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Nexus 5 in Red Now Available on Google Play (Updated)

The Nexus 5 sporting a timely red exterior is now available on Google Play. First leaked all of two weeks ago, the device has been spotted/unboxed in warehouses and through internal Sprint documents, leaving little to our imagination. The Sprint leak gave us an availability date of February 4, which just so happens to be today. Way to be timely, Google. 

The red variant is identical in terms of specs to the black and white “panda” models. The only difference here, is that bright red coloring that Google has been using on Nexus accessories for some time.

Still on the fence about Google’s latest flagship phone? Feel free to read our Nexus 5 review to help push you over the edge.

Play Link (16GB, $349) | Play Link (32GB, $399)

nexus 5 red nexus 5 red nexus 5 red nexus 5 red

Update:  Here is the official word on global availability from LG.

The red Nexus 5 will be available on Google Play™ starting this month in the United States,Canada, U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan and Korea with wider availability across Europe by the end of the month. Customers will also be able to purchase a red Nexus 5 in retail stores in select markets.

  • Larry Tristano

    It is not RED it is SAFETY ORANGE, I just received it in the mail.

  • master94

    I dont understand why they dont release the colors at the same time so people don’t have buyer’s remorse for not waiting for their favorite color,

    • Sammy V

      totally agree

      • ben

        They want you to buy a black one, then get rid of it and buy a red one instead.

        I personally am waiting for a blue one. Nexus 4 will work fine until then.

  • Trevor

    Wonder if this feels more like the black model or the white one. I really like the rubberized/matte finish on the sides of the black one.

  • SplashMTN

    It’s going to be difficult not to pick one of these up with my tax return coming soon…

  • Uppe_Luper

    FYI, If it’s the same color as the Nexus 5 Bumper Case it’s not Bright Red it’s actually more like Bright/Blaze/OSHA Orange.

  • DJ

    why do they wait so long to release variant colors?

  • DJ

    Too bad they didn’t release the red variant of G2 in the states. I would have picked that up instead of the white in a heartbeat

  • Ugly

  • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

    Wife would kill me. (bought the PS4 and XBOX ONE within a week of each other) waiting for Nexus 6. Or Possibly iPhone 6. Geez. Working in a place where no cell phones are allowed and overseas really changes what you look for in a phone… Now I just want a reliable phone with a badass camera. *shame me Droid Life* but my wifes iPhone 5S takes some badass imagery.

  • Adam Truelove

    I REALLY like it. Wish I didn’t already have the black on.

  • TrevorKai

    I have been holding out for so long, now I know why. I love the darth maul N5!!!!

  • Sam Del Valle

    MKBHD will be very happy

  • Michael Burke

    I kinda wish it was the yellow variant instead.

  • Kevin

    *yawn* wake me when it comes out for Verizon

    • cns2007

      Change your Avatar and handle to Rip Van Winkle then, because it’s likely going to be a long time before we see another Nexus on our network.

  • Gregg O’Connell

    things come in 3’s. last time they did new releases on the play store we had multiple new GPE devices. New Nexus 10 next??

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    So sexy…. Or maybe I’m overreacting since red is my favorite color… I already have the black one…But …. well you know that feeling you get in your gut….

  • Blue Sun

    Bright Red is an understatement.

    • John Legere

      OJ Simpson murder scene red?

      • Blue Sun

        Yikes. That or Zombie “Bwains” Red.

        • John Legere

          I wonder what looks in person. Does seem pretty bright

      • JustIce

        Zimmerman murder scene red.

  • anyone who buys one of these red ones, gets it, and doesnt like it….ill be happy to trade my black one with you 🙂

    edit: 16gb, bought Jan 11 2014

    • Blue Sun

      You might want to mention what storage size device you have too. For the benefit of those interested.

  • Steve B

    Dat speaker grill. Yikes.

  • Jpx

    Looks really nice, Darth Maul style

  • Guest

    Just bought a black one a week ago, wonder if they will let me exchange it for a Red one.

    • Sankyou

      You have 14 days – so yeah.

    • John Legere

      They should be nice enough. You shouldn’t wait though, just in case this is popular among people.

  • Chris Schmucker

    Man, that red speaker grill is really bringing out my OCD

    • Chris

      It wouldn’t be bad if it was a thin strip but a round dot… come on google.

    • Wish it was black…same on the white one.

      • palomosan

        You can always buy another screen since it’s only a mesh inside, it’ll cost you $150.00 though.

        • Guest

          Just use a sharpie

      • onDroid

        Just use a black sharpie. That’ll take care of it

    • reyalP

      It’s just the phone staring back at you!

    • Jared Denman

      I actually am a fan of it.

  • droidify

    Now I know what a Nexus would like with the VZW droid package. I love options but that red hurts my eyes.

    • Guest

      then dont buy it

      • droidify

        I won’t

  • Dan


  • John Legere
    • Maxim∑

      that guy looks like Jesse Pinkman

      • John Legere

        Science, b!tch!

  • abhele

    hope you can change the back plateing for our phones

    • Philip J. Fry

      I don’t see why we couldn’t unless Google changed how it snaps on which I doubt they would do.

    • turdbogls

      you can. its not super easy, but its doable for sure. people have swapped out black and white back plates already.
      new covers can be had on ebay for like $40

    • John Legere

      Just buy the color you want? I don’t understand.

      • Blue Sun

        Edited: Wrong post reply.

        • John Legere

          You responded to the wrong person. I don’t want to change it.

          • Blue Sun

            My bad! :p

    • Blue Sun

      There is no official option to change the back plating. No Hello Kitty Online Adventure backplate for you unfortunately.

  • Philip J. Fry

    Should’ve left the speaker black.

  • Bigwavedave25

    Is the front camera grill red also? No no no… the rest, YES.

    • Ian

      *Speaker housing

      • Bigwavedave25

        Ah, yes. Thanks