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Since the App was About to Expire, Koush Released an Updated AllCast Beta App to Google Play

If anyone here is using Koush’s AllCast beta application, which allows users to stream on-device videos to almost all of their TV-connected devices, a newly updated beta application is available through Google Play. Since the old beta version is set to expire, you will definitely need to pick up this new version if you plan to continue using the service. 

To download the new version, if you are not a tester, simply join this Google+ community and then download the apk from Google Play. So far, devices such as Roku, Apple TV, a few Google TV boxes, Xbox 360 and Xbox One units are supported. It’s quite the service, so go check it out and start streaming if you haven’t already.

Play Link

Via: +Koushik Dutta

  • Snowbo13

    app works almost perfect minus the lack of fast forward. works even better than lgs own app for the lg tv. been using this app since it once worked with the chromecast.

  • RavnosCC

    “We’re sorry the requested URL does not exist” 🙁

    • you have to join the community, then go to the app beta page click “be a tester” then go to the playstore link to download. skipping the first 2 gets you nothing.

      • RavnosCC

        lol, nm 😀 thanks for the explanation though.

  • doctordoctor

    Wish we could get this to work with streaming my sling box! My S4 has no HDMI output like my bionic. yes I liked my bionic. would be nice to watch my sling on my TV again like times of old…

  • Ian Case

    Will be AMAZING if it gets Chromecast support again. I’ve got a Chromecast on every TV, and have steadily been using it more and more as, for some reason, HBO Go on my AppleTVs has been flaky and erroring out. Chromecast works perfectly in those scenarios.

  • bogy25

    Play link is dead – I really want this app – I can’t get my videos to cast to my Samsung TV even with the DLNA – anyone know how I can get his app?

  • Andy

    dude needs to clean his room.

  • Mike Hilal

    link no worky

  • ak

    my xbox turned on when he said “xbox stop”
    *face palm*

  • I wonder what the next API will be to close a security hole? I think we’re about due for Koush to go prima donna again and play the “don’t you know who I am” card.

    • Mike

      Chromecast API comes out in less than a week. This doesn’t have the capability anyway though, it was gimped.

      • Exactly. And when they closed whatever hole it was that Koush was using to enable Chromecast support, he publicly threw a hissy fit reminiscent of a 13 year old girl.

        • Mike Hilal

          He had a legitimate gripe, just poorly expressed.

      • JMonkeYJ

        I didn’t know the API was being released. I’m interested to read more, do you have a source?

        • Mike

          Just Google it. Google invited devs to a Chromecast “hackathon” where it was insinuated the SDK would go public. And Koush was invited.

      • Ian Case

        Still waiting on that API to be released. :-

        • Mike

          More apps were released, Plex is really enough to tickle my fancy. It is now better than Roku.

    • Ian Case

      Well, I mean, he’s done a LOT for the Android community as a whole. I’d argue just as much as Cyanogen. Without ClockworkMod, a LOT of the mod scene and aftermarket ROM scene wouldn’t exist. And without that, how many less people would have bothered to stick with Android after getting burned in the past few years with lack of updates?

      • I agree 100%, but with that in mind, my original point still stands.

  • litobirdy

    Why show the chrome cast picture when this doesn’t work on that anymore

    • Chad Ramey

      crushed my hopes

  • Zach B.

    Play Link isn’t working.

    Edit: Weird internet hiccup. Works fine.

    • Ryan Markwald

      You joined the G+ Community first right? Then gave it a few minutes then tried the Play link? You have to join the community, then click the link on that page to Opt In for the beta.

      • Zach B.

        Issue was on my end. Works fine. But thanks for the help.

      • JRomeo

        Since when did apps inside the play store require a separate membership in some community….

        • Ray Gray

          since its in a closed beta

        • Ray Gray

          did you even read the article it clearly says that

          • JRomeo

            hmmm, so if I create an app…. and I put it on the android play store…. how can I make sure that only people who like my google+ page be able to download it from the play store? or… only people who like my facebook page can download it from the play store…?

          • Ryan Markwald
          • Ray Gray

            This has been around for months dude this isnt the only app that has a tester program threw google + even facebook has a beta

        • Nathaniel Webb

          All developers can release apps to a beta channel whose members are comprised of a G plus community. All production channel apps are public.

      • Cedarson

        Joined the community about 20 min ago and still doesn’t bring up the link. Not sure what I need to do now.

        • Ryan Markwald

          Did you go to the Community page and click on the Allcast Beta Instructions link, then click the link to join the beta Allcast?

          • Cedarson

            That was it! I overlooked that part. Thanks for the help and for not piling on my embarrassment. 🙂