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Nexus 5 Press Renders Leak From Telus, Give Us Another View of a Revamped Kit Kat Launcher

telus nexus 5-1

Three purported press renders of the new Nexus 5 have surfaced this morning, thanks to our friends up north at Canadian wireless provider Telus. The images were sent to Mobile Syrup, giving us one of the cleanest looks at the new Google Experience launcher headed for Android 4.4 “Kit Kat.” We also get another look at the phone’s design, though nothing there is necessarily new. 

But in the image situated top left, you can see the new Android 4.4 home screen in play. We have transparent notification and navigation areas, along with never-before-seen camera and folder icons. We are seeing the new dialer icon, though, along with icons for Google Play, Chrome and Hangouts. As most of you probably know, the default home screen setup for Android has for years included the stock Messaging app, so seeing Hangouts included could be taken as a sign that we’ll get full SMS support in 4.4 forward. We’re also seeing the new app launcher icon and home screen indicator.

It terms of phone design, the front camera, top circular speaker, volume rocker, and power switch are all on display, but the back remains hidden.

No new information in terms of a launch was revealed with this renders, however, we’re still focusing on the end of October as a potential unveiling.

Seeing anything else? Are you as excited now as we are? How hot does that home setup look?

telus nexus 5-2

Via:  Mobile Syrup

  • Kree Terry

    This has a Sony feel to it, i love the shape.

  • John

    here’s a full res version in Android dimensions:


  • Gustavo

    Oh yeah….Starting Price: $349.

  • Gustavo

    It’s going live!!! Go to Play store. Devices… Nexus 4 missing. Go to right of Nexus 10 and click in the blank area. Link to page with the Nexus 5. Click on it and get an “unexpected error.” It’s coming People!!!!

  • Jpx

    TIME 8:40 Means
    4 is HALF of 8
    Telus makes products for healthcare, they give us LIFE
    3 Renders of the device
    HALF-LIFE 3 confirmed!!!!

    someone had to do it

  • Transparent navigation and status bars are nice. Everything else…meh.

  • cwillen

    I like how they’ve removed the black bars from the notification and soft-button bars. This should prevent the burnout you can see on some screens. I know that on my GN, when I tilt it to landscape, you can see where the button and notification bars were. Bravo Google.

    • bvsbutthd101

      kinda weird, I have a GNex and mine doesn’t do that. Also doesn’t the GNex use a Super Amoled screen? Correct if I’m wrong, doesn’t Super Amoled screens actually turn pixels off for blacks. I don’t see how it could burnout that part of the screen.

      • agujeronegro

        This happens on AMOLED screens. Like Samsung Galaxy Nexus, SII, SIII, SIV, Moto X, etc.

        • bvsbutthd101

          That’s what I thought, which is why I don’t see how it could burnout on “cwillen” GNex. Unless “GN” doesn’t stand for Galaxy Nexus.

          • cwillen

            First, it’s not glaring by any means. I often notice it when I’m driving home at night, or anytime where there’s a stark contrast between the area brightness the phone brightness. I didn’t start to notice this until i changed my background to solid white.

            The effect I’m talking about is a slight differentiation in the hues/brightness of the areas that are normally solid black.

            I was surprised as well, because (like you) I didn’t think that could happen.

            All i can say is I see what I see.

      • joejoe5709

        I have a GN and I have some slight burn in. I only really notice it with a white background and the brightness up really high.

  • fish1552

    It’s just nice to see Google refining the system more and more with each update. Sure, adding features is nice, but making the whole interface easier to use and more pleasing to the eyes just makes everything that much nicer to use.

  • Brian Utne

    All I can say is that I’m glad Android is fully customizable.

  • MrBigFeathers

    Me no likey. I don’t care for the transparent background for the status bar and buttons.

    • miri

      Since that behavior is likely only for the stock launcher, if you download a custom one they’ll be opaque. And if you still want the features, it proably won’t be more than a month before other launchers start to get them.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Please let some widgets look like folders.

  • Alex Goings

    I found the real hint. The angle between KitKat fingers. 21 deg. was too small and 28 deg. was too big. 26 deg. was just right. Check it yourself. October 26 confirmed.
    gif of measurement at link.


  • Gnex

    This thing is barely better than the Nexus 4. The iPhone 5S was a much more significant upgrade. SOUND FAMILIAR ANYONE???

    • Skittlez

      barely better? Snapdragon 800 and larger 1080p screen is barely better? i’ve agreed with you a lot in the past but i have to disagree with you on this one

      • Jeff

        And the OIS camera, non-glass back, overall smaller size…

      • Gnex

        I was referring to Ron from the Droid-life show last night. I actually plan on buying the N5 the day it comes out. Derp. No trolling intended

      • Gnex


    • I never said the 5S was a much more significant upgrade.

  • SecurityNick

    Though I like a shortcut to Search, does anyone else think that the Google Search Bar (which you can’t actually type into) at the top of the phones is a waste of space? (obviously this has been on the phones for a while, but just would have figured if Google was redesigning they would have come up with a better solution)

    • HarvesterX

      I don’t know anybody who actually uses the search bar. I just keep it on my home screen to have to the default Google look… Lol.

  • Tony Byatt

    Ron disapproves…

  • Shawn John

    The deal breaker for me will be wi-fi calling and IR sensor, those two features for what I do is a must. My Nexus 4 doesn’t have wifi calling and no IR sensor, could not imagine upgrading my phone and STILL not having those features. Im waiting, if not it will be Note 3 for me.

  • shelderman

    the folders look different dont they?

  • Jeff Brown

    We dont want renders, we want real pic and video like this one. http://www.actualtecnologia.com/primer-video-del-nexus-5-en-accion/

  • onDroid

    Still hate that phone icon