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Verizon Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 Update is Build VRUEMJ7 – Includes Gear Support and Activates LTE Band 4

verizon galaxy s4

Samsung confirmed to us this morning that Android 4.3 updates for the Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2, and Galaxy S3 would begin rolling out to U.S. variants as early as today. Since we received a screenshot of the potential timeline for those updates to happen from each carrier, with one showing Verizon’s GS4 variant receiving the update today, we have been on the lookout for clues. We think we found it on one of Samsung’s support pages for the VZW Galaxy S4. The update may be rolling out today after all.Β 

For a moment, the support page on Samsung’s site was updated, showing that the phone would receive Android 4.3 along with Galaxy Gear support beginning today, October 28. It has since been pulled and the Verizon support page for the Galaxy S4 only shows the most recent update to build VRUDMI1. But thanks to the magic of computer screenshots, we have the changelog for you below.

Update: It looks like Samsung went live with the changelog.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 9.33.55 AM

The update will arrive OTA as expected, bumping the phone to Android 4.3. We’ll also see Galaxy Gear support and support for Verizon’s AWS band 4 LTE. Samsung KNOX support is in there as well, along with a bump to version 2.5 of Group Play.

We’ll keep an eye out for anything else official, but it does indeed appear as if Verizon is leading the charge with the Android 4.3 update here in the States. Who would have thought?

Via: Β Samsung

  • JungEnd

    I updated (OTA) my VZW Galaxy S4 to 4.3 yesterday. There is a bug that I
    confirmed with VZW support that affects BT connection to car stereos
    (at least audio, I don’t use BT voice too much). If that is important to
    you, then I suggest waiting until that gets patched. TLDR: 4.3 update
    can break car bluetooth.

  • RC

    Verizon Updated my Galaxy S4 to 4.3 last night. Update went without any problems. Now off to see what changes that occured.

  • Jay

    I got the 4..3 update last night. One problem…. In developer options I like to set my animation modes to 0. But after I use the camera, the transition animation mode goes back to the default of 1. Is there a know fix? Thanks.

    • Nathan Poulos

      I am seeing the same issue.

  • Dave Quinn

    Just upgraded to 4.3 … LOST root … πŸ™

  • Russel Lade

    Hell yeah
    Just upgraded to 4.3 and I still have Root. Thank you Chainfire and SuperSU… I guess the paid app “survival mode” is worth it for root.

  • Ryan

    I have just received the update

  • Derek

    Downloading as we speak…

  • Keith

    Just got the update, its downloading now!! Bristol, VA/TN area.

  • Zach

    Downloading it now! Came when I checked at 12:02am EDT.

    Currently on MI1

  • Michael Mullenix

    mine just popped up at 12:01am. it is downloading now!

  • JK

    I can’t believe we haven’t received the update yet! This is truly ridiculous. All I want out of life is to have my phone updated. Screw 4.3! Why is it taking them so long to give me 4.4?! I want it now! And I expect 5.3 within the week!!!!!

    • Brian S

      agreed, i feel so ancient with 4.2.2 =( i wanna feel youthful with 4.3!

    • Jason Daringer

      But they say the S5 will have Android 5.0 when it comes out Next year lol and you will get 5.3 when the next Note comes out

    • Keith

      Try now.

  • Bharath Kannan

    if verizon activates band 4 lte through this, does that mean roms like CM will also activate this?

  • Casey Kerns

    here’s the pdf turned into pics

    • Jeremy Gentry

      THANKS! for some reason mine still shows the old build πŸ™

      • Casey Kerns

        yeah once I saw that I got a little excited and immediately checked for the update, sadly, no new updates found….. πŸ™

  • casey
    • Jason Daringer

      Awesome. Some signs of Life LOL

  • Casey

    update should be coming soon, if you look at Verizon’s support page for software updates on the gs4, it now shows the new build

  • T4rd

    Does this add Blocking Mode since the Note 3 has Blocking Mode on 4.3 on Verizon? I don’t see it mentioned in the update page, so I’m guessing not. It’s just odd that the Note 3 would have it in 4.3 and the GS4 would not.

  • baldilocks72
    • DSkubic

      This is the correct update site….. GRRR!

  • Nathaniel Newman

    Show a screen like this otherwise, we’ll think you just got the MI1 update! http://i226.photobucket.com/albums/dd260/xmguy/Screenshot_2013-10-28-16-02-49_zpsca9f2503.png

  • Justin Bontrager

    Updating Via the Verizon software. Unless it’s trolling me.

    • Jeremy Gentry

      i hope this works. let me know!

    • Brian S

      mine said that earlier, but didn’t update the phone. Gives me nothing now when I try.

    • Nathaniel Newman

      How does one get that Verizon Software for updating?

      • Justin Bontrager

        It installed when I plugged in my phone with the USB cable I think. It’s been a while.

    • Guest

      Sigh…It downloaded and then did nothing.

    • Open1Your1Eyes0

      Did you have VRUDMI1 build before this started or VRUAME7 or VRUAMDK?

      • Justin Bontrager

        I had VRUDMI1 but this download didn’t do anything.

  • john

    Miracles do happen

    • Jeremy Gentry

      nothing has happened yet. no one has recieved this update

  • Jeremy Gentry

    looks like the verizon OTA page doesn’t even exist on verizon’s site?

    • jnt

      The link from the Samsung page reads write, but the URL is wrong: http://support.verizonwireless.com/dam/support/pdf/system_update/galaxys4.pdf (if that’s what you’re referring to)

      • Jeremy Gentry

        thats the link for the MI1 update not the newest one

        • jnt

          Right, I just thought you were saying the URL wasn’t working period. That URL should be the same once they’ve updated it.

  • droidrazredge

    WOW, Hell must have frozen over and pigs are flying if I am reading this right. I’m taking off my ruby slippers because I like this place better than my old home.

  • Chris

    I’m currently rooted, but I got the update last night and it kept popping up every 10 minutes aggravating the crap out of me. I don’t plan to update until I know that it will not break root, and if it breaks root I’ll have to wait for a fix. But it looks like no one else has gotten it, which is really weird..I thought everyone would have it by now. I got it and was waiting for Droid-Life to post about it lol.



    • Jeremy Gentry

      are you sure this isn’t the update that rolled out a couple weeks ago?

      • Chris

        Are you talking about the VRUDMI1 update that was around the 16th?

        • Jeremy Gentry


          • Chris

            Looking on Samsung’s page, it said that update was only OTW (Over the Wire), while this one is OTA. I didn’t get the VRUDMI1 update, but I haven’t plugged my phone into my computer with KIES on, but this one just randomly popped up last night. That’s why I think it’s the newest update. I mean, I could be wrong, but it seemed more logical to me that it’s the newest OTA

          • Jeremy Gentry

            even though it said the VRUDMI1 update was OTW only, it still came up OTA for my s4 so i’m assuming that this one is in fact the MI1 update

          • Chris

            Well darn. OKay I’ll just delete my post. Thanks!

  • David P

    Just curious, what exactly is LTE “Band 4” — I can only assume a new “frequency” so to speak for the signal to work on??

    • jnt

      AWS – much faster LTE that will also free up spectrum on the other bands for the users without phones that can use band 4.

      • David P

        Ah.. but is that service actually ready and available in most towers or is it just to enable in on our phones for when they do enable it if its not available yet? I do remember hearing about this about a year ago.. wasn’t sure if this was it or not.. Thanks.

        • jnt

          I think they’ve activated it in some areas, I remember reading reports a few weeks ago of it starting to pop up. But I don’t think it’s by any means wide spread yet.

  • jnt

    Did anybody else notice a slight discrepancy in builds on that Samsung page? It says I545VRUEMJ7 will be released today, but above that it says “This mobile device operates on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean (I545VRUDMJ7).” Confusion only leads to Verizon delays… ! πŸ™‚

  • skinja99

    Does this break root?

    Can someone talk about having access to the LTE Band 4 while keeping root on the VZW S4?


  • carlos

    I just received update

    • patt

      oh did you

  • AndrΓ©s Mata

    So.. My Verizon Galaxy S3 will jump from 4.1.2 to 4.3 ?? f#ck logic. Knowing VZW I will receive this update some time around the release of the Galaxy S23 or something

    • T4rd

      Yeah, just like the Note 2 will be going from 4.1.2 to 4.3.

  • eric

    I just received update s4 Verizon

    • Mike Aurin


    • GreatNews

      if you got it could you tell us how you got it? via OTA or Kias?

      • patt

        I also don’t have it yet checked b oth OTA and Kies.

    • Jeremy Gentry

      Pix or it didn’t happen

    • Opinionated_In_Bangor


  • Chris Szczesniak

    Does anyone else think that this update would have been 3 more months down the road if it hadn’t been for the Galaxy Gear issues? I am sure Sammy begged Verizon to let the update through almost as quick as the international unlocked version. Just goes to show that Verizon’s testing procedures are a sham just to get you to buy a new phone with a more recent version of Android.

  • amanda stengel

    Has anybody gotten this update yet??

    • Jeremy Gentry

      still waiting!

  • Steven Berger

    Did we just get 2 updates within about 2 weeks of each other ON VERIZON!!! To bad I just rooted my ME7, ill just wait for Hyperdrive to update their ROM to 4.3 should not be too long after the OTA. The real question is when are we going to see 4.4, I am hoping for a GPE ROM of 4.4 that will work on us who unfortunately are stuck on Safestrap because of ME7

    • jnt

      Nobody’s gotten anything yet – and I’m still skeptical and wouldn’t be surprised to see Verizon or Samsung come out and announce a delay on the Verizon update.

  • Kizaru Hiruko

    Wow. Verizon did something right. It’s about time!

    • Adrynalyne

      I prefer to call it, “they did something less wrong”.

      • Kizaru Hiruko

        Okay, I’ll revise it to “Verizon may have done something that actually benefits customers.” Or, is “Verizon may be acting less evil.” better?

        • Adrynalyne

          Better :p

    • Opinionated_In_Bangor

      Unless someone has received the update, Verizon hasn’t done anything right just yet… Lets hold judgment & praise till the update starts hitting phones

  • br_hermon

    Hopefully someone who gets it can report if it has new radios or not.

  • Bob

    It’s a trap…

  • deepen03

    anybody click the link and notice how the previous update changelogs say 4.1.2? It should be 4.2.2 .. the Galaxy S4 shipped with 4.2.2 not 4.1.2 LOL.. Verizon FAIL.

    • Adrynalyne

      As much as I like to bash Verizon, this is Samsung’s site.

      Blame them.

      • joder

        I blame you – are you sad your Note 2 won’t be getting this?

        • Adrynalyne

          Nope, joder.

    • JimmyHACK

      Samsungs site has had incorrect numbers for a long time.

  • CHRIS42060

    What will have Verizon customers more disappointed today: Not getting this update today, or the Nexus 5 being announced officially sans Verizon support?

    • Adrynalyne

      Second disappointment should be expected and already prepared for.

      • jnt

        With the amount of hype around this today, I’m going to agree and go with the former. I’m still very skeptical this will happen today.

      • CHRIS42060

        One would assume; however, every Nexus 5 related post seems to have those Team Verizon folks holding on to hope.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    I’m wondering if Kit Kat will enable LTE officially on the N4?

    • Adrynalyne

      Not without another trip through the FCC.

  • Taylor Abrahamson

    Well I’m stuck on Verizon for now.. But I picked up a S4 last Friday and I’m happy to say that CM10.2 is a BEAST on this thing!!! Love it! Also the Android 4.3 App Ops is awesome!!!

  • DC_Guy

    I wonder if Band 4 is already enabled on the Verizon Note 3 or if that will require another update?

    • John

      I would like to know this too please. I googled… I failed…

  • Jimmy DeNardo

    I like the one guys comment that hes gonna be checking for a software update all day now… not gonna get anything done… thats been me for 2 weeks! I better get this update today… i wanna actually use my galaxy gear… mother bleeper!! IS IT POSSIBLE… THAT VZW CUSTOMERS… WILL GET… AN UPDATE… BEFORE EVERYBODY ELSE? AHAHAHAHA?! REALITY HIT ME MIDWAY THROUGH MY COMMENT!!!

  • JimmyHACK

    It’s back on samsung’s site

  • Christopher Lee

    Holy hell??????? Verizon being the absolute first to update their Galaxy phones to Android 4.3???? Have we fallen into the fourth dimension????

    • hfoster52

      The 4th Dimension is time correct?

    • Walter Partlo


      • Christopher Lee

        Yes…. We have hallen into an alternate earth where the fourth dimension… Time…. Has overtaken Verizon and they actually provide updates sooner, rather than months and months later as we’d have normally seen on the real Earth we were used to….

      • Meh

        Keep in mind the Verizon data services are non existent in places like Midtown Manhattan which have an enormous VZ user base… And they’re getting a lot of heat for it. They already have band 4 LTE live here, so maybe they’re expediting this update due to these factors…

        • Bootleg Zani

          It is the truth. I’m in Midtown Manhattan all day and I get terrible service from VZW. Honestly though I doubt AT&T is any better around here. You would think Midtown would be maxed out constantly. Certain spots in Midtown I can get max bars of 4G LTE but other times its next to nothing. It might also have a lot to do with the Galaxy Nexus radios. Note 3 Developer Edition cannot come out fast enough.

    • feztheforeigner

      Even before they update the Galaxy Nexus…

      • michael arazan

        Been like almost 9 months since the GNex was updated. 4.2 took 4 1/2 weeks after it came out, was the fastest update Verizon ever issued for an OS update. Now Verizon is just going to pretend it never existed.

  • jnt

    Will believe it when I see it – nothing yet here, but this would indeed be awesome. Though it seems odd given how recently MI1 was…

  • Jeremy Miller

    Enough said!!!!

    • B T

      Unfortunately, I think that’s hell frozen UNDER. :/

  • Zach

    Is the Note 2 capable of Band 4? Hoping it is.

  • countryashell334

    Now I’m gonna be checking for a software update all day. I won’t get anything done. Hope I’m not disappointed…

  • Tom Luley

    Well, as long as it “actives the LTE 4 band” and doesn’t “activate” it, we should be good. πŸ˜‰

    • Fixed πŸ™‚

      • Tom Luley

        Sorry, Kellen…Gotta break your balls sometimes!

        • And I expect it. Keep me on my toes. πŸ™‚

          • bjcroteau

            Well does that also include “her in the states” πŸ˜‰

          • Paul Hansen

            Lol, Win.

          • GAH. Fixed.

          • joejoe5709

            I know I do…

  • Simon

    Let’s hope they’re going to activate LTE Band 4 soon… 4G is terrible here in SF

    • Paul Hansen

      It’s already live in some metro areas. Howardforums has seen evidence of NY and Chicago. Not sure where else as I didn’t care to check (I live in chicago)

  • Haterade

    Galaxy nexus????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    I hate Verizon. I hate this phone. I hate my life. I hate everything.

    • Fredy Nativi

      This guy is jumping off a cliff in 3…2…1

      • T4rd

        If he does, I hope he leaves a note specifying Verizon as the cause. Maybe people killing themselves over their bad practices will prompt some changes around there. =p

        • CHRIS42060

          Doubtful….. They will just sue his next of kin for the contract termination fees.

          • Ryab

            Ha the internet bows to you sir

    • angel maldonado

      I hate you too bro!

    • Steve B

      You should hate yourself for not upgrading yet.

      • Haterade

        I hate that I missed the boat on the keeping the unlimited upgrades because I trusted the guy who said, “ITS A TRAP.” I hate him. I hate his lies. I hate you too for rubbing my face in it. I hate my luck. I hate my face. I hate your face. I hate this earth.

        • Paul Hansen

          Did you miss the upgrade window this past week also? πŸ˜›

          • Haterade

            I hate that on the one day I don’t read this website, I miss the upgrade window. (you’ve got to be sh*tting me. Really?). I hate you for pointing it out, too. I hate people who kick a guy when they’re down.

            I hate EVERYTHING.

          • halon

            Just get a new phone with Verizons Device Payment Plan. You still keep unlimited.

          • michael arazan

            That;s what I’m going to do, $600 phone over 12 months $50 a month, budget friendly, and will retain unlimited data

  • Paul Hansen

    LTE band 4 = win

    • BiZnO

      4.3 became available on my end PGH,PA at 12am Tuesday
      currently only 28% dled

      • saleh

        me too almost done 80%

        • saleh

          finally i got 4.3 on my galaxy S4 :)))) Verizon

  • Walter Partlo

    KitKat is definitely dropping because if a skinned VZW phone had the current version of android on it, it may destroy the space-time fabric, ending life as we know it.

    • Paul Hansen

      ***waits for space-time to collapse on itself***

      • Cubx

        That won’t happen. The Doctor and his Tardis, won’t let it.

        • michael arazan

          Verizon is definitely the Daleks

    • Fredy Nativi

      Verizon Note 3 has Current version of android and guess what? It’s skinned.

      • Walter Partlo

        Should have said “be updated to”, but you are taking this way too seriously Buzz Killington.

        • hfoster52

          Isn’t that a coffee shop in Vermont?

          • Walter Partlo

            “Ok Google Now, navigate to a coffee shop in Vermont.”

  • THIS must have been what was keeping Vic up last night……no? Darn…refresh…refresh…refresh……..