Canonical Releases Ubuntu 13.10 for Smartphones, Its First “True Mobile” Release

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This morning, Canonical announced the availability of Ubuntu 13.10, the first “true mobile release” of the OS. Inside the release, users can finally get a good picture of what the company is bringing to the smartphone game, with a fully-baked UI and core applications that have been developed by a highly experienced community of developers. There still isn’t much third party app support, but you will find the basics like a calendar, camera, phone, clock, and browser application. 

Rick Spencer, Ubuntu’s consumer-facing engineering lead, had this to say on the 13.10 release.

This is a milestone in computing history. The exact same Ubuntu OS runs on ARM phones and modern HP Moonshot ARM servers, and provides exactly the same capability as x86 platforms. Ubuntu 13.10 is a full server-grade OS that offers a mobile experience and is lean enough to support mobile devices, kicking off a new era in mobile security and computing convergence.

Ubuntu 13.10 should be flashable on a couple of Android handsets if we aren’t mistaken, so you can follow the via link below if you are interested. Although, this is best left to developers and those that are familiar with tinkering in SDKs and have a working knowledge of adb. Unlike the Ubuntu for Android platform, this is more than just flashing a zip file in a custom recovery.

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