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Playfully Explore the Evolving World of Typography in the New Game Type:Rider

Type Rider

We are big fans of artistic, creative games that sort of reinvent what the mobile game is to the average player. Type:Rider is an interesting game that recently hit Google Play, mixing in educational material, along with fun gameplay, and awesome music. The game itself is gorgeous, as you play as two umlauts, exploring fun levels filled with puzzles and tricky landscapes to navigate. Along your way through the game, you will see various fonts as you move your way through history. As we said, it’s a very interesting and smart game. 

For all of this, you are looking at a price to play of $3.64. Might seem up there, but it’s worth your time. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Play Link ($3.64)

  • two juegos

    I look at pictures and think of the ancient Egyptians. the mystery and the mystery is what I like from them.,

  • Robert Landrum

    Seems like myself and others are getting a black screen when opening the game. After several uninstalls and reinstalls, still nothing. This is disappointing.

  • Wolfpack93

    Actually that’s one umlaut. But who’s counting?

  • Ben Murphy

    Is this from the creators of Limbo?

    • EvanTheGamer

      Sorta what I was thinking, as well. Graphics do look to be in the same style as Limbo.

      But different devs. Playdead developed Limbo, Bulkypix developed this one. Limbo may have inspired the graphics in Type:Rider though, but who knows.

      • KellyaJScott

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      • zurginator

        They’re different styles though – Limbo is black and white and very bloomy.
        This is color and comparatively flat on the shading. More emphasis on texture here as well.

        It’s also worth pointing out that Limbo didn’t pioneer silhouette based games. One I can think of off the top of my head that I believe came before Limbo is DKCR. ( http://videogamesdaily.com/content/donkey-kong-country-returns-rev-1.jpg )

        • Jordi Agricola

          I’m pretty sure DKCR came after Limbo.

          Not to say Limbo invented the idea and has a patent on it, though.

    • micheal945

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  • emoney

    this looks awesome, how long does it take to play through it?

    • tlingitsoldier

      It took me two to three hours with mostly playing straight through, and some backtracking/perfectionism. I would say that I’m still pleased with the money I spent, because it is an incredibly fun game! There is also a surprise at the end that I’m sure anyone familiar with fonts will be “happy” to see.

      • Daistaar

        Does it involve Comic Sans? Lol

        • Fervid Vervet

          Comic Sans is the end boss. They’re saving Papyrus for the sequel.

          • Daistaar