Dead Trigger 2 Updated With Arena Mode, New Environments, Leaderboards, and More

Dead Trigger 2, the graphically impressive zombie survival FPS from Madfinger Games, received a big update to version 0.5.0 yesterday. In addition to the highly anticipated “Arena of Death” mode, new zombies, environments, and weapons are in tow, along with a leaderboard that allows you to challenge your friends.

The Arena is a survival-type gamemode with point-based rewards for killing endless numbers of zombies. The new “ejecting traps” weapon should make that easier, along with “lucky boxes” that grant temporary abilities and powers.  (more…)

Dead Trigger 2 Update Opens Up European Territory for Zombie Slayers, Brings More Weapons (Updated)

Madfinger Games pushed another major update to Dead Trigger 2 this afternoon on Google Play, which opens up a third territory in the world inhabited by zombies. The now open Chinese European region includes new gameplays, plus players will also find new weapons to add to their arsenal. How does a brand new Minigun sound?  (more…)

Dead Trigger 2 Updated, Brings Additional Game Rebalancing and New African Environments

A new update for Dead Trigger 2 is live on Google Play, bringing quite the changelog for zombie slayers. If you happen to play Dead Trigger 2 quite a bit, you will know that the game can be somewhat tedious and boring after a while, and it looks like Madfinger has heard your cries. Included in this update are over 50 new gameplays, as well as brand new African environments.  (more…)

Dead Trigger 2 Launch on Android Imminent, Get Your Trigger Fingers Ready (Updated: It’s Live!)

dead trigger 2

It is always nice when a game company announces a launch date and sticks to it, unlike some games we know. Madfinger Games, the studio behind the popular Dead Trigger series, said that October 23 was the day that we could expect to get back to killing zombies and they were not lying. Dead Trigger 2 is about to launch on Android fairly soon.  (more…)