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Download: Android 4.4 (KRT16O) Official Update for Nexus 7 (2012) WiFi

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Google announced last night that owners of the 2012 Nexus 7 tablet should expect to see the Android 4.4 KRT16O update rolling out to their devices shortly. For those of us that are impatient, the link to the OTA zip file is now available, so here it is for anyone that doesn’t like waiting in line. 

Download Link

In order to flash, you can use the “adb sideload” command through adb and the Android SDK (instructions). If you are stock with root and recovery, flashing the .zip file through recovery often times works.

Cheers b!

  • Sushil Khekare

    Those who face this issue can go to safe mode and backup their data while on boot screen just keep pressing up and down volume button for some time phone will get into safe mode and can be backed up.

  • Manish Rastogi

    I got the OTA update, but it shows verification failed…any idea how to solve this???

  • Justin

    I wonder if my prompt will change…i still have the notification icon for “4.3 has downloaded” that I never installed….i was afraid to lose root.

  • Châu Vĩnh Lợi

    what about the nexus 7 2012 GSM??

  • fatalysis

    Ok, need some major help. Tried sideloading the zip but after the reboot, the screen goes back to the “No command” with the exclamation point and my computer can’t connect to ADB. Any suggestions?

    • olav

      The same happens to me. Feels like the sideload guide is a bit outdated??

  • this update is not even the real thing!

  • Droidman

    Does anyone know if this can be flashed using stock recovery??

  • Richard Harris

    So my Gen 2013 Nexus 7 is running 4.3 and a release for the 1st GEN 2012 Nexus brings it to KitKat before the hardware I purchased a week ago? What is going on with that logic?

    • AManCalledHorseshit

      Hmm, I guess it means you’re a whiny little bitch who thinks he’s better than everyone else, who’ll can completely change his view when the 4.5 update comes out for his Nexus before the Nexus 2014 one gets it…

      They’re not trying to piss you off and, probably like most people, do have a logical reason why.

  • samiur

    Nexus 7 – device not found issue in Adb download mode
    download and install adb driver installer should fix and install the missing driver for your device. Thanks

  • Andy Stetson

    FYI, this nexus, both 16 and 32gb are up for sale on Woot for $129 and $149, respectively.

  • Yuval

    didn’t work for me, I’m stuck in the updated CWM…what do I do? can only use fastboot

  • Pat Leck

    This new technology makes me want to change over and get android


  • Marco Studenski

    HEY GUYS!!! I don’t wanna be annoying, but I found a fix if you screw up like me. I flashed the .zip in CWM and got Status 7 every time. I almost used the root tool to fix it, as I was stuck in a boot loop. But I downloaded the latest CWM, rebooted into bootloader (VOL UP & VOL DN + PWR) and then opened a command prompt in my Android SDK’s ‘platform tools’ folder (where fastboot resides).

    Then I pasted my newest CWM .img in that same folder, and in the command prompt I typed: “fastboot flash recovery (here is where you type what you named the latest CWM).img”. It flashed, I booted into recovery, re-flashed the .zip, and it worked!

    Don’t lose your data just yet!

    • Yuval

      didn’t work for me 🙁 I’m stuck in the updated CWM and can only use fastboot…what do I do? can I go back?

      • Marco Studenski

        Really? If you’re sure you downloaded CWM for the correct Nexus 7, then I don’t know. That fixed it for me.

  • Req

    installing with twrp/cwm will delete internal sdcard ?

    • Marco Studenski


  • Zoidbort

    I keep getting a “Failed to verify whole file signature” “Signature verification failed, Installation Aborted”
    Anyone else?
    I have downloaded the file a few times and same thing.

    • Zoidbort

      I got it, all good in the hood!

      • Yanksrock1000

        Ugh me too…how did you fix??

        • Zoidbort

          Redownloaded the file again and that time it was good.
          I rename it to kitkat.zip…easier to type in cmd vs Copy paste that long string.
          Keep me posted

          • greg

            Same problem, here, have downloaded four times now, still no luck.

          • Zoidbort

            It is officially up on Google’s Developer Page… Grab it from there.

  • tried to install this with TWRP (from 4.3 if it matters) and it failed something about failed executing updater binary in zip. it erased something in my system data so now it wont boot. having to flash 4.3 back on. lost everything…bah

    • capecodcarl

      Well, you should have made a nandroid backup before trying to upgrade so you can just restore from that.

      • lol im not worried about that part, just the time wasted.

  • derek

    Not impressed with the update. Reflashed stock 4.3 and updated and still a very laggy Nexus 7. My GNex with 4.4 runs so much better and not even in the same ballpark with my N5. Every animation is lagy… Multitasking is laggy….. Starting to lose my faith with android tablets after the N7 and my old Xoom. Love my N5 though!

    • Bariman43

      Can confirm I am absolutely not having the same problem as you. My Nexus 7 would stutter ever so slightly on animations in 4.2/.3/Paranoid 3.65, but now I’m not seeing any such problems. It’s almost guaranteed to be a problem on your end.

  • mog386

    Aw hell… Getting the damn debuggerd error that some people got in JWR66Y update. Stems from Stickmount….

    • DoctorJB

      You need to find a debuggerd file. it should be floating around. I back up my system folder after every update now.

  • asd

    Yesss finally.

  • VJ

    Anyone get the OTA update yet without flashing?

    • MReprogle

      Still waiting here…

    • gooner13


    • suffa07

      … still waiting!

  • Tom Yarrish

    Well it failed on the update for me (via CWM), so I’m trying to fix it now since it keeps booting into recovery.

    • argeebee99

      Same here 🙁

      • Tom Yarrish

        What was the error you got? Is it “set_metadata_recursive:” error?

        • argeebee99

          Yes, same exact thing. I’m trying different things. Sideloading via TWRP ( throws the same error.

          set_metadata_recursive: some changes failed
          E:Error executing updater binary in zip ‘/data/media/0/sideload.zip’

          • Cwr recovery failed with status 7 for me..

          • Stephen

            I was having a similar issue – updating to the latest CWM version solved that issue for me 🙂

    • argeebee99

      I ended up flashing back to 4.3, then updating to 4.4. Not ideal, but I was thinking of a fresh start anyway.

      • mog386

        I was having the same problem cause which was caused by having a custom kernel on the device. Or at least mine was caused by it.

      • Tom Yarrish

        Yeah I had to do the same thing. Thank god for Titanium Backups….one good thing out of it is I have ADB working on my Linux machine.

  • sagisarius

    I feel a bit ripped off that this doesn’t include the new launcher… as that’s kind of the whole point of getting a Nexus device… you get the full update when it comes out.

    • Shaun Nicholson

      agree with you..plus no ART either

  • EC8CH

    Anyone enable ART yet on the ole N7?

    • Joe

      Have it loaded and I don’t see any option to change to art! Pretty disappointed!

      • EC8CH

        Typically you have to enable Developer Mode, and it will be an option in the Developer Menu

        • Joe

          Unfortunately enabling developer mode is always the first thing I do. The option is not in there.

          • EC8CH

            buggar 🙁

            Guess it provides some impetus to try out some custom roms then if they include ART support.

          • Joe

            Well so far I am the only one reporting this. We need more to confirm what I am seeing. Maybe it is enabled on the 2013 N7 just not the original? Maybe it’s just something specific to my tab? We need more user input on this.

          • Joe

            I am also noticing no new Kitkat wallpaper to pick from, just the same as before with 4.3… And yes I am positive the update worked and running 4.4 in case anyone is doubting lol 🙂

          • zwrose

            I can confirm everything Joe has said. 🙁

          • al brown

            Cool, I did indeed install it on my n7 2013. It IS on this version. Just trying to help.

          • Joe

            Did you get the new wallpapers too?

          • al brown

            i had a (one) new wallpaper when i first booted up, run my nova backup and now it’s gone. dug around some but no luck. i would assume it is still in there… somewhere.

          • pgtipsster

            I’m not seeing it either on my Nexus 7 2012. I’m disappointed as I was looking forward to ART making my tablet seem snappy again 🙁

          • Shaun Nicholson

            its not on my grouper either

          • al brown

            developer options/ select runtime

          • Joe

            As I stated, the option is not there for the 2012 n7. See mark’s comment above.

        • Mark Duenas

          I’m just confirming that the ART setting is not available on the (2012) Nexus 7

  • DanSan

    damn all this nexus 4.4 love is making me really sad i sold my nexus 7 awhile back before the new one came out. but then i realized i never used it 🙁

  • brkshr

    Great! Now my mom can have KitKat too…

  • Alex2190

    this update worked for me, adb sideload using fedora x64, remember to run your adb server as root to avoid the permission issue.

  • davtowns

    I’ve installed already. The experience and improvements are great. But the KitKat on my Nexus 5 is somewhat different on my Nexus 7. Still great though. By I want the “OK Google” feature on my N7 also.

  • barrmy

    – you *can* flash this via cwm or twrp
    – you *can* install this if you’re on stock and rooted (re-root via cf auto root in fastboot after flashing and download supersu/superuser from market)
    – new google experience launcher is not included
    – launcher transparency *is* available using nova launcher, but obviously that’s not system wide (i assume on the N5 it is but I dont know)

    • miri

      Elaborating on your last point, immersive mode is available on all 4.4 devices in the same capacity but the app has to implement the feature. The stock launcher in 4.4 is just a “bleached” version of the Jelly Bean launcher so it doesn’t have the transparent status and nav bars but any app that supports immersive mode (nova, Play Books, Dayframe) will work fine just as it would on the Nexus 5.

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      DO NOT install with TWRP. It will cause a bootloop as TWRP does not work with Android 4.4.

    • Also, flashing the ota while running a deodexed stock rom will NOT work

    • EC8CH

      Even though I was on the latest 4.3 stock release flashing the update in CWMR wouldn’t complete. I think the only modification I did was rooting. Just ended up reflashing the latest factory image with the Nexus Toolkit, and then used it to sideload the update file and that finally worked.

      Then sideloaded the search update and GEL, now it’s running the full 4.4 experience.

  • anon

    No LTE love?

    • h_f_m

      Google already said it’s on tap for cell network nexus 7 to release soon but not yet.

  • Federico Mori

    i can t flash say (zip signature verification failed) 🙁 help me

  • Tyler

    Nexus 10 OTA next please and thanks 😛

  • Wyatt Neal

    Booya! Can’t wait to go home and flash this bad boy. I’m thinking a full on reset at this point since I did the silly thing of turning on device encryption and the performance has been less than desirable

    • Hayden7200

      What does turning on device encryption do?

      • Adam Marr

        Generally it encrypts the data on storage, and protects it with a password. It can hamper performance however, because now all data reads also have to be decrypted, which in this case is probably done at the software level (slow).

        • Hayden7200

          Thanks. So is this something I would want to enable if I just use my tablet at home for personal use? Not connected to any work server or anything?

          • Adam Marr

            Unless you are storing data you consider really sensitive, I wouldn’t bother. My wife’s work installed exchange on her S3 for work email access, which requires the device to be encrypted, and it now runs like crap. To the point where we are considering getting her a phone just for work.

          • Hayden7200

            Thanks for the great info!

        • Wyatt Neal

          Yea, I don’t think I would ever turn it on again. If there was hardware support for it, I’d be all in but it’s not there yet. I did it was more of an experiment and then just decided it wasn’t worth it (the tablet never leaves home) and just locked it with a PIN. Really the only time I worry about this is when leaving the country. It’s not like I have anything to hide or anything valuable … I just don’t adhere to the principle of boarder patrol going un-warranted search and seizure on me because it’s easy.

  • Cowboydroid

    Can anybody confirm that it improves performance on the first gen N7?

    • How could it NOT improve performance? lol I’m flashing now, will report back. EXCLUSIVE HANDS-ON!!!

      • EvanTheGamer

        Hey…asked this question yesterday but no one seemed to know the answer. My first-gen N7 is unlocked/rooted. Can Android 4.4 Kit Kat still be applied?

        • d-rock

          It can be applied if youre on the stock rom and don’t have custom recovery.

          • barrmy

            wrong…just install the zip using your custom recovery

          • brkshr

            Confirmed ^

          • d-rock

            my bad…I was referring to the auto update, not the sideload, although this thread i guess is ultimately about sideloading.

      • droidrazredge

        Does the N7 have the same “OK Google” Experience as the N5, I know it does not have the New Google Launcher, but I was wondering about the touch-less Google now experience,? I remember Kellex flashing his Nexus 4 with the Nexus 5 4.4 update and he had that feature on his phone.

        • Zoidbort

          My Note 2 on 4.3 does the “OK Google” so I do not see why not.

          • droidrazredge

            Not the voice “OK Google”. I have that version when Google Search was updated. I think you get that as long as you have 4.0.4+. I was referring to the touch-less control Voice “OK Google” that the Moto X has. The Nexus 5 is able to do it with 4.4 when your screen is unlocked and at the home-screen.

          • Zoidbort

            Ah gotcha.
            Mine is updating now…I am sure it is present but not yet “enabled”

          • droidrazredge

            Why do you think Google did that ? was it to test how it is on the Nexus 5 to make sure the bugs are sorted out before releasing it to the masses. A lot of people from what I’m reading are upset about that.

          • Zoidbort

            Oh I am sure since the N5 is their latest and greatest flagship model.
            Give it a month or so

          • droidrazredge

            Yea that’s true. I was just excited to update to 4.4 expecting these features only to find out I’m not getting the full experience. For me personally,, I don’t feel there is a rush for me to update my Nexus 7 when 4.3.1 suits me well so far.

          • Zoidbort

            Oh man…2 reboots after updating and I can already see a significant improvement in overall fluidity, speed, and responsiveness.
            I am sure you will get the notification here in a day or two but you will appreciate it I am sure.

          • droidrazredge

            That’s good to know! Thanks for the wonderful feedback. What else have you noticed besides the fluidity, speed, and responsiveness improvements ? I know the Nexus 7 did not have issues with memory, but I know 4.4 did improve how apps and the OS handle things that go into memory ? I think I will install it now.

          • Zoidbort

            Haha yeah do it man.
            Haven’t played around with a lot of the apps yet but I do know that 4.4 scrubs old files left over by uninstalled apps and optimizes current apps.

    • Thomas

      It dose for sure there is no more lag for me when switching homescreen’s and loading tabs in web browser

      • Larry Bublitz

        That’s great to hear! 🙂

    • jeesung

      seems about the same to me.

      the GEL and ART were the big things. Both not included. I have ART on my ported N5 AOSP hack (and it does seem snappier)

      sorry, but this seems like Google Version Upgrade FAIL.