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Nexus 5 US Release Date Tipped for October 31, Canadian Carriers on November 8

Nexus 5

According to the tipsters of MobileSyrup, the same site that posted up early press renders of the Nexus 5, the device that many of us have been waiting for will launch in Google Play on October 31, Halloween. Given that Android 4.4 is named Kit Kat, it sure would be poetic of Google to launch the device on America’s candy-filled holiday, but we are still awaiting confirmation from either LG or Google. 

As for any Canadians that are waiting for this device to cross the border, the same tipsters point to a November 8 launch on carriers in Canada.

Whatever day it does finally show up, it isn’t soon enough.

Via: MobileSyrup

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  • Shawn T

    Google updated a lot of core apps. We’re getting closer!

  • newsjunkieintl

    Canadians can also order off Google Play, so not sure why Canadian carriers will allegedly get it days later? For Canadians who don’t have enough money on hand want to get it on contract?

  • 8panther5

    latest nexus 5 with android kitkat release on 31 st october….refer to..
    Google Releasing Nexus 5 on 31st October with Android 4.4 Kitkat

  • Joey Funk

    Go check on amazon, there’s cases for the nexus 5 with a release date of november 1st. looks like that release date is confirmed. 😀

  • can canadians buy from the play store? does this have better camera than a galaxy s2 for video? thnkx

    • John

      Yes, we can buy it from the play store.

  • Fia


  • it is really good news, I’m looking forward to the development of Android. Google’s Nexus 5 is truly a remarkable phone

  • Randy Rivas

    If google has supply shortages like with the Nexus 4 we must riot.

  • Guest

    Unless this ships with a year supply of free kitkat’s I refuse to buy it. I deserve a little something extra for the amount of time they’re making me wait for this gorgeous phone.

  • Simon Belmont

    Bought me a big bag of Kit Kats for Halloween. Seems appropriate.

    I would think the press invites would be going out pretty soon. I hope they are, at least.

  • Blue Sun

    I can’t wait for a confirmation on this. We need to get more use out of the Ron Paul “It’s Happening!” gif.

  • droid boy

    I have a question I am a og droid owner then I went to Galaxy’s nexus my contract is up in about three weeks what are most people like my self are gonna do to keep unlimited data butt want a new phone will Verizon take a chance loosing thousands of customers because of this

    • Blue Sun

      People have been paying the subsidized phone price, or taking advantage of both of the VZW sweepstakes the occurred past month. The third option is leaving VZW all together.

      • SplashMTN

        I honestly think Verizon could care less and when it comes down to it. Most people who say they will leave Verizon or want to leave Verizon either won’t or can’t. Originally I was really hesitant about leaving Verizon because of a grandfathered unlimited plan, but last month I only used 300mb of data (I’m on wifi all the time at home/work) so now I’m not too worried about leaving.

        And even if Verizon did lose thousands of customers because of losing unlimited data it’s safe to say they wouldn’t be hurting too much.

    • Vincent Marino

      If I were you I’d jump ship to T-Mobile or AT&T (if you get good coverage in your area). Verizon will probably hardly even notice all the people leaving.

      • BL4Z3D247

        That’s what I did a year ago. Couldn’t be more satisfied. Nexus devices on Verizon are pointless, you don’t get the true Nexus experience.

  • MikeKorby

    So how about this? I buy the device off-contract, keep my Verizon device with unlimited data constantly tethering its 4G signal to my N5.
    Verizon powered Nexus 5 yay!

    • michael arazan

      American Know-how and Ingenuity


    I’ll believe it when I see it with an add to cart button next to it. And Just because its there doesn’t mean that they wont have the same inventory issues they had last year. But don’t get me wrong I’ll be sitting in front of the computer at midnight.

  • kwasbob

    Any idea when we get it across the pacific in UK?