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Tuesday Poll: What is Your Current Phone?

As we creep towards the end of the year with no new phones on our radar and countless major releases now in our rear view, it seems like the perfect time to ask which phone you are currently carrying. We last asked in May, but since then have seen releases like the Moto X, Galaxy Note 3, LG G2, new DROID family, and of course, the Nexus 5 (our review). We also saw the HTC One finally reach Verizon and haven’t forgotten about other early flagships like the Galaxy S4. If you think about it, we have actually had quite the phone-filled year. 2014 has a lot to live up to.

In the poll below, we’ve listed out most of the major phones that we figured would be in your pockets at this stage. However, we can’t cover them all or this list would run off the page. We included a “other” category, so if your phone isn’t listed, be sure to pop in the comments and say which it is. Also, don’t forget to drop in there and mention which carrier your phone is on. We’re dying to see which prepaid carriers that new Nexus 5 owners have jumped onto.

What is Your Current Phone?

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  • Peter

    Nexus 5 with AIO in the Washington, DC area

  • paul_cus

    Sony Xperia ZL

  • Rafael Nicolucci

    MOTO X!!! Beatiful

  • guest

    surprised that moto x is on top ..thought that most of the readers of sites like droid life would ignore the device because of low specs and pick up devices like G2/note3 for specs ..

  • guest

    surprised that moto x is on top ..

  • Guto Nobre

    Moto X!

  • motoroid7

    I’m using a Motorola Droid RAZR M. Which is officially getting Kit Kat 4.4, though I’m already running AOSP 4.4.

  • John Kitchen

    Droid Ultra Limited Edition right now. Getting a wood Moto X the second they’re available though.

  • Carlyle C. Wilson

    LG Spirit from Metro PCS if anyone has heard of it. Hopefully soon I’ll be upgrading my phone.

  • cornflahkes

    Lumia 928 😀

    • glarepate

      Yeah, but are you running Jelly Bean or Kit Kat? (:op

      There was a report that Nokia got Android running on Lumias. Right before the phone division was sold. Probably no connection though.

      • cornflahkes

        Dev Preview of GDR 3. Yeah, apparently both MS was working on their own phones, and Nokia was exploring other alternatives.
        I tried out WP a couple years ago and haven’t switched back. But I still check things out on Droid Life just in case 😀

        The Moto X sale on Monday is tempting…

  • Nicktrance

    Galaxy S II (International), still performs very well all things considered running CM10.2, hopefully even better with CM 11, but I definitely would like to upgrade soon.

  • Balansi Kherwyn

    I thought there would be more HTC ONE user than S4. Because every time I read comments, people always boast the PREMIUM feel of the ONE than the S4.

    Now I am starting to think that those pro HTC ONE comments are coming from HTC employees.

  • Alan Paone

    HTC one dev edition that I converted to GPE. It’s a Franken-phone. I’m trying to see if I can live without root and it’s working so far!

  • One Meat Ball

    What, no love for the OG Droid? Ok, its just my backup phone to my GNex, but even though its been deactivated on Verizon, I can still make and receive VOIP calls on it. Mine is running ICS. Still hoping it will get a KitKat update some day!

  • James Briano

    Wow, Galaxy Nexus.

  • lazy28bum

    Nexus 5 on Metro PCS Family Plan 4 for 100 (I was actually able to convince them to do 5 for 125 but same concept). Only half a gig of T-Mobiles LTE with this plan but for 25 dollars a month their HSPA+ is worth trying out.

  • WungFu

    love my G2…I have had no reason to root it yet as I am very happy with the stability of the system and the speed. Also the battery life and camera are so much better then my GNex. LG makes a damn good device.

  • droidify

    4 out of the first 6 are from Samsung. I don’t miss my gnex at all. I’m done with Samsung mobile.

  • Eric G Canoy

    If you guys were to rank the phone on this list from 1 to 15, 1 being the BEST, how would you rank them?

  • Marsg

    Galaxy nexus is second highest lol

  • ScottM

    I still rock the OLD SKOOL Droid Razr Maxx. Yeah, a 2 year old phone is completely outdated now-a-dayz.


  • Snowbo13

    wow lots of Moto X users

  • Daistaar

    Somehow, I’m not buying that more people have the Nexus 5 than the Galaxy S4. Maybe more people wish they had it, but I can’t believe the poll.

    • tyguy829

      you obviously don’t know the readers of this site. for most it’s nexus or gtfo

      • Steve B


    • Steve B

      Readers of this site are more tech savvy than the average person so it makes sense that most people from this site jumped ship to the Nexus 5.

  • NexusOrDeth

    Still rocking the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. I just got the Zero Lemon 5900mah battery/case from Amazon. It almost makes this phone keepable.

  • Nicker Please

    Where’s the love for the MAXX? and why the obsession with the Moto X. It’s pretty weak

    • bobbyg

      how so?

      • Nicker Please

        It might as well be the Ultra, I don’t know why Motorola makes phones so similar. Put out one, with a killer battery, all the other goodies, let people customize it and boom, you have a cool phone.

    • Steve B

      You’ve lost all credibility with this post.

      • Nicker Please

        Yes Steve, because you’re the Jesus who determines who has credibility. Sorry to hurt your feelings

  • NoSpamnerd

    Droid Maxx – most underrated phone of the year. I sent my N5 back in favor of the Maxx.

  • flyinggerbil

    Left Verizon for T-Mobile and the Nexus 5 on launch day and have no regrets (except maybe why I waited so long).

    • Steve B

      Same. I love how many people jumped ship from Verizon this year for the Nexus.

  • Daniel Flores

    Wow…you put all the “Galaxy” phones together, that’s ALOT!…Loving my G2 on Verizon with unlimited Data thanks to the ‘glitch’.

  • CJ Wolven

    Happy to see the Nexus 5 at the top of the list 🙂

    Couldn’t be happier with my black 32g.

  • Would have been the Moto X but I picked up a G2 off contract when Amazon had their pricing issue and I must say I’ve been extremely happy with it. The camera, battery life, and amazing screen will have me keeping it around for a long time I think.

  • ctrlV

    Im pretty sure most GNex owners in the poll are still under contract with VZW till December, have been grand-fathered into the old unlimited data plan and are highly contemplating what to do next. The issue is, stay with VZW for the network and grab the moto x with an unlimited data plan that could potentially be phased out. Or go to another provider for the nexus 5. Or simply wait another year. I live in the DC area but I’ve never used Spring, AT&T or T-Mobile here. Any experience with those providers here in DC out there?

    • Steve B

      Hey, I was in the same boat as you. I live in the DC area (Arlington to be exact) and just made the switch to Straight Talk (T-mobile SIM), from an unlimited Verizon contract and couldn’t be happier.

      New service and a new Nexus 5 and I’m a happy camper. Verizon has good service and….well, that’s about it. I haven’t noticed any dip in service and I commute between Rockville and Arlington on a daily basis.

  • Al Bowering

    HTC One S

  • jzwerlz43

    samsung galaxy s3 still in perfect shape. waiting for verizon 4.3 update!

    • Steve B

      Oh boy, I’m sorry. You’ll be waiting a while since they missed their Nov 22nd rumored rollout.

      • jzwerlz43

        i figured as much -_- ugh hopefully they wont take too long because i have a few glitches i want fixed like my phone sometimes rebooting in the middle of using google play music occasionally but im not going to get my hopes too high with verizon being on the job here….

  • Tejas Karandikar

    iPhone (all models) (3%, 351 Votes) … Ron voted 351 times !!

  • XxPixX

    Anyone else still got the original Note? Running KitKat on mine 🙂

  • alexz

    Galaxy Nexus is still going strong – didn’t expect that!

  • Simon Belmont

    Yay. I’m in the top three twice.

    I chose Nexus 5 (it’s my daily driver), but my Galaxy Nexus is third in the polls. My G’Nex is now my backup phone.

  • BrianBrick

    I honestly expected that there would be a bigger market for my GS4 GPE. I intended to sell it for at least $600 when the nexus 5 came out. It appears I was being a bit too optimistic

  • Thanks to this site and one of you beautiful SOB’s I got a Moto X in the amazon deal a few weeks back.
    This is an amazing phone.
    First true hardware innovation I felt like there has been in a hot minute.

  • JMonkeYJ

    straight talk…$36.66/month for unlimited everything 🙂

  • Nexus 6

    Feel bad for the GNex users, you guys must be on Verizon.

  • DanRo

    Still rocking a HTC Sensation 4G 😀 until maybe spring 2014

  • fritzo2162

    HTC One here. Not sure why this phone isn’t higher on the list. It’s nearly perfect in every way. Rockin’ CM 4.4 on my VZW version right now.

  • G2baby!

    LG G2.and loving it!!

    P.S.: Its funny how Samsung GS4 has higher % of votes yet no comments in the 290+ below.. hahahah Buyer’s remorse?

  • kentrburton

    N5 Aio

  • mdrag2001

    Razr Maxx HD here, it’s not holding up so well. Can’t decide between the Nexus 5, Moto X, or Note 3

  • Jason

    Am I the only Rezound owner not ashamed enough to admit that I’m still rockin it, or am I the only Rezound owner left?

    • 18footJ

      I used to have the Rezound. How is the battery holding up?

      • Jason

        Not great. It may be rom related, but I can drain it in 2-3 hours with little use on 4G. I am almost constantly plugged in, and I lost my extended battery! Battery life is huge for my next phone.

      • Jason

        Today was a GOOD day….

  • LTEasy

    G2 with 4.4!

    • TopXKiller

      I am rocking Dual Window on my LG G2 🙂

  • Keith Russell

    Why do people leave out the DROID Mini? You have the Maxx and Ultra listed, no Mini love?

  • Burntoast

    I switched to sprint for the Nexus 5. I gave up unlimited data from verizon and don’t regret it..

    • Steve B

      So you switched from a good CDMA carrier to a crappy one? If you were going Nexus 5 the least you could have done was go unlocked.

  • 18footJ

    G2. All day battery life, great camera, and wireless charging. The perfect phone for me at the moment.

    • joejoe5709

      You switched away from Verizon and then back to Verizon?

      • 18footJ

        Nope, kept my VZW unlimited and tried the Nexus 5 w/TMo prepaid.

        • joejoe5709

          Gotcha. Thought it must have been something like that.

    • TopXKiller

      Christmas came early (yes it works on VZN G2)


  • Stephen D

    Note 3 on TMO.

  • Col_Angus

    For GNex users like myself, what’s the best option? Nexus 5 or Moto X? I’m very indecisive.

    • Steve B

      Honestly, both are very reminiscent of the Gnex. Similar form factors and the familiar stock Android, on-screen key feel. The Nexus 5 is an all out beast of a phone, but the MotoX is no slouch. If you’re looking to leave Verizon, go Nexus 5. If you’re looking to stay, your only option is MotoX.

      If I was stuck on Verizon, I’d personally go with the LG G2. Best phone on the market right now.

      • Col_Angus

        Thanks Steve! I guess I need to decide whether I want to stay with VZW and their highway robbery rates or do an Assumption of Liability on my plan and put that towards a Nexus 5 with AiO Wireless. If I lived in a less rural area (only VZW has reliable service) this would be a no-brainer.

        • Steve B

          Yup. I just did an AOL to escape my Verizon contract early. Made $250 also, instead of incurring an ETF. Love it.

  • David

    Galaxy Nexus for the next 11 days, then Nexus 5.

  • Jeff

    I did not think my original Droid RAZR was that old…

  • 3% of viewership are iPhone owners. I consider that a positive that those who own iPhone’s still come to listen to your opinions and Kellex’s open door policy of everyone is welcome. Speaks volumes of you Kellex.

    • TheRobotCow

      Yup just because we have an iPhone doesn’t mean we don’t like android. Hell i still love android, which is why i still use my Nexus 7.

  • Droid4Life

    I’m not here to bash others phones or say that one is the best because that is subjective, but I own a Moto X and it’s hands down the best phone I have ever had. I was as skeptical as anyone on the specs and performance but it’s more than fine. The software adds and attention to detail yet keeping everything mostly “stock android” is wonderful. This phone is great and if you are on the fence about it, i say take the plunge and get it!

  • rww

    So there it is.. the final fragmentation of the original Droid Life community. First we were all proudly sporting the OG Droid on VZW. It was like a religion. Then we all moved to the GNex at around the same time. Since then, we’ve all splintered. Half of us went to MotoX. I good chunk went to the G2 and Nexus 5. All the rest got spread all over the place. It’s kind of sad really. We all wanted so badly to rally around the N5, but the lack of VZW support (and several weak specs that the G2 kills it on like camera and battery) really screwed things up. May we all come together again on a future, amazing Nexus 6! 🙂

    • Bionicman

      even if the Nexus 5 would have come out on VZW, it would be a tough sell to me. Battery life and other features like an SDCARD are way too important to me these days. and like you said, i use me phone camera so i need a phone with a great camera as well and the N5 wouldn’t be able to cut it. thats why i went with a Note 3. I’m done making comprises.

      • hihihi

        I did the same thing. OG Droid -> Gnex -> Note 3. Couldn’t be happier with the battery life, camera and better lte/3g/wifi signal handoffs.

        The GELauncher & wanam xposed make the touchwiz stuff just additive and not annoying. Took about a half a day to get used to the larger size, but now i’m a convert. My old Gnex seems so puny now.

        Lots of good choices on VZN right now, but IMO size and/or price would be the only reasons not to get a Note 3.

    • Jorge

      hahah! awesome comment. I follow it perfectly. OG DROID –> GALAXY NEXUS –> (NO VZW N5) –> LG G2 and enjoying it.
      See you at the N6 reunion?

      • Steve B

        Please let the Nexus 6 be the Moto Nexus. Please let this Nexus unite all the carriers under a single phone. Please let it be sold in the Play Store for under $400. And please let it be a mix of the MotoX and G2 (perfect combo of performance, battery, design, build, camera and software) with high end 2014 specs. Please make this happen Google, no compromises.

        • Cael

          Google should just get 6 manufacturers to make them 6 phones at a low price. HTC, Sony, LG, Samsung, Motorola, and whoever else. Tis would decide the true King of phones.

  • gpaine

    Still rocking the OG Moto Droid Razr Maxx – waiting for the white G2 to update on Verizon.

    • Scott Capodice

      OG moto razr max just sounds weird…OG moto droid gave you a point of reference, but it would like me saying I’m sporting a OG droid bionic…just saying…

      • gpaine

        As opposed to the Maxx HD – essentially the same phone with a slightly upgraded processor and a better screen. I use OG because I was stupid and bought my Maxx only a couple months before the release of the HD. I should have waited.

        • Scott Capodice

          Haha…at least you didnt buy the Bionic like I did…it’s my 300 dollar alarm clock now…

          • gpaine

            Ouch… I’m just excited to upgrade away from this gorilla glass I managed to break. That’s one mulit-functional alarm clock.

          • Scott Capodice

            I’m not excited to upgrade because off contract phones are way over priced. The best deal that I passed on was the G2 at 450 over veterans day. If the G2 or Moto x came in under 400 bucks ….I might be willing to spring for it. I’m sure I’ll see all the hater responses on that. The G2 may be worth it, but the moto x worth over 400 bucks…never…

          • gpaine

            Thankfully I am due for a contract renewal. I say thankfully with a grain of salt. It’s Verizon after all. My scare away from the Moto X was the specs. I know everyone is gonna argue the spec war is over, but I need a phone to last me 1.5 – 2 years and not become a slow, unresponsive, freezing, and nearly-unusable mess like I have now. If I were you, I’d pick up a clean ESN craigslist phone from last year – a G3 or something.

          • Scott Capodice

            Lol..I currently have the S3…got it pre -order (added a line to keep unlimited June 2012). Just not happy with it. If I leave data on at work, it does nothing but search for signal and dies. I want a phone that’s smart enough to shut it off if it aint happening. Or at least alert me to the idea of shutting mobile data off. I’m up for an upgrade in March…for whatever reason…but it doesnt matter if I want to keep unlimited I have to pay out of pocket anyhow…

          • gpaine

            Ah ic ic. Have you tried something like JuiceDefender? It shuts your data off when you have wifi on or the screen is off. Saves battery like you wouldn’t believe. The building I spend my time in all day has terrible signal and did the same thing to my Maxx. That app saves me without any hitch. Saves a ton of data use too.

          • Scott Capodice

            I didnt think or at least all these sites here lead you to believe that none of those apps work anymore since like gingerbread. ICS and JB have all those battery saving things built into them. I do have DU battery saver, but I have to manually change the setting on that. It’s not hard, 2 clicks, but dang annoying. I dont care about saving data as I’m on unlimited. I just want a battery to last for longer than 7am to 6pm without me worrying about it needing a charge (< 50%). If I get near 50% I cringe and hook it up to the wall. I would classify my self as a moderate user. Maybe a few texts here and there and candy crush on my smoke breaks. Cant use data to stream music or anything altho I'd love to. My phone is in the 50%s by 11-12 o clock if I dont hook it up. And if I forget my tablet, that thing would die playing netflix at the gym while I work out on wifi. My phone seems like a gas tank…great mileage when its full but when you get near 1/2 a tank it drains like crazy…

          • gpaine

            I didn’t think it worked either but instead of killing apps, JD works by intelligently turning off your data connection of your phone. Thus it’s not searching for connection and it’s not draining juice. My maxx was running low/out by 8pm everyday after the JB update, and now I’m at 60% at midnight after txting/gaming/streaming. I’m a moderate/heavy user, and I’m getting fantastic life again.

      • Elthon Cisneros

        But it kinda makes sense! Using your original example “OG Droid Bionic” doesn’t make sense, I’ll agree with you on that! But OG RAZR/RAZR MAXX(2011) makes a little sense cuz there is the RAZR HD/MAXX HD(2012) and the new DROID MAXX(2013). It can all be very confusing with their very similar names. So some refer to the 1st gen RAZR/RAZR MAXX devices as OG… 🙂

    • jorge

      stop waiting. buy the black G2 and buy a white case. lol a phone this fine should be protected anyways.

      • gpaine

        Incipio doesn’t make a white featherlite case. There isn’t a white case for the Verizon version that I like at all.

        • jorge

          aaaaahh.. gotcha.. well, i just went with the black g2.. black vzw silicone (Or whatever) case… well protected.. not bulky.. besides the similar case made my galaxy nexus last me 2 years scratch/dent free. you wont regret the G2… freaken awesome. after heavy use im still here 9:45pm with 50% battery.

  • Christopher Moore

    With the Galaxy Nexus tuning 2 years old in December I’m surprised to see it in third place. My Note 2 felt like it was twice as fast.

  • jeesung

    Droid Razr Maxx

  • EvanTheGamer

    What else? The powerfully superior Galaxy Note 3!

  • Richard Giordano

    Droid maxx for life

  • NorCalGuy

    A gnex with kk isn’t that bad especially since they fixed the black box issues. Not to mention that still being so old and abandoned by Google its still has more developer support than just about any other phone!

  • landon

    Using my Galaxy S3 running KitKang Rom by dmeadows013 🙂

  • Chris Hannan

    I voted iPhone since it’s my main phone, but I still use my Galaxy Nexus as a hotspot and my Nexus 4 on Wi-Fi, since it’s not compatible with Verizon.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Poor fellows still on Gnex

  • Trysta

    Haha! It’s funny, when I voted in this poll I felt a certain amount of shame to be voting “Galaxy Nexus” (still…) but it looks like I am not alone.

    Getting rid of this phone as soon as the holidays are over. Can’t wait!

  • Daniel Walker

    Galaxy Nexus still holding strong in the top 3….FTW!!!!!

  • Zain Kalwani

    Nexus 5! Yay!!!

  • Ron_Swanson

    LG G2. Love it like bacon and eggs

  • nommn

    galaxy nexus, 3 weeks left on contract…

    • Pedro

      Whatcha doin’ next month?

  • MikBelch

    Nexus S 4g, ordered my nexus 5 last night and going T-Mobile. Jumping 3 phone generations at once is going to be great.

  • Minh Nguyen

    Samsung Galaxy SII (T-Mobile) rooted with PAC-Man ROM.

  • 655321

    HTC Droid Incredible running CyanogenMod 7. Still holding-out for the wood (or ceramic) backs on the Moto X before I give up my unlimited data on Verizon.

  • Icehunter

    Just ordered my T-Mobile SIM card today. Now I’m just counting down the days till my contract with Verizon ends.

  • John Davids

    G-nex currently. If VZW would release a phone with an unlockable bootloader I would upgrade in a heartbeat. Unlocked bootloaders attract such a massive developer support community that I refuse to go back to the dark days. G-nex is almost over 2 years old and the community that supports it is still exceedingly large and diverse. Speaking of said community, just wanted to shoutout to Kellex to thank you for your G-nex GSM pogo pin car dock mod video. Used it to get up and going on mine. I really can’t tell you how awesome it is to just pop the phone in the dock and have it be instantly charging and connected to my car audio and not have to fumble with a single cable. (Yet another reason I am sticking with the G-nex)

    On top of all of that though, it is also a bit of a principled stance. I paid good hard earned money to purchase this device and I will do what I goddamn please with it. If the carrier / OEM is interested in crippling my purchase then I am interested in giving my money to someone else. 🙂

    • Pedro

      I only get 1 upvote for you, but it’s all yours.
      If it can’t fastboot oem unlock, then it doesn’t get my money.

      And, for that reason (and a couple others, one being the stance Motorola has shown lately), I may buy a Moto G to stick on a shelf in case my daughter breaks her iPhone. $180 is far less than a contract’s worth of insurance + deductible.

      • John Davids


  • Gnex is great…its Sprint that sucks. Sigh 1 year 4 months and 12 days to go. After this GSM is where its at.

    • Pedro

      Yup to that.
      Unlocked, GSM and contract free. It’s like running naked in a meadow. With a naked [insert your ideal hot chick here].

      Okay, maybe not THAT good. But about the same when talking phones.

  • Michael Chediak

    Still loving my DNA…still hoping for that UPDATE!!

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    Trusty Nexus 4. I see Ron took the time to vote 166 times lol

  • TheRobotCow

    iPhone 5
    My damn gnex was too much of a pain in the ass. Only if the Nexus 5 was on vzw…..

  • Jeremy Martin

    Replaced my Droid RAZR MAXX HD with this Moto X. Awesome phone :). Verizon is my provider.

  • J2000pro

    Still rocking a Droid razr maxx pre-hd. They’ll pry my unlimited data out of it’s cold dead hands.

    • Jeremy Wray

      should have jumped on the verizon f-ed up wagon and upgraded during the glitch.

  • Spider210

    I feel out of the loop… only 2% of us using the DNA

    • LionStone

      I voted N5 but I still have my DNA w Unlimited while I test T-Mo network out…so far really good!

  • arthur rugenstein

    Droid Maxx Developer Edition so this guy had to click other

  • William Santa

    Nexus 5

  • Christopher Heuer

    Nexus 5 on T-Mobile post-paid.

    • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

      How is your battery life?

      • Christopher Heuer

        Haven’t had any problems with it. I’m on wifi most of the day, but even still I get way better battery life out of this than my gnex. I unplugged the phone around 7AM and at 5PM when I left work it was still at 75% with light usage.

        • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

          Nice. That’s pretty much my only concern. Hopefully I’ll pick one up soon.

  • Al-Burrit0

    Moto x for a month now and loving it so far!! I think and I can’t go without active notifications in a phone ever now

  • Brandon Sobotta

    Lumia 925. Probably one of the only dedicated WP followers.

    • Flyinion

      I’ll be giving it a shot here in a few weeks with a 1020. Have a 2013 Nexus 7, so I’m in no way abandoning Android. Just trying something that may or may not work better for me on the phone side. (plus I REALLY want that camera) If I decide in the 30 day (or 14? can’t remember) grace period that I don’t like it, I just return the 1020 for a Nexus 5

      • Brandon Sobotta

        Any key apps you need?

        • Flyinion

          I think they pretty much have it covered now except for the obvious problems with Google apps like Youtube (which I’d use on the Nexus 7 anyway) and Google Voice. I know Metrotalk works for now but it will get blocked in a few months with the API changes Google will be implementing. I only mostly use it for texting anyway because I have VZW’s $5 250 texts plan and I’ll end up with unlimited on AT&T. I can still have the number actually make calls to the phone if I wanted. Although I do also use the number for Craigslist adds since it’s easy to block people, I guess I just won’t get texts to the phone on it.

          • Brandon Sobotta

            You can block texts with a 1020 and its super easy.

          • Brandon Sobotta

            The 1020 is a little thick, but surprisingly light. Battery life is good, with an amazing camera. I have a list of apps i can suggest ya later. Especially since there is no real central file system (yet). You just have to remembers its not android, and its different. Better or worse, that’s up for you to decide.

            I actually use to write for android authority, and still fell in love with android.

  • Rai Diaz

    Still rocking a Galaxy S2 (E4GT). While it’ll soon be replaced by a shiny new white Nexus 5, I’ll miss my E4GT as it has served me well over the past 2 years. As a last wish, I’m running CM11 on it. Good bye, old reliable 🙁

  • joejoe5709

    Holy hell Galaxy Nexus is still third place. That’s damn impressive for a two year old phone. Something tells me that this poll should have been after December 15th. I assume almost all of you have their contract expiring on that date. I’m also somewhat surprised the Nexus 5 has such a lead.

    I finally upgraded to the VZW G2 and highly recommend it.

    • dawn m. armfield

      Yep. My contract expires on the 15th, and I hope to get an off-contract phone (Nexus 5, maybe) then.

  • Daniel

    DROID 4!!!!!!!! 😉

  • Wanna see a poll of ppl that bought a Nexus 5 and since then went back to another device.

    • Pedro

      Itty bitty poll.
      Unless you count the folks who are saving so much money on prepaid that bought another device just for fun.

  • Rodeojones000

    G2 on Verizon. Not leaving Verizon and not waiting for the Nexus 5 (got my G2 4 days before the release of the N5) was the smartest decision I could have made regarding my phone. Not a single regret.

    • joejoe5709


  • trentsws

    Have a iPhone 4 cause it was free… No money to change for now.
    If you live in Brazil you would understand. Mobile is just too much!

  • Vanquishgc

    Wow I’m happy to see so many moto x owners out there. Note 2 owner here, and I love it, but I can’t deny how great that one is. Same with the G2. Sammy still rules all in terms of sales numbers, but some progress seems to be happening here. Way to go guys!

  • jim

    Gnex now, may be giving up my unlimited plan and getting a Note 3, haven’t seen anything phone that comes close to that one

  • nick

    Nexus 5 owner here. Got mine on the Sprint student deal. Payed 500 with Tax and fees for a new nexus 5 with 12 months of free service and no contract? Heck yeah. The raw power in this device is instantly noticeable, this is the smoothest phone in the market right now. The camera and battery are pretty disappointing though.

    • Pedro

      Unlock the bootloader, and re-kernel. Battery life isn’t 48 hours, but it’s easy to get through the day. I use Franco. YMMV.
      Project Butter is all about high CPU frequencies and many cores. A little logic and more deep sleep goes a long way in a kernel.

      Camera isn’t so bad on HDR+, I’ve found. But, I’m not Joe Photographer.

  • AbbyZFresh

    I’m surprised at the large amount of dusty Galaxy Nexus users in 2013. I expected the Galaxy S4 to be top 3.

    I’m even more surprised at the high number of Nexus 5 and Moto X users on the poll. And both of these phones only came out a few months aho. How is that possible.

    • Flyinion

      Large amount of GNex due to Dec. 15th was the release date for it and the start of 2 year contracts for it. As far as the others, either people that upgraded from other phones that came out within a few months before the GNex or had the pockets to bail early and pay the ETF or in the case of the Moto X maybe just buy the device outright. Just 6 months ago the GNex had a large lead at the top of the list.

  • Pedro

    GNex->ETF->N4->N5 on T-mobile prepaid.

    Even buying a new phone every year, I’m ahead of VZW prices.

  • Brandon Golway

    Galaxy S4 on T-Mobile, may be jumping to the Note 3 soon.

  • Haas

    Droid 4.

    • Scott Capodice

      So is my wife and she loves it…

  • SplashMTN

    Galaxy Nexus today. G2 (hopefully) tomorrow.

  • blarz

    Nexus 5 on ATT GoPhone Pre-Paid Plan

    I also have the GNex on Verizon, just waiting for the contract end date so I can officially port the number to ATT with my Nexus 5.

    • Pedro

      Check the math. If you weren’t a first day buyer, it may be cheaper to dump the data contract than the ETF.
      It took me 8 months last January (three lines + Nexus 4s), but I got ahead of the game. And I had a N4 and and now an N5 in the meantime. Money in my pocket every month now.

      • blarz

        I got it on Day 1. Contract will expire in December.

  • eazyean1

    Just got my moto X !! Holy crap this phone is amazing !! Coming from a gnex!

  • Jeff C

    I’m in the market for an unlocked GSM phone that I can run on prepaid or add to my GF’s Tmo service…really really torn between the Nexus 5 (price/performance) and Moto X developer edition ($$$ but form factor, active notifications and quick capture).

    Anyone have an opinion?

  • gtg465x

    HTC One converted to GPE currently, but the damn Moto X has been tempting me for a couple weeks now. If I found a sale and could grab a 16GB for $400 or a 32GB for $450 I would probably bite.

  • Dave

    GN2 still at 66% after 16 hours….still loving it a year later.

    • LionStone

      Cool… N5 at 64% after 14 hrs…

  • Danny Dodge

    Nokia 5210. Blue snap on fascia.

  • hyperbeatser

    that many galaxy nexuses already? get with the times people

    • AbbyZFresh

      They all bought their Galaxy Nexus phones on 2 year contracts on launch day.

    • NexusMan

      The wood Moto X has not been released yet.


    Nexus 5 (White, 16GB) for me, although I came really close to getting the Moto X.

  • Jeremy Michael Hobbs

    Droid Mini here. Very underrated device. Never been happier.

  • Caleb Ng

    Rocking my Verizon LG G2! Couldn’t shed that old Bionic fast enough!

    • Scott Capodice

      I shed mine when I added a line with the GS3 and then transferred it to my unlimited line with pre-order. That bionic was a POS that is my 300 dollar alarm clock now…what a waste of money…

  • Tay

    My OG Droid RAZR is an other now? :'(

    • SplashMTN

      Mine finally died a few months ago. Well, I dropped it and the screen spider-webbed, although technically it still works. I’ve been using an old Gnex pretty much since then.

  • theletter0

    Gnex owner for almost 2 years, looking at getting the moto x but wish they had wood, and feel as soon as I get that the next big thing will be out, or those “set of projects” google and Verizon that are “suppose” to happen

    • NexusMan

      I’m right there with you, but not worried about “the next big thing,” because I really want the Moto. Buying off contract, and if something else drops to lure me away, then I’ll get what’s out next Christmas.

    • SplashMTN

      You could always buy a Moto G until the next big thing happens. I’m not sure if it’ll be any better than the Gnex, but I’m guessing it’ll run smoother. Plus it’ll have an official build of Kit Kat on it soon.

      • Pedro

        No LTE.

        • SplashMTN

          That’s true. And if he’s going to stick with Verizon he’ll be stuck on their 3g. I could do it for a few months if I had to, but I can see why someone wouldn’t want to.

          • Pedro

            The Moto G can always be used as the backup phone. About a wash for insurance over a contract period.
            And it will have decent speeds on either GSM network, should it move there.

  • Jorge

    LG G2 on Verizon… no regrets.. BEAST. Smooth. fast. amazing camera/features.
    NOw if only LG would give us a hint to 4.3, 4.4 update schedule.

    • joejoe5709

      I think they’ll skip 4.3. Samsung says 4.4 before end of January (maybe it was a rumor). Given the similarly heavy skins, I’d expect them to be around the same timeframe.

  • grumpyfuzz

    I’m hoping that in 2014 Motorola makes the X successor, along with a Moto phablet. Mostly stock android on a huge screen out of the box would be awesome.

  • Stevedub40

    Just picked up the Moto X recently and I couldn’t be happier. Amazingly Verizon support was very helpful with the process, first waiving the $30 upgrade fee and second they honored the price drop, so I got the phone for $0 (plus stupid $30 CA tax, very lame).

  • speed4evr

    Bought the 32GB White Nexus 5 from Google Play and activated it on Sprint. I had the Note 2 contemplating on the Note 3 til Nexus 5 leaks.

  • cheezeboy

    Other: Droid Charge! and yes, it barely works anymore.

  • Droid Ronin

    I’m surprised that there weren’t more HTC One users.

    • Are you? Have you seen HTC’s financials lately? Nobody buys those.

      • Droid Ronin

        The One has been one of the best phones this year. Plus, that build quality.

  • EdubE24

    Hoping to win the Droid Life Eliminator Challenge. I will be choosing the Verizon Moto X!!

  • Quint

    Still on Note 2. Still a solid device.

  • moelsen8

    moto x, still on ST AT&T

  • Justin W

    I currently have a Note 3, but have had an HTC One and Nexus 4, and am getting rid of my Note 3 for a Moto X, so there’s that…

  • pubasnacks77

    Loving my Verizon LG G2

    • Joe

      If only the Kroean version of the G2 worked on Verizon. It has an SD card slot and a removable battery.

    • Snowbo13

      would have bought this phone if it was on my network. Really enjoyed playing around with the g2

  • Cam

    Droid mini for me.

  • col3rsc

    Nexus 5 daily driver. Also have the One.

  • drathos

    Stupid poll won’t let me vote. Just takes me straight to results.

    • jimt

      Try it from a pc or something different than what you are trying it with.

      • drathos

        Had tried it using 2 (Chrome + Firefox) browsers on my desktop and 1 (Chrome) on my laptop.

        Went away to run errands, came back reloaded page due to the replies, and it works now in the same browser I’d tried first.

    • Pedro

      It just knows you are going to fib. Part of the upgrades Kellex put in.

      • drathos

        Did not! Granted, my Nexus 5 has only been “current” for a couple of days, but it is my daily driver.

        • Pedro

          Nice ride. Try a different kernel. Project Butter eats juice all day long.

  • CompCrash

    Glad to see that 213 others (at the time of my vote) are still with the Galaxy Nexus. However mine will be retiring very soon.

    • Bionicman

      its crazy considering there are soooo many better phones out there! but ya’ll GNex owners (me being a former owner) are all troopers that’s for sure.

      • CompCrash

        Between getting off Verizon and the Nexus 5 it is finally time for a new phone.

    • jimt

      I have a Nexus 5 without service at the moment, My gnex is still on Verizon until Dec 15 and then off to T-mobile with the Nexus 5. It is $130 for leaving Verizon 1 month early. The Nexus 5 is working on wifi at the moment. Also I just got the Nexus 7 (2012) OTA update that we were waiting for fovever.

      • jim

        Told me it was 160 for leaving 4 months early, why so much for one month

        • Pedro

          $10 a month off the original ETF. $350 (?) – $10 * months on contract.

          • jimt

            You are right my ETF was probably $160 three or four months ago. I think it is $130 or maybe $120 for one day before the end of the contract that ends Dec 15th. Good by Verizon! I will save almost $1000 a year by moving to TMO.

          • Pedro


        • jimt

          I have three phones moving to TMO but the $130 was the ETF for my phone. I will have to pay $300 for my grand daughters ETF and got her a Nexus 5 also. I won’t have an ETF on my phone if I wait til Dec 15.

    • Pedro

      Spend the $20 to port your VZW number to Google Voice. If you are going off contract, then get a number that people can find you at, even if you jump from T-Mobile to Straight Talk to AT&T, based on who gives you the best price.

      No contract puts you in charge.

  • Bionicman

    Note 3 and absolutely love it. They took the best parts of the Note 2 and enhanced them. Couldn’t have asked for a better phone.

  • Tek Wizard

    currently on Gnex, planning to switch to GN3 soon

  • Gavin Spencer Marty

    I’d switch from the g next but I still have unlimited from vzw, and there is absolutely no other carrier coverage in my area. And I don’t have the cash to buy off contract, which is why I set my hopes really high thatvthe nexus 5 would hit vzw

  • Stacey

    I ended up replacing my OG Droid Razr for an iPhone 5S. As a phone it’s not bad, but I do miss having the massive keyboard options that Android has. On the flip side I’m getting significantly better battery life, and app selection (especially games) is of far better quality.

    That said, my next phone will probably be an Android phone. iPhone is a little bit too much of a compromise.

    • SplashMTN

      I used an iPhone 4 for about a month after I spider-webbed my OG Droid Razr. At first I didn’t mind the screen size, but eventually it got to me – that and I just really am a fan of Android. I loved the build quality and the 5mp camera on that phone was better than any camera I’ve had on an android phone. I sold it and got a Gnex in September to hold me over through my Verizon contract.

  • Scott

    Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners. Make the jump to the Moto X. LOVE your phone again!

    • Michael G

      Just got mine yesterday. Part of me will always remain with that G Nex…
      Then again I’m at 56% battery after 10 1/2 hrs so that part came back. lol

      • Pedro

        I used to be at 56% after 10 1/2 hours.
        Of course, that’s what the GNex used when it was powered off.

        Yeaaah Nexus!

      • TekBoi

        I’m considering either the Ascend Mate or the P780

        What do y’all think is better?

    • Geekout

      got a Droid X on Verizon before my Galaxy Nexus, worst decision I’ve ever made. I had to put a launcher on it because motoblur was too unstable and kept crashing, freezing, and rebooting. I understand there’s no more MotoBlur but I don’t know if I can trust Motorola again…

      • Jeremy Wray

        I loveddddd Moto’s build quality and hardware but i moved to the Gnex afterwards as i wanted faster updates (haha) and stock android as well as an unlocked bootloader. And I got the chance to upgrade my phone and keep my unlimited data back in september i think it (when verizon had the upgrade glitch on their website.) and was between the Moto X and G2 and just wanted the closest to stock experience and since i liked Moto so much before I figured I would try it and if not sell it. And I must say I absolutely love this phone. Its snappy (though ill admit the 4.4 update created a few lags here and there but it could also just be mostly the apps need updating to work with 4.4), battery life is amazing, its basically the same size as the Gnex, and if the updates keep coming this fast I will say its the perfect phone to move on to from the Gnex on Verizon.

      • Flyinion

        The differences are that Google now owns Motorola and a lot of the old design junk has been cleaned out. Also the UI on the Moto X is nearly stock Android vs. the old days of ugly MotoBlur. If I was to go with a non-nexus or GPE Android phone, the Moto X would probably be it due to the nearly stock aspect.

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      I’m seriously considering the Moto X Dev on VZ, the LG G2, or switching to TMo and getting a phone I can more easily travel the world with. Although the Moto G is making thing a separate travel phone might still work. 32GB european version for $200 or so would be nice. Still rocking Shiny on the GNex and happy with it. Other option is finding a good 1 year old phone. I have an s3 for work and i use it a lot more than the GNex these days. Hate the idea of paying 550 for a phone and then not knowing how strong the developer community with be 18 months from now.

      • Qwerty

        I’ve had a Moto X dev edition for a while now and I one point, I was also worried about how large or supportive the developer community for this phone was going to be. That’s no longer true. I haven’t even rooted the phone which pretty much defeats the purpose of owning a developer device, I know, but I’m also still on contract for several more months. That’s beside the point though. I’ve had such a great experience with this phone. As another former GNex owner who regularly flashed custom ROMs on his phone, my experience with this phone running a stock OS has been significantly better. I no longer feel like I need to root or flash ROMs.

    • StormyKnight

      I did last week! Moto X is like having another Nexus phone. Love it to death! And for you all that think this is a mid-tier phone by the specifications, go try one out for yourself. It is snappy and smooth and a joy to use.

      • Wayne Peterkin

        Mid tier screen size and resolution. Not the phone for me.

    • Bootleg Zani

      Agreed this is what I did as well. Moto X Developer Edition. I love the Active Notifications.

  • Larry Wei

    everybody who voted “galaxy nexus” should automatically be entered into the next big giveaway.


    • ReturnOfTheMack

      I’ve only had my G-Nex for a year but it actually runs really well on CM and Golden Kernel. That said I was between a Moto X or an HTC One and that $30 deal for the HTC One on black Friday ONE me over.

    • MikBelch

      I’m on a Nexus S. Should I get on line before then?

      • TekBoi

        You should go commit sepuku to re-gain the honor of your family.

    • michael arazan

      I got lucky, Asurion replaced my GNex under their warranty with a faulty antenna and gave me a GS3 because the GNex was eol and not carried anymore. They tried to stick me with some really old LG devices and told them I don’t like those LG devices and then offered me the original Razr or a GS3 instead.

    • Snowbo13

      said bye-bye to my g-nex yesterday as my daily driver and started using a moto x… Best thing is that I Got Off VERIZON *happy early Christmas for me!* To bad I’m now on US Cellular network (stupid company with lack of good phones)

  • Tyler James Edward Hills

    GNex for nearly two years. Got a replacement S3 for it with insurance about 2 weeks ago. Getting a G2 in another month or so

  • mustbepbs

    DROID DNA repreSENT!

    • subiedude85

      Just replaced my DNA with a moto x due to the digitizer going out on the bottom screen and buttons. It is a great phone even running stock but there are also some pretty solid aosp base Roms that open up the battery life. I kind of miss it some times.

      • mustbepbs

        Running CM10.2 and it has been an absolute dream.

  • Jpx

    Sad my main phone wasn’t on there so I had to use my work phone… My iphone…

  • Charlie

    Droid Incredible 4G on Verizon…Work supplied.

  • arthuruscg

    Droid4 on VZ

  • buck

    wife’s n5 is w/ straight talk (though she can’t get mms), my n5 is on tmo.

    • Pedro

      A quick Google search will get you the APN settings for MMS.
      What’s tough is setting up iphones on Straight Talk. You don’t even get an APN setup screen until you stick in another SIM. Yeah, Nexus 5 and T-Mobile!

  • MichaelFranz

    Droid Maxx user here….patiently waiting KitKat

    • bboyairwreck

      This is the main reason why I havent rerooted my phone since the camera update

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Loving my G2.

    • Apostrafee

      Best phone I’ve ever owned

      • joejoe5709

        Ditto. It’s nearly perfect.

      • shooter50

        far and away the best

        • SpoorthyVemula

          Lol. Have u guys even looked at the ui of that phone? Ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. Perfect specs, mediocre body, and horrible softwaresoftware make it an OK phone in my mind.

          • shooter50

            Funny I have the G 2 and Nexus 5. Ran every single benchmark and the 5 loses every time. g2 screen is far brighter and battery kills the 5 and since I don’t get a hard on over stock android, I prefer the G2 ui. Stock is pure boredom. Oh and I forgot the camera. nexus 5 camera is an horrible compared to the G2. You boys can play with your toys but as of today the G2 rules.

          • SpoorthyVemula

            Nexus 5 might lose in every single benchmark ( because of throttlinginstead of cheating) but its far smoother than the g2. The g2 falls into the same problem as the s4. It stutters so often. And even though stock lack features its so beautiful. Finally the camera quality is comparable on both. The nexus 5 is just way slower. That should be fixed in a software update. And you forget that the n5 is half the price and is still comparable.

          • shooter50

            You don’t get it. They are not comparable. Unless you have both and use them daily you are only regurgitating what you hear from other fanboys . Games like riptide gp2 play far smoother and with more detail on the G2. Time and again I compare both phone on the same task and the G2 is just faster. Faster opening apps. Faster scrolling. And if you want to stay credible, you’ll drop that bit about both cameras being the same. Every single review praises the G2 camera and pans the nexus 5 camera. The 5 wins on price only and I’m willing to pay for the best, so the G2 remains my daily driver

          • Jordan

            I have both. Games are the same on both(they have the same specs… why wouldn’t they be lol). As far as the UI go, the N5 is a little smoother & arguably prettier. These phones are for two different kinds of people. The N5 costs almost HALF of what the G2 costs. Corners have to be cut somewhere(Battery, camera). The G2 KILLS the N5 on battery life. The N5 is usually good enough however.

            My biggest problems with the G2 is this damn glossy plastic, & these back buttons. Some people may like that… I however do not.

          • TekBoi

            Everything is about the bottom line. The people that buy and use Nexus devices can afford to sell last years device and get the new one for about $100 DIFFERENCE. Try doing that with any other flagship and you’ll be down by about $200-300 EACH YEAR. The Galaxy S devices retail for about $650 when they first come out. The S3 unlocked, brand new retails for about $300 on eBay. The S4 is selling for about $500.

          • Apostrafee

            Never stuttered once…NOT ONCE

          • HR

            No we use the G2 and upvoted the people who like the phone without looking at the UI…

            Obviously their software design needs works, but LG added some useful features with their software and all I hope is that they add KitKat and modify their skin

          • Apostrafee

            It’s pretty great actually. Question is have YOU looked at it? I mean in depth. You can remove or change just about anything you like. For example the notification shade toggles are removable unlike Samsung and customizable as well. That’s just the tip of the iceberg really. Have not had one issue with this device at all and haven’t felt the need for root like I did for my Galaxys

          • Stephan Hewitt

            HAHAHAHAA….this is the reason why I read people’s comments against the G2 and I just laugh it off and move on without pausing anymore. Honestly I blame the ignorance on poor reviewing which this phone has been a victim of from day one. EVERY thing I’ve heard people complain about in the UI is totally removable or can be customized away. And people have no clue. And if you are someone who enjoys rooting and flashing ROMs, forget about it. Right now I’m running CM 10.2 with all the KitKat Gapps installed including the launcher. And if I woke up tomorrow with a N5 I’d kill myself.

          • HarvesterX

            I flashed back down from a 4.3 CM ROM to a custom Optimus UI ROM …which might not sound like much until you realize I’ve been an android purist since day one and when I worked on ROMs myself. My custom 4.2.2 build would put any other phone out there to shame. The only thing missing SK far is being able to say “OK Google ” whengthe device is sleeping but I finally found the right interrupt that the Snapdragon 800 uses to listen on and am working on incorporating that in as well. Its simple. The G2 is the best phone of the year by far. .if you realize shat you’re holding that is.

  • vs8

    Galaxy S2. 🙁

    • Rai Diaz

      Dude, I’m in the same boat. GS2 user here.

  • Omg I’m in AWE of the Droid Maxx. What a phone.

    • Dre Fay

      i’m right ther with you, i’m a heavy user during work and it’s funny cuz when i get home i am disappointed i (only) have 65% on my MAXX, coming from the G-Nex that i would carry three batteries around and be on my fourth battery switch once i got home. #DMAXXDABEAST

      • Jeremy Wray

        You must have used your phone a crazy amount. I’m a moderate to heavy user and after getting off charge at 7am it would usually be at around 5-10% when I got home at 6pm

        • Dre Fay

          Yeah im an extreme user 6am to 6pm with heavy screen on time, talk time downloads. I don’t sit down at my computer much at all I’m out and about so my daily computing is on my phone right now I’m at 44% without charging since 6am, like I said I used four batteries sometimes five in a day when I used my G-Nex as a daily driver.

    • George Davis

      Another vote for the Droid Maxx. Loving this phone!

      • Nicker Please

        MAXX > Moto X

  • Alec

    Since when does everyone have a Galaxy Nexus? Lol

    • Pedro

      Goin’ on 2 years. Contracts. I hate them.
      Though I did the ETF last year. Now, I save enough to buy a Nexus every year and still put $20 in my pocket.

  • jpfrasier

    C’mon guys. It’s time to retire all of those Galaxy Nexus.

    • steve

      just did for a moto x. Great phone and its amazing to have real battery life for once…

    • JZ

      I know, but I used my upgrade to buy a Razr Maxx HD when Verizon was about to get rid of unlimited data upgrades, which I then flipped for a nice profit. I’m stuck with the GNex until June, but I’m running Kit Kat and it’s really nice 🙂

      • TekBoi

        You can buy a similar phone for pretty cheap: Lenovo P780

  • Eric

    If you have a G Nex you really need to upgrade….idk how you could endure that long…

    • MoLo16

      Waiting for my contract to be over before I go to the Moto X. I’m surprised that there’s that many Moto X users

      • hldc1

        Just got a Moto X for the girlfriend. I have a Droid DNA and I must say that I’m a bit jealous. Big fan of the always on voice actions business.

        • TJWaterskier

          I ditched my 1 year old DNA for the Dev Edition MotoX.. this thing is faster and nicer than that DNA ever was. Active notifications+batterylife

      • CaptainDisillusion

        Yeah I was under the impression it wasn’t selling very well. Not that DL polls are the best measure, but considering DL is mostly power-users, and the Moto X is aimed at non-power-users, that kind of bodes well, right?

    • Rai Diaz

      I’m still using a GSII 🙁

      • Matthew Merrick

        i’m sorry

      • Eric

        I would take that over a GNex.

        • SpoorthyVemula

          Nah, the screens on the gs2 are unbarablly bad. I’d take a gnex any day.

        • TekBoi

          I wouldn’t take either. Y’all are pathetic. You could sell your GSII and get a Nexus 4 for almost negligible difference.

          • zurginator

            I’m guessing most of then are on Verizon.

      • Nicktrance

        Same here…

    • NorCalGuy

      Developer support which makes it still one of the best phones.

      • Eric

        But the phone is crap. No matter how much developer support you can’t fix the many problems. Main one being the battery life.

        • NorCalGuy

          Ur right that 1850mAh is a pos compared to the battery’s going into the new phones. Not to mention most ppl still with the gnex still have unlimited data buy might not have 500+ to drop on a new phone to keep it.

          • Tony Murray

            Been testing my Moto X and with heavy usage, the lowest I have gotten it from 6am-11pm is 35%. That is with about an hour of video and several hours of Ingress. Even though the mAh is lower, it is much more efficient.

            Also, I got my Moto X through MotoMaker for $50 on Verizon and still have unlimited data (through some shenanigans). I’m extremely satisfied.

    • Dale

      Well, all the best phones are several months (or more) old now. Might as well wait for the first Snapdragon 805 phone at this point.

      • Eric

        No because you’d be waiting atleast 6 months. Look how long it took for snapdragon 800s to come in phones after it was announced…

        • Dale

          True. But I also don’t want to sign a 2 year contract on a phone that is already 4-6 months old. It’ll suck to wait another 4-6 months, but I think it’ll be worth it.

          • Eric

            My G2 is two months old and love it. Also I’m on verizon edge so I can upgrade after 12 payments on the phone.

      • schlanz

        The Note 3 isn’t yet 2 months old!

    • zwrose

      My Nexus 5 upgrade arrives *tomorrow* – also excited to jump onto TMo. So ready to have a phone that just functions normally!

    • entertainmentopia

      December 15th can’t come soon enough!

    • palomosan

      Well I still have the Gnex connected until dec 15 but I use the N5 almost on everything except calls.

      • 3M4NU31

        I’m in the exact same situation! Patiently waiting….

      • Stormy Knight

        So, you don’t have an early upgrade date? I was a first day adopter of the Gnex and I could update without penalty as early as last August. Glad I waited anyway. Did the Moto Maker deal a week ago last Friday the 15th and it showed up on my doorstep via overnight FedEx (with no extra charge) Tuesday morning the 19th bright and early. Took advantage of a $50 off sale to seal the deal. $582.99 total and got to keep my unlimited data.

        • Rich Flores

          I was a first day adopter of the GNex on VZW as well and upgraded a non data line which is $10 a month to get the S4 when it launched and then swapped the phone out to my main line and that main line was eligible in August. When the S5 comes out, I’ll “upgrade” another one of my non data lines and get that, too. Meanwhile my actual main line has no contract lol

    • Bootleg Zani

      I couldn’t wait for the Note 3 Developer Edition to be in stock again and I couldn’t stand using my Galaxy Nexus anymore. I upgraded my Unlimited Verizon line to the Moto X Developer Edition until the Note 3 Developer Edition is back in stock. I also have a Nexus 5 on T-Mobile prepaid.

  • StuckOnVerizonForever

    Surprised all the Gnex users haven’t jumped on G2

    • Loving my G2!

    • Bill Anderson

      I happily jumped to the Nex5 and T-Mobile. Made $200 selling my Verizon contract on eBay, too.

    • Michael G

      That was my 2nd option but decided on the Moto X.

    • Pedro

      They are probably waiting to jump ship.
      ETF goes to $0 in 3…2..

    • Geekout

      Thinking of jumping carriers onto a Nexus 5

    • joejoe5709

      I assume a lot of their contracts still aren’t up quite yet. The Gnex came out on Dec. 15th. I used my wife’s upgrade to get the G2 and she’ll use mine in December. But yeah in my opinion it beats the Moto X in every category except *maybe* software and one-handed usage. And I’m not the least bit sad I didn’t get the Nexus 5.

      • Al-Burrit0

        I just hate the skin on it ugh! You root it?

        • joejoe5709

          Yeah. And I gotta be honest… The software isn’t as terrible as I thought. Root it and either ROM it or check out Xposed Framework. I can’t say enough good things about it. I ripped out most of LG’s crap and added in all the features of my favorite ROM’s while still technically running stock LG UI including all their fun features like Quick Remote, Knock on and the camera app.

      • Jeremy Wray

        I got mine the day it was released and i was up for upgrade in august, but ive been with them for a long time so i guess i still had the 20 month cycles.

  • Sjschwar

    no droid og?
    no droid razr/maxx?

    • Zach B.

      I’m here with ya. OG Razr Maxx. I’m sapping the life outta here to the bitter end of my contract.

  • Marikel

    OG DROID RAZR here. I’m a rare breed, I should be in a museum


      RAZR MAXX here.

    • John T. Wildman

      had mine till note 3, but I cheated and switched out to a maxx battery. Loved that phone, probably the longest phone I ever owned. No regrets though.. This note 3 is a beautiful beast.

      • Marikel

        I would probably like mine more if it was the MAXX. I’m getting whichever DROID is out next summer. I can upgrade in April, and I would like to get the DROID MAXX, but if a new one comes out just 3 months after I buy it I’d hate myself.

    • Elthon Cisneros

      OG DROID RAZR MAXX owner here too!

    • Zach B.

      It’s old, slowing down, and beat up, but dang if my OG RAZR MAXX hasn’t been a trooper these past 2 years.

  • Eric G Canoy

    Galaxy Nexus, *weeps* so anyone know any good deals for off-contract phones?

    • Menger40

      There’s this little phone called the Nexus 5… 😛

      • Eric G Canoy

        Gonna stick with Verizon, all other carriers kinda suck around my neck of the woods

        • Tyler Lamb

          Make sure you double check AT&T. I thought I was in the same boat, but where I’m at AT&T’s HSPA+ (“what they call 4G”) is just as fast as what I could get from Verizon’s LTE.

          • Jeremy Wray

            They might have an unlimited plan and that’s worth not giving up

          • Pedro

            Once you look at true data (and usage habits that might be refined), it may be.
            But, yeah. Another factor in the final decision.

  • erikbjerkeli

    No OG Droid?

    • Heh sadly no. I think it’s time to say goodbye, 4 years later. 😛

      • erikbjerkeli

        *pours one out for the OG*

        • OG Droid

          Thanks man

    • chris kilps

      I have a droid 2, untill my moto x showes up

      • Jeremy Wray

        my droid 2 lives in the dock and is my alarm clock. My Gnex sits next to it in it’s dock too.

    • palomosan

      I still got mine but just for keepers.

  • Mon

    I have the Galaxy S4 running cyanogen 11.0 4.4 kit kat. Not looking back, Rom runs great with ART running smoothly no hiccups.

  • flosserelli

    Note 2 here, stuck with Verizon for 1 more month. Then switching to T-mo and probably a Moto X.

  • Derek Traini

    RAZR M until December 22nd, then I am saying bye to Verizon and hello to T-Mobile! I have been going back and forth every day between the Moto X and the Nexus 5, such a tough choice.

  • EC8CH

    Wow…. no G-Nex option…. ;-(

    counting the days until MotoMaker finally shows us some wood.

    • Giggity. That’s what I’m waiting for.

      • EC8CH

        I’m torn between rosewood or bamboo.

        If I go rosewood, I’m considering using this knife for inspiration… black front, rosewood back, blue accents:


    • It’s there now! Didn’t mean to leave it off, I promise.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      There is a Gnex option….

      • I spaced it initially. It’s there now.

  • MistaButters

    I wonder how many in that other category are still rocking a G-Nex? Maybe a couple One Xs in there. A few Droid Minis and Razr Minis.

    • Added GNex! Didn’t mean to leave it off.

      • MistaButters

        Other is going to disappear now :p

        • Heh pretty much.

          • aye_winchell

            Im still rocking the razr maxx (og not hd)

            currently debating moto x or nexux 5 on straight talk, have to get off of verizon, even with unlimited i cant justify the cost when i could be paying less then half, and it would be fine for what i use it for, plus verizons network in the flathead is meh.

    • AbbyZFresh

      Who still uses a G-Nex in 2013? That’s basically 2 years ago. Time to upgrade already.

      • Menger40

        I have a few months left with mine. I bought it on contract from Verizon because I didn’t know any better 2 years ago.

      • MistaButters

        Verizon and AT&T both extended to a full 24 months. Considering it launched December 8th in N.A., none of those people have come back around for an upgrade yet.

        • Ray Gray

          yeah we did in August that deadline changed for people who purchased phones later on

          • MistaButters

            Oh I stand corrected then. For some reason I thought a lot of those people got stuck staying the full 2 years.

          • Dre Fay

            Well good news for you, ball out and go get that new Droid Maxx

          • MistaButters

            I don’t have the G-Nex. Or Verizon. I recently sold my One X (I’ve had it for 18 months) and bought the Nexus 5. I’m up for contract renewal in May.

          • Pedro

            But you still need to stick around if you are going to leave (did I say that right?)

            No ETF if you leave 12/8+. And, if you know you are going to leave, then no use for another on-contract phone.

          • MistaButters

            Boom! That’s right. So anybody who bought a G-Nex but plans on ditching Verizon would still have one.

          • Dre Fay


      • Rand Paul 2016

        I just dumped it and got the G2 ..Didnt know what i was missing

      • a3uge

        You’re asking who owned the phone on a contract, which is a lot of people here.

        • TJWaterskier

          It’s not like they can use the upgrade once their contract is up anyways.. unless they’re ok with loosing unlimited data. 🙁 MotoX or N5 off contract folks!

          • a3uge

            I already bought a Nexus 5, but can’t really use it until the Verizon contract is up in a month and I can switch carriers. Canceling the plan a month early is still $120, something which I don’t want to do. I didn’t realize the cancellation fee would be more than the actual data plan I use. Also, I never had unlimited data because I switched from AT&T to Verizon ironically to get the Galaxy Nexus.

      • BeejRich

        My dad still has about a year left on his contract with the Gnex….

      • Boblank84

        anyone who bought it on release day still has over two weeks on a two year contract….

      • Geekout

        I’ve got my contract left until March, so I have to stay faithful to my Galaxy Nexus until then

  • HTC One, converted to Google Play Edition, running KitKat =)

    • jpfrasier

      I’m currently running cm 10.2 on my one. Contemplating going gpe.

  • AbbyZFresh

    I have an iPhone 4S.

    Once my contract ends in the summer. I’m jumping ship to the Moto X(the latest model).

    • Moto X, you know by Summer 2014 that phone will be outdated and better phones will be out by then?

      • AbbyZFresh

        Then whatever phone Motorola comes up with as the Moto X’s sucessor then.

        I was originally gonna buy a Nexus 5 but the X has been more and more appealing lately.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        Depends on your definition of “better”. If you hate skins, and are on Verizon, then the likelihood that something “better” will be out is very slim indeed.

        • StuckOnVerizonForever

          If you care about the camera, it will be outdated. If you want a better screen, it will be oudated. If you want the latest and greatest snapdragon it will be outdated

      • chaoslimits

        Words of someone who’s never used a Moto X?
        After having mine for a couple weeks, I wouldn’t trade even for AOSP. I’ll be extremely disappointed if the Moto X features aren’t added to all Moto flagships going forward.

      • Jeremy Wray

        They did say “the latest model” so since they are on Droid-Life and will likely follow the news about leaks if the Moto X2 or whatever comes out next August they will know to wait for it’s release.

    • TekBoi

      I have the same phone, I can barely sell it for $200

  • Menger40

    Who’s still rocking the Gnex like I am? With Shiny 4.3, daring levels of undervolting and a 2200mah battery, mine’s still working fine as a daily driver. Looking forward to the end of my contract, though.

    • MoLo16

      GNex with Shiny 4.4 and massive amounts of bugs :P. But I can deal with it for another month until my contract is over and I move to the Moto X

      • entertainmentopia

        I was rocking 4.4 Shiny but I couldn’t take the black boxes and random reboots (my phone random reboots on 4.3, but not that much). Had to go back until my contract is up, GoPhone Nexus 5 in my future!

    • Dre Fay

      i’m still using G-Nex rocking a buggy 4.4…………..but sadly i only use it to read comics. #DMAXXDABEAST

    • Flyinion

      GNex with the last 4.3 Shiny. Sounds like a new 4.4 build is due any hour though now and rumor is that maybe the black box graphics issues have been fixed. I’ll be jumping to 4.4 if that’s true. Once my contract ends in 3 weeks though, I’m gone. Actually I might be gone this weekend with the Black Friday deals AT&T is having.

      • Jeremy Wray

        They have been fixed. My friend is running CM11 and says that all graphical issues have been fixed as of yesterday or maybe the day before I forget when I talked to him last.

    • joejoe5709

      I love it. I love how the Gnex is still a relevant phone. Thank God for the dev community.

      But believe me when I say you won’t believe what the Moto X and G2 are capable of. It’ll blow your mind.

  • King of Nynex

    Why change from the G-Nex when I have three extra batteries courtesy of Sprint?

    • Eric

      So you don’t need the extra batterys, better screen, better camera, better internals?

  • RoninX

    Droid 4! The few, the proud.

    • Pedro

      The Inane.

      I kid.

    • BlynkOfAnEye

      Just let go of my D4 last week and picked up a Moto X. Swiftkey Flow is pretty sweet, but I sure am gonna miss being able to type without looking. End of an era for sure.

      • BrianBrick

        I don’t know if it gives you any hope, but I can type on my virtual keyboard without looking in portrait.

      • David Davidson

        I switched from a D2 to a SGS3 last year. On a Note 3 now. I miss my physical keyboard every day. It’s changed how I use my phone, I’ll often wait until I get back to a PC before replying to email and IMs.

        • argo

          That sucks. It’s like the dumbing down of smartphones. Smartphones were taking over more and more of PC tasks and now it’s reversing, making the PC more relevant. So much for the post PC era. It didn’t last long.

        • Michael Pahl

          You need to download the google keyboard asap.

          • David Davidson

            I’ve been using Swiftkey since my Droid 2. I really like the flow functionality (much better than early swype versions), and they keyboard resizing feature coincided nicely with me getting my Note 3 to make one-handed typing easier. I’ve tried multiple keyboards, I just don’t do nearly as well with a touchscreen as I did with a physical keyboard.

      • RoninX

        I like Swype better than SwiftKey. At least with Swype, it’s easier to correct mistakes, and one of the options is always “exactly what I typed”.

        SwiftKey seems to guess the next word you’re going to type, which is annoying if it’s already guessed the current word incorrectly.

    • chris kilps

      I just got rid of droid 4 really still wish there was a droid 5

      • Cael

        What if Verizon decided to hold off on a Droid 5 for 2 years until Droid 4 users were ready to renew their contract? I mean they released the 3 on 07/14/11. Then the 4 on 02/10/12 which was just 7 months. The prototype Droid 5 was OBVIOUSLY based on the Razr M which was released 09/05/12 which would have been just 7 months.
        Droid 4 obviously ate into the sales of the Droid 3. They probably didn’t want to do that with the 4, it didn’t even go free on contract until like October 20 of this year. Physical keyboard is becoming a niche. Motorola is the primary Droid maker still. I think its possible Verizon might want to sell another one.

        • mors

          If your conspiracy theory is true then I’ll instantly buy the Droid 5 (assuming it’s a high end quality slider with ctrl and alt keys) at full price and replace my G2.

          • Cael

            I doubt they’ll make it high end. The fact that the never released Droid 5 was based off the Droid Razr M, and it wouldn’t be an overall Motorola flagship. I think they would 720p it, probably give it the same X8 and bump the screen to 4.3 or 4.5 probably even 4.7. Probably won’t see a Motorola phone with 1080p until the Moto X2 or Droid Ultra/Maxx 2.

          • mors

            Then I’ll get it if it gets ctrl and alt keys and the same guts as other Motorola Droids. As long as it’s not worse than other Droids (ie. made to be low end).

            That leaked Droid 5 with the alt key replaced by a .com key was pretty lame.

          • Droid 4 User

            If Moto comes out with a Droid 5 in February with a non-updated X8
            chipset then I’m going to be angry while giving VZW my credit card to buy the Droid 5. Using my newly purchased Droid 5, I will then rant on the internet about how Moto failed again and say I can’t wait for the Droid 6.

        • RoninX

          If the Droid 5 is at least as powerful as the Moto X/Droid Ultra, I’d consider it…

    • Dizi32

      Ya, I’ve been using an S4 and no matter what keyboard I use (Swype, SwiftKey, Minuum, Snapkeys, Google keyboard, etc.), they’re just not good enough. You always lose screen real estate. Terminal and SSH use is very bad. Loss of keyboard shortcuts suck. I never did like the whole tap/click and hold thing ever since I dumped my Mac many years ago before they had multi-touch trackpads.

      • Arthur C.

        Replaced my Droid 4 with a Galaxy S4. I figured if I’m going to give up on my keyboard, I might as well get back the SD card slot and removable battery. So long Motorola. That’s what happens when you remove features from your phones.

    • Raven

      Wow, look at all of the Droid 4 love. I am still rocking mine. I even just replaced by unreplaceable battery a couple of weeks ago. But, alas, I am now eyeballing a Moto X DE as my next phone now that Motorola has their 0% interest financing plan AND is not voiding insurance for unlocking the boot loader. I sure am going to miss my keyboard, but it is just getting too slow by today’s standards.

      • globster2000

        Buy the de moto x at 8am Monday. Its $150 off on off contract phones.

        • Raven

          Yup, seen that a bit ago, and that is now the plan. So long my precious Droid 4, you have served me well, R.I.P.

    • kcs

      ME TOO I’ve worn the paint off my keys I use it so much

    • Christopher Moore

      Pretty funny that the site is called “Droid” life yet all the Droid models are at the very bottom with the iPhone above 2 of them. I only blame that on Motorola.

      • ReturnOfTheMack

        I would think the blame would fall more on Verizon.