Dead Trigger 2 Update Opens Up European Territory for Zombie Slayers, Brings More Weapons (Updated)

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Madfinger Games pushed another major update to Dead Trigger 2 this afternoon on Google Play, which opens up a third territory in the world inhabited by zombies. The now open Chinese European region includes new gameplays, plus players will also find new weapons to add to their arsenal. How does a brand new Minigun sound? 

As always, you can download the update from Google Play by following the link below.

Update: We wrote up the wrong changelog from Google Play. Here are the changes for the new update. Sorry!

WHAT’S NEW in Update 0.4.0?

  • Video Sharing – A brand new way to show and share your adventures! Record your daring missions and wow other zombie hunters from all around the world! This feature is available on iOS for devices with more than 512 MB RAM only (iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S)
  • New Weapons – Get your hands on 3 new weapons – FN2000, Spagin and the mighty Minigun!
  • Friends – Make a list of friends in Dead Trigger 2! Compare your stats, hype your friends up, or have a chat in between zombie destruction!
  • New Warfare – Infection is an equal opportunity employer… So let’s get to work! Death knows no boundaries. It’s high time to fight for humanity in Europe!
  • Environments – Resistance intel has revealed 9 new environments! Fight your way through the city streets, countryside, warehouses, factories and many more!
  • Auto-heal – Bored of classic Bandages? The new Auto-heal gadget will keep you in shape all the time.
  • Permanent Money Booster – Get this booster and double your mission income. For how long? FOREVER!
  • New Production – Resistance now allows you to upgrade your Hideout up to level 9.
  • Warfare Tweaks – From now on, rewards are awarded in relation to score, not kills. So go set your sights for some new and difficult tasks!

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