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Google Play Store Update to 4.5.10 Incoming – New Social Activity Feed Introduced, Other Minor Tweaks

A new version of Google Play has started to rollout to select users as version 4.5.10. As one would expect these days with stage rollouts of everything, a download has already been made available so that you don’t have to wait. While sideloading isn’t exactly always the cleanest or safest way to update, that’s the situation that staged rollouts have put us in. No one wants to wait weeks to see the update the guy sitting next to them received this morning.

So what’s new? Well, not a lot in a jump for x.4.x to x.5.x. 

You’ll see a new social activity feed that can be accessed by sliding out the navigation drawer and tapping on your name. It essentially pulls in info from your Google+ page (at least the images up top) and also shows items you have +1’d or reviewed recently. Like LauncherPro (wait, what?). You will also find bigger reminders to rate apps with huge stars, see subtle changes here and there to UI items, an indicator for in-app purchases, and that’s about it.

Again, feel free to sideload it below.

Download Link

Via: +Joseph Bellone | Android Police
  • shamimrezs


  • Wow, this update exposes all ratings. So even if someone didn’t put a description, it’ll still show their star vote. Now I can totally harass people who rate my stuff low without saying why. 😛

  • There should be an option to force download for those who are willing to take the risk of getting buggy apps.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Noticed the updated Play Store yesterday. Like how if any apps/games have In-App Purchases, it’s actually listed on the page itself now. That’s awesome.

  • Josh Hendrix

    What ever did happen to that LauncherPro rewrite?

    • Godzilla

      It was a good app for about a year and then Go Launcher really surpased it in terms of speed and features.

      I use Nova now.

      • Josh Hendrix

        Oh I swore by it until I realized ADW too up a lot less memory. Then Nova…Now GEL.

        • xzero425x

          I would love to use gel but, it disables the knock feature on,the g2

          • Motion

            You can double tap the status bar to lock the phone.

          • And the knock “on” part of it will always work even on a custom ROM!

      • EvanTheGamer

        Nova Launcher all the way! Only launcher I’ll ever use now. Use to use LauncherPro on my old Droid X, but abandoned it after Federico Carnales stopped updating it.

    • Guest

      Fredrico is still working on it to this day…

      • EvanTheGamer

        You’re funny.

    • Dabestfooever

      Fredrico is still working on it to this very day

  • AbbyZFresh

    It’s almost scary how great the Google ecosystem has become if you are a very social person. As it stands I can see a friend post about a new game on G+, click and boom, I’m looking at that game with an install button. I have a list of other friends that have also installed, recommended, or play that game, and I can install then play that game with them. Right now we are hooked on Real Racing 3 and the superior Riptide GP 2. The second one because you can quickly throw together multiplayer online races.

    • trixnkix637

      The biggest selling point I give to friends on the fence between Apple & Android.

  • Guest

    Is that the top half of the LauncherPro icon??? Blast from the OG Droid past….

    • KR

      I’m still waiting for the rewrite.

      Yeah, I went there…

  • Godzilla

    We needz a droid life app

    • trixnkix637

      The newsfeed functionality I get from the new Play Newsstand works great with DL.

      • Mitchman

        I’d rather open up an app like Newsstand to look at all my feeds at once instead of switching between apps.

    • EvanTheGamer

      There was one until it destroyed itself.