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Verizon Begins Deploying AWS LTE Network, 80 Mbps Download Speeds to be had

verizon logo note 3

Earlier this year, Verizon told us that they would begin to deploy their recently acquired AWS LTE spectrum before we hit 2014. That time is now, as Big Red has confirmed to a number of publications that AWS LTE (band 4) is being activated in a number of major markets, New York City being one of them. Most of Verizon’s current 4G LTE network operates in the 700MHz frequency, better known to many as band 13. As you know, their rollout of this band 13 network is largely complete, so up to 5,000 AWS sites will go live to help strengthen the network and ease-up on the capacity demand. 

According to a variety of members over at Howard Forums and a contributor to GigaOm, that deployment in parts of NYC is currently producing wild speedtest results, often topping out at around 80Mbps on the download. Upload speeds are sitting around 15Mbps, so the extra-high download speeds could simply be that few have devices to take advantage and the network hasn’t had a chance to come back down from the clouds. Either way, this shows you an early look at how impressive Verizon’s LTE network could become as they continue to activate AWS sites.

There are whispers of similar results out of Los Angeles and Chicago, but most are seeing these speeds around Bryant park in Manhattan.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to have a device capable of running in band 4 (AWS) in order to see these speeds. We’re pretty sure that the Galaxy S4 is one of them, and would imagine the Galaxy Note 3 would be as well. Verizon said that devices released after the first half of the year could carry this type of connectivity. We’ll see if we can’t put together some sort of a list.

Anyone seeing these impressive speeds?

verizon aws speedtest

Via:  Howard Forums | GigaOM | Phonescoop

Cheers Vic!

  • Patrick Clark

    Does this mean that the Nexus 5 will start working?

  • Nobody needs 80 Mbps down on a cell phone. I have 100+ down at home and I barely hit the max speed (10-12MB) unless I’m downloading 14GB a game from a big vendor.

  • Landon Mitchell Johnson

    If they can support this much data going through at once, they should bring back unlimited data. The whole case to go to tiered data was because they couldn’t support the backhaul. They can now. GO TO CHANGE.ORG AND SIGN THE PETITION. BRING BACK UNLIMITED VERIZON DATA!

  • Scott

    Does anybody have a list of Verizon Band 4 capable devices?

  • Nits

    Damn… you guys are so lucky… here in Washington DC this is what I get on 4G Droid Razr MAXX HD…

  • TokenSSDD

    Man I kind of feel like a jerk for pulling close to 40mbps here in Jax while others are pulling less… Then again, for what this freaking plan costs I’d feel slighted if I was pulling less.

  • Eugene

    interesting, I have a moto x and i recently got my highest speed test yet. I’m in the nw suburbs of Chicago

  • chas2013

    Well, no AWS for my S3,but I’ve gotten speeds like this.

  • chas2013

    Well, no AWS for my S3, but I’ve gotten speeds like this.

  • s0uth

    awesome. im glad i caught that unlimited glitch for another 2 years. lol.

  • TimXer

    You had to release a speedtest related story didn’t you! I just finished ripping my ISP for 400kbs and 600 up speeds…Zoomtown in Cincinnati!!

  • Jeffrey Tarman

    Yeah, let’s double the download speeds so we can charge for the crap bandwidth caps we have now given. POINTLESS

  • jgemberton

    Any coincidence that VZW is rolling out AWS right before the rumored announcement of the Nexus 5 that is said to support their AWS band??? Here’s to hoping.

  • AG

    Today Oct-15-13

    • verizonchicagocustomer

      Is that on the G2?

      • burkett375

        Looks like it….I have one, woohoo that its compatible. Now bring AWS to the rest of us!

      • AG

        Yes. G2
        I’m gonna try my S4 later and see what happen.

    • flosserelli

      My girlfriend would dig that pink pillowy nav bar.

      • AG


  • James Hill

    I get about 15 to 30, depending on the time of day here in Phoenix. I’m not sure if the DNA would support band 4 or not, but even if it doesn’t I’m still good.

  • Service has been chaotic in NYC for the last few days. Lots of LTE dropping in and out. Dead zones, etc. I’m hoping this has something to do with the rollout of the new spectrum. I just did a speed test and i’m still at 10up, 5down. Astoria, Queens. GS4

  • joejoe5709

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but does this pave the way for VoLTE?

  • Paul Hansen

    Kellen, can you just post in the main article that the 2013 VZW Moto Droids and the X are compatible along with the S4? There are so many comments asking about it and I’m sick of answering them all 😛

    • joejoe5709

      LG G2 also and supposedly the Verizon HTC One, but couldn’t find anything with certainty. I’m betting just about any flagship from this year does.

      • Paul Hansen

        I’m fairly certain as well but those I know for sure. Definitely the G2 being so new. The One maybe not.

  • Eric m

    I had good speed here in Los Angeles yesterday I never got that high before

  • Diablo81588

    Looks like the moto x supports aws band 4 as well. Awesome.


    • Paul Hansen

      All of the vzw 2013 moto droids can receive band 4. It will come via a sw update.

  • ddevito

    Does anyone know of the Moto X is compatible?

  • john0214

    So they can limit this band right?

  • C-Law

    So is Moto x capable?

  • Zach K

    Still sitting at 8-14mpbs in West Los Angeles on my S4 (with the newest update)…

  • joejoe5709

    The Nexus 5 went through the FCC with Band 4. I’m not sure if that means anything because Verizon keeps their CDMA so locked down, but it’s a nifty nugget of knowledge either way.

  • Kevin

    im getting a whopping 4mb/s on my 4g

  • Nathaniel Newman

    I know my GS4 supports Band 4. But it looks as if my Commando 4G doesn’t (only Band 13 / 700 Mhz). Even though it was released in 6/2013!

    • Ian

      GS4 and a Casio? What’s that…a phone for special occasions and one for everyday? I wouldn’t expect the Casio to have AWS, they are always a year or so behind on specs.

      • Nathaniel Newman

        Yep I wanted a “tough” water proof/resistant phone. This also has (for some) much coveted FM Radio. The S4 is my regular “high power” phone. Great camera, display, etc. Casio is about a year behind. Like Motorola. Matter of fact the Commando 4G has almost the EXACT same specs as the phone I had before it. The Motorola Razr Maxx HD. Same processor, ram, etc. Casio isn’t the “best” for sure. But honestly the phone isn’t bad. I wouldn’t want it as my everyday phone however. Camera and display are awful!

  • Radgatt

    Moto X capable of this based on what was said in this article.

  • boucher19

    Wouldn’t the aws upgrade in theory improve the 700mhz band speeds as well? Since less devices will be on it?

    • Ian

      “so up to 5,000 AWS sites will go live to help strengthen the network and ease-up on the capacity demand. ”

      –the article

  • richkoos

    Because of this post I decided to check my speed, and I keep breaking speedtest, it says an outrageous upload speed with average download speed but freezes on the upload like this.

  • Jason13L

    This doesn’t make up for the .5Mbs I was getting on full bars of LTE in Arizona this past week.

    • Jeff McLean

      I’ve been getting 15Mbps to 60 Mbps this whole past week in AZ….

    • Adrynalyne

      Terrible. I am in AZ and I get 8Mbps where I am at with one bar of 4G (-109dbms).

    • Jason13L

      I am doing 6.56 down 6.2 up today; however, there was a thread I had on Twitter and FB that Verizon 4G LTE was slower than 3G. It lasted at least 3-4 days. In this area though, LTE was at almost 20Mbs at launch and has degraded with saturation. VOLTE will only make it worse.

  • Daniel Flores

    Why would this matter to anyone that’s not on an unlimited plan? I never understood Verizon’s approach. They advertise the speed of LTE and the reliability of their network, and don’t want you on it. Ridiculous.If I was on a tiered plan, I’d be forced to use WiFi all the time, and not even be on their fast network. Only for the times I couldn’t get on WiFi. IDK…I just feel they need to bring UDPs back.

    • Couldn’t agree more.

    • Nathaniel Newman

      If I had a tired plan I’d use 3G or even 1xRTT all the time. That and lower quality streams for music and video/TV. I already use 3G when my battery gets low to save battery life. I’d use WiFi everywhere I could no matter if I had a 5 GB plan. When I use NOW on average 15-20 GBs per month on Cellular. Yep, Wifi…WiFi!

    • jnt

      Well at worst it will “de-congest” things quite a bit, and make things pretty fast even if you are limited… so it’s not a complete waste IMHO.

      • Daniel Flores

        But why would you want to use your data so fast?…IDK about you, but I go through 2gb in like a week. I don’t even use it that much anymore. Just emails, twitter, instagram, siriusXM and google music. If on tiered data, I’d have to constantly check that I’m NOT using Verizons great network for fear of going over data allowance. I spent a month limiting myself to to WiFi to see how much data I’d use. I was still at 4gb at end of billing cycle. So I said F’ it. I’m at about 8gb with 3 days left. Honestly, I wouldn’t even consider myself a heavy data user anymore. I used to use 40-80gb when using hotspot all the time.

        • jnt

          I guess I’m kind of unique – I’m on strong wifi a lot of the time already (not because I feel like I have to either), so it’s rare we come even remotely close to hitting our limit. So if something makes the experience away from wifi even better, then I’m all for it, even with my data cap.

    • Stevedub40

      Exactly. It’s like you just bought a super fast car and they just made the highway 20 lanes wide, but you can only drive 2 miles.

  • jonzey231

    So if they’re using AWS Band 4, could I use my Nexus 4 which I currently use on Band 4 LTE on T-Mobile. I mean it would be an LTE Only thing but just curious about the capability.

  • Sqube

    This is the kind of thing that makes it so difficult to leave VZW.

    • flosserelli

      Verizon is like the sex addict psycho girlfriend that you just can’t drop. One minute you think you’ve had enough crap and its not worth it anymore, and the next minute she shows you a new trick that you can’t get enough of.

      • Scott

        Haha that pretty much sums it up.

  • Joshua Bailey

    80 mbps download + 15 mbps upload divided by the 19 days in which my Verizon contract is officially up = 5

    Verizon Nexus 5 confirmed!!!

  • You should publish a list of all Verizon phones capable of AWS.

  • Stephen Cox

    I’ve been getting 40-45Mbps on Band 13 on my GN2 in Northern Kentucky and Lexington, that’s still crazy fast for me.

  • jnt

    @kellex – would love to see that list as soon as y’all compile it… hoping it includes the new Moto’s as well.

    Also, this should theoretically help out regular LTE in the markets where it’s deployed, correct? Due to it freeing up some of that spectrum?

  • tyguy829

    Does anybody know if the Moto x supports it?

    • Paul Hansen

      It does but the current radio firmware doesn’t support it. We need a software update on the 2013 VZW droids to pick it up.

  • DC_Guy

    I wonder if the Verizon Note 3 can use the AWS band. Those speeds plus unlimited data sound like a great combination.

  • W. Paul Schenck

    So maybe this was in the OTA for the S4 sent out today?

    • Paul Hansen

      I haven’t looked but easiest way to even tell if it was a possibility is if there was a new baseband (radio) included. If it’s the same then no.

    • SynnerSam

      I was thinking the same thing!!!!

  • Paul Hansen

    The S4 and New Moto Droid lineup will require a software update to pick up these bands. Can’t wait to see what I can pull when that happens 😛 It Can’t happen soon enough.

    • Michael Tate

      New Droid Maxx owner here is very happy to hear this news!! 🙂

      • Paul Hansen

        Love this device. I’ve got the Dev Edition

  • Steve B



  • Curt Neal

    Could this be the OTA that verizon released today for the GS4? Doubtful, but there hasn’t been much of an explanation for what the update is.

  • Adam Truelove

    I don’t even care anymore. Goodbye Verizon. It’s been horrible.

    • KleenDroid


  • Stephen

    Is the note 2 too old to get the aws band? These speeds are insane. Sucks for anyone with those stupid limited plans though :/

  • Booyabobby

    Last week I did a speed test on Verizon and got 40mbps down. That twice as fast as my internet connection at home.

  • RedXander

    Band 4 is 1700 MHz, correct? So Moto X should support it as it has 750 and 1700 modes on the cdma verizon model?

  • Jeff McLean

    Had this happen yesterday while driving across town…..caught me by surprise. Had same results in multiple locations around the city now. This is in Phoenix valley.

    • Jeff McLean

      Note 3 BTW….

    • Zargon42

      What part of Phoenix? Just tested in Mesa with an S4 and got the typical 5-8 Mbps speeds that I normally see.

      • Jeff McLean

        Those are the typical numbers for ~2 bars service. To see the crazy high speeds you need full signal. And I mean completely full. I ran mine in North Scottsdale as well as south Chandler.

      • F4

        North Phoenix, S4, 10.83 Mbps

    • Trevor Clement

      I’m still around 13mbps here in Chandler.

      • Trevor Clement

        Note 3 btw.

    • michael arazan

      Drive with in 4 miles of an LTE tower and you will spike up in speeds. LTE towers have a 4 mile radius, and then grow exponentially less the further away from that 4 miles

      • Jeff McLean

        Lol, captain of the obvious.

  • David Tyler

    What difference will the high speeds make when you are on a capped plan. You will just burn through your limited data plan.

    • zionlion02

      That’s kind of assuming you’re downloading bigger files and things than you are now, right? If your usage doesn’t change – for instance you still download the same number of apps give or take, email attachment here and there, streaming music, the AMOUNT of data you are downloading doesnt change. Just the speed at which you receive the data. I might be off in my thinking here though.

      I’m sure this doesnt apply to power users like DL visitors, but just thinking in general.

      • David Tyler


      • Franklin Ramsey

        Actually for some services this isn’t true. Some streaming music services will stream at a lower level if they have lower bandwidth. So do some video services. So Netflix might stream at SD instead of HD at lower bandwidth connections. You might use more data based on this, just getting a faster connection.

  • mustbepbs

    For about a week until everyone uses it. Just like LTE.

    • KleenDroid

      I doubt there are that many with the S4 or Note 3.

      • Andrew Dos Santos

        iPhone 5S as well…(it was used for the screenshots in the pictures)

  • Mike Hilal

    When LTE first rolled out here we’d see the low 70’s…now its typically high 20’s at peak time and high 40’s/low 50’s off peak. I’d love for the off peak #’s to be the peak #’s.

  • AndrewScottRox

    They should apply that kind of speed to their updates.

  • Dillon

    I’ve already gotten a speed test of 72mbs on LTE in Cape Girardeau MO. That was a month ago.

    • SteveJobss

      probably you are the only LTE user in Cape Girardeau

  • jeff manning

    is this the band that is compatible with the nexus 5?

  • HarvesterX

    Pretty sure you can add the G2 to the list of phones this will work on. While I’m on that subject, is there any confirmation that the Note III supports this? I thought that the Note III was missing one of the newer bands that VZW was soon deploying, and the main reason I bought a G2 over it (well, that and the awesome LCD display)

    • Shawn Spring

      According to its Wiki page, the Verizon variant of the G2 supports LTE bands 4 & 13 – superyay!

  • Daniel

    Basically all of the phones out this year have supported band 4 including the Moto X and all of this year’s Droids

    • jnt

      HTC One?

      • willie

        I hope so

  • thom

    Besweet beet me to it, but we’ll still be talking minutes. Still, not as fast as Swisscom. I’ve had over 100Mbps on a phone and better on a card.

  • Rocky Calabrese

    So, phones released after the first half of 2013 are band 4 compatible? Hopefully this means the Moto X. I think this link confirms that: http://developer.verizon.com/content/vdc/en/verizon-devices/pages/mot_moto_x.html

  • besweeet

    Technically speaking, T-Mobile’s LTE is also on band 4, so it should theoretically be seeing much faster speeds once their 20×20 stuff is rolled out, no?

  • markswoods

    On a Galaxy S4 near Chicago (near north suburbs), but not seeing anything near these kinds of speeds. 4.49Mbps down and 0.43 Mbps back up.

  • And yet I still don’t have basic 4G LTE in my area. This is just F’ing fantastic.

    • gadget_hero

      Where do you live?

      • Scotland Neck, NC

        • gadget_hero

          Wow you are latterly right on the line of where LTE stops, that sucks, I imagine since Verizon has said they have completed LTE you probably are never going to get it.

    • ToddAwesome

      Same here, I sniff 4G from my house, but drive down the street in the wrong direction and I’m mired in 1x. Verizon still has work to do.

      • They sure do man. I mean it’s ridiculous! Verizon has had 4G active for almost 3 years now, and you still have gaps where there isn’t 3G and still have 1X connections. They really need to step their game up, and do what needs to be done for us rural area folk. There shouldn’t be a reason as to why I don’t have access to 4G LTE connectivity. I have UNLIMITED data and I can’t even take full advantage of that because I’m still on 3G.

  • Yooouuuu

    Nice! At this rate they might get around to the fact that my area has low or no VZ coverage in places (like my house). Any day now.

  • decidedtochangename

    Well when I had my Note 2 on launch day it went at least twice as fast before I dumped it recently. So I would assume we’ll see a similar slow down once people start using it.

  • duke69111

    I hope it hits fast. The LTE speeds near my house have dropped from 25mbps to about 3mbps over the last year or so.

    • gadget_hero

      I have seen similar drops, though I used to see ~55Mbps x 15Mbps on my dad’s iPhone 5, now I usually see ~9Mbps x 7Mbps. (Suburb of Nashville TN)

    • zmancbr

      That is my biggest complaint with Verizon anymore…bad enough they wanna data cap me and take my unlimited…bad enough that they refuse to offer the nexus 4 or probably the nexus 5…but my speeds suck so bad on their network it has me wondering why bother?? I’m lucky if I can get 3 down and 786k up. Pathetic…

      • JohnThackr

        Well, if they didn’t data cap people the speeds would be even worse. There is a limited bandwidth capacity.

        I don’t know how people who are data capped can stand it. They get slow downloads because of all the people who are unlimited and use a ton of bandwidth, and they pay more to be second-class citizens.

        • Carlton Crasher

          Because many are in rural areas where no other carrier supports above 3g or 2g, because not all experience crap performance, and not all live in crappy areas…to sound like this is Verizon as a whole is not to be correctly stated

        • Cowboydroid

          There are few people who even come close to approaching their data caps. Data caps are not doing anything for the health of the network.

        • duke69111

          I disagree with that. There are those who do use 25gb, 50gb, 100gb+, but I’m guessing the majority of unlimited users are not getting anywhere near those amounts.

        • IanKellogg

          limiting the amount of data you use doesn’t limit the bandwidth on the towers. It has all to do with making money

          • James_75

            Yes it does. It encourages many people to get on wifi whenever possible where they otherwise would not.

        • HarvesterX

          I live in Central Virginia, and I live an hour away from Richmond and Fredericksburg and around 30 minutesffrom Charlottesville. I’m getting close to 30Mbs on average) sometimes a little more)… I’m lucky enough to live within eye sight of the closest tower, but there aren’t enough users here in town to bottleneck the system, even if every person was on Verizon.

          • Arian

            Yeah I’m in Cville and LTE just doesn’t even bother to work on ANYONE’S phone most of the time, since there are so many people here on it at the same time. Especially during football games

        • Nathaniel Newman

          I live in a rural city in Tennessee , population 30,000. Less than 1/4 mile from a Verizon (LTE/CDMA) tower. Most times I get 8-15 Mbps. So yes I think they throttle or cap the connection. I have unlimited too. This was taken outdoors LOS to the tower. At off peak times. http://i226.photobucket.com/albums/dd260/xmguy/Screenshot_2013-10-15-22-57-53_zps5478c6ac.png

          • michael arazan

            The last time I had those speeds on VZW was in March 2012 here in St.L

      • droidftw

        Nexus 4 didn’t have LTE so there was 0 chance Verizon was going to carry it.

        • TheDrunkenClam

          So sick of this excuse. If Verizon wanted the Nexus 4, they could have reached out to Google and had them make a version of the phone just for them like they did with the Galaxy Nexus.

          • droidftw

            It’s irrelevant if they could of asked or not. In the state that the Nexus 4 was released, it did not pass Verizon’s minimum specs (4G LTE).

          • Adrynalyne

            It is relevant though, considering those determinations and decisions are made prior to FCC approval.

        • Adrynalyne

          It actually did…but I digress.

          • droidftw

            Sure, it had an LTE chip but it was not approved by the FCC so it’s like the LTE doesn’t exist.

          • Adrynalyne

            Hence I said, I digress. 😉

        • Calvin Williams

          I don’t get why Verizon is wasting time with this anyways. This seems like such a small costly upgrade when there’s technology easily pushing 1gbps and other tech that is hitting 100gbps. In real world situations we don’t need that but why spend all that money to just do a tiny increase when that could go towards a huge leap.

          • Adrynalyne

            It is a stop gap until they can roll out LTE-A.

      • Nits

        Ditto… here in Washington DC area… check out this thread I created.. still no solution yet.. https://community.verizonwireless.com/thread/806838

        • HarvesterX

          That sucks. I live in Louisa County, and less than a mile outside the city (lol, town) limits, which is like two hours south of DC. It’s not right that I’m in the middle of nowhere compared to you and averaging just under 30Mbs while occasionally going over 30Mbs (15-20Mbs upload).

          I’m within eye sight of the closest tower to my house, but there aren’t enough users here on Verizon to bottleneck anything. Even so..

        • AC2013

          nova suburbs, on VZ jetpack mifi 5050l (5gb monthly plan) with samsung GS4

          speedtest app results:

          2-3 bars on desk: 1.60 down, 6.74 up, 62 ping
          4 bars held mifi in air : 3.02 down, 8.95 up, 71 ping

          for comparison:
          gs4 on sprint 4glte:
          6 bars: 18.13 down, 5.17 up, 36 ping

          gs4 on comcast cable wifi:
          23.17 down, 4.95 up, 17 ping

          10/17 9:35-9:40 ping

          the only reason why i have the jetpack – is that it is the only service were i can get 1 bar 4g lte that is stable.. sprint roams on vz at 1x and drops out too much…and beyond slow.

    • Paul Hansen

      It’s pretty well known that the 700mhz spectrum that VZW currently occupies is congested as hell. I’m honestly surprised it’s stood up as well as it has to the VZW customer base (including people like myself that chew ~10-15gb a month). This new spectrum will do wonders to ease that load as it’ll be a shorter distance, higher traffic friendly frequency (read: cities).

  • Mike Aurin

    One more reason why I really have no regrets for buying my S4. I don’t know why it gets so much hate. I don’t dislike Touchwiz, battery life is great and admittedly the storage blows ass but I threw in an SD and now there are no issues with that. Now I potentially get AWS LTE? I’m content.


    • KleenDroid

      No hate here. I also love my S4.

      I am running debloated with some tweaks. And if I am in the mood I can run the Google experience ROM.

      The S4 is very nice.

  • hashtagger

    nexus 5 coming to vzw now?

    • PolarBear

      PLEASE NO!!!

      • Adam Truelove

        Why would anyone be against a phone coming to any particular carrier?

        • PolarBear

          Verizon Gnex = Nightmare

    • Godzilla


    • stingray_2002

      Fat chance. No LTE band 13, no VZW. Need to have a failover to LTE somehow when AWS LTE is not around. 😉

  • The data cap can be exceeded in SECONDS now instead of minutes, wow

    • Paul Hansen

      Data cap? 😛

      VZW can pry my Unlimited plan from my cold dead fingers.

      • Jonathan Isenberg

        Technically, they can do that whenever they want to, can’t they?

        • Paul Hansen

          Nah. I’m still under contract. They’d have to release me from my contract.

          • michael arazan

            If they cancel our contracts, do we get to charge them $350?

            = P

          • Paul Hansen

            Lol I wish

        • Yup, and I wouldn’t be surprised if ol’ Paulie loses his unlimited data before Q2 2014.

          • Paul Hansen

            If they’d like to term my contract early I’m ok with that. I’ve been around for over 10 years though so I’m curious to see if they let me stick around. I’ve been able to do upgrades as normal over the phone due to my tenure since the switch without issue. Time will tell.

          • hoosiercub88


          • Jonathan Isenberg

            I’m in the same boat.

            Do you think that they will treat AWS as a new network (requiring the signing of a new two year tiered contract to use it)?

          • Nah, from what I’m hearing, all unlimited data is going to be gone by June 30, 2014. I take it with a grain of salt though, because my source heard the same thing about the end of September this year. I get the feeling Verizon is content at the moment to get their dumber unlimited customers into tiered data plans without alienating those of us who know that if we get a new subsidized phone, we’re screwed.

            I think once the stream of unlimited users switching to tiered data slows to a near-halt, then VZW is going to get serious about EOL’ing unlimited data.

          • Jonathan Isenberg

            And that’s when I’ll be leaving Verizon. The unlimited data that I use is the only reason that I’m staying on the carrier…

          • I stay because the reception is unparalleled in my area. True unlimited on Sprint or T-Mobile would do me no good, as I don’t get a cellular signal there, much less data.

  • Sick!

    And off-topic, but I think HTC building the Amazon phone is a genius move on their part. Great deal for HTC.

  • Greg Morgan

    I’m still stuck at just over 1mbps in Seattle. :/

  • patt

    how do I check on android if I am connected to AWS?

  • Apostrafee

    Not quite that but around a week ago I saw my LTE on my G2 jump from 12Mbps down to 34 down on Long Island…those speeds would be awesome

  • so in theory you could hit a 2gb data cap in 25 seconds….?

    • besweeet

      80Mbps = 10MB/s. So, your math is all wrong.

      • paulmike3

        200 seconds. You could hit your data cap in 200 seconds. Stop with semantics. 😛

        • besweeet

          204.8 seconds*

          • Robert Macri

            Did you include the latency?

          • besweeet

            In that case, 204.85 seconds.

          • anna willoughby

            Math fight math fight math fight!

          • michael arazan

            And processor speeds with ram?

          • paulmike3

            202.7220984904727 seconds if you go by the 80.86 Mbps in the screenshot. 🙂

          • besweeet

            I have been defeated. *sobs*

          • TheDrunkenClam

            Go bucks.

          • Chad


          • paulmike3


          • Joe

            Go Blue

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            200.4008016032064 if you use the average speed of the last 6 speedtest results. (79.85Mbps/9.98MBps)

        • Razma

          clutching onto my unlimited data

        • coolsilver

          < 10 minutes Fixed

      • The upper and lower case b’s always get me…

        • anna willoughby

          Whoever thought it would be a good idea to go with bits and bytes should be slapped with just enough force to make a satisfying sound, but not enough to bruise.

          • Cowboydroid

            I agree. They should be called morsels. And there should be only 6 morsels in a clump.


          • Nathaniel Webb

            my quote of the day, thanks. 😀

          • michael arazan

            Slapping someone with a wet palm has a lot more sting to it

    • duke69111

      It would take about 3 and a half minutes.

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  • Shane Redman

    Activate them in Washington DC or get out

  • Maulik

    wow !

  • Tom Luley

    So how long is it going to take to roll this out…Probably wont see this for another couple years where I am. Awesome, nonetheless.

  • tyler

    no moto x?