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New Set of Nexus 5 Images Surface in Russia

nexus 5 4 nexus 5

After seeing a Nexus 5 prototype leak in a 7-minute hands-on video over the weekend, we were hoping something a little more official or retail-ready would make a new appearance to rid everyone’s vision of an unfinished product. Images of a much more official looking Nexus 5 surfaced this morning, rear “Nexus” logo included. The photos were attached to Google+ user Anton Kuznetsov who simply said “From Russia with Love” along with the share. 

We’d assume that means he is in Russia and happened upon a Nexus 5, running on the country’s Beeline wireless network (seen top left). In the pictures, we can see that the phone is running Android 4.4 (thanks to the white notification bar icons), sports the vertical “Nexus” logo up the back, power and volume switches up each side, and matte finish that is quite the fingerprint magnet. We know that the phone…charges…and that blurry cams also still exist for leaking unreleased products.

Nothing else new that we didn’t see in the leak over the weekend is making itself obvious. I wonder how well it plays Beats Audio? (Kidding.)

nexus 5 1 nexus 5 2

Via:  +Anton Kuznetsov

Cheers +Alexander Ruiz!

  • lucassou

    it’s bored, finally the people will prefer buy an other phone… just annonce it!!

  • RJ

    Perhaps a clue of when the Nexus 5 will be announced/released – just came across Nexus 5 accessories on Amazon with an in stock date of October 31st.

  • mel scott

    Those hideous BEATS head phones…. Nooooooooooooooo!

  • MatthewSimmons

    Did he eat a bag of lays before holding this thing? Holy greasy back.

  • Peter Mansour

    In Russia, phone buys you

  • PaulWall

    Yes it is quite the fingerprint magnet! an I bet we won’t hear you mention that as much as you do about samsung phones, because its a Nexus!!!

  • Ryan

    OMGAWD look at all those fingerprints.

  • Dat fingerprints. I don’t know why but I feel the back is gonna feel like chalkboard, well, I mean like if you scratch something it will sound horrible.

    • Just_Some_Nobody

      Looks to me like it’ll feel like a diztronics case.

  • Patrick Bateman

    tired of waiting… getting a droid maxx…

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    Because he has to have it plugged in, I bet it means the battery life is going to suck because of that 2300mAH battery.

    /s (I really dig speculating on rumours!)

  • Turb0wned

    God this thing is ugly.

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    If you’re lucky enough to test new HW, please treat it with respect and keep Mr. Towely handy.

  • Does he cook his bacon with this thing in the grease trap? Come on, get a static free cloth and clean it up first, man. You’re leaking these pics all over the world.

  • Chris Hilbert

    Let’s not blame the device for the fingerprints. Maybe dude eats a lot of greasy foods while using his phone. Or maybe the whole back is a fingerprint reader to go above and beyond the iPhone 5S?

    • David Peterson

      If that’s the case he should get a Galaxy S4. You don’t even need to touch it to swipe around!!

  • Hardy Benjamin

    Dad works (worked) in Google Russian

  • ddevito

    I wonder how the Government shutdown will affect FCC approvals? This phone might be released for a while because of it.

    • Cory_S

      Or.. because the FCC is shut down they dont need no stickin approvals? 🙂

    • Ryuuie

      The phone went through the FCC a while ago. It’s future phones that will probably have this issue if they haven’t went through already.

  • trwb

    Still ugly

  • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

    Just give me a good battery, please Google, PLEASE! Only way I’ll give up my Maxx.

    • rthvk

      Throw in a good camera as well, and I’m going to be stuffing cash in Google’s face.

    • joejoe5709

      Nothing except maybe the Note 3 or G2 is going to come anywhere near your Maxx for battery. If it easily gets a day (16-18hrs) with moderate use and 8hrs with heavy use, I’ll be happy.

    • Noel

      Battery battery battery…i hope we at least get 12hrs of heavy use.

  • joejoe5709

    Very cool. Keep the leaks coming! Google, you might as well rent a conference room at your local Holiday Inn and slap together a PowerPoint presentation. All we really need is a date and confirmed specs.

    Either this guy has greasy fingers or it’s not quite the same material as the Nexus 7 because my Nexus 7 isn’t that nasty with fingerprints.

  • CHRIS42060

    Is it a requirement that if you get a phone before it is announced you have to have greasy/oily fingers?

    • Yes. And a Galaxy Nexus to take pictures of it.

      • rthvk

        The OG Blurrycam right there

      • Skittlez

        in the least lit area of the house

  • Chase J

    Looks like a finished nexus 5 to me Hope rumors come true tomorrow!

    • Skittlez

      tomorrow? nah. not til november

      • Chase J

        If not tomorrow then the end of the month no way it going to be November with all these leaks in the past weeks

  • leftiphone4droid

    After all the recent phones that have been released thus far and the complaints of some of the devices being a fingerprint magnet, I’m surprised no one mentioned that about the N5.

    • A.J.

      Yeah and at least on something glossy they are easier to wipe off. The downside to the glossy back is it’s easier to scratch.

  • Matthew DiGiacomo


    • Steve B

      Nobody wants a dump of unfinished software.

      • Matthew DiGiacomo

        You wouldn’t want a sneak peek of kit Kat? Cause I do and I’m sure a lot of others would too.

  • RickMLA

    I like the design. I like the camera ring. I like the fingerprinty soft-touch back. I like the giant, sideways “nexus”. I like that those things are different from other phones on the market. I like that the back won’t have me holding my breath every time I set the phone down on a countertop. (Thanks for that Nexus 4 fear, Kellen.)

    I’m pretty much ready for the announcement. I’m even thinking that the HTC One Max was announced a day early to get it out of the way of some other big announcement.

    And… weren’t the notification bar and the nav bar supposed to be transparent in 4.4? Not on this lock screen.

  • I see a Nexus + T-Mobile in my near future.

    • Pedro

      I see it in my past, too.

  • TheGreenLord

    I don’t give a damn’ of the design, I love it if it’s only 399$, I’ll buy it the day it’ll come out.

  • Steve B

    Clearly these pictures were taken with a Galaxy Nexus. I can recognize that blur and graininess anywhere.

    • hahaha

    • IcerC

      Looking at the reflection I’d say maybe a GS2 because the corner curve. Also from the sliver camera trim.

      • Steve B

        Okay Capt’ Serious

        • BrianB

          lets hope he’s not usin another nexus5

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Kellen any new leaks about an actual release date?!?!?!? Announcement timeframe?

    • htowngtr

      If tomorrow comes and goes with nothing then you’ll know.

      • I don’t know why this rumor of tomorrow started or gained traction, but October 15 hasn’t been on Google’s roadmap for like 4 months. At least from what I’ve seen and heard from really reliable sources.

        • htowngtr

          That’s why I don’t believe it. Last year they had a quick release with theverge.com because of the hurricane. This year they won’t have that problem so I’d bank on a late October presser.

        • Paul Hansen

          You’re confusing my birthday (the 15th) for an actual release date. You put it on the wrong calendar AGAIN!?

        • Greyhame

          My guess is they tie in something with Halloween and KitKat. Would be a swing and a miss not to.

        • Shamu

          is the October 31 date given by artem any good?

  • Cian

    notification bar isn’t transparent so it must be an old build

    • joejoe5709

      So far that leak was the only one with transparent bars. Also not seeing many leaks with multicolored status bar icons. Could there be extensive customization options in 4.4? Or were some of these leaks fake?

  • Tinho_

    Too many rumors … Stop now…Google, announces the release date please…

  • lensgrabber

    Look at those fingerprints. I hope Ringke comes out with a hybrid real fast.

  • The more I look at this phone, the more I hate the way it looks. I’m going to just hang onto my Google Play Edition GS4. It might lag behind Nexus phone updates by a few weeks, but whatever. I can wait a few weeks if it means having a phone I like better. 😀

    • htowngtr

      If the GPE’s of those phones got updates from day 1 like Nexus, you’d have a point.

      • They’re averaging a two-week delay between Nexus launch and rollout to GPEs. I can live with that. Show me another phone that gets Android updates 2 weeks after Nexus devices?

        • htowngtr

          Averaging? How many updates? one?

          • Two. JDQ39/4.2.2 -> JWR66V/4.3 took about a week, and then JWR66V/4.3 -> JWR66Y/4.3 took about 2 weeks.

          • htowngtr

            I wouldn’t consider the second an “update”. I’m talking big revisions like 4.1->4.2->4.2.2->4.3… I think it will be likely at least a month before you see 4.4 and with HTC having cashflow issues Google is at their mercy for proprietary binaries.

          • Actually, the fact we got JWR66Y at all was actually a positive sign for me. I totally figured they’d just skip the little, tiny minor updates like that. I don’t think any of us were expecting to see JWR66Y for the GPEs. And yeah, I don’t know how it’s going to play out on the One, but since I don’t own it, I don’t really care. haha It could be a month to see KK, but I’d be alright with that too. I assure you no other Android phone in existence will have KK a month after the Nexus devices get it.

          • htowngtr

            Probably not, but a month was being optimistic. Like I said though, Google is completely at HTC’s mercy for binaries to get updates since they don’t own the hardware side. With the Nexus 5, Google owns the entire process.

          • Yeah I’m well aware how it all works. haha

            Google is clearly involved in the GPEs, though. This isn’t another situation like the yakju(xx) ROMs on the Galaxy Nexus where it was 100% Samsung.

            It’s very obvious by the fact that, starting with 4.3, both the One and S4 have uniform build numbers that resemble Google’s build number scheme. HTC *never* uses Google’s build numbers, but starting with 4.3 on the GPE One, it’s showing as “JWR66V.H01” rather than a normal HTC build number like “2.03.1511 release-keys” or something similar. Samsung’s for the S4 is “JWR66V.S03” rather than the normal “JWR66V.I9505GUEUBMH1” or whatever. That had to be Google’s doing. It makes me believe that Google is at least in charge of the ROMs while the OEMs are in charge of the kernels/drivers.

            I wouldn’t be shocked if, in exchange for releasing the GPE devices, HTC and Samsung were granted very early access to new Android platform builds, and what not. I mean, if you think about it, there really was no incentive for either HTC or Samsung to release those phones. Nobody in their right mind could have thought they’d sell in any kind of big numbers. My guess is that Google sweetened their pot in exchange for the phones, with the stipulation that they have to treat them as a priority. If the GPEs ever fall behind more than a month, I’ll be surprised.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I wonder what this feels like with sweaty hands. The camera still sticks outs. Whatever it’s been function > form even though it’s not impossible to have both.

    • joejoe5709

      The new Nexus 7 has a pretty flush camera. Was hoping for that design… Oh well.

    • Trysta

      It will probably feel like the new Nexus 7 which can get kind of gross looking with some greasy fingers (speaking from experience) but always feels nice in the hand. I’m just happy for a phone that doesn’t look like it will need a case. I hate cases.

  • Milind Shah


  • zephiK

    Kind of strange to have Power Button and Volume Buttons on the same side. Going to have to take some used to getting to.

    • Dominic Powell

      it doesn’t take much…

    • Dale

      At least they aren’t on the back.

    • Nathan

      They are not on the same side. What you are seeing is the micro SIM card tray. The volume rocker is on the other side. Rest assured.

    • That was a type-o. Up EACH side is what I meant. Power and SIM slot are on the side shown.

    • Derek Duncan

      not weird at all. Moto X does it this way.

      • anezarati

        nexus 7 is like that too

  • litobirdy

    I feel like that camera is going to stick out like a sore thumb when having a case on.

  • ITGuy11

    Those fingerprints…

  • Ian Smith

    this shows us…. absolutely. nothing.

    thanks for the heads’ up.

  • Pierito

    THATS IT I’M DONE! I feel like I’ve already owned this device for 2 years….bring on the Nexus 6 leaks.

    • Ian Smith

      “…spotted in Burkina Faso…”

    • Cael

      Sony or no. (I have an odd feeling HTC will be /begging/ for the next Nexus.

    • Rambir

      Why would you want a phablet?

  • Qbancelli

    I like my N4 looks better.

    • Jeff

      I think I do too, but I don’t like the N4 durability.

      • Ryan Stewart

        Thankfully I have had not had an issue since Jan with mine. Most of the time I dont run a case either, just careful.

        • Bald_Sasquach

          Classic Jan, causing phone durability issues…

    • turdbogls

      same here. but i am still holding out hopes that this is not final and the final version will look better. not sure what i dont like about it, but i still dont like it as much as the N4. either way, if the price is right, this is still going to be my next phone. a case can hide any ugly i see.

      • blix247

        Its unfortunate Google listened to the haters. I get that they are trying to unify the look across their devices I think the glass back was hot.

        • zurginator

          Agreed…. And considering both times someone broke my phone it was the front, not the back; I’m not worried about survivability.

  • Dave

    These leaks are coming in fast and furious now, aren’t they?

    We need an announcement already!

    • samosa king

      No no. We want the leaks to be

  • Ben Murphy

    Russia? But the Google logo is rainbow colored!

  • samosa king

    Loving the plain background colours.

  • Matthew Morrison

    ughhhhh just plz for the love of all that is good… just announce the phone already

  • samosa king

    In Soviet Russia, Nexus 5 leaks you.

    • htowngtr

      *slow clap*

    • Cael

      Google is sooo going to get his face pic from the screen and sue him. /sarcasm

      • Just_Some_Nobody

        Whatever. They’ll be able to match his fingerprints so much easier!

    • Rodeojones000

      You have won the internet for today. Well played.

      • samosa king

        And you’ve won a samosa for a day.