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Report: Google Convinces Samsung to Dial Back Tweaks to Android, Axe Own App Suite

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According to a report out of Re/code, you and I weren’t the only ones in the industry who had a problem with what Samsung tried to do during CES with its Magazine UX on the new PRO line of Galaxy tablets. Google was apparently “dismayed” by it as well, as it stood as the ultimate departure from the vision of Android that Google has worked so hard on over the years. This report claims that the two companies began working out a “series of broad agreements” during that same week to hopefully reel in Samsung and their take on Android to better align it with Google’s. 

As you can imagine, the exact details of these agreements have not been made public, but sources suggest that they could involve the killing-off of Magazine UX for future products, while also eliminating the suite of Samsung Apps that have flooded devices in recent years. Google would have Samsung push Google Play apps instead of their own music, app, and movie services, all of which most Android enthusiasts wouldn’t touch with a 30-foot stick. The group of apps disappearing could also include ChatON and WatchON.

The report claims that there is a growing threat to Google from manufacturers who are putting out Android devices that lack their services, so by partnering with Samsung to continue to push them, that threat could be diminished with Samsung as the leader in Android by a long shot.

Keep in mind that Google and Samsung also announced a patent cross-licensing deal this week.

We won’t know the effects of these supposed meetings for some time, I’d imagine. But in a perfect world, it could mean that Samsung will dial back TouchWiz, let Android stand on its own, and kill off water droplet sounds and whistles for good.

Via:  Recode
  • Feicherman

    I read a lot and see most of you rregularly. This is actually my first post, I think. My thing is, isn’t the whole point of Android to be a wide variety of choice for the consumer. I own a Samsung note 3, had the 2. I really like what they do. I believe it’s very user friendly to the average consumer. I guess I would have to consider my self that. My point to I suppose, is, if you do that like it can’t you just… Not buy it? Go a different way? I’m not trying to be dense or anything, it just seems there are many options of hardware, software and even to include rooting so what IS the problem? Again, really not trying to start a war here just don’t get it…

  • tom riddle

    So getting rid of Motorola was part of the concessions from Google…..?

  • Garemlin

    The sad thing is these apps and Touchjiz appeal to the masses. They like pretty colors and animation with easy use UI. No different than store bought PC’s and laptops. The general public has no idea what AOSP or vanlla Android is nor do they care. And the general public make up a large chunk of their customer base.

  • esplana28

    come on Samsung, deliver us pure android experience not your bloated and laggy version of android!

  • etche

    ohhh those “water droplet sounds and whistles”.. couldn’t hate them more! It’s the stupidest thing ever.

  • Davros

    I feel like this has a lot to do with their recent patent agreement.

  • droiduser53

    Having gone from a Nexus 4 to a note 3 a few days ago, I can see google’s point but some samsung stuff like smart scroll, multiwindow etc I’d love in android. But yeah magazine ux was just too much.

    • Ben Edwards

      I think all they’ll do is scale back some of the more unnecessary things (like Samsung’s Google replacement apps) and hopefully bring the look of the TW launcher a little more in line with stock Android while still keeping some of their more unique features like multiwindow etc. I highly doubt we’ll ever see Samsung go the route of the Moto X (for example) and have a near stock experience.

  • Such

    Removable batteries, micro sd & scaled back touchwiz to create a somewhat stockish Android on a Samsung phone? CAN’T WAIT!

    Clearly Google knows at this point that HTC, Moto & LG will never do what Samsung has done. Now that Moto is going to be under Lenovo, it’s a wrap for some of these OEMs. Google is putting their Eggs in the Samsung basket especially with their cross licensing deal. About time Google finally wised up.