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Android 4.4.2 Update for T-Mobile’s Moto X Approved and Ready to Rollout to the Masses

The Android 4.4.2 update for the T-Mobile variant of the Moto X has passed its testing phase and is now ready to rollout to the masses. Motorola posted the update and its changelog this afternoon, a sign that things are official. The update, as you would expect from 4.4 to 4.4.2, is minor and only includes support for cloud printing, improved battery life, and an email sync fix.

The build is the same as the soak test: 161.44.25.

To check for the update, head into Settings>About phone>System updates.

Still no word on other carrier variants, though we’d imagine the testing process takes longer for all of them outside of the T-Mobile variant. Remember that the T-Mo model is an unlocked phone with T-Mobile bands and isn’t even sold directly from T-Mobile. In other words, Motorola can do as they please to it, including push updates when they are ready. 

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 4.29.59 PM

Here is the current list of updates for each model.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 4.29.31 PM

Via:  Motorola Support
  • silverbemr
  • Droid Ronin

    My friend got the upgrade to 4.4.2 today and now when he tries to update the Cloud Print app, he gets a “Package file was not signed correctly” error. Anyone else see this or know what the fix may be? Tried clearing data and cache of the Google Play Store app.

    • Philip Totaro

      Same problem, still no solution.

  • Michael Quinlan

    Why can’t people refer to the phone as what it is – the unlocked GSM version. Except for the included SIM Card there’s nothing T-Mobile about it. T-Mobile doesn’t even sell it.

  • duke69111

    If I unlock the T-Mobile Moto X bootloader through Motorola’s Bootloader Unlock program, is rooting the X with the 4.4.0 update still a problem? Meaning, would I still need to downgrade to 4.2 to gain root?

  • Jeff

    What I REALLY want is for the carrier label to be removed from my notification area, without having to root the phone at least.

  • tom riddle

    got mine last night…so far so good.

  • The camera version is newer as well

  • sski66

    I’m still surprised my HTC ONE on Verizon got the update to 4.4.2 on Feb 6, really surprised.

    • Ram Steff

      it should be 70 off through Friday. Right NOW it is definitely worth it, still the best phone on the market.

      • sski66


    • Jeff

      Still loving my Moto X after switching to it from a Nexus 5.

      • sski66

        Cool, thanks

  • NexusMan

    Verizon, where you at?

  • mrmacatac

    got it! downloading now

  • IanGillespie

    Just did the update check and got mine. I’m on Aio wireless

  • Al-Burrit0

    Need it on my AT&T moto x now!

    • Scott

      Should have bought unlocked 🙂

      • Al-Burrit0

        I know I sorta regret getting the contract, but not the phone of course!

  • MafiaMM

    Will I be able to keep root via TWRP?

  • mike

    i got it

  • acrobatsausages

    got mine!

  • Nikuliai

    Just installed it 🙂

    no difference in the short term, the only app I have that crashed in 4.4 still crashes in 4.4.2, the camera seems to work basically the same way, but the “1” in About Phone is gone rofl

    PS: looking forward to that battery life improvement, since it’s already awesome lol

    • needa

      seventeen hours later… how is it?

      • Nikuliai

        Tbh I can’t really tell, the games I play the most seems to charge a little bit faster, my bank app keeps crashing (did it in 4.4 too, to be fair I’m not really sure it’s a Kitkat issue or an app issue), the odd thing here is that it seems the battery is actually less durable, again, this is a pretty rough estimate but it looks like the battery life is a little lower now, gonna confirm it or deny it in a couple days (it may had been downloading stuff by night or I may have left the screen on with my mouse app, so I’m not sure, but I was surprised by the battery left on the phone (sucked up 25% which is pretty abnormal considering I was sleeping most of the time)

        • needa

          have you tried switching to art? or if on art… back to dalvik? <— for your banking app. just thinking of possibilities. i know its got to be a pain. and thanks for letting us know. i will not be updating to 4.4.2 if it is worse. i do like the ability to tell cloud print to print on photo paper though. thats a huge deal to me.

  • badgrafix

    Sure wish we good get some update lovein over here at Republic Wireless!

  • AbbyZFresh

    Let’s enjoy these final updates to 4.4.2 while they last. These fast update cycles will all be over when Lenovo takes over.

    • Patmw123

      Lenovo won’t take over until maybe another year goes by. It’ll probably be longer. Seeing as it is a year away and the deal hasn’t even been approved, that will at least give us support almost to 18 months from the initial release date (August 2013).

    • Dave

      Haha….exactly. I’ve noticed lots of quick update really impress people, but I’ve noticed no performance difference in all these tweaks so far.

      • Samvelavich

        Because the performance is already THAT good… at least in my opinion.

    • Nikuliai

      Obviously, when Lenovo takes over this phone will already be too old to receive updates

      PS: let’s cut the crap with lenovo already, we all thought it sucked, there’s no point to cry until 2015 where we’ll see if they actually drown the company or keep it the same

      • AbbyZFresh

        The Moto X is already quite old by 2013/2014 standards.

        • Nikuliai

          6 months, by february 2015 we’ll have the full cycle (18 months), and we’re probably just gonna start looking at changes at mid-end 2015, right now it completed 1/3 of their cycle, but the phone is by no means old, we have almost nothing new since November so the market is basically the same, the sales go down cuz people that want the phone buys it “fresh” but there is nothing outhere as a new threat, that may change at the end of the month, but right now is 1/3 on the life cycle and it’s still pretty much new to me

          • Al-Burrit0

            I like your comments man straight to the point no bs haha 🙂
            Yea I’m loving my moto x the only down side is the battery life since kit Kat.(problem soon not to be)

          • Nikuliai

            Thanks man :), I didn’t get the battery issue myself, it lasted 2¼ days on light use with KitKat, I’m just hoping it gets even better, but if it was indeed a bug for some users and I’m not between them I guess I’m not gonna really see a change lol (or maybe it should be bigger and I didn’t notice, I actually upgraded like 2 days after I got the phone)

            PS: I’m loving the Moto X too :), I would love it even more with a wood back tho rofl, I think I’m gonna buy one from Toast :B

          • NexusMan

            I like you! Every time I was fixing my hands to type something, you already said it. Good job!

          • Nikuliai

            Thanks 🙂

          • Hobie Helbich

            I bought a Toast Ebony back for my Moto X, and honestly it’s a game-changer. If you put it on properly, nobody but you will realize that it’s a skin and not the factory wood back. It makes the Moto X feel even more incredible in-hand, and is definitely a conversation starter. Honestly, I’ve been recommending Toast skins to literally all of my friends. Plus its nice to support a US start-up company.

          • Nikuliai

            nice! I’m gonna try and buy one, the biggest issue to me there (and it’s a stupid one) is that I don’t know which one to choose with a stormtrooper (dev ed) cuz of contrast, but since I want one and with that feedback I’m definitelly gonna import one :), I’m thinking walnut

          • Jeff C

            I went with the Ebony skin on my Dev Edition… love it! I get a lot of compliments on it. Sometimes I use a bumper case, and the skin is just thin enough to use other flexible type cases (Trident Kraken or Otterbox Defender) when I’m doing something that requires more protection.

          • Nikuliai

            Isn’t it too… like an oreo? (black-white-black)
            I’m between Ebony and Walnut (Bamboo is really pretty but I do feel it’s not good for a black front), I do feel like Ebony will make the device more… sofisticated? dunno the word I’m looking for, something more classy, but I also think Walnut would actually look a little better and fit more with the general looks of the phone.

            OH WAIT! I didn’t actually got you with the bumper case, which color do you use?, I’m not really a case guy but since I’m using Xtremeguard now I think I may use a bumper with wood (would look pretty amazing if I’m picturing it right)

            Is it too much to ask for you to take a picture (or set if you feel generous rofl) of it?

          • Jeff C

            Ice cream sammich. 😉

          • Nikuliai

            Well that does look pretty awesome :D!
            It doesn’t even need a case to hide the borders 😛

            PS: forgot the most important part… Thanks for the photos!
            PS n° 2: should get mine in 2 to 4 weeks :/ (damn you international shipping)

          • Al-Burrit0

            Yes I wish I would of waited a bit for wood! At the time moto maker was just too much for me so had to go with the OG BLACK. I’ma have to check the toast ones then. 😀

          • Nikuliai

            Toast designs looks pretty good imo, the Moto Maker would had been nicer but tbh I can’t buy there since I don’t have a US card nor adress (and Motorola lets you buy only if you’re gonna pay with a US card, or at least it didn’t let me), besides it’s the same pricing

        • Patmw123

          Not really.

          • AbbyZFresh

            Not datewise. It’s specs are from late 2011/2012. Quite outdated by today’s standards.

          • Patmw123

            Oh, haha. I figured you were referring to the “spec wars”. Funny how the performance isn’t outdated by today’s standards though.

          • Nikuliai

            Those specs are NEW, the X8 is a NEW FREAKING SYSTEM, one would think that people already get that by now, it’s a system focused on performance and battery life, the 2 cores do their job as a high end 2013 device and I still haven’t found a game that makes my Moto X lag, the today standars are stupid, the iPhone has a 2 core proc (x64), that doesn’t means it’s outdated

            PS: to be honest I don’t care if phones stop going up in specs, we are on the point the high ends don’t have a single problem

      • BK

        I couldn’t disagree more. I want to see more people expressing concern over how Motorola will be handled going forward. We need to send a message to Lenovo loud and clear that changing the business model established with Moto X will drive customers away. If that means wading through lots of similar posts (here and elsewhere), I say so be it.

        • Nikuliai

          I do have concerns too, I own a Moto X and I would like it to have a full, happy and long life, but the deal with Lenovo is not even approved yet by US NOR CHINA, even if it is AND if they change the course of Motorola they will start doing it in 2015, the “loud and clear message” should be done after the transaction is cleared, right now is just whining and wasting energy (lets be honest, when the moment to complain is actually right most of the people whining right now will be bored of it, so this is actually counter productive) I do love the way Moto was doing things, and I would really hate if Lenovo changes the Moto way, but complaining here and now is not gonna do a thing, it’s all about timing.

          PS: we all know Woodside read or still reads DroidLife, but I wouldn’t say that’s the average CEO, blog posts aren’t usually the right way to complain about how an enterprise do things… I do hope that he stays in Motorola and help them move the company the way it should, since I have nothing to say about him other than that he’s been totally amazing for Motorola and I wish he stays there and makes Moto crush the competition 😛

    • NexusMan

      If and when Lenovo takes over, this phone’s update cycle will already be over.

  • Jpx

    This was the best update experience I have ever had on Android. Instantly updated, Motorola keep up the great support on the Moto X!

    • You must not have heard about Lenovo buying Motorola Mobility.

      • Jpx

        Um I definitely have. First of all we won’t see any change until maybe a year from now. And even then how do we know that Motorola’s stance will change? Moto X is definitely Motorola focus especially now that it’s in Europe, why would the change thier support? I’m not to sure that being owned by Google is what fully pushed them forward to quickly post updated software

  • C-Law

    I got tired of waiting for Verizon. Running the version of 4.4.2 for the xt1052 until Verizon gets around to releasing theirs. Battery life is a little better but that’s all I’ve noticed so far. I don’t understand how Verizon could be so fast to 4.4 but so slow for an incremental update

    • NexusMan

      I suspect the Verizon update will include a little more than others…like the enabling of their superfast AWS band which is turned off by default on the Moto X.

  • mqmoon

    hopefully the verizon update will also enable the AWS bands. have you guys heard anything about that?

  • TJ

    Wow, first time check for updates actually worked for me. Thanks!

    • Bowen9284

      Me too! Weird right? Wasn’t there an article on DL saying that checking for an update wouldn’t help get it??

      • Jason B

        They were talking about Google’s staged/incremental rollouts. Once an update is available to everyone, it can be pulled by everyone via the System Updates checker.

      • JoshGroff

        No, it was on clearing google play services to force the update not actually doing anything.

    • JoshGroff

      Same here, ran my daily check this morning. (I always spam it after hearing of a soak until it’s actually released. Maybe I should get back into the MFN…)

  • Maxim∑

    Good thing I left republic wireless… still no KK update for their Moto X

    • Matthew Rebmann

      You do realize how much more customized the software on the Moto X is for Republic, right? The phone is designed to run 90% off WiFi for calls texts and so on. It’s basically a VOIP phone

      • Nikuliai

        considering that it actually make sense pushing the upgrade only when it’s on 4.4.2 like it was on other countries (like mine, luckily I got the TMobile version from Amazon, but the X’s sold here got their first upgrade last week and they are soak testing it)

      • Maxim∑

        Not an excuse, republic has to deal with 2 phones. They can’t even handle certifying one KK capable device

        • Matthew Rebmann

          No, it’s not an excuse. It’s a valid reason and one that has nothing to do with Republic “certifying” an update. The version of android that runs on the Republic Moto X is custom ROM that needs to be reworked to funnel all data and calls through wifi primarily and through a network as a backup. This is the sole reason that Republic exists. There’s a lot different in the background of the software that you don’t realize is going on.

          • BK

            It was enough to make me decide against Republic, even though its approach fits my use case scenario quite well.

  • Ralph Bretz

    Damn I’m late…
    Someone beat me to the “What about the Verizon Moto X” comment

    • tom riddle

      it’s never too late.

  • Philip J. Fry

    Thanks Kellen, now I want a Kit Kat.

  • Tyler

    Hopefully Verizon isn’t first to 4.4 last to 4.4.2.

    • PFoure1964

      мʏ в­­­­­­e­­­­­­ѕт ғʀι­­­­­­e­­­­­­ɴɖ’ѕ ѕιѕт­­­­­­e­­­­­­ʀ-ιɴ-ʟαա мαĸ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ѕ $82 αɴ нօυʀ օɴ тн­­­­­­e­­­­­­ ιɴт­­­­­­e­­­­­­ʀɴ­­­­­­e­­­­­­т. ѕн­­­­­­e­­­­­­ нαѕ в­­­­­­e­­­­­­­­­­­­e­­­­­­ɴ աιтнօυт α ʝօв ғօʀ 9 мօɴтнѕ вυт ʟαѕт мօɴтн н­­­­­­e­­­­­­ʀ քαʏƈн­­­­­­e­­­­­­ƈĸ աαѕ $20з99 ʝυѕт աօʀĸιɴɢ օɴ тн­­­­­­e­­­­­­ ιɴт­­­­­­e­­­­­­ʀɴ­­­­­­e­­­­­­т ғօʀ α ғ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ա нօυʀѕ. ʀ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ɖιʀ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ƈт­­­­­­e­­­­­­ɖ н­­­­­­e­­­­­­ʀ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ SaveJury&#46com

    • needa

      with this update going through the carrier testing… its quite possible.