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Dead Trigger 2 Receives Major Balancing Update, Makes Game a Little Less Challenging

Dead Trigger 2

Madfinger launched a massive update for Dead Trigger 2 recently, which brings major game balancing changes that should make zombie slayers happy. For those who found the special zombies rather challenging, Madfinger decided to lower their health, as well as making their special abilities less terrifying. 

For example, the Kamikaze’s explosion damage has been lowered, plus the Vomitron’s spitting aim has been dulled as well. If anyone has played the game, you would have ran into these guys, and they were not nice at all. Look below to see the full list of changes.

What’s New:

Gameplay Balancing

  • Kamikadze – Decrease Damage done by explosion
  • Vomitron – Lowered aiming capability
  • Berserker – Decrease HP
  • ScientFist – Balanced radioactivity damage
  • Zombies difficulty was rebalanced
  • Several missions were rebalanced
  • Inverted y-axis added


  • Samsung S III and S IV crashes fixed
  • Broken fonts fixed
  • Produced chain-saw is visible in Inventory
  • Inactive boosters are not visible anymore
  • Pain-Killer upgrade works correctly

While this update will be appreciated by players who were finding the gameplay difficult, I would have much rather seen a update for all of the time you must wait in order to upgrade weapons and characters. Needing to spend $50,000 and wait two days for a shotgun upgrade is insane.

Anyone here still playing this game?

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  • Suleiman Al Mzuoon

    How can l collect the rewards

  • Justin

    Great game, been playing since release. However it is stale now…playing levels over and over to get $ to upgrade guns is a PIA. And now you have to upgrade “tech” first…..laaaaame! Story mode is short and now its just chatter.

  • Shivs

    I actually really enjoy this game. While it is very hard on hard the rest of the tiers are very easy. As far as the purchasing and upgrading goes I very much prefer the pay wait model to the gold coin model from the old game. At least in this one I can grind it out and get all of the weapons. In the old one their was no way to get the best stuff without paying or watching adds. I only wish it was longer I beat the main story on hard in like 6 hours of play. ( With the stander weapons)

  • ja7lewis

    It would be better if you could play without a network connection.

  • TheOiulkj

    This was not the game I was hoping it’d be. Not only did they take the “pay up or grind” stance, they also added other annoyances such as making it online only. I, and most other people play mobile games when they’re bored aka when they don’t have internet. And then of course there are the upgrade timers which are simply ridiculous. It’s almost like they don’t want people to play the game.

    The balancing may have made it better though. I remember one of the levels where you only have about 3 feet to move around in, then a boomer would spawn right next to you and kill you instantly because it’s impossible to do enough damage to kill it before it reaches you. Not to mention it taking almost all of your ammo to kill many of the other specials OR you use enough grenades to equal more than the reward for winning the level. Logic.

    DT 2 was obviously built on greed. It’s a shame to see mobile gaming going down this route. I’m not a cheap person either, it simply ruins a game when you have to pay to win, it becomes a game for my wallet, not for my mind. Hell, my steam library will show you that I’m not afraid to pay good dollars up front for a real game.

    I know, I know “quit your whinin’ and uninstall it, they aren’t forcing you to play” It’s just that this was one of the few mobile games I had hopes for. I think I’m at least entitled to a TL;DR rant in the comment section of D-L for the disappointment I’ve experienced.

  • Scott

    I became bored with this, like I do with many of these games. It is fun for a period time, but then you get to a stage in the game where better equipment and firepower is a necessity. Only problem is you need coins, lots of them. If you don’t want to buy coins, you end up playing the same stage over and over again for a measly amount of coins. Then you exchange the coins for upgrades, only to find yourself waiting hours for an upgrade. I would much rather pay a flat price for the game at the beginning and not have these silly hoops to jump through.

    • HarvesterX


  • RCCola85

    Yea I won’t even consider playing this until they remove the online restriction. As one of the people who actually bought DT before it went free, I’m pretty disgusted by all this.

  • Tyler Rynberg

    PIA is the death of good gaming.

  • j

    How could anyone think this is too difficult.. you don’t even friggen fire yourself, and there is EASY mode.

  • Ray Gray

    Still playing but like you said waiting 3 days for a gunsmith upgrade or paying $4.99 not to wait is a little ridiculous

  • David Caccavo

    no…can’t play it offline!