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Google Sends Out Invite to October 24 Google Play Event (Updated: It’s Not the Event You Want)

google invite

Well, would you look at that. Less than 24 hours after the Nexus 5 appeared on Google Play for a brief moment before being pulled, Google has sent out an invite to Geek.com for an event to be held at 7:00PM Eastern on October 24 in NYC. The invite shows “Google Play” in the top header, and then mentions joining them for a “night out with Google Play.” There will be music, movies, games, and a special performance by Capital Cities. So is this the Nexus 5 event we have all been waiting for? Tough to tell. 

Update:  Geek.com is now reporting that this event will not feature new hardware. So no, this is not the Nexus 5 event.

There is no mention of Android whatsoever, or devices or anything new. The invite also doesn’t appear to have been sent to any other tech media that we are aware of, so we’re not really sure what to think. With the end of October approaching, and rumored Nexus and Kit Kat launch dates coming and going, this seems like good timing for an unveiling. But something also just doesn’t seem right. No matter what, it has been marked on our calendars.

You tell us – is this the big event?

Via:  Geek

  • Ravi Patel

    Google is seriously testing my limits right now. Iv Been waiting for nexus 5 for two months and have held myself from geting an lg g2 (pure android ftw) but holy Christ man just release the damn thing already

    • Piyush

      LG G2 is not pure Android by the way.

  • Franklin Ramsey

    So is there any information on this event?

  • Derek Duncan

    you do know what really happened here, right? Here’s what I think:

    Geek.com (and other prominent tech sites; Verge, Engadget, etc.) were sent an invite to a Google Play event and were told to keep it a secret. They will see the new Nexus hardware and likely receive them under embargo until next week, say, Oct. 28. Geek accidentally posted the invite and tried to cover it up by reaching out to a ‘source’ saying no hardware..

    This is why it’s been quiet on the rumor front this week.

    • Piyush

      I hope you are correct here 🙂

  • Marc

    This might have something to do with the upcoming iOS app for Google’s All Access music service maybe?

  • Adam Turner

    Right now I’m so glad I live in the UK, where any sim works in any phone and every phone works on works on every network

  • duckmanbill

    28th announcement date is also looking unlikely. They normally give 2 weeks notice for press events.

  • Mattattackk101

    If it wasnt for the discounts I get with Verizon I would of left already, just hopefully they wake up and get the nexus 5, the moto x is a great phone seems like but no moto maker yet. but even if i had to get an unlocked nexus 5 for the hopefully $350 I would. I love nexus devices. I hate apple but one thing I am glad they do is force the updates to the phones and dont really care about the carriers. I know there is a lot of android devices out there but if google could do something like that with the nexus devices that would be amazing.

  • Stretch

    Really hoping for some new chromecast updates!

  • Raiky

    Nothing strange. There will be a few events next days. 24 is the first one. Your event invitation will arrive monday 21.

  • needa

    it is the event i want. it looks like they are going to be announcing, and hopefully releasing, the updated apps. 99% of the people reading this blog arent getting the nexus. so its probably the even they want also.

    just sayin.

  • sidred

    The original post on geek .com has been taken down. Looks like a false alarm.

  • Silver

    3 days to go~!

  • joejoe5709

    Hmmmm… Suspicious. But probably nothing mind-blowing.

  • Pratik Holla

    I wonder what they are going to talk about! Maybe of a new version of google glass? 😛

  • Rodeojones000

    Capital Cities? Who knew Google had such terrible taste in music.

  • stormy_al

    Is it not possible that the hardware announcement/reveal will be the 21st as many are speculating, but the event is just a software follow-up?

  • andrew borrelli

    These aren’t the googles you are looking for…

  • MikeSaver

    Are they waiting for the government to not be shut down so they can get nexus 10 through the fcc? If going to spend money on an event, and planning on having two or three(smart watch) devices, they’ll probably want to make it worth it by showcasing all three

    • Krishna

      The government is open again right?

      • Malik


      • fauxshizzl

        But now they have to sift through all the submissions they were already behind on as well as those submitted while they were closed. That is to say nothing of the ones still coming in on top of it.

  • PhoenixPath




    Damn…they are really going all out to troll their fanbase this time around. I really hope we keep having fun with it though and it doesn’t start to backfire. (How much longer can they keep this up anyway, right?)

  • Dan

    Don’t you see? October 24… 2-4… Two Four’s… 4.4… Kitkat on the 24th!

    • Tim Swann

      that would be very google-like creativity.

    • Chloe Choy

      hope so!

      • Some guy

        October 24 … 2×4=8, Nexus 5 … 8-5=3. Half Life 3 confirmed.

        • SuperSam64


    • Epic Tea

      lol you people read too much into things.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Well this is stupid… the hell is this google?

  • Nayners

    Something doesn’t add up – Why would they have a whole event specifically for Google Play? There’s something going on that hasn’t been leaked yet. What if they don’t have a press conference for the N5, and just annouce it similar to the N4? Then, they can ‘touch’ on the N5 during that event. I dunno, I give up. Just release that Sh!t, Google. My Google Wallet is ready!

  • BTLS

    There will be punch and pie though…

    • Abgar Musayelyan

      yes. also, free hat.

      • Pedro

        Damn. I want an invite. There wasn’t any mention of a free hat. But, if it’s true….

  • moelsen8

    very weird. wonder what’s going on with all of this. at this point it wouldn’t surprise me if we woke up any of these days and the nexus 5 just appeared in the store. strange happenings are afoot.

    • Nayners

      This is what I’m starting to think.

      • moelsen8

        would certainly help more of us order them properly vs having the entire internet take down the play store a minute after it’s released.

  • Don Crist

    One day closer to leaving Verizon with a Nexus 5!

    • KoTiell

      I really wonder if Verizon will feel us all leaving at the same time. I imagine they won’t and that’s why they won’t work with Google to carry this phone.

      • Blue Sun

        “I feel a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of accounts suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.”

        • Pedro

          I suspect that the Force will feel half the disturbance, but on December 11th.

          And they won’t care. Because they really just don’t care.

          • Blue Sun

            I agree to a point. If the profit margins drop below market expectations & the stock price drops dramatically, then they will react.

          • SuperSam64

            “…they really just don’t care.”

            If anything sums up Verizon in five words, it’s this.

      • Don Crist

        Eventually they have to be affected by the no contract $80 unlimited plans at Sprint, but who knows if they ever cave and actually do something that is in the best interest of the customer. A great network can only get you so far. Especially if the other networks are improving everyday.

        • Carlton Crasher

          I doubt it. Verizon has huge coverage and superior data coverage, and obviously not in every spot as some carriers might have certain areas they are greater…but for example…nobody in my area offers above 3G and most are 2G, and yet Verizon Wireless have 4G LTE for the entire area for the past year….People like me can’t afford to go to another carrier, and while there are probably few in my situation (maybe?), Verizon won’t feel the heat of us “Nexus” users leaving…Most people don’t even know what a nexus phone is. Other Than AT&T most other carriers only have good coverage in populated areas..Hence, why i’m porting my VZW to google voice (get a diff # for VZW) and use my Google Voice for My Nexus 5 and have a complete Nexus Experience on VZW using my S3 as arouter…..Carry two phones lame? Its what i have to do.

          • Adam Truelove

            Wow, that sounds awful.

          • d-rock

            At least get a mifi or something….don’t carry two phones 😀

        • T4rd

          Sprints has 3 major problems though; LTE coverage, 3G data speeds, and they’re CDMA (so no unlocked/GSM phones). I think most people will jumpt to T-Mobile instead because I’m pretty sure they’ve surprised Sprint with their LTE coverage and even if not, their HSPA/HSPA+ network is exponentially better than Sprint’s 3G network.

          • zurginator

            T-mobile’s Edge is faster than Sprint’s 3G… and probably has better coverage to boot.

          • T4rd

            Lol, sad, but probably true.

          • Razball

            I’ve seen sprints lte in action and I feel like t mobiles edge is fast sometimes lol

            Not to mention theie hspa and now lte lol both are extremely good I switched from Verizon a year ago and I’m happy with the speeds and coverage at least tmobile has hspa to fall back in Verizon has 3 which is terribly terrible

          • SuperSam64

            Isn’t Verizon CDMA?

          • T4rd

            Yes, that’s a problem for them too.

          • Tehk17

            I live in Northern California and Sprint is the best carrier in my area. Coverage is basically everywhere, and LTE is present too. Yes, their data speeds (both 3G and LTE) are slower than other carriers but it’s never been slow enough to be an issue for me, especially since other carriers don’t have much coverage in my area anyway. In fact, the following has happened countless times:

            People: “I don’t have service here *rage*”
            Me: “What carrier do you have?”
            People: “AT&T/T-Mobile/Verizon/other carrier”
            Me: “Well, there’s your problem.”

            (also, my Sprint S4 can in fact be used with GSM networks. There is a SIM card slot and the option is there in settings.)

        • Jeff McLean

          I literally laughed out loud to your post. Nobody is going to Sprint……

      • EdubE24

        I can’t figure out why people would leave superior coverage and take a downgrade in service for a phone. Doesn’t make sense to me, maybe someone could explain it!

        • trwb

          Because one can also get “superior coverage” other place. At&t and AIO wireless pretty much cover everywhere and have good data speeds.

        • Cowboydroid

          Because a lot of people live places – like cities – where several carriers have great coverage, and Verizon may not even be the best.

          • EdubE24

            I live in a large city and T-Mobile and Sprint are just terrible. I would consider AT&T but not willing to change over a phone. And I’m sure as hell not going prepaid!

          • Pedro

            Have you checked the T-Mobile coverage?
            And, what’s wrong with pre-paid? Other than all the extra cash you’ve got to carry in your pocket?

          • Epic Tea

            those coverage maps are so iffy, i can’t tell you how many different coverage maps I have seen for all 4 major carriers and every one of them is only 50% accurate.

          • RoninX

            So if Verizon stopped offering the iPhone, you would switch to Android?

          • EdubE24

            I’ve had multiple android devices, the last being the S4. I have no problem with using either OS’s!

          • Guest

            i’ll let you in on a secret, craiglist is a gold mind for trying out new phones without spending a penny, i had the gs4 the note 2, HTC One and the iphone 5 all by trading my previous device with someone and non of them were more than 4 months old, many people buy a phone then months later want to exchange it but can’t.

            I would just make sure they send me pics making sure it had a clean esn and we would meet at the sprint store where sprint would do the trade to make sure nothing was wrong with the device in and out 30 minutes tops and not a penny left my wallet.

          • needa

            seems to me like you would do whatever your parents do. no reason to be cocky. they bought you last years phone for this years price. all you are doing is showing the world how foolish you are.

          • EdubE24

            No I’m an adult, but I will fill you in. I sold my Galaxy S4 for $400.00 and added some cash to that and went and bought the 5s. If I get bored with this, I will sell it and buy a newer phone!

          • dasny97

            Check out AIO Wireless. Once I leave Verizon if T-Mobile doesn’t work well enough in my area I plan to go AIO since it uses AT&T and is actually owned by AT&T but has close to T-Mobile prices

        • Jake

          Because it’s not just one phone. It’s EVERY phone that you’ll never be able to use on Verizon and it’s EVERY phone on Verizon not getting timely updates.

          • EdubE24

            I would say lately that Verizon has been right on time with the updates. I will give them credit for improving in this area after failing forever with their updates!

          • Adrynalyne


            How about that DNA update?
            HTC One?
            Note II? (Yes I am aware that other carriers are sluts here too).
            GALAXY NEXUS?

          • EdubE24

            Well my phone gets updates the first day it’s available, so no complaints here!

          • Pedro

            I assume you mean “the first day it’s available on Verizon.”

            That’s months after it’s available to others.

          • EdubE24

            No Pedro you are assuming wrong. My iPhone 5s gets the update the day it’s released.

          • Adrynalyne

            Unless you are referring to the bugfix release that Verizon throws out there around when a phone is first released, no you don’t. The OS version a phone comes with does not count as timely updates.

          • EdubE24

            No I get it the day it’s released. The beauty of having an iPhone, Apple runs the show, not Verizon.

          • Adrynalyne

            Ah, so you are just trolling.

            Got it.

          • EdubE24

            No…just commenting. I don’t think I’ve said anything negative about android or any phones.

          • Adrynalyne

            Trolling doesn’t require negative comments. You intentionally misrepresented yourself all along, even though you knew you had an iPhone and that it is not subject to the very faults we are discussing about Verizon. So all along, you knew why people were disgusted with Big Red, but played stupid and started a conversation so you could drop a big, GOTCHA! at the end.

            That sir, is a typical troll.

          • Epic Tea

            the Beauty of Nexus devices is it also gets instant updates its the same specs and even better in some areas than the iphone, runs buttery smooth, and has better functionality than ios, don’t get me wrong the iphone is nice in fact I have a iphone 5 that i recently got by trading my gs4 thought I’d give it a spin because 1 I am on sprint who doesn’t get nexus devices until the Nexus 5 comes out and 2 I’ve come to the point that I don’t want android unless its a nexus device, and if its not nexus then I will gladly use an iphone which is a great piece of tech, i think the Nexus line and the iphone are the only true comparable devices because they are both similar in their instant updates their support from apple and google as well as their developers.

            also don;t forget the Nexus is almost 1/2 the price of the iphone for what many would argue is just as good if not far better.

          • Blue Sun

            My biggest gripe 13 months waiting for JB on the Xoom.

          • NexusMan

            Yea ok…I’m on a Nexus still running 4.2

          • creed

            Verizon has made me grow to love CM. You get the look and feel of stock android with timely updates. I ran CM on my S3 and now N2 and cringe just thinking about having to rely on VZW for an update. It also makes me appreciate the Nexus line of phones and has me disappointed that the N5 won’t be available on VZW.

        • NexusMan

          Because Verizon doesn’t give superior service… They give superior coverage. There’s a difference. Some people don’t like doling out loads of their hard earned cash to a company that gives a rats ass about what they want and care about.

        • Epic Tea

          when will people learn that its not a Phone!?? its seriously like a desktop computer in your pocket, Android is anyways, iphone is nice but its just a smartphone.

        • SuperSam64

          Because them not carrying a phone that they can’t control in every way is an example of one of their many monopolistic and greedy tactics to try to manipulate their customers at every turn. You can’t trust a company like that, no matter how good their coverage. Allow me to list some examples:

          – Robbing customers who have been with them for over a decade of unlimited plans that they had been grandfathered into.
          – Going above and beyond in terms of trying to keep the user from making modifications to their devices like rooting and flashing custom ROM’s.
          – Blocking tethering apps to try to force users to pay for their tethering service.
          – Blocking Google Wallet in an anti-competitive move to try to force their “ISIS” garbage on consumers as a default.
          – Removing functionality from certain devices that is present on EVERY other carrier (Blocking Mode on the S4, for example).
          – Bloating up their devices with more crapware than any other carrier.
          – Last carrier to offer OS upgrades – if they even offer them at all.
          – Delayed releases/pre-orders.
          – Denying customers of some of the hottest phones.
          – Price-gouging.

          Every glaring demonstration of douchebaggery on Verizon’s part is another straw on the came’s back. Eventually, it’s bound to break.

      • Adam Truelove

        They won’t, not with the thousands of new subscribers they get every week.

      • Josh Shaw

        Sadly I doubt, they’ll notice at all.

      • Epic Tea

        agreed I love nexus and stock android, but I have noticed that although nexus devices are insanely popular on tech sites, youtube and the web world in general I have yet to see a Nexus smartphone in the wild, I have seen Nexus tablets once in awhile, but the most smartphones I see are 42% iphone 40% Samsung galaxy S3 or 4, 10% Galaxy Notes, 5% HTC One and 3% Windows Phone

    • cwillen

      You meant “FOR a Nexus 5,” right? Because there is no chance Verizon is getting another Nexus device after the way the handled the Galaxy Nexus.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Well he could just mean he’ll be leaving Verizon….with a Nexus 5 in hand…….For another carrier.

      • Don Crist

        Exactly! Hello Nexus.

    • luanachavez32

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      in 4 weeks on the internet. have you read this web site bay35.com

    • BJRCollins

      Why leave unlimited data – just pop the sim and activate.

  • Shane Redman

    I don’t think that’s the event the public has been waiting for….seems like a happy hour

  • Malik

    Yea, Geek is now hearing from its source that no hardware will be revealed. I don’t recall google ever having back to back press conferences so it’s either this will revealed at this event or it will be announced before hand through a press release. At this point the latter would not surprise me as there is literally nothing we don’t know, except the date, about the Nexus 5.

    • onDroid

      Not true. We don’t know about all the software enhancements in 4.4. Sure, we can see the UI changes but you can’t see what’s going on under the hood. I’m hoping for some updated camera software

      • Nick

        Me too. Photosphere is cool but I need some more useful features. I’m not saying it needs all the bells and whistles of the GS4, but I’ll be bummed if we don’t at least get a burst shot thing.

    • Justin W

      The “No New Hardware” thing surprises me though. Last year (maybe the year before), they advertised the event with the slogan “The Playground is Open”, and it appeared to be an event dedicated to Google Play, but that’s when they revealed the GNex or Nexus 4, wasn’t it?

  • Robert Macri

    Doesn’t seem right, they always tease the new devices/OS with these invites.

  • Derek Duncan

    Already reported as not the event we’re looking for.

    • zurginator

      It could be: The N4 event was originally scheduled for October 29th – then the device released November 13th.

      The Galaxy Nexus event was October 18th, and the release date was November 17th.

      • Pedro

        I’m with you.
        Google hasn’t had a real announcement since 2010. Jobs died in ’11, canceling the ICS announcement and moving it to HK. Sandy canceled the ’12 event, relegating it to a press release.
        The KitKat announcement is the 24th. Confirmed.
        And it will be available on the Nexus 5.