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Google Launches Redesigned Field Trip App to Google Play

For anyone still using the Field Trip app from Google’s Niantic Labs, you can grab the newest update to hit Google Play. Field Trip is an app that uses your current location to show you points of interest in a very in-depth and creative way. Think of it as Google Now, but much more detailed in terms of information about any given place it lists. 

The app looks to have been completely polished up, and from the time we’ve spent with it, we think they did a great job. Other than the overall look, they also added in the ability to select key interests you like, that way the app shows you only relevant places and information.

If you have never tried the app, go give it a shot.

What’s New

  • Preview publisher content and get a glimpse of what each publisher offers.
  • Access the nearby, recent, favorite, and map tabs via the new bottom bar.
  • Swipe cards up or down to browse to the next or previous card.
  • Important settings are simplified and easily accessible in the left drawer.

Play Link

  • Valerie Rub

    Yesterday i was playing Bike race game. It was very easy to use.

  • Blue Sun

    I’m going to give this a shot of the winter break when I head back east for the week. I’m going to a state/region I’ve never been to before. I hope I can find some entertaining/off the beaten path places with this app.

  • decidedtochangename

    This is a great app however a big battery sucker if you have it in the more aggressive mode for telling you about things near bye. I used it for a long time and eventually gave up due to batter drain. I’m going to give it another spin hoping the battery drain is one of the improvements.

  • Dorian Brooks

    I’ve had this app for almost a year. Every time they update it the apps goes off like crazy for a few weeks with places/points of interest. Then nothing, & I live in Houston. I went to Austin & it wasn’t as annoying on the P/POI. Though…. Yeah, you need to go places were there is actually stuff.

  • renGek

    I kind of like field trip. Its pretty useful when I am traveling. Does a pretty good job as a remote tour guide. Used it where some structure is in front of me and field trip tells me more than I care to know about the thing. Doing city walking tours with it is great. But the notifications even paired down is still too much and it was not very battery friendly.

  • Yall need to thank Ingress users for the amazing list of arts and stuff listed on this app

    • ToddAwesome

      Must stop playing…..but I can’t!

      • The world is at stake how can you even think about stop playing?? 😛

        • djdsf

          Long live the resistance!

  • Khai

    so thats where the Ingress data is going…..

    • djdsf

      Actually this came out right before ingress. All the original portals are from this app and it cross feeds, all the good portals get added to field trip. Everyone wins.

  • Edward

    I hope they removed the Talk at the most inconvenient times even when you’ve globally disabled the “feature”.

  • Eric

    I’ve never even hard of this app…..lol?

    • Thomas


      • Guest


  • Jason Smith

    That video plays with my emotions!

    • michael arazan

      Going to need to get on prozac if I keep watching Google Commercials’

  • CHRIS42060

    My mind is telling me no….. but my inner dork, my inner dork……. is telling me yes. Downloading now.

  • Kevin

    i tried it for a few weeks, but i don’t live anywhere with places that notable so it wasn’t too exciting. idea is cool though.

  • Sambit Rayginale Willkonson

    excuse me but where the hamburger is the Wood Back Motorola Moto X????

  • Radgatt

    Think I’ll try this out. Looks cool enough.

  • What did the old design look like? i can’t see any difference from what i remember.

    • Dorian Brooks

      Pretty much the same except now it has the “Hamburger” menu.
      Also Map, Nearby, Recent, & Favorites at the bottom I believe were Notification, Share, & Favorites.