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Day 2 of Motorola’s $150-off Moto X Promo Happens Today at 9AM Pacific! (Updated)

moto x motomaker

You ready for day-2 of Motorola’s $150-off Moto X MotoMaker promo code giveaway?

To make up for a botched Cyber Monday deal, Motorola decided to re-do this incredible full retail price discount on their 2013 flagship by handing out promo codes over two separate days that can be redeemed within a week. This not only decreases the stress on their custom phone software, but also gives you time to finalize your custom phone. For those not familiar with the promo, $150 off the full retail price of a Moto X gets you into a 16GB version for $350 or the 32GB version for $399, and that’s without a contract. It’s most certainly the deal of the season.Β 

As you all know if you hung out with us last week, the codes don’t hang around for long, so be ready a couple of minutes before 9:00AM Pacific (12:00PM Eastern). Last Wednesday, all codes were gone with 10 minutes. Thankfully, we had the community donate a couple of dozen to hand out to you, the glorious DL community.

We don’t have the official links for this week’s sign-up form, but feel free to try these as we get closer to go-live (9AM Pacific, 12PM Eastern):



UPDATE: Β And it’s over. That’s it for Motorola’s $150-off deal!

  • CuseAlum

    Enjoy !


    • Alex

      Is this still available?

  • MamaLuna

    Does anyone still have a code that hasn’t been used?


    I’ve got a code that expires today that I won’t be using: H2DW-FAGA-HL7B-FXFG-WCKF

    good luck!

  • Mr. Wilson
  • Sara Swenson

    Here is another code for a Moto X…I got it for my husband but it turns out he requested one too
    expired 12/11/13 at 11:59 PM EST

  • Rob Thomas
  • Kk

    For anyone still looking for a code, I’ll be unable to take advantage so this one is good through Wednesday 12/11/13 11:59 PM EST

    $150 off a 16GB or 32GB Moto X without contract through Moto Maker:


    • Mike

      Might use it…. I’ll decide tonight! Thanks!

  • cl

    I’m getting a bit concerned as well, have not received anything but the your phone is being made message, almost a week ago.

  • Danny Rand

    Curious about those who ordered one last week, has any of yours shipped out yet? I got an email last Thursday that it was being built and my ETA was to be delivered tomorrow, but haven’t heard anything from them yet.

    • droidrazredge

      I have not heard anything either. I’m started to get concerned. Jeff C posted below that his arrived this morning. He ordered his the same day I ordered mine and his started shipping the same day as mine, which was Thursday. Mine is still in Forth Worth, Texas and he is using his today and replied to a post of mine with his. I don’t see how that happens.

      • Danny Rand

        Yeah. I’m a little confused too. I ordered mine Wednesday afternoon. It was being built on Thursday and that was the last I heard from them… well, besides the weather update. But it’s allegedly supposed to be here tomorrow, but I highly doubt that. I tweeted at MotoSupport but haven’t heard anything yet.

      • Danny Rand

        Actually they just tweeted this to me.

        Motorola Support [email protected]

        @danielrand Texas storms hurt both manufacturing & shipping. Working to catch up! For more specifics re: your order: http://goo.gl/Q8M77

        • droidrazredge

          Well want to know something funny that makes that hard to believe! I order accessories for my phone Thursday morning around 1 AM. That is 4 days after I ordered my phone and the day after my phone started shipping on Wednesday. Note that this is after the normal process businesses hours. I made the order such that it should give me free 2 day shipping came out to 1$ more than what the free shipping was. The order started shipping Thursday morning and was updated on Saturday morning. It was shipped to the same facility as my phone in Fort Worth, Texas. I look at the FedEx shipping the accessories are near my home on a truck and will arrive anytime within the next few hours. How does that happen ?

          • Danny Rand

            Haha that’s insane. I just used that link and talked to customer support and they did indeed state that weather affected manufacturing and shipping. But she did say my phone was made and was on the verge of being shipped. She said that she was going to ‘expedite’ my order so that I could get it ASAP. Maybe you should give it a shot!

          • droidrazredge

            They keep telling to check the tracking number and keep giving me the tracking number lol. I have the tracking number because it gives you it on your checkout order on Motorola’s store website. I feel like I’m getting ran around by FedEx and Motorola! No one knows what’s going on and they’re using the storm as an excuse for why my package is not here when some of the other items are arriving seemingly fine without any delay.

    • Dznechick

      I ordered mine on Wednesday an received it on Saturday… I was surprised at how fast I received it.

  • Guest

    Anyone else have an extra code? My Razr Maxx died on saturday and i’m not eligible for an upgrade until may. I’m relegated to using my original Droid from 3+ years ago until I figure something out. Thanks. jackovictory @ gmail.

    • Jeremy Gross


  • sfca

    Anyone else find their orders from last week stuck in Fort Worth due to the weather? According to the Moto X email it was supposed to arrive Friday but FedEx still has it in Fort Worth.

    • rfc75

      I’m in the same boat.

    • Danny Rand

      Mine was supposed to arrive at my house tomorrow, but I don’t even think it has shipped out yet.

    • droidrazredge

      I’m in the same boat as well.

  • Albatross_Rugger

    Here’s a code good through Wednesday.



    • DC

      I used it. You’re a saint!

  • DC

    Hi All, I definitely intended on logging on today and last Wednesday for a code, but couldn’t for work reasons. Adding insult to injury, I did actually make time to sit at the computer all day last Monday only to watch MotorolaSupport on Twitter give non-definitive answers. I’m a first day VZW GNex owner whose charge doesn’t last for more than 6 hours. I’m also a daily DL reader. I need this phone and to keep my unlimited data. I’d be eternally grateful if the community could send me a code. Happy to give you my email if need be.

    • Em

      Did you get a code yet? I have a spare.

      Edit: nvm, I see you got one above!

  • jstahr
  • vedrew

    Will be posting my code for whoever wants it (trying to give everyone a fair chance) at http://www.droid-life.com/2013/12/09/moto-x-150-off-promo-codes-share-em-if-you-got-em/. I will post at 2:00, so get on over there!

    • can_non

      2p PST?

  • ssl48

    I have one code left to give away. Please leave your email address.

    • cgpatton at gmail dot com I’d really appreciate it! gotta phone call at 11:59….. πŸ™‚

  • IanThorpe

    I’ve got 14 fresh codes this week for you guys! Just search ebay for “Motorola Moto X Code” and good luck bidding!!!

  • Pet E. Bone

    I got a code but I think I am going to stick with the Nexus 5. If you need the code, reply to me with your email address and I can hook it up.

    • selvin sosa

      sosa.selvin @ yahoo com please. thanks

    • Rtegra

      deepgrey01 (at) yahoo (dot) com. Thanks!

    • Pet E. Bone


    • Darryl Sanchez

      Darryls392 @ gmail .com

  • vedrew

    Once I get my code emailed, I will either be donating it for a giveaway from the admins or posting it here. I wanted to make sure people with connection issues could have a chance, since it seems most of these are ending up on ebay.

    • iMrAn

      I wanted to buy one for myself, but the codes ran out in 10 mins, would really appreciate if you email it to me! mails4imran (at) ya hoo dot com. Thank you

      • Hothfox


        • iMrAn

          its ok. thats what I was wondering how did I end up in as that without any codes at all! anyways just landed a code off another blog! πŸ™‚ getting my fone on ther 17th!

      • Hothfox

        Sorry, DL is doing that weird thing where it’s screwing up user names.

  • Rtegra

    If anyone has a spare code I would greatly appreciate it. I need to replace my GNex poor batterlife. Email to deepgrey01 (at) yahoo (dot) com. Thanks!

  • TheDrunkenClam

    How do I get 30% off a case on site.

    • jbegs

      use promo code “THANKS” I believe.

      • TheDrunkenClam

        The navigation dock is out of stock…. But I want that 30% off of it. Are there any other Docks that will have a camera cutout? I wanna have it as a dash cam too.

        • Hothfox

          Unfortunately, the docks are all sold out unless you can find one on eBay or something.

  • dj

    Sigh how messed up is it that I crack my screen on my nexus 5 and now I missed this. Just not my day

  • Tony Byatt

    Codes have gone out, check your email, Good until the 16th along with the 30% off accessories “THANKS” code…

  • iMrAn

    ANyone has a code? I need one

    • iMrAn

      email me at mails4imran at yahoo dot com plz!

  • Brandon Shaw

    Im looking for another code as well since the one that I got from Moto last week didnt work! branshaw09 (at) gmail.com. Thanks!

  • bluebanzai

    Why doesn’t Moto link the code to the registration & purchasing email? You have to login to motomaker and buy the device under the email address you used to get the code. Problem solved.

  • Jim Kalista
    • Ian

      how are they stealing them?

      • Jim Kalista

        i went to use the one that highfivebananna gave me and it was invalid somone took it before i could input it…

        • ssl48

          When I receive my code, I will email it to you.

          • Jim Kalista

            thank you πŸ™‚ its for my mom for christmas.. she has an old thunderbolt and i want to get her a pink phone in remembrance of my sister.. she died from breast cancer.. the holidays are kinda hard for us.. shes in ohio and im in minnesota.. i also raise her kids along with mine here.. so it will be a well appreciated gift

          • ssl48

            No worries. it’s yours as soon as I receive it.

          • MrOrange645

            Did you ever get a code? If not I have one from Wednesday I’ll gladly send you. Via email so no one else takes it.

          • MamaLuna

            Do you still have the code? If so I’m in search of one.

          • MrOrange645

            No I’m sorry I gave it away

          • Jim Kalista

            Thanx for the code!

        • Ian

          Oh unfortunate, that doesn’t necessarily make them a troll though.

          • Jim Kalista

            if they dont state that they have taken it it does….

  • I would love a code if anyone has one they aren’t using. cgpatton (at) gmail.com Thank you!!

  • Chris Johnson

    I have a code from last weeks Moto-X giveaway. I want to give to the group here since I won’t be using it. It would be a shame to waste it and seeing as it’s Christmas and all :).

    $150 off a 16GB or 32GB Moto X without contract through Moto Maker:
    Promo-Code: H2DW-HI6F-YTFN-E3DX-LEBI
    Expiration Date: 12/11/13 11:59PM EST

    30% off most accessories
    Promo-Code: THANKS
    Expiration Date: 12/11/13 11:59PM EST

    • Carter Baller

      Used. Thank you!!!

      • Chris Johnson

        no problem, happy you could use it

    • BodomSlayer

      That was really nice of you! I snagged my code and I’m waiting for it to arrive. Verizon told me they were going to move my upgrade up four months but I got tired of waiting, honestly. So I’m gonna just pick it up this way.

  • Todd Bettenhausen

    I have a NIB Verizon Moto X Developer Edition bought on Cyber Monday that I will sell at my cost plus 3% for PayPal fee. I’m in Indiana. Text me at 317-563-1551 if interested.

    • MrOrange645

      And gone. Thank you, Todd. I truly appreciate your patience and the Hangouts call so I could verify your identity and the phone itself! Looking forward to receiving it.

      • Todd Bettenhausen

        You’re quite welcome, sir!

  • highfivebanana

    I’ve got 2 codes from last week good till midnight 12/11/13. If anyone needs one.