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Samsung: Android 4.3 Updates With Gear Support Beginning as Early as Today for GS4, Note 2 and GS3

Galaxy S4 Galaxy Gear

We have been discussing when the bulk of Samsung’s smartphone lineup could expect to see Android 4.3, which would include compatibility for the company’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch. After last week, when an internal document leaked with all of the supposed release dates for the 4.3 updates for each device, Samsung has now confirmed this morning that the updates will begin rolling out as early as today. 

While each update for each carrier is different, which is exactly what we saw in the leak, at least one of them should start today according to the document we saw last week, beginning with the Galaxy S4 on Verizon. Although, that has yet to be confirmed by Verizon or Samsung. If you would like an unofficial look at what date you should expect to see an update, check out this post.

The update will bring Android 4.3 and Galaxy Gear support to each device, as well as Sammy’s Premium Suite of software; the exact same goodies you see on its current flagships like the GS4 and Note 3. These goodies include camera software, Multi Window enhancements, Easy Mode, and more.

If you start seeing the update to 4.3, let us know.

Samsung Expands Galaxy Gear Compatibility to Iconic Galaxy Smartphones

Premium Suite software package includes Android update, new functionality and KNOX support 

Dallas, TX – October 28, 2013 – Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile) announced today that the Samsung Galaxy S® 4, Galaxy Note® II and Galaxy S® III will receive the Premium Suite software update in the coming weeks that makes the devices compatible with Samsung Galaxy Gear. Premium Suite timing and features vary by carrier and product, with updates beginning today.

Galaxy Gear extends the Galaxy smartphone experience to your wrist and enhances everyday moments with real time updates for quick and convenient access. Now, owners of the latest Galaxy smartphones will be able to stay connected with discreet notifications and tap into the exceptional features of Galaxy Gear, such as hands-free calling, music control and S Voice™ access.

In addition to Galaxy Gear compatibility, Samsung’s Premium Suite will bring Android 4.3 and additional features to these premiere smartphones. The update brings the flagship experiences introduced on the Galaxy S 4 to the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III including updated Easy Mode, Multi Window™, advanced camera options, and additional features with new functionality.

All of the smartphones receiving the update are SAFE™ (Samsung for Enterprise), giving users the confidence that their device is suitable for use in the workplace. Additionally, the devices will be ready for KNOX™, Samsung’s comprehensive solution that enhances Android security from the hardware layer to the application layer and allows users to safely and efficiently separate work and personal data on a single device.

The Galaxy S® 4 mini and Galaxy Mega™ will also receive an update in the coming months to be compatible with Galaxy Gear.

Timing for Premium Suite and features in software updates will vary by wireless carrier and product. For the most up to date information on update timing and availability by product and carrier, please check with your carrier and visit www.samsungmobileuspress.com.

  • wj

    I downloaded version 4.3 and I hate it. Mobile data was removed from the drop down menu and the air view where your phone is locked and you wave your hand over it doesn’t work at all. Also the typing had gotten similar to the IPhone with the auto correct which I am not a fan of.

  • khadir
  • steven decker

    anyone got the update on there Note 2 yet?

  • flyingbagel

    Got my up date on my s4 on sprint 2 days ago

  • Virak Ly

    It is already out for the At&t version. The official 4.3 firmware is leaked and you can install it. 100’s of people have installed it including me here is the link on how to install it!


  • m2

    I just got it from Verizon. Updating now.

  • Mark

    Update received today for my S4 on Verizon. Pensacola, Fl

  • vishu
  • xv

    what about GALAXY S 2 !!

  • leeannsb

    Got the update manually today in Indiana.

  • VGP2013

    my SG S3 through ATT just updated an hour ago but only to 4.1.2 ….

  • AngeredAndroid

    My S3 might be the last “skinned” phones I buy.
    Ridiculous waits on updates.

  • michelle

    Is it ALL models of the S4??? I have model SCH-1545 from Verizon???? Will and when will this be updated the 4.3???? 🙁

  • Metal_Bassist

    4.3 on the Note 3. I woke up to the update.

  • Aden Derek

    I’m running 4.3 on my i9300 using Cyanogenmod. It’s running fine. If this is the case then this will be my last Samsung device. Just over a year of support is crap. to download and update Android 4.3 test firmware for the international Samsung Galaxy Note II GT-N7100 i found a working tutorial here http://www.smartphonesupdates.com/android-4-3-international-samsung-galaxy-note-ii/

  • Michael Mullenix

    got my update in US at 12:01am! It is installing now!

  • shelle

    I have the S4 from Verizon but its showing what im reading online that it isnt the model number SCH-1545 that is my S4 that will be updated??? Im confused???

  • Buloy Quizo Del Castillo

    Philippines got the 4.3 now for globe telecom postpaid s4.. yay! Not much of difference but.. yaaaaay

  • Jose Alvarado

    Hey guys dumb question warning. I’m rooted. If I download this, will this damage my phone? Will it break my root?

  • Illinipoke

    Ghah, I read this wrong, I thought you were saying that the note2 ans s3 updates were beginning today as well.

  • DigitalEnforcer

    Did 4.2 come out for the Galaxy S3 on Verizon already?

    • michael arazan

      No the GS3 on vzw is 4.1.2, they should skip over 4.3 and go straight to 4.4 imo. Also the Galaxy Nexus is still on 4.2

  • DigitalEnforcer

    Wait a second . . . my GS3 is still on 4.1.2 on Verizon

    • J Dub

      Yup. That’s right. Do yourself a favor and install CM10.1. I tried a TW based ROM not too long ago thinking maybe they have been cleaned up well. Why that is true they still aren’t as fast and fluid as a AOSP based ROM. Even 4.2.2 is a huge improvement.

  • sndmn

    Got my update today! In Dubai!

    • EP_2012

      Pictures or it never happened! LOL. What’s the final build date/code?

  • EP_2012

    Crossing my fingers that N7100’s get their update today 🙂

  • If you want a GS4, fast updates, and are on AT&T or T-Mobile, I can’t recommend the Google Play Edition GS4 enough. The only real reasons to own one would be either a) you love stock Android or b) you love fast updates. If either of those apply to you, you really should seriously consider selling your current GS4 and buying a GPE.

    I had an AT&T I337 Touchwiz model which I sold for a GPE and it was, frankly, the best tech gadget decision I’ve made this year. Yeah, you lose all the features of Touchwiz but the only thing I really, really miss is Samsung’s awesome camera app. Beyond that, Touchwiz is barely a memory.

    Stock Android is FAST on the GS4 and the updates come pretty quickly. 4.3/JWR66V came about a week after Nexus and 4.3/JWR66Y came about 2.5 weeks after Nexus. Not bad, all things considered.

    • Balansi Kherwyn

      You lose important features such as Smart stay,WiFi Calling and many more. I actually use these stuffs.. There are also many fun and important feature in Camera that you will lose. You will also lose the IR blaster driver… The IR blaster is very important for me because I can control my TV, and almost everything that has IR. Yup, I have a universal remote all the time.

      Also, surprisingly, the TW is equal if not more power efficient than the GPE.

      • Smart Stay was definitely useful as was air view. I can live without them, though, in the name of fast updates and stock Android. The camera software was hard to do without though. Samsung’s camera software wipes it’s @$$with Google’s.


    Perfect!!! Just in time for the 4.3 update for the VZW GS3… for christmas…. of 2014.

  • Ian Dunn

    I have yet to root my S4 after last weeks update specifically for this reason. There better be a 4.3 update soon. Like today.

    • countryashell334

      Same here

  • This guy

    Where is 4.3? I saw the leak it was dropping today. I want it and I want it NOW!!!

    • Mike Robertson

      If you want it today, then root my friend

  • Rice30

    Soon Tizen OS will become their next update!!! Possible victims: SG3, SG4, SGN2, SGN3.

    • Adrynalyne

      Only if they want to drive a nail into the proverbial coffin.

      • T4rd

        Yeah, that would be extremely bad for everyone. I’m convinced that Samsung doesn’t have any plans to use Tizen in the forseeable future, esp. in their flagship phones. They may test the waters with something eventually, but it’d be suicide for them to try to push a whole new OS/ecosystem on us anytime soon, even with their near-limitless funds to pour into it. It seems to me that Tizen is just like a little pet project for them to play with on the side in case Android take a dive somehow.

    • rals

      Nope, It will be a forked version of Android. More or less like the Kindle.

      • Adrynalyne

        They won’t do that either. Technically that is all Tizen OS is anyway.

        Tizen OS would not survive in the US, and probably not Europe either.

  • Desmond Abrams

    I can’t wait to get my t mobile Wi-Fi calling back. I have crap reception in my home. LTE everywhere else lol.

    • J Dub

      This is why I left T-Mobile for an AT&T MVNO. Even pretty decent coverage on the map for T-Mobile the service still stunk.

  • Steve B

    So is 4.3 on the GS3 going to look like 4.3 on the GS4? Transparent status bar and all?

    • T4rd

      No reason to believe it will look any different or have any less features that aren’t dependent on the newer hardware that the GS4/Note 3 have.

  • Opinionated_In_Bangor

    I wouldn’t hold my breath about getting the 4.3 update from Verizon today… We all know Verizon.. But perhaps we will be pleasantly surprised

  • htowngtr

    Wow… GS3 gets 4.3 before Moto X? LOL

    • athom07

      There are already rumors that Moto X is skipping 4.3 and going straight to 4.4….

      • htowngtr

        Yea, I call BS. If that’s the case be prepared to wait till 2014.