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GRAIN OF SALT: Rumors Suggest Nexus Program is Dying in 2015, Lenovo Gets to Make One of the Last

nexus 7 2013 sleeve

If you read tech sites outside of this one, there is a chance you read the rumor from earlier in the week from industry player Eldar Murtazin, which suggested that Google is going to kill off its Nexus program some time in 2015 and replace it with its Google Play Edition line, though that name may change by the time this all unfolds. Clearly, we ignored the hell out of this rumor. Because well, it’s just a giant one-line rumor on Twitter with nothing to back it. To add to the plot, though, Murtazin returned shortly after the Lenovo-Motorola deal was announced to suggest that Lenovo will make one of the last Nexus devices ever.

So what do we think? Seeing as 2014 just started, Google just released the Nexus 5 (a device that helped carry LG’s last quarter), and all sorts of new Google Play Edition devices are available, I couldn’t tell you. My initial reaction is to not worry about it at this point. 

I’ll say this – Murtazin has been right in the past, but he’s also been wrong countless times. For example, a week ago he said that the Galaxy S5 would be announced at a press event on February 23 and then backtracked hours later, with a “Samsung now doesn’t know what to do because of my leak” quote. Really? Anyways, back to this Nexus thing.

Is Google going to kill off the Nexus program? It certainly doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. The Nexus 7 continues to be a device that Google is keen on investing in. We often talk about Google’s lack of advertising, yet that device could be seen in TV ads regularly for months after it was released. But beyond that device, Google seems to be proud of its Nexus line as a way for it to show exactly how it thinks Android should be represented at an insanely affordable price. Name another device that gives you the truest sense of Google’s latest version of Android. There isn’t one that doesn’t have “Nexus” in the name. They used the Nexus 5 to show off a new launcher, new dialer, and a handful of other features that were exclusives.

Which leads me into the next point – don’t you think Google needs hardware to introduce new versions of Android on? Unless they decide to pick an OEM to release a GPE device with the newest version of Android, they won’t have any should the Nexus line be killed off. So maybe that could be the play that Murtazin is talking about? GPE devices as they stand now are overpriced models of previously released Android hardware that can’t possibly be selling well. If you partner with an OEM to introduce new builds of Android on, then maybe you have a reason to kill off the Nexus line and to give customers a reason to look at a Google Play Edition.

Again, we’re talking speculation and rumor right now. Google just sold Motorola, they may want Nest to build hardware for them, and a renewed friendship with Samsung could mean drastic changes that could affect all of Android. For now, though, just enjoy your Nexus or Moto X or G2 or Galaxy. 2014 has barely begun.

Oh, and about Lenovo getting a crack at a Nexus device – does anyone care? I don’t.

Via:  @eldarmurtazin [2]
  • I believe this rumor.

  • confusedjoeshmoe

    So I’m confused. What will be the next stock android phone? Something without any skins…

  • chris_johns

    Are all these law suits catching up to google that their cutting their losses with certain devisions? this ish is all pissen me off…perhaps we are the only ones in the world who care about pure android n the adverage consumer dont gives 2 shi*ts and google rather satisfy the latter

  • This would seriously piss me off. I love Nexus as there was no need to mess with the phone. It just worked as intended.

  • Elliot Kotis

    LOL so before he says Nexus is dying now he says Lenovo will make one then it will die, make up your mind.

  • dizel123

    After all the people yesterday bitching about how much they hate Lenovo, I want more than anything for them to make the last Nexus. Please let this happen!

  • Skittlez

    according to people i’ve seen on youtube, think of the nexus thing as more of a rebranding to google play. and there will still be AOSP, just one those google play devices. i’ve sure google will still make something that is theirs, especially with all this nest talk. don’t go nuts people, just wait it out. we still have at least 2 nexus devices left before this even happens.

  • Prime7

    Without Nexus, I may just switch over to iOS.

    • NexusMan


  • Deeco

    Nexus ML

  • tom riddle

    >Nananananananan……..MAKE IT STOP……..Nanananananannaaaaa<

  • cizzlen

    I can’t say I’m a huge enthusiast fan of the Nexus as I used to be these days. But I do feel for the millions of you who are impacted by this news. Really hope it’s not true for the sake of the consumer, and Android/Google in general. It’s not like Samsung was ever going to be successful with Tizen but it seems like their success was enough to scare Google into a “deal” so to speak. It sort of feels like a defeat even though it’s not.

  • joejoe5709

    Who knows at this point, but I still see the need for hardware to go with new releases. It creates such a buzz and it’s the perfect testbed for pure Android. I could care less if Lenovo makes it. I was worried about ASUS making the N7, but that’s turned out pretty well. Google actually seems to prefer the underdog (LG and ASUS). If they cancel the Nexus program, I think they’ll need to replace it with something similar. The GPE’s could be tweaked into filling the position, but again who knows at this point.

  • yummy

    This all leaves such a bad taste in my mouth. Nurse!

  • WickedToby741

    The main thing I’m worried about is that this and the Motorola sale are repercussions of the deal that Google and Samsung agreed to. Samsung could have legitimate concerns about the longevity of selling $650 phones and $400 tablets in a world with the Nexus 5 and 7. I doubt Samsung would be willing to kiss the high margins they currently make on Galaxy devices goodbye. If Samsung agreed to push a more pure form of Android and halt development on Tizen, would Google gave agreed to both sell Motorola and kill Nexus devices? As much as I hate to say it, I think it’s a distinct possibility.