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AT&T Confirms Galaxy S4 Zoom for November 8 Launch, $199.99 With Two Year Contract

Galaxy S4 Zoom

AT&T announced this morning the availability of the Galaxy S4 Zoom, for the price of $199.99 on a new two year agreement starting November 8. The S4 Zoom is a unique device, to say the least, which features a 16MP back-facing camera, complete with a 10x optical zoom lens. It runs your standard TouchWiz-saturated Android OS, and is much like a Galaxy Camera, but in the shape of a phone. 

Beyond the camera, it features a 4.3″ qHD display, dual-core processor, 1.5GB RAM, 8GB internal storage, 2330mAh battery, and runs Android 4.2. It isn’t the most powerful thing you could fit in your pocket (does it even do that?), but it’s a very interesting device regardless.

If you just can’t wait to preorder this magical device, you can sign up for info here.

Via: AT&T [2]

  • Droidzilla

    I would get this for my wife in a heartbeat. Not for everyone, granted, but the niche it is for would love this. Heck, I’d even consider this for myself.

  • first of all this is like 5 months too late

    second i wouldn’t have bought this 5 months ago

  • hfoster52

    Hipsters with instgram can now take a more detailed approach to sharing what they had for breakfast.

    • michael arazan

      Now they can get great resolution of the fuzz of a peach.

  • MK17

    A 2 year contract… for a camera?

    • But…but…it’s a 2 year contract for a camera WITH LTE AND THE WIFIS AND MAH APPZ!!!! ZOMG! 😉

  • happybana

    …I actually kind of love the idea of a good digital camera / phone hybrid. I don’t know if this is really done well or not, but…in theory I think it’s great to try to limit the number of breakable, stealable devices I have to lug around on vacation or to parties / events.

    • That’s true. For me, having a phone, 7″ tablet and 10″ tablet is enough for me. Thankfully my photography demands don’t extend past the 13MP camera on my GS4. Everyone’s mileage may vary though. I’m sure this thing will appeal to someone…but looking at it purely from a business standpoint, I don’t see this having much mass market appeal.

      • happybana

        Maybe, maybe not. There are an awful lot of young women carrying around a big ass phone and snappy little digital cameras that I could see being easy to nudge toward combining the two. Especially at such a low price – it’s cheaper than just buying a camera, so the fact that it’s a camera that they can also text with, get on instagram and facebook, call people etc…I definitely could see this being a pretty popular piece of hardware if it’s marketed correctly. Anything that saves purse space is usually welcome.

        • michael bourgoin

          gotta agree with happybana – my wife has the note3 and loves this concept. If it was similar specs to the note etc… she would get it in an instant.

          • happybana

            Actually, this just strikes me as a more sophisticated and useful version of this (which I had and loved at the time, and continued to use as a wi-fi & bluetooth enabled, mp3 playing camera for a couple years after switching to an Android phone):

  • A.J.

    I said something like this on the S4 Mini, but why call this an S4? Everyone talks about fragmentation and dilution, so why dilute a known line to this extent? Call the S4 Mini an S3.5 and call the S4 Zoom just the Galaxy Zoom if neither of them have the same internal specs as the original S4. The Note line seems to be doing pretty well and they didn’t need to put an S in front of it, so why do it with this?

    • hfoster52

      Note is the higher end stuff and Galaxy is the lower end… Makes no sense but look at the tablets and how they are named.

      • JoshGroff

        Tablets were changed to Note with the inclusion of the S-Pen IIRC, has nothing to do with low/high end. More of a rebranding for the newer models than anything else.

        • hfoster52

          True but if you look at the note series there is a better display, processor, and other specs.

          • JoshGroff

            They also come out about 6 months apart from the Galaxy models. One can say the S4 improved upon the Note 2, Note 3 improved upon that, S5 will improve upon the Note 3.

      • sk3litor

        Huh? In know way shape or form are Galaxy the low end of anything.sgs2, Sgs3, sgs4, Galaxy note 2 and Galaxy note3 have all been arguably the best Android phone of their respective year

  • jt O’Brien

    Samsung’s design philosophy: “Okay let’s try a bunch of ridiculous, crazy ideas and, if probability serves us right, hope that JUST ONE sells with the consumers and we can call it innovation”

    • Pretty much. Ever since the original Galaxy S (and all the US variants like Vibrant, Fascinate, Captivate, whatever), you’re exactly right. They just throw stuff at the wall to see what sticks. So far it’s been the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note phones…plus arguably the Galaxy Tab tablets.

  • MichaelFranz

    Im waiting for the day i see someone holding a camera up to their ear like a phone…That said now I think people will look at you funnydoing that…. So you get a bluetooth headset, now people think you talk to yourself. lose/lose situation

    • That would be almost as douchey as someone who holds a Galaxy Note 8.0 up to their ear to make a phone call…or people who take pictures with tablets ever.

      • happybana

        wow, got a lot of anger in your heart?

        • Nah, I’m a pretty happy guy. 😀

    • BigDeeNY99

      When Maxwell Smart put his shoe to his ear and made a call we thought that was genius!!!

  • And not a sh*t was given that day. The HTC First thinks this thing is dead on arrival.

    • Droidzilla

      Please don’t use Steve Jobs lines on Droid Life. It makes the OG Droid cry; and since it’s the Sean Connery Droid, it hits a woman in the face every time it gets an emotion. I’m holding you responsible for the domestic violence.

  • T4rd

    How about “no.”