      Moto definitely isn’t gone. Lenovo just dropped nearly $3 billion for that purchase; they aren’t going to just toss it out.

    • chris_johns

      samsung spends 120915859012512590128590125890125129058 on marketing…thats why theyre on top…its not because of the quality of their devices…only device i give them credit for is the note becasue it does something no other phone on the market does at the moment

  • Eric

    A month’s worth of S5 coverage before HTC even unveils their next flagship? HTC management is a mess

    • David Foggia

      If people want an HTC they will wait.

      • Uncle Ruckus

        Flawed point. The regular consumer doesn’t know when the next HTC device is being unveiled. Samsung will basically have a month to market the device before the regular folk even hear about the successor to the One.

        • David Foggia

          True but the regular consumer doesn’t know much about tech vs me or you. So they might not even know the S5 is out until a little while later. HTC has time. And like I said, if someone really wants an HTC or simply wants to see what the competition can put out, they will wait

          • Uncle Ruckus

            Umm that’s the point I was making. I interpreted your first statement regarding HTC as making it seem like the general public is well aware of HTC’s offerings. Regular consumers don’t know a lot about the latest tech related items, but this is where Samsung excels and why they’re dominating the Android smartphone market. Their marketing budget allows them to showcase their newest offerings to the general public in ways HTC can’t. This is why it sucks to be HTC since Samsung will be able to make a big deal about the S5 long before regular people know about the M8.

            As for your last point, the die hard android fans will indeed wait to see what HTC unveils in order to decide what their next device will be.

  • Orion

    That’s a fail on HTC’s part. About a month after the S5 unveiling? Just wow.

    • Cael

      They’ve learned nothing from last year…especially since the M8 isn’t that much of an improvement over the One.

  • Dre Fay

    This is a super early post Kellex, dang man have a coffee and a bagel first!

  • The Narrator

    I wonder why they would pass up MWC.

  • Tyler Casilio

    This is super late! I was thinking the phone would actually come out on the 25 or that week, it still could I guess

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Oh news! I started getting sick refreshing the page to that Kickstarter article lol.

    But HTC is sure gambling here. A whole month after the s5 is announced? What’s the likelihood that th S5 will be in stores by then? I’m still supporting them but they sure aren’t making it easy on themselves.

    • The Narrator

      The sheep will herd to what they want. Only a select few will even care what HTC has to say. It’s sad.

      • crazed_z06

        HTC is sad

        • Adrynalyne

          Fanboys are sad, period.

  • scott62185

    Yeah, but can’t they find some other way to brand their device than adding a whole 1/2″ (or so) to the bezel?!? Coming from Nexus devices and now Moto X, I really appreciate no branding on the front of a phone.

  • scott62185

    Hate to say it but I will not buy this phone if it has that bar along the bottom bezel just for the HTC logo. That is (part of) the beauty in having on-screen nav keys-to minimize the bezel. Damn.

    • EC8CH

      Problem is HTC has said time and again they believe the answer to their problems is through marketing. In your face branding is almost assured with such a mindset.

      • The Narrator

        Just make a creepy snowboarding commercial about the new dual camera and they are golden.

        • rawr

          Get off Samsung’s nuts bro

          • The Narrator

            i was giving HTC advice bro


        • DeleteThisMod

          Bro seriously bro, all your hate on Samsung just reeks of a school boy
          pulling a school girl’s hair because he likes her but doesn’t want to
          admit it because it isn’t bro enough and girls are icky, despite girls
          not being icky at all. (Hindsight 20/20, after living with a girl for
          some time now, girls are definitely icky but not Samsung, Samsung is not

        • Devon Turayoly

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    • glimmerman76

      Did anyone think that the one maybe ready to ship on the 25th? HTC may beat Samsung to the consumer. Yeah samsung is showing off there new tech but in there cycle it takes 2 months to get to the consumer. What if HTC has theres ready to release after unveil?

      Samsung phones suck and im no htc or moto fan boy, They need to use better materials to make the phone. Now granted I use a nexus 5, I have also had a s4, htc one and Moto x. The best build quality was the HTC one. If you take away touchwiz which google is MAKING samsung cut back on I think they just may have a better phone than the S4.

      • Geronimo

        *showing off their
        *their cycle
        *has theirs ready

        there = a place
        their = not yours
        they’re = a contraction (“they are”)

    • JMonkeYJ

      I feel incredibly shallow for agreeing with you, but the fact is that black bar is such a big design misstep to me (if it’s really a giant, useless black bar) that I can’t see myself getting the M8, either. I was really excited for it, too, as an HTC One owner. On the other hand, my hype is building for the Xperia Z2….