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WatchESPN App Receives UI Makeover – Adds Monday Night Football to Tablets, Brings Tasty Hamburger Menu

watchespn android watchespn android

This morning, the official WatchESPN app in Google Play was given a major update, which cleans up the UI in a big way and also brings Monday Night Football action to tablet users. 

As soon as you open the app, you will see that the it now follows the Android design guidelines, and a full hamburger menu has been added to the left side. From the new menu, you can access all of your scores, news on favorite teams, as well as access to live feeds for special events. According to the VP of WatchESPN, the app has been completely reimagined from both a visual layout and content standpoint. In essence, it’s a brand new app for sports fans.

You can grab the latest update right from Google Play starting right now.

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New WatchESPN App for Android Devices Now Available Free to Download

Adds access to Monday Night Football on Android tablets, ESPN.com on-demand clips

Android users that enjoy sports at home and on the go with WatchESPN will now be able to download a major update to the app for smartphones and tablets in the Google Play store.  It includes additional content, performance enhancements and design elements native to the Android platform.

“The new WatchESPN app for Android has been completely reimagined from both a visual layout and content standpoint,” said Damon Phillips, Vice President, WatchESPN & ESPN3.  “It now offers utility for all sports fans that visit the app with the addition of ESPN.com video clips and highlights.  Additionally, newly optimized features and enhancements for Android allow for a more visually compelling viewing experience – which is perfect for an event like Monday Night Football on WatchESPN via a tablet device.”

The latest WatchESPN app for Android gives authenticated fans access to Monday Night Football live on their tablet devices starting with Monday’s Miami Dolphins vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Veterans Day matchup.  The new app also introduces ESPN.com on-demand clips surrounding the latest news and must see videos featured prominently on the app homepage and accessible to all sports fans.  Live access to ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN3, ESPN Deportes, ESPNEWS and ESPN Goal Line/Buzzer Beater will continue to be made available to fans who receive their video subscription from an affiliated provider, featuring live events from the NBA, MLB, college football, college basketball and more.

  • Carlyle C. Wilson

    I don’t have an Android tablet yet but will this update be coming to the iPad anytime soon?

  • droidrazredge

    wait, has hell frozen over, MNF, on a tablet, that’s not an Apple branded, WOAAAAAAAAAAAAH. First Comcast updates their app to allow live TV with XFinity Go, now WatchESPN one ups them. This is good news to my ears!

  • Woodhouse

    Forgive my ignorance, but is that swipe-in side bar menu the “hamburger menu”?

    • Higher_Ground

      yeah, I have never heard that term before.

  • Wolfpack93

    Valid TWC account? Checked. Adobe Air installed? Checked. Watch SportsCenter on Android device? “Session authorization failed”. Stupid WatchESPN app…

    • Wolfpack93

      Problem solved. My ad blocker app was interfering. After uninstalling ABP, I am watching Sports Center on a rooted Rezound running 4.3. Also note that AIR is no longer required.

      • anon

        I also have ABP. Removing the proxy server from the wifi network setting fixed it for me.

  • shmigga

    The only reason I had this app installed on my tablet was that I hoped to see that there was an update for it one day. That day is finally here! After a long two year wait.

    • Jordan Long

      I do that with apps too. gonna have to update it on my xoom and see how good it looks

  • Jordan Long

    given the size and strength of this company/brand, this was one of the poorest executed apps I’ve ever used, especially compared to the phenomenal iOS iPad version.

    I’ve got it up for only a few minutes, but it looks way better

    proper design, check
    higher bitrate on tablets, check
    appears to have fixed bug with that preroll ad that would play everytime when you launched a stream/video.
    added ability to watch clips.

    I need to see how this looks on a N10.

    next two steps for the digital team at ESPN:
    1) chromecast support
    2) give us tablet versions of various apps that iOS users already have (the college football app is so beautiful on ipad, i almost want to buy one just for that app)

  • MikeSaver


    I have been SO PISSED OFF for so long about not being able to watch MNF on my tablet!


  • paulmike3

    No DirecTV and TWC internet requires a TV package to use. Useless to me.

    • Michigan Guy

      Why does DirecTV not have this? Seems like a no brainer to me

      • paulmike3

        Some crap about having to re-negotiate their contract, and ESPN wants pay-channel type dollars to have it. DirecTV would have to swallow a huge loss, or raise their rates like a few dollars per subscriber, so they decided just skip it. Supposedly the contract is up in 2014 and it may be added (at the subscriber’s expense, I’m sure). I’ll have dropped them like a bad habit by then.

    • Andy Stetson

      In the same boat. Sucked when one of my Husker games was on ESPN3 and I couldn’t watch it because of DirecTV.

  • Kevin Liebler

    Downloaded this a few nights ago and was amazed how much faster video loads now. It used to take upwards of 30 seconds… now it’s closer to 5 seconds.

    • JBartcaps

      Yeah it was horrendous on my Nexus 7, streaming was impossible

  • vonny571

    No if only ESPN and direcTV would get their acts together so I could actually use this app more than once a month…

  • Kevin B

    There has always been a lot of hate toward this app, but it has always worked for me, albeit slowly. That could be just the devices I’m using, or luck. Either way the update is still a welcome improvement.

  • Wow, so ESPN finally realized their app was stuck in 2010 and updated it? Kudos to them! Even more kudos for the fact that the new app doesn’t require Adobe Air. One less app installed on my devices = win.

  • Kevin B

    I just hope to see the Chomecast support some day.

    • EC8CH


    • Somehow I doubt that would happen. If you have access to live video on WatchESPN, it’s logical to deduce that you also have cable or satellite TV, in which case most users would just watch ESPN via cable. There’s no real point to streaming it via Chromecast.

      • EC8CH


        • Good point.

          • EC8CH

            GO BISON!

          • Bison: America’s Original Red Meat. I loves me a good medium rare bison burger…oh wait you’re talking about the team. Nevermind. 😛

          • HarleyGuy72

            Plus, it’s healthier…The meat that is, not the team. 🙂

          • Tastes better than beef too, in my opinion.

        • ddh819

          and the on demand stuff. it might be available through the set top box but navigating that feels like 1998.

  • Steve

    Yeah all they now need to do is update there horrendous Fantasy Football App!! The IOs version is so much better unfortunately….

    • geedee82

      I was just about to post the same thing!

    • Jeff

      I came in here to say the same thing.

    • veRdiKt

      AGREED/. Mine keeps force closing on my Nexus 5. Prolly 4.4. I sent the bug report to ESPN a total of 65 times last night. I plan on doing it again here shortly.

      • geedee82

        I was having the same problem on my nexus 5 last night.

    • janicerobinson124

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  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Speaking of the NFL whatever happened to that Fantasy thing Kellen was doing?

    • emoney

      it’s still happening, the droid life eliminator challenge

  • Ryan

    Why do i need this when my Verizon phone has NFL Mobile? that’s all i need because Verizon loves and takes care of me. They wouldn’t lie to me…..would they? 🙂