WatchESPN Streaming Hits Android TV Through ESPN App

Those interested in shooting balls through hoops, shooting pucks into nets, hitting balls over fences, kicking balls into nets, or watching James Harden reinvent the pratfall, access to WatchESPN has been added to the official ESPN application for Android TV. To watch the action, users will need the ESPN app installed, available on all Android TV models, and will also come shipped on all new Nexus Players, according to ESPN.  (more…)

Chromecast Adds WatchESPN, Major League Soccer, and Google+ Photos

Your Chromecast just became the ultimate hub for watching all things World Cup. Thanks to a new update to the WatchESPN app, you can now cast anything streamed through ESPN’s live streaming sports app to your TV, which includes all 64 World Cup games. That also includes the NBA Finals (which kick off Thursday) and the X Games.

Not interested in ESPN? What about Major League Soccer? MLS Matchday and MLS LIVE now have Chromecast support as well.

Finally, Google is giving Google+ some Chromecast live by now allowing you to cast photos and videos from G+ apps on iOS and Android.  (more…)

WatchESPN App on Android Finally Adds Comcast Support

When ESPN first launched their WatchESPN app on Android, I’ll admit that I was excited. As a Comcast customer though, that excited quickly turned into, “Oh sure, no love for Comcast customers. Why should I be surprised at that?” Now, more than a year later, Comcast and ESPN have finally come to some agreement to allow Comcast customers to take advantage of streaming ESPN content on the go. Thanks, guys! (In the most sarcastic of ways.)   (more…)

Watch ESPN App Lands on Android, Streaming Sports is Go

Who’s ready for some live ESPN action on their Android device?  WatchESPN was just released to the market and appears to work on every single device known to man (OK, that’s sort of an exaggeration – probably just 2.2+).   And it opens on the XOOM, plays something that you could consider video, but you wouldn’t want to brag to your friends about it.  Small devices on the other hand appear to be handling the service a little better.  Oh, it’s also free.

*Tip – At first login, I chose Comcast and was denied access.  If you do, be sure to go “Clear data” on the app and re-choose a service like FiOS which definitely works.  You don’t actually need a FiOS account to watch streams immediately.

Market Link

Cheers Gustafson and everyone else!