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Chrome Beta 32 Tells the 300ms Standard Touch Delay to Piss Off

Did you know that there was an “artificial” 300ms delay across all mobile browsers when you tap on something as it waits to see if your tap was meant as a single click or some other action? According to Googler Jake Archibald, Google has now removed this delay in the latest Chrome beta (version 32) for Android when visiting mobile-optimized sites. 

I’d attempt to explain the process to you on this relaxing December afternoon, but Archibald explains it in full detail at the source links below. He put together a video demo – which we have included – as well.

In short, your mobile browsing experience should be much faster going forward on mobile-optimized sites, as long as you are using the new Chrome beta for Android. So, sites like the new DL work wonderfully.

Non-mobile-optimized sites will still contain the delay, but it makes sense that they should. Since you could be double-tapping to zoom, the delay is necessary. On mobile-optimized sites, the double-tap-to-zoom isn’t exactly needed, hence the removal of the delay.

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Via:  +Jake Archibald | html5rocks
  • EgySisi

    Here are 3 MotoX codes, Expire in a couple hours. Couldn’t us them myself. Enjoy.




    Edit: Please reply when you have used these codes, and which one, so that I know which ones are used.

  • d-rock

    So funny. I was just thinking of this yesterday how there has to be a delay in response on mobile browsing due to ZOOM double tap.

  • Dt Bell

    No betas, not on Android,..sorry.

  • Ashton

    For those of us still stuck on iPhone, will this change come to iOS?

    • How could you possibly be “stuck” on iPhone?

  • Kit Tihonovich

    No big deal…
    Runnable with a delay of 300ms just allows for double-click actions.
    Mobile websites don’t allow double-click to zoom so there’s no need.

  • Trueblue711

    Nice change. I hope they do a couple optimizations in other ways. It’s a bit laggy and slow, and the reviews seem to show the same problems with others.

  • Matt Wilber

    Does anyone know what criteria the browser uses to determine if a site is mobile optimized?

    • Kiril Vatev
      • Jaybuz

        only “width=device-width” is needed, the rest are optional

        • Kiril Vatev

          Actually, I am pretty sure you also need user-scalable=no, otherwise it will not disable double-tap. But yes, I just copy and pasted the tag from one of my sites.

  • Sparten1

    Firefox just doesn’t work for me. Right now #26 does not support LastPass addon. Too often when I try to open FF, nothing happens. Even after 5 or 6 tries. Chrome works.

  • Michael

    Does the jagged edge of the yellow line annoy anyone else besides me?

    • 6stringslinger

      Nope. Only you.

    • Sharkh20

      Forgot to turn on Antialiasing.

  • Brady Wassam

    Noticeably faster right out of the gate!

  • shecalledmejay

    How to stop Chrome from opening a new tab every time?

    • Nathan D

      I’d think you’d have to start by giving a reason why you’d use Chrome without opening a tab.

      • shecalledmejay

        Every time I search using google now it opens chrome but then it opens a new tab. I’m tired of having to swipe 18-20 tabs everyday.

        • Nathan D

          Just use the back hardware key when you’re done with the search. That’ll close the tab rather than keeping it open when you use the home button.

  • Nathan D

    Great, too bad there’s bigger issues than waiting 300ms on mobile sites.

    • I sense a hint there. Any feedback to give that’s actually helpful (e.g. not “REMOVE THE DANG ADS!”)?

    • michael arazan

      Mobile sites are the most annoying thing. I wish every site would just get rid of the mobile and make full sites the default already. Only 50% of the time does the request full site in browsers actually work. As advanced as phones are now, even the cheap ones, they can all handle full sites so we can use all the options that a full site has and they are always missing in mobile, including the comment sections which most sites only show in full.

      • Kookas

        Alternatively, they could just make mobile sites that work properly. Most of them suck, but personally, I’d choose a well-optimised mobile site over trying to handle a desktop site with buttons 2 millimetres wide any day. It’d be like the tablets from 2001 all over again.

  • AbbyZFresh

    When’s Google gonna flatten up the Chrome logo like they did with the other products?

    • Elliot Kotis

      Um……all the Google play logo’s are far from flat. Google + and google search isn’t flat. Which apart from YouTube is flat. I want all made flat.

      • FRGuzman

        YouTube icon isn’t flat. There is some shadow on the top line of the white play arrow.

        • zurginator

          That’s not an issue though – flat is about removing unnecessary gradients. The drop shadow some icon packs have also can still fall under flat.

    • Nicolas Pipitone

      I hate the white “reflection” across the top of the icon. When it’s on my phone it just looks like they didn’t trim the edge correctly.