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Moto X for AT&T Soak Test Invites Go Out, Should be Kit Kat as Well

moto x

This evening, members of the Motorola Feedback Network who own the Moto X for AT&T began receiving invites to test out an upcoming software update. No exact details were given for the update, but since the Verizon variant just received Kit Kat (Android 4.4), I’d imagine that’s what this test is for. Motorola is certainly on top of the update game right, especially when it comes to the Moto X.

We were told that the soak for AT&T models should start around November 22 with the full rollout to all users by the first week of December.

Cheers R, R, and _!

  • Sounds good.

  • iNomNomAwesome

    Kellen, 4.4 messed up the Bluetooth on my Moto X, now when I use the Bluetooth music in my car it skips, stutters, and fast forwards randomly. I don’t know who to contact so they’ll fix this.

    • Mathayus_Beck

      What kind of car do you have ?

      • iNomNomAwesome

        2012 Ford Escape with Ford Sync

        • Mathayus_Beck

          Has there been an update for your car ? You can also ask in both forms motorola and for about bluetooth issues.

          • iNomNomAwesome

            No, I use the Bluetooth music everyday, it started messing up right after I updated my phone to 4.4

          • Mathayus_Beck

            So I asked someone that is a mechanic and deals with fords. He asked to make sure your mysync is uptodate and for any issues to contact motorola

          • iNomNomAwesome

            Thanks, I emailed Motorola and they said I’d have to call to try to fix it, but I’m gonna try updating Ford Sync first

  • I just got invited a couple hours ago… This will be my first time giving “feedback” to Motorola. I’m excited!!

  • Coop

    Oooooo kill’em

  • decidedtochangename

    Who would ever have thought there would be such a thing as ‘Verizon update envy’. Luckily it won’t be for long. Waiting for my soaking.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      No joke. It’s like bizzaro world or something … THE END IS NIGH!

  • Rick H

    Sounds like the Droid Maxx people just got skip, looks like us Droid Maxx people are really the step kids.

    • Eric R.

      No, the MotoX is Moto’s flagship and the Droid Maxx is Verizon’s
      Don’t worry the Ultra, Macs and Mini should all be next. It will be easy for them to develop it considering all 3 have the same specs and same resoltion display

    • Jason B

      Nah, the builds are almost identical. There are Obake, Obake Maxx, and Obake M config files in the Kit Kat build for the Verizon Moto X. Verizon gets to tell Motorola what it wants for those builds, ultimately. ISIS might get pre-loaded since it’s a Verizon branded device and tap to pay is available in Kit Kat.

  • Hunter Stephenson

    Moto, you won in my book with the quick rollout to us Verizon customers. BUT. Since somebody leaked the soak test and then this site published it, it was delayed a day and ultimately released because of the hype. Some people don’t know how to read a contract when they agree to one. Maybe that won’t happen with the AT&T one. But there’s always that one person.

    • Jason B

      Eh, no. The soak tests have ALWAYS been leaked. Never changed Moto’s timeframe. You do agree to confidentiality, but anytime you deal with the public, you should expect leaks.

      Happens all the time in the automotive world too.

  • Radgatt

    As a Verizon subscriber I can finally say that it’s about time another carrier’s version is getting an update after I’ve already got it. With that being said, AT&T users you will love everything that kitkat has to offer. Now it’s just a matter of waiting until it gets pushed to your phone.

  • AbbyZFresh

    Great. Even though I already got mine though Verizon, i love the efficiency you guys are doing with the updates. I bet the updates for AT&T should be officially out by this weekend or early Monday. Don’t forget the Verizon updates already came out about a day or two after the soak tests were done.

    Screw you Google for not updating my Nexus 7.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      I’m holding out hope that they stopped the roll-out to increment the OTA to KRT16S….

    • Arthur Dent


  • Derek Traini

    That is awesome! Kudos Motorola!