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T-Mobile CEO John Legere Literally Crashes AT&T’s Party, Just Wanted to Hear Some Music

For a while now, the relations between AT&T and T-Mobile have been a bit strained to say the least. Things between the two carriers came to a personal head last night a party that AT&T was throwing for its developers. When T-Mobile CEO John Legere showed up, just wanting to hear some Macklemore, he was promptly kicked out. Drama!

Legere has made a name for himself recently with his attacks on the Big Carriers dominating the market, while trying to promote his UnCarrier ways. You can see why AT&T might not have been too happy to have him mingling with their developers. The fact that he was walking around wearing his magenta T-Mobile shirt in the middle of all of it might not have helped either. In an interview afterwards, Legere said he was asked to leave by two “gigantic goons” who ended up being hotel security, and that if he didn’t leave he would be charged with trespassing.

Legere did leave, but not before noting that AT&T spent a lot of money on the party. He commented that the money AT&T put towards that party, he would have spent on his company instead. AT&T has apparently declined to comment on the situation.

Low blow or brilliant troll?

Via: Recode

    Ha! Very good comment to down the competition.

  • SomeDooD

    What a trollski. Love it.

  • Bill Hill
  • Ryan Steddy

    He literally crashed it?
    I see no mention in the article of him crashing his car (or anything else) in the party. YOU ARE USING ‘LITERALLY’ WRONG!

  • Noeltorious

    Brilliant troll. I miss Tmo, had them for years and the only reason I left was due to them not serving WV where I ended up moving to. Now I’m on ST ATT pfft

  • One12alpha

    He looks kinda creepy.

  • Neil Fujiwara

    The CM Punk of the wireless world.

  • Domesdkg

    Was anyone else disappointed that he only figuratively crashed the party? Was hoping for more mayhem based on the article title.

    • LionStone

      Yea! Haha!

  • kevin_gee

    So my contract with verizon is over in Feb 2015, and i checked their coverage in my area (Los Angeles, Ca) and it showed as Excellent so perhaps when my contract finishes, im switching over to T-Mobile.

    • ndog21

      I’m in LA I just had Verizon and Sprint I got Sprint to drop me for forced roaming. I was on Verizon with a GNEX LTE was super slow and when I went to do a alternate upgrade the guys at the VZW store said they wouldn’t do it. So I went to sprint for 6 mounts until they finally dropped me. So now I’m on T-Mobile with a Nexus 4 with unofficial LTE so its $70 no taxes for phone freedom and a great network I get LTE in more places it also penetrates walls a little bit better than my VZW GNEX and there 3G is up to 20 mb regularly in Westchester (By LAX) Hope this helps your decision.

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    He … is … awesome.

  • JRomeo

    does anyone else think the picture in this article of the CEO resembles the grumpy cat from youtube?

  • Allen George

    Brilliant Troll, but T-Mobile is more like T-NoCoverage in my area. I had them about 4 years ago. Worst mistake ever. If they ever get LTE and better coverage in Flagstaff I’d consider switching back.

  • Tom

    I love this story. I am so tired of the big guys and it cracks me up how many folks are so happy with them. One of these days, I might just go amish and hid a net10 as needed.

  • interstellarmind

    Brilliant troll!

  • Trevor

    Funny, yes. But also a douchey thing to do. Not exactly the type of person I would necessarily want running a company.

  • Uncarriered

    He’s got balls. Big ones too!!

  • doesnotmatter

    What an ugly mutha farkin guy….

    • Adrynalyne

      Fap to some other guy then?

  • Jason Hoopes

    I left Verizon after 13 years and I could not be happier. I love T-Mobile! Verizon can suck it!

    • Adrynalyne

      Tread lightly. There are some Verizon cheerleaders (or maybe employees) in here throwing insults at anyone who doesn’t worship Verizon.

  • AndroidUser00110001

    What a douche…

  • James Burkett

    Brilliant Troll

  • trumpet444

    I’d be suspicious of anyone showing up to a party “just wanting to hear some Macklemore”.

  • CHRIS42060

    AT&T should have taken his picture and Tweeted it with the caption “We didn’t even charge John Legere of T-Mobile $450 to switch to the AT&T party!”

  • master94

    Lol best trolling yet for 2014. Can’t wait to see what is next.

  • 1TallTXn

    Jerk move.
    Sure it was a stunt, and they (AT&T and T-Mobile) both came off looking like jerks.
    T-Mo for crashing a party, and AT&T for kicking him out.

  • Liderc

    Kind of odd that they’d kick him out, I bet the security probably thought he was just a Tmobile fan looking to cause problems with that pink shirt on and thought he was crashing the party. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was just trying to enjoy the party and got mistaken for an actual troll.

  • Seshan M Smith

    That’s why I love working for this guy

  • 2Berad

    Go tmo go!!! I Love this guy.

  • h_f_m

    I like how the new AT&T commercials announce a $45 no-contract plan.. “Only on AT&T” ..

    BS… T-Mo has been doing this for a long time.. T-Mo 4EVa

    • solstice1221

      And AT&T forgets to mention that if you want unlimited sms and data it’s an additional $50. They pulled that crap with me when I purchased a Nexus 5. Their reason was that because the Nexus 5 is an LTE phone they have to charge me more for the LTE services. I said goodbye to AT&T on January 2nd after 6 years with them and went to T-Mobile. My monthly bill will now be $32 dollars cheaper and that includes unlimited everything with LTE.

      • timrcm

        Yeah, no. Their $30/mo plan is NOT ‘unlimited everything’. It’s an awesome plan, yes, but stop bragging like it’s more than what it is.

        • solstice1221

          When did I say I was on their $30 a month plan? I said I was saving $32 a month over AT&T.

          • SetNick

            Apparently “Guest” did not read your post. I recently switched to Sprint from VZ. I live in Dallas and I really hope the Spark service helps improve the coverage. My wife has an iPhone and the thing takes so long to connect to a call (in or out). I ended up picking the LG G2, and at first it was awesome, but now I am getting similar issues. Its been many years since I had T-Mo, but when the company was a new player, everyone else sucked. Pulling for the underdogs, Sprint and T-Mo.

          • TylerCameron

            What do you mean by charge you more? A plan with a “4G” phone costs exactly the same as a plan with an LTE phone.

          • solstice1221

            I had a grandfathered plan from 2008 from my iPhone days. AT&T let me keep that plan when I switched to a Windows Phone minus visual voice mail, so I was happy. No significant change in my monthly bill. When I got the Nexus 5 they canceled my grandfathered plan and jacked my rate up. Since I had 6 weeks left in my contract I waited until it was over and then I left.

    • Mark Mann

      Yeah, and AT&T says ‘no catch’ except for you’re with AT&T

  • Skrewee Lewee

    Hey, crazy crap worked for Miley Cyrus, why not go for it?!

    • HomeAloneKid

      Has it really worked for her? Just because people talk about you doesn’t mean your account balance will be increased. People talk about Amanda Bynes and Lindsey Lohan being crazy too, but they are making less than when they were children.

      • Liderc

        You’re right about Bynes and Lohan, but Miley’s bank account is definitely increasing due to her madness. It’s increased her sales quite a bit oddly enough.

        • trumpet444

          Richer or not, she’s still gross….. and you can only shock the public so much. She’ll get stale very soon

    • CHRIS42060

      Thank the heavens he didn’t twerk…….

  • Sexy Skunk

    I love John Legere. He makes me laugh so hard how he trolls everyone. ROOTING FOR TMOBILE.

  • Adrynalyne

    This guy…is brilliant.

  • hiran1228

    John Legere is disrespectful to AT&T. AT&T is stupid and so is T-Mobile. If AT&T and T-Mobile and fighting, who needs AT&T and T-Mobile. I would choose Verizon instead of them.

    • Adrynalyne

      Respect is earned…

      What has Verizon done to earn you respect? Overcharged you? Restricted you? Limited your freedom of devices? Whatever floats you boat, I guess.

      • stabone

        Given me service everywhere I go.

        • Adrynalyne

          So, basically, they can do whatever they like to you, but it is ok because they provide service?

          • ShadowGTX

            Wow people like you, and the few others that have commented like you “Oh so let Verizon overcharge you and do what they want” are just plain ignorant. When they were removing unlimited data they still let us keep it, they give us multiple choices on HOW to keep our data & old plans, coverage wise still best IMO I used to work for best buy less then 6 moths ago so I had all carriers but sprint because of the employee plans. PLUS whenever I had problems I’ve called them up and they solved asap. Hell I have even gotten free upgrades without renewing contract with them because of a phone that was malfunctioning. NEVER once did t mobile do that with with their crappy coverage. AT&T removed unlimited data for their customers those who kept it are so throttled. So the non sense you and the others who make CLAIMS that Verizon does what they want and over charge. Get your facts straight they have done a lot to keep us, but you all just want everything close to free yet want all the best. Not how the world works children. If someone is providing you with a better service then another guess what you are most likely going to pay more for it.

          • Adrynalyne

            And you have the nerve to call me ignorant…

            I am sure when they remove those who have grandfathered unlimited, you will find a way to make that a positive as well, and those increasing data prices on family share plans…yes, those are in the best interest of the customer.

          • ShadowGTX

            And what happens when or if t mobile
            Gets bigger then Verizon? You think they won’t do the same things you are complaining Verizon is doing? Then what are you going to say? “O man I knew t mobile was bad blah blah blah blah”. Every one right now is totally on board with t mobile and what they doing. They just keep forgetting they are a big company too once they get bigger they will do the same thing Verizon is doing or worse. Now I’ll use your own reference… I’m sure when t mobile does the same you will some how find a way to make it look positive

          • Adrynalyne

            You see now, look back at what I wrote, and see where I mentioned anything of ATT or Tmobile not having evil practices as well. Please, tell me where I said this. Don’t deflect what my original comment was, that Verizon has not earned any customers respect through their actions.

          • Maximus

            You are truly sheep. Verizon may not people the most friendly company. But they are the best at what they do. They give you a premium product at a premium price. What more do you want than your money’s worth?

          • Adrynalyne

            LOL, sheep are those that sing praises of a company without noting any of their wrongdoings. I do none of those, but what are you doing?

            Lets see, family share plans, and pushing people onto them, knowing they will pay more, and get less. Premium price for a lesser product.

            Removing unlimited data. Premium price for a lesser product.

            Not approving the Nexus 7 on their network, defying FCC rules.

            Not letting the Gnex get its final update.

            I can go on if you like.

            So you pay more, and get less. I am not the sheep here, and you know what? I use Verizon.

          • stabone

            You’re complaining about then and saying you’re not a sheep to them… but you’re using their services? Sounds like a sheep to me.

          • Adrynalyne

            A sheep is a blind follower. Did you really not know that?

            Also, contract is up in 2 weeks,so….

          • ShadowGTX

            Haha spoken like a true edgy teen. I provided evidence of how they gained respect you just choose not to look at it or listen. Few years back Verizon was the WORST company to go with. They had promised to better their network and they did. Now they are one of the best. They allow you to keep unlimited data instead of forcing you off it. They don’t promise to let you keep your data but throttle the cap out of you every chance they get. EVEN NOW they could have just said F U now more unlimited but they give us plenty of options go get a phone full price of off Internet then active on your plan. They could just be douche bags and say nope you’re changing phone have to change plan bye bye unlimited. They give you the DE plan which let’s u pay off phone in 12 months like edge but u keep unlimited. Plus I mentioned in my other comments what they have done. You are just so bitter about them you sound like a high school boy who got rejected by the hot girl the hot girl in school now you are just saying “Oh man whatever she a slut I hated her away”. Then you go around trying to make everyone else hate her.

          • Adrynalyne

            Edgy teen?

            “You are just so bitter about them you sound like a high school boy who got rejected by the hot girl the hot girl in school now you are just saying “Oh man whatever she a slut I hated her away”. Then you go around trying to make everyone else hate her.”

            You are a class act.


            Don’t forget to hang up your Verizon pom-poms on the way out.

          • ShadowGTX

            Thank you for proving my point about you being an edgy teen who is bitter. Love ignorant people like you who show when they got proven wrong and backed into a corner the best defense they got it to try and take a jab at the other person haha. No need to reply to this anymore you have shown you are not worth the time and effort. Have fun living and dying bitter

          • Adrynalyne

            The only thing you have proven is you are willing to let a company remove and restrict your abilities and pay more for it with a smile on your face. You are a model customer for Verizon. Bravo.

          • So… Just thought I’d interject here…

            What you’re saying is that Verizon isn’t as bad as we think they are because they’re not being as douchey as they could be….

            That’s like saying Hitler isn’t as bad as we all think he is because he didn’t kill all the Jews…

            Carry on.

          • Mark Mann

            Where we live, T-Mobile had better service, better phone selection, no contract, unlimited everything(voice, text and data) and I can upgrade every 6 months for about half of what we were paying vzw

          • stabone

            I guess I must be one of the lucky few that hasn’t had a problem with them. I’ve never had a problem with their phone choices. When they moved to tiered plans, I was OK with that because I rarely used more than 3-4gb a month anyway.. When I’ve called their customer service, only once in the now 10 years I’ve been with them has there been an issue they couldn’t solve right away, and they were always very nice and helpful.

            Oh, and I get service everywhere I go.

      • Liderc

        Amen, Verizon has nothing to stand on except great coverage. They probably screw customers more than any other company. Left Verizon for ST AT&T and cut my bill in half and have faster speeds now with the same coverage (in my area anyways).

        • Adrynalyne

          Verizon stands to leave everyone behind if they would just become more customer friendly. Lower their prices, open their network to more devices, and stop restricting. They would gain other carrier customers in droves.

      • BobbyG

        Best service is a pretty good start

        • Adrynalyne

          Best service for you maybe, but not everyone. Still, slapping you around for a while and then giving you a single lollipop isn’t earning respect, IMO.

          • Stone Cold

            No matter how superior their coverage may be. Locked phones ie locked bootloader keeps me from ever thinking about becoming a VZW customer.

          • Jac

            Unlimited data + tethering + a nexus (or any unlockable tablet) resolves most issues pretty quickly.

          • Stone Cold

            I already have all that – the nexus device on T-Mobile

  • jbdan


  • kyle

    hell yeah tmobile.. hell yeah..

  • MichaelFranz

    Brillant troll….epic one might say. Tisk Tisk on AT&T’s part. However right now they look like the bad guy, there is always going to be 3 sides to the story…Legere’s, AT&T’s and the actual truth. Who knows if he didnt instigate something on anything but if he just showed up normally like anyone else there is no harm in it.

  • RedXander

    He looks like a human version of grumpy cat; “Verizon vs AT&T? I hope both teams lose.” I do like what he’s doing in the mobile arena though.

    • Mike McDaniel

      ROFL I just lol’d so hard at this comment.

  • epps720


  • Fresh360

    Gotta love it…

  • Sean

    Maybe I do not know much of this back story…but what is his beef with AT&T? I am a Verizon customer and to me Verizon is more of the “man” I have never been an AT&T fan and I never will be. I have had them for other services and I have been burnt by their somewhat shady ways…not saying that other companies do shady things. But if he is trying to stick it to these big companies…why is he not making these public bashes towards Verizon? Like I said I may have missed something along the way but to me you sticking it to AT&T is all fine and dandy…but just from the outside looking in…I would think Verizon is the cereal bowl you want to poop in.

    • AT&T and T-Mobile were very close to merging into one company a while back, but the deal falling through left them both with bitter feelings towards each other. AT&T has always had the “big brother” mentality when it comes to T-Mo and now, T-Mo is trying to get over that. That’s why you see so much of their hate directed at AT&T more than Verizon or Sprint.

      • Sean

        OK…now I remember seeing that awhile back. I left T-Mo to go to Verizon for the employee discount and the coverage at the time was not always great. I used to really like T-Mo and they seemed to really get a cool selection of phones (the Sidekick for my younger days) They just in my opinion got blown over be these other companies when things really started to advance. Really at this point the only thing keeping me at Verizon is we are still on unlimited and the coverage/speeds in my area and where I travel are good…if not for that I would be looking into T-Mo for sure. Nothing wrong with pulling for the little guy…and sometimes you gotta shake the pot to make things happen. And shaking AT&T’s pot makes me smile!!!

      • Stone Cold

        IMO I don’t think T-Mobile is bitter they won money and other things in the failed merger. DT they may be bitter as the parent company. As the only other real GSM competitor I think that is why TMUS is going hard after AT&T and their practices.

    • He likes to target AT&T because it’s easier for their customers to unlock their phones and come over to T-Mobile.

      • TylerCameron

        It’s even easier for Verizon customers since most of them have 4G phones, all Verizon 4G phones are unlocked.

    • solstice1221

      Keep in mind that Verizon just sold a huge amount of low end spectrum to T-Mo to help them expand their coverage in rural areas. Would you really bite the hand that feeds you?

      • Still interesting that Verizon did that. I’m sure that VZ likes the competition against AT&T, but if T-Mobile continues to get support, this might turn into a case of contributing to their own demise.

        • solstice1221

          I’m sure Verizon knows this. It’s probably some corporate strategic move of which the details we are not entirely aware of. I think they see it as the enemy of my enemy is my friend and are just grinning at getting under AT&T’s skin.

        • Lonetree

          Verizon also needed that AWS spectrum that T-Mobile transferred. Major cities are saturated on their 700mhz band.

      • Sean

        This is my take on Verizon right now (and the other carriers)…and mind you I have nothing wrong with Verizon at this point. I think Verizon just likes to sit back and watch the others scramble and scratch and claw at the market. Love them or hate them…they have the coverage, the phones, customer support, etc. Now everyone has there story about they dont have coverage here, or customer support did not help them or whatnot…but the proof is there that they are a solid company (which is why the charge what they charge and dont need to nickle and dime with gimmicks). T-Mo in their own right is a good company as well and like I said could not keep up with the big boys at the time when everything started to change. So just like Little Mac had to do with Mike Tyson…he had to duck, dodge and hang in there until the right time to start pulling out the punches…and it appears that now is that time. But my take is over the years, and it has changed now because it doesnt always apply, but you go to the carrier who has the phone you want the most. I mean unless you are grandfathers into a certain plan or deal…”basically” what you see now is what you get with cell phone plans. At anytime you may drop a call or not have good reception…its going to happen. But what is one of the main reasons we all flock to DL…its to see the next big phone and who is going to get it. And how many times in these discussion boards have you seen someone leave their carrier to go somewhere else because of it…one word…NEXUS. So speaking from me personally I am more than satisfied with Verizon…I think I would be more than satisfied with T-Mo. And in my area (Youngstown) both would be a good option. So am I really biting the hand that feeds me…or am I just an “orphan” like everyone else trying to find best family with the best meal?! And that’s the trick for us as consumers because while today Verizon maybe your meal of choice…tomorrow it may not be…but we have to keep playing the game.

        • solstice1221

          Agreed. I used to be like that, going to whichever carrier had the exclusive phone. I did that when the iPhone came out and jumped to AT&T from Verizon. The Nexus 5 changed that for me though. I now have a phone where I can go to any one of 3 carriers with whatever plan fits my needs. I like that I have a choice now and not worry about being locked into a contract.

        • enigmaco

          I am in columbus and where I live gsm has been a better option for me. I had a nexus 4 and tested service with both at&t and t-mobile both were better than verizon (t-mobile was smoking it). Verizon has its customers backed against a wall with coverage, they have great coverage and take complete advantage over it. I am with verizon and I cannot stand the prices we are charged, what is keeping us from leaving is the coverage (I am content with leaving my girlfriend and her family is not). Had a billing issues with verizon as well they kept charging us with a package we need not request or want, took about 6 months to get it resolved it was ridiculous. What is great now though is that they are unlocking phones so as a consumer we can take our phones over to another carrier and use it. Most are not hardcore like us on DL; my girlfriend for example has a phone that is 5 years old, I don’t think it can access 3g even and she is perfectly content with it. So not everyone is in search of the next big thing. I am getting to that point myself because these phones have the same tricks anymore just one more feature here and there and I have a moto x so I don’t need to switch. I do hope t-mobile becomes a big contender, tired of verizon and at&t calling all the shots.

  • Ian Smith

    this guy is a total badass, long live the MOBE

  • Jérôme Besnard

    Unfortunately I had to switch to an ATT sim card because I moved to an area where T-mobile signal is weak. But I do miss Tmo.

  • Bob G

    Super troll!

  • Dex Labs

    Brilliant Troll!!!!!!!! nice move!

  • morgan boyle

    brilliant troll. i would switch to t-mobile if they had better LTE coverage. i’m an addict and verizon has me until my unlimited data runs dry.

  • enigmaco

    This guy is really makes you want to root for the underdog, At&T should of had him stay. Throwing him out;specifically how and you have witnesses was not a bright move, especially since he is going to be on a broadcast stage in a few days.

    • This is the third time that I’ve seen “should of” instead of “should’ve”. I’m sorry, I just can’t hold in my Nazi rage any longer!

      • enigmaco

        There super grammar man it has been fixed, you can reel in the naziness and woosah.

  • Maximus

    Everyone loves the drunk chick at the party….while she’s at the party. No one takes her seriously. John Legere is becoming that drunk chick. Steve Jobs was a nut, but he had respect. Legere is losing his…

    • Brandon Jiang


  • Chris G

    He is easily the front runner for troll of the year.

    • Maxim∑

      AT&T attacked him with Aio, now he is in a better position and firing back

  • Maxim∑

    “He commented that the money AT&T put towards that party, he would have spent on his company instead”

    • BillySuede


    • Ben

      It sounds like Republican nonsense.

      • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

        Right and democasts would say the same thing. Its called politics

        • Ben

          My mistake was in identifying a party, but you understand my point. Whichever party isn’t in control gets to do the “moral” thing and say how they’d do it better. That’s exactly where T-Mobile is right now. They’re growing but they’re hardly “in power”.

  • DroidzFX

    I would have rode up on a magenta motorcycle with the T mobile girl riding tandem.

    • Mr E

      More like: Carly riding in, and John surfing next to her in the sidecar Teen Wolf-style.

  • DreamSTi

    Stay classy T-Mobile.

  • David_ATL

    LOVE. Go John, Go! Stick it to “the man” any way you can!

    • Dominick White

      You do know he is “the Man” also right?

      • David_ATL

        Yes, but isn’t it fun when they go after each other like this? And T-Mo is definitely the underdog of the “big” carriers right now, so I’m rooting for them.

        • TakeThePowerBack

          They are all your enemy, you are nothing but cattle to milk or even slaughter. Try rooting for the consumer for once. Without us, CEOs would just be overly charismatic homeless people.

          • John Galt

            Yeah ok… And without CEOs you’d be homeless too. No one to built your house, no one to employ you so you could pay for your house, no one to employ the lumberjacks who would cut down the trees used to build your house… So basically without CEOs you’d be butt naked, homeless, living in the woods and wiping your ass with leaves.

          • WhoIsJohnCapitalistSlave

            Except CEOs don’t run most companies that build houses, and we lived without them for thousands of years (made our own clothes, built our own homes, gathered and hunted our own foods), but ok. Keep on mooing you sassy cow.

            Oh and researchers don’t serve CEOs, but science. But thanks capitalist crony.

          • James_75

            …. built our own cell signal infrastructure, computers, automobiles, and pretty much everything else that has improved the human quality of life around the planet all by ourselves without the existence of corporations…. Oh wait, no we didn’t, capitalists did all that.

            If you want to go back to living in tepees and mud/grass huts without any source light but “fire” more power to you.

          • John Galt

            Seriously? The CEO is whoever runs the company, regardless of what the company does or now many employees it has.

            You’re right, we have lived thousands of years making our own cloths, building our own huts and hunting/gathering… and our quality of life SUCKED. So yeah, you have fun in your communist utopian delusion where there aren’t rich people and everyone is equally miserable. Meanwhile I’m going to enjoy some of the highest standards of living human civilization has ever seen, thanks for that big scary boogyman called capitalism.

            (As a side note, you really should study some basic economics as you clearly have no idea how the market, capital, division of labor, or anything else works).

          • Caleb Boerner

            CEOs are at the top of every tech company. I guess you are here on a tech blog to encourage people to return to an agrarian life, milk their own goats, weave their own baskets and build their own smartphones out of twigs and dung? You’re an idiot.

        • Dominick White

          I will root for them when they have the network, like Many of said that they like the things they have electricity been doing but their network is no good and also I think if their network was any good they wouldn’t be making these moves, also if Verizon or att was doing the same thing as T-Mobile people would be bitching about it.

      • Mr E


  • AnotherAndroidKid

    The answer to your closing question is D, all of the above.

  • guest

    And… softbank purchases T-Mobile.

  • Ben

    His antics were amusing at first, but let’s be honest – he knew what was coming. This is a grab for attention.

    • Curtis

      It definitely was. Look who is talking about T-Mobile and not AT&T.

    • athom07

      It’s not a grab at attention, its a ploy to get the consumer to distinguish T-Mobile as different from all of the other carriers. They want the public to see them as “cool” and not just out for money like the big carriers (namely AT&T). I’m not a T-Mobile customer but it seems like they are starting to get some good momentum from their recent tactics. More power to ’em.

      • Jesse Blacklock

        Different doesn’t mean better though…

        • Brandon Jiang

          In this case it does

    • BillySuede

      and at&t played right into it by kicking him out.

      they could have nipped this in the bud by letting him stay and it would have been little more than a footnote in an article in a ces daily recap. instead they allowed him to become the main story at their expense.

      trolling 101. easiest press money doesn’t have to buy.

      • lgreg64

        They should have just taken pictures of him and said that even t-mobile wants to join the party over at at&t

        • JoshGroff

          Brilliant counter strategy.

          • MagicMiguel

            Brilliant indeed, which is why at&t didn’t think of it.

        • MikeCiggy


        • T4rd

          Lol, that would have been the perfect counter-troll.

        • mind blown

    • Just_Some_Nobody

      So? He knows that. We know that. It’s just having a little fun at AT&T’s expense. What’s the harm?
      Besides, AT&T announced yesterday that they plan to destroy the internet, so screw them.

  • Trent Russell

    I’m really starting to like this guy.

    • Curtis

      If only because he seems a little unconventional!

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      Looking to switch to T mobile soon. In my area they cover everywhere, and speeds are fast. F U Verizon

      • Stephen D

        I’ve been on TMO for a few months, and I am quite happy with the move from VZ. Coverage where I go (Pittsburgh and Erie PA) is actually about on par with VZ. There is one area of PGH that I frequent, and had no coverage whatsoever on Verizon, and on TMO, I have LTE there. The speeds are also much faster than Verizon. Even when I’m on HSPA+ I get better speeds than I was on Verizon LTE.

        • Nick

          Was it anywhere in beaver county not within 1/4 mile of 376? Cause that’s what I notice for my vzw coverage.

          • Stephen D

            No, not sure about there.

        • Fattie McDoogles

          I’m in the Pittsburgh area as well and I couldn’t agree more. The only area I have issue is in Franklin Park in the North Hills. But everyone has trouble there.

      • Pepe LePew

        That Legere is one ugly old broad. I wouldn’t want her are my party either.

    • Collin Chapin

      Yep. I just switched to AT&T a few months back and i’ve already considered switching to T-Mobile if nothing else just to support the disruption of the crappy monopoly AT&T and Verizon have imposed on us.

      • CorrectionMan


        • I see you’ve learned about your local cable providers.

          • Stone Cold

            Crapcast/Xfinity sucks

          • Prices yes, but their service is awesome.

          • Stone Cold

            Not in my eyes it isn’t.

        • Collin Chapin

          Thank you kindly CorrectionMan.

    • h_f_m

      Starting to? 🙂

    • If he wants to show how great his network is, he should show it by improving their coverage and reliability, not doing childish acts like this.

    • Bowen9284

      Gotta love real-word trolling.