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Verizon Posts Detailed Changelog for Galaxy S4 Update – 4.3, Galaxy Gear Support, Blocking Mode, Other Goodies Included

verizon galaxy s4 gear update

Thanks to a changelog posted by Verizon, we now have even more details for the Android 4.3 update that is scheduled to hit the Galaxy S4 over the coming days. We first reported the update this morning, however, Samsung’s list of changes didn’t quite meet Big Red’s usually detailed standards. In the images included in this post, we not only get a deeper look at build VRUEMJ7, but also a Galaxy Gear tutorial for those new to the smartwatch, since the GS4 will support it going forward, and new additions and tweaks you’ll be glad to see.

verizon galaxy s4 gear update

The image above is just a quick look at the Galaxy Gear and how it will work with the Galaxy S4, but you’ll get a better feel for it by looking at our full review. You should get full functionality when paired to the GS4, just like you would see on the Note 3. Should we find changes between the two, we’ll be sure to let you know.

In terms of other goodies, it looks like Verizon caved in on Blocking Mode and has now enabled it on the Galaxy S4. They also brought in Samsung KNOX, updated the phone to Android 4.3, switched Starter Mode back to Easy Mode, removed Viewdini, and fixed some bugs. The update should also enable band 4 LTE, though this list doesn’t say it.

The update has yet to begin rolling out. It looks like the update is a hefty 329.5MB in size.

verizon galaxy s4 gear update

Cheers open1your1eyes0!

  • Alex

    Where the hell is my 3×4 keyboard layout gone?? That was important to me!

  • david87

    what is the new “blocking” feature they are bring back with this update?

    • housetiger77

      It’s where you can block calls or notifications during certain hours on your phone.

  • sakimike

    Got update last night.

  • Nadeem Ansari

    I read here http://goo.gl/uIAyhP a better way to update to Official Android 4.3 for Galaxy Note 2!!

  • We now have the Wi-Fi toggle 😀

    • Brian Hyun Hurh

      we got that in previous update btw 😛

      • We’re just now receiving the Wi-Fi toggle. Verizon’s Galaxy devices never supported the toggle because they removed it. We always has to use the on going notification Wi-Fi tab. Verizon Wifi toggle came with 4.3, and nothing else.

        • Hunterdelrey

          Not true. I had it for a while now. I believe the last 2 updates had it.

  • Scott Tilney

    This update allows Verizon to sell more Galaxy Gear watches. It’s the only reason they got it out so fast.

  • Ben Murphy

    It’s a bit weird that Verizon released 3 updates to this phone within the past 2 months. Why release ME7 and MI1 if 4.3 was right around the corner?

  • erichoffman

    4.3 installed…took 16 minutes to install (according to the prompt), but up and running fine.

  • Jeremy Hamel

    Just got the notification here in MN. downloading now

  • Zach

    Got the update downloading! Currently at 90%, came at 12:02am EDT.

    I am running MI1, stock unrooted.

  • David Goodfriend

    Update available now

  • TJ

    getting update now…downloading now! woohoo! after checking all day i finally got it! lol

    • Scott Tilney

      Downloading extremely slow for you too?

    • BaconEater

      What in this minor update are you so excited to get? Just curious…

      • Michael Pahl

        Proper WiFi toggle?

        • Brian Hyun Hurh

          that came out in previous update btw

  • Scott Tilney

    check your phones. OTA update is rolling out now!!!

  • Brian S

    haha disregard on my previous, i just got it OTA, so i’m sure it’s probably related to it going out.

  • Cs

    IT’S OUT

  • Android1031

    I got the OTA

  • Brian S

    aight i just started downloading something through the Verizon software assistant thats larger than 1gb, SCH-I545_VZW_3_20131015092810_3pa3eg8qji.zip.enc2 is the name, but i wouldn’t expect any update to be that big, any thoughts? or maybe the software assistant went rogue on me?

    • Cs

      No idea let me know what happens

      • Brian S

        lol i have no idea how to decrypt it

        • jnt

          It’s rolling out via OTA now – mine’s almost done installing. Other users reporting it as well.

          • Brian S

            Yeah i got it now, just curious what this encrypted file is though given it’s size.

          • jnt

            I wonder if it’s the full system image? Maybe the vzw software update assistant would decrypt and flash it? Totally guessing… never used that way before.

          • Brian S

            Good point, maybe i should save it for future use then lol

    • Oscar

      Mi1 Update

      • Brian S

        thats a big update file

  • GreatNews

    Not yet on my VZW GS4

  • Chad

    Who gives a “F”about the gimmick called Galaxy Gear?!?!

  • Adrynalyne

    Holy crap. Starter Mode renamed to Easy Mode.


  • Godzilla

    What’s blocking mode?

    • tomn1ce

      I think it’s like sleeping mode. Your device won’t get any notifications unless you allow some of them to go through.

  • Nathaniel Newman

    Finally glad to see a Verizon phone getting 4.3 before 2014! I honestly thought the S4 would get 4.3 about the time 4.4 or 5.0 KitKat came out! Samsung ACTUALLY BEAT Motorola! Take that Droid Maxx!

    • MicroNix

      Samsung has been keeping their phones updated pretty well for quite some time. Motorola on the other hand has had a mixed record (Bionic anyone?) with their updates.

    • ceejw

      The only reason this came out quickly is because Verizon wants to sell a lot of Galaxy Gears and that’s easier when more than one phone works with it. Take that financial incentive away and Verizon would have spent months “testing” this update like they do with every other software update.

  • D.B.Evans

    So, Verizon gets the GS4 update to Android 4.3 before any other US carrier … and for the HTC One, every other US carrier already has the update, but no announcement yet for Verizon.

    At least they are consistently inconsistent.

    • T4rd

      Not trying to defend Verizon, but at least the Verizon One has/had 4.2.2 while every other One was on 4.1. So it seems that they’re leapfrogging each other now, heh.

  • bjcroteau

    supposedly someone has gotten the update..could be true. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2498386&page=15

  • jb

    Don’t care about any of the updates, I just want the & *~°^& keyboard (SwiftKey) to be able to keep up with me! I takes me as long to correct all the the errors as it does to type everything out.

    • William Kister

      Google’s stock keyboard is amazingly fast and simple but can do everything. I like it more than Swiftkey.

      • EdubE24

        The Google keyboard is amazing. I found it better then Swiftkey myself!

  • Colton

    WiFi quick toggle?

    • barrmy

      factory reset came with ME7, but you need to factory reset after upgrading

  • GS

    Would be nice if they removed the ongoing wifi harassment like the Note3

    • zk7841

      They did! Wi-Fi Settings – > Advanced – > uncheck “Wi-Fi Notifications” and then it’s gone!! I am in absolute shock right now!

  • joder

    Blocking mode!!!!!

    Oh, and yeah, It’s a trap.

    • David Quinones

      Blocking mode was brought back with the last update but it was still hidden. Had to use quick shortcut maker to add it back. It’ll be nice to have it natively now.

  • Nathaniel Newman

    Wow if you don’t own a Galaxy Gear watch (which I don’t) this update is almost useless!

    • Paul Hansen

      Except for 4.3…. And all the changes that that includes…

      • Nathaniel Newman

        Hell what is the big deal with 4.3 update? What is kept from the Google 4.3?

        • NeilOMalley

          Sir please put down the phone and back away slowly.

        • Paul Hansen

          Go sit in the corner and think about what you just said.

      • Nathaniel Newman

        Is there a change log for 4.3? I’, just glad Samsung is getting ANY updates at all. I had a Samsung Continuum back when and it never got 1 Update! The S4 is getting updates faster than VZW can put them through the OTA!

  • Ray Gray

    now the waiting game begins…

    • BiZnO

      1 hour before verizon becomes a liar lmao

      • BiZnO

        it became available 12:00am tuesday ..they missed theyre ETA by a min LOL

  • jnt

    Should this update include all of the memory management, home screen redraw improvements, camera speed-ups, etc, that were mentioned a couple of weeks ago with regard to the international 4.3 / s4 update?

  • TCM_89

    Is it possible? Can Verizon be changing for the better?

  • Sham

    WHERE IS IT. If not 4.4 and Nexus 5, I need at least a 4.3 fix. Just a little one.

    • Paul Hansen

      This is 4.3

      • Sham

        Yeah. I just meant if I can’t have my 4.4/N5 on VZW, I want my 4.3/S4.

    • Sham


  • Ben Murphy

    They forgot to mention that the bootloader is locked tighter than Miley Cyrus at a hip-hop club…oh wait…

    • Bigsike

      In the enthusiasts eyes the S4 and the N3 will be the last for Samsung, we will be looking elsewhere from now on. They can keep their locked bootloaders and whoever wants them. If I wanted a locked down phone I would have gone the way of Apple.

      • Ben Murphy

        I agree. I jumped on the $0.99 T-Mobile Sim Kit just in case I want to jump ship from Verizon in the very near future, The T-Mo speeds are insanely fast here in Denver.

      • blahblahblah

        Speak for yourself please. Using words like “we” implies that you speak for everyone. I’m completely happy with my stock S4. Still blows the doors off anything other than the Note 3 and the G2 obviously.

        • C-Law

          I had the s4 and it in no way blows away the moto x I replaced it with. I would argue the other way around. I couldn’t stand my s4, stock or rom’d with cm10.1 or PA. I liked my s3 and note 2 though. Just couldn’t stand the s4 feel with or without a case and the battery life. I even got a zero lemon extended battery that fit under the stock back but still didn’t like it.

        • Litgar

          The G2 sucks butt! For that matter, every LG is a big pile of poo. I have owned 3 of their phones over the last 5 years and all of them had very frustrating glitches. One of which was the Optimus G. I bought one for both me and the misses. We had to replace her phone three times inside 6 months for no other reason than poor programming on their part. She would plug her phone in to charge and when she came back it had turned off and would only flash lights when you tried to turn it on. Suffice it to say, since I’m a programmer in training, I tried everything. Not even the carrier could fix it. You couldn’t even get to download mode to reflash it. Also, keep in mind that I never tampered with her software. Yes, it was completely stock. And when I contacted LG about the issue their response was that the G2 comes out in a month and should have fewer glitches. Worst support I have ever received from a company. My product is in warranty and you’re gonna tell me to buy the new model? LG can go to hell.

      • Dave

        Unfortunately I doubt they really care about the enthusiast or modder market, we represent less than half of a percent of Android users. They sell fricking 785 trillion phones per year

        • Bigsike

          Then the question becomes why not sell 800 trillion by unlocking the bootloader for the ones that want it and the ones who don’t care would still buy anyway. There is absolutely no downside for them to unlock.

          • MicroNix

            Go get the developer version of the S4 or One then if you need access to the core so badly. If you are on Verizon, name me another phone other than a Nexus that comes with an unlockable bootloader. That argument is so incredibly lame. If you want a developer type phone then buy it. Put your money where your mouth is!

          • Bigsike

            I’ll call your bluff point me to a link to a developer edition N3 available now and I’ll not only buy myself one but I’ll buy you one as well. But again people are missing the point that there is no reason to not unlock the phones and make everyone happy. Customers get what they want and the vendors rake in the money.

          • MicroNix

            For one I never mentioned the N3 now did I? Secondly, your post portrays Samsung as the only phones with locked bootloaders. Besides a Nexus or developer edition phones I mentioned, who else *especially on Verizon* has unlocked bootloaders?

          • tiny_tim

            If nothing else, at least HTC releases the kernels of their phones so that it’s easy to root them. I should have waited the extra couple of months and gotten the One….

        • Litgar

          That’s amazing considering there are only around 6.5 to 7 billion people on the planet. LOL

      • crazed_z06

        Lol I’m sure Samsung cares

      • michael arazan

        Actually it’s easier to Jailbreak an iphone than some other phones on vzw

    • blahblahblah

      Bootloader was locked with the ME7 update so obviously it’s “still” locked. How would you know anyway since no one has the 4.3 update yet?

    • Trevor

      Can still root these devices don’t get why people get so mad about bootloaders. If enough people own the device the Devs will come root it and make roms. My rooting experience hasn’t changed since i switched from a gnexus to an S4. Better rom choices IMO having touchwiz roms and AOSP roms. Now i don’t see 100 unofficial CM 10 roms that use to be everywhere for the galaxy nexus

      • KleenDroid

        Never will. But good thing I got the S4 while it could still be Loki bypassed.

        And of course I wasn’t dumb enough to take the ME7 ota.

    • Scott Tilney

      Update rolling out now. Check your phones!!

      • Ben Murphy

        Waiting for root =)