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Google Revamps Nexus 7 Play Store Listings

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 1.08.47 PM

It may not be the arrival of the Nexus 5, but Google is indeed putting in work on Google Play store device pages. The Nexus 7 (2013) pages have been completely redone in terms of a model selection process. Previously, you had to choose from cards for each model of the Nexus 7 in a sub-section just below the device description, but now, Google is letting you choose the storage size via button, and then LTE (carriers separated) or WiFi from a drop down menu.

I don’t know that we should necessarily jump to this as meaning the Nexus 5 is going to be here any minute, but we like to see Google make moves in the Play store, especially when we know something is on the horizon. And as htowngtr already mentioned in the comments, this layout would make it really easy for Google to list both white and black models of the N5.

Here is the Nexus 10 page for reference on the old design:

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 1.12.23 PM

It’s a change no doubt, and changes are good. Now, Google, just add in our Nexus 5 pages.

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  • jmsbwmn

    A little off track, but I’d love to see a white Nexus 7!

  • trwb

    Maybe they worried about supply of Nex5 and aren’t where they need to be yet. Better be tomorrow.

  • duke69111

    Google is doing everything but announcing the Nexus 5. Its kind of funny.

  • Bionlc

    Tomorrow is the day. Very reliable source told me to expect an announcement tomorrow morning. This is the same source who has shared his fair share of leaks (chromekey and hammerhead). Take it to the bank my loyal followers.

  • Nexus 7, 7″ display, 2 day shipping. 7-2=5. Nexus 5 confirmed!

  • TeeJay1100

    I like this new way better than the old.

  • brkshr

    I’ll be ordering 10 Nexus 5’s… If you wish to purchase one after they are sold out, you can bid on one at http://www.originalpricetimesten.com

    j/k, good luck to you all. I’ll be up early and pressing F5 every 1.5 seconds.

  • Prox

    sweet something else that can fail on friday when the n5 comes out.

  • markgbe

    we are on the brink of n5 fellas. yay

    • A.Miller


      Can’t imagine they aren’t going to capitalize on the Halloween/KitKat thing.

      • Wyatt Neal

        This is why I need to get like http://insanesidebets.com and let people make bets on one side or the other … stupid interstate gambling laws…

      • htowngtr

        I still have to doubt it… It’s almost 6pm on the east coast, 3pm on the west coast, and no mention of even a G+ hangout invite. I just don’t think they announce a brand new Nexus plus an upgrade to Android without any warning.

  • Morbid138


    • Butters619

      Drugs, Inc: Tech Rumor High

  • ToddAwesome

    What, no model for Verizon? /s

  • Rock_Kickass

    If you’re going to be posting anything with “Google” in the title, it needs to be in reference to the 5. All I read was “Google Revamps Nexus” and went from pumped to let down in all of 2 seconds.

  • htowngtr

    Will probably be four options for N5 like you see for that N7… White 16gb, White 32gb, Black 16gb, Black 32gb.

    Easier than having to navigate four different pages AND have the system respond to different ping requests for those pages (less load on the system).

    • Yeah, would make a lot of sense.

      • htowngtr

        Smart move on their part to streamline it so that you don’t have a system crash from too many server requests on four different models at the same time. Hopefully that will keep the issues to a minimum.

        • envoy510

          I seriously doubt the demand for the N5 will put even a noticeable strain on google’s servers. The dish out a staggering number of pages per day, and the N5 will be a tiny, tiny fraction of those.

          • hoosiercub88

            Said everyone who tried to buy a N4 on launch day..

          • envoy510

            What was the issue? I thought the problem was too little inventory.

          • Derin Richardson

            It was both.

          • htowngtr

            Low inventory plus people couldn’t even buy one after the website kept timing out, losing orders, etc. It was a nightmare for those ordering.

          • Butters619

            The play store crashed hard on N4 launch. Hard hard. People would get to the very last page and time out and have to start over. And then they couldn’t get in.

          • envoy510

            @Butters619 OK, I didn’t know that. I retract my statement. Hopefully google will get their act together this time.

          • michael arazan

            And they’d lose the checkout after putting it in the cart. By the time people were able to buy, the N4 was out of stock

          • htowngtr


          • Derin Richardson

            Not sure if serious…

            Or just trolling.

          • Qbancelli
          • Philip J. Fry

            O man i hope it’s true. I love my galaxy note 2 and all, but im ready to get away from verizon and get the n5

          • michael arazan

            I’m actually thinking of getting the N5 and just using my free tether and unlimited data on verizon to use it. Maybe if other carriers get faster speeds and no throttling I might consider the switch.

      • htowngtr

        Although now that I tried messing with it, the system does redirect you to the same page with that item. Not good, Google. I guess it does limit that in some form, but not perfect.

        • tyguy829

          Yeah they missed a great opportunity to help with the N5 launch. Selecting the capacity or connectivity from the drop down menu shouldn’t redirect you to a different page. The server should only process the two options you have selected when you actually press “Add to Cart.”

          • htowngtr

            Yep, they really had a chance to streamline this and make it easy but all they did was move the redirect URL to a drop down menu. If it had been “select your option” then add to cart as you mentioned it would be much better.

        • Butters619

          Yeah it sends a request back to the servers and re-posts the page 🙁

          • David Henry

            Who’d a thunk that Google wouldn’t put a decent AJAX call in….

    • A.Miller

      Speaking of…. w/ no removable storage, is it worth it to get the 32GB or the 16GB?

      • htowngtr

        32GB will go fast and first, I’d imagine. For $50 more (likely), you get double storage? Yes, please.

        • moelsen8

          if you were around for last year’s nexus buying extravaganza you’d know better. people are cheap. the 8gb went quicker. and that was an even more dramatic case as 8gb is relatively nothing.

          • htowngtr

            I was and I remember (I didn’t try to buy it because I wanted a LTE phone) but that’s 8 vs 16. This is 16 vs 32. That’s 4x more, not 2x more than the original 8 and for the same price difference.

            The gap between 16 and 32 is fairly significant.

          • moelsen8

            yes i get what you’re saying, but i’m saying people were still cheap enough to buy a phone with only 8gb when they could have had one with 16gb. i can’t imagine that. what, 4 or 5 gigs after OS? people are super cheap..

          • htowngtr

            True, but I’d bet 32gb sells out fairly quickly before 16gb.

          • moelsen8

            i’ll take that bet. i think if it would happen it’d only be because there’s a smaller stock of them! of course we’d never know that..

          • htowngtr

            Good point again… Although if what you are saying is true then 16gb should be more plentiful.

        • TeeJay1100

          Yup that’s what I said. Hopefully we have an option of white/black. Both look stunning, I just want an white one. I remember my white Htc Evo days.

          • htowngtr

            I debated white vs black and was on the two-tone bandwagon at first till I realized that thing will attract dirt and oil from fingers like a mofo. I would stick with black, honestly.

      • Butters619

        32GB. After OS 16GB becomes 12GB. Future proof yourself a bit. Plus, since you would have a full HD display, you may want full HD content and it doesn’t come light.

      • TeeJay1100

        It’s always better to have more and not need it, than to have too little and need more.

  • Derek Duncan

    you come at us with this?! Really?! 🙂