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Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 Get the Hands-on Treatment – UI Tweaks Galore, New Pictures of the Phone Too

nexus 5-2

Thanks to a series of “hands-on” photos posted this morning by the folks over at Tutto Android, we now have one of the cleanest and most significant leaks of the new Nexus 5 and Android 4.4. The images just went up this morning, so you can imagine that we are still digging through them. As we stumble across bits and pieces of info, we’ll be updating this post. For now, get to looking. 

nexus 5-1nexus 5-3

As can be seen in the very top image, a new camera icon has been placed on the lock screen in the lower right corner. It still appears as if a swipe over from the right edge will access it, but this camera icon is also actionable. If you grab the camera icon and drag it to the left, it will open the camera as well.

nexus 5-4nexus 5-5

In these images, we get a first look at the UI changes to Android 4.4, which will be known as “Kit Kat.” The navigation buttons now have a transparent background, similar to what we have seen on devices like the Moto X and G2. The launcher button has been changed to a semi-transparent circle with the typical 6 dots inside of it. We’re seeing a new Dialer icon, series of dots to show which home screen you are on, and a transparent app drawer (has previously been black). The frequently leaked new notification bar with white icons is also visible and appears to be semi-transparent as well.

We’re a little confused at how you access Widgets, as they do not appear to be listed in a separate tab up top like they have been for the last few releases of Android. Maybe the long-press to add widgets is returning?

New beautiful wallpapers? I think so.

Update 1:  Where is the Messaging app? Will Hangouts finally become the full-time all-in-one messaging application? Also, Google+ Photos is now just called Google Photos, plus the Gallery app is gone. The Google Settings and Search icons are now round icons, when they used to be square.

The folks at Tutto Android mentioned in their post that you can add more than 5 home screens if you’d like, but the phone will ship with only a select few. They also mentioned that Google Now can be accessed with the swipe-up from Home, but you can get there once you are on the far left home screen, and then swipe from the left edge. I imagine this action is similar to what Motorola was doing with their quick toggles menu on devices like the RAZR HD. A source of theirs also claimed that you can launch Google Search from the home screen, simple by saying “OK, Google.”

android 44-4android 44-3android 44-1

In this series of shots, we get a look at some of the internal settings menu which features a “Tap & pay” section that we had previously seen leaked as “Payments” button. We have a more robust location history section as well, that features different accuracy levels, recent location requests, and a better look at history.

In terms of the phone itself, it’s exactly what we have seen leaked time and time again over the last few weeks. We can see the front camera placed in the top left corner, along with the circular speaker grill in the center. You have on-screen navigation buttons, but that’s no surprise with a Nexus device.

This phone is reportedly running Android 4.4 build KRS92B.

Update 2:  We put together a comparison post of Android 4.3 vs. the 4.4 in these photos.

Via:  Tutto Android [2]

  • Dean Murray

    Nice looking device ! Get the spec rumours,looks like it doesn’t have huge bezels at the top and bottom, and I for one am hoping they are stereo speakers next to the bottom mounted USB. Google nexus devices, they make the UK autumn something to look forward to, as well as Hallowe’en. I’m not even bothered about LTE, three in the UK slams out HSDPA+ and my nexus 4 is nearly as fast as Wi-Fi, maybe I’m lucky because three used to be hit and miss. Hope we see this device soon

  • Laiba Malik

    What I guess The first change concerns the unlock menu where you can see the
    transparent bar with a slight tinge of course black and white icons in
    the notifications but this is not new. A majority of people, however,
    concerns the camera icon in the lower right. see more pictures at http://www.axnfiles.com/android-4-4-kitkat-here-are-the-first-pictures-of-the-new-home-of-nexus-5/

  • HotInEER

    Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not really feeling the way this looks.

    • Galileo

      Same here, but hey, I didn’t like Ice cream sandwish or Jelly bean either when those came out. Let’s give it a try before judging it.

    • Gnex

      The last few pictures (of the settings menu) look absolutely terrible. The light greenish-grey bars at the top and bottom are inconsistent and hideous. I like it other than that, though.

  • coveRAGE

    Gonna laugh when everyone who leaves Verizon regrets it. Nexus 5, it’s just another phone people, it doesn’t print money or cure diseases. How thrilled is anyone who changed carriers to get a Nexus 4 at this point? I’ll stick with my unlimited data on the only network around here that can consistently get the best speeds. And I’ll go get the G2 and have the same phone with a better camera and bigger battery.

    It’s Android. I don’t understand why everyone acts like a Nexus device is the only way to get a clean experience. That’s the entire point of Android. Customization. Every device that has ever come with a fugly manufacturer skin and tons of bloatware ends up with awesome ROMs all cleaned up and ready to go. If this customization did not exist then maybe I could understand people chasing after Nexus devices like life itself depends on it, but that’s not the case.

    You’re really, REALLY going to be happy leaving unlimited data and the best network around, say, 6 months down the road when the Nexus 5 isn’t so fancy anymore and other devices are getting 4.4? We’ll see. I’d just look around at how the large majority of Nexus 4 owners feel about their device.

    Don’t worry, Verizon will always welcome you back, just no more unlimited for ya.

    • ericdabbs

      First off, not everyone has unlimited data so people leaving Verizon should be no surprise. Second, Verizon is expensive as hell. If you weren’t on the unlimited data plan with the old standard plans and were on the new Share Everything plans you wouldn’t be saying the same thing. 2 GB of data for $60…LOL. I mind as well bend over and let Verizon ram me in the butt.

      Assuming people would leave Verizon just for the lack of a Nexus 5 is naive thinking. Everyone has different priorities and financial situations where other major carriers or even prepaid carriers can offer service for their needs for less. Also I am not envious of you paying a crap load to Verizon while I enjoy my rate plan which is $50 that includes 500 minutes, unlimited LTE data and text on another carrier.

      • skzion

        I’m grandfathered into Verizon. But I have mediocre coverage, and I have to pay $700 for a new phone. Tmobile is a better deal.

    • skzion

      With a price that will probably be around half of your phone, it can be replaced every year. Or hadn’t you thought of that? Oh, and rooting won’t break any warranties. Replaced one a year, the phone will always be under warranty.


  • scaperow

    Falt style circle all the world!

  • JagoX

    So I noticed it still shows the old “News & Weather” app with the same OLD icon. WTF? How about they get rid of that and just buy Feedly 😉

    • After shutting down the product that Feedly is designed to replace? That would be a clever move haha

  • MrWicket

    Yes! Just yes!

  • Austin2222

    My Nexus 4 is ready

  • John Fibonacci

    Did anyone notice that this is the Nexus 5?

  • ksampsondavis

    Remember how the nexus 7 (2013) released with a wallpaper that kind of looked like a ‘7’? This wallpaper looks an awful lot like a number 5…hmm

    • Larizard

      nice catch

  • MikeKorby

    Anyone else curious/excited by what mysterious treats are blocked out between Google+ and hangouts…?

    • Ray


  • RXG9

    N5 needs removable battery ;/

  • rreich49

    My vzw contract expires 12/15, at which time I retire my gnex and move to t-mobile. However, I am ordering this phone the day it comes out…just to make sure I get it by 12/15 (and play with it if it comes sooner).

  • Allen George

    WTB Verizon version. I have a Galaxy Nexus which is running like a champ, but so ready to get a new phone with tech that isn’t 2 years old.

  • Skittlez

    6 home screens now instead of 5

  • Franklin Ramsey

    Am I the only one who, if the Nexus 5 would come to Verizon, wouldn’t complain that they were a month or two behind updates like the Nexus devices on other carriers, but would rather know the update was coming and still have a Nexus on Verizon, then not have a Nexus on Verizon at all?

    • joejoe5709

      Nope. Wouldn’t complain one bit. Especially with the dev community. Half the time I forgot what version my GNex was *supposed* to be on. Lol. If Jelly Bean hadn’t taken 3 months, I probably wouldn’t have rooted/ROM’d my phone at all.

      Heck I wouldn’t complain one bit if I had to do without 4G as long as it was on Verizon.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      hell yeah. I’d complain. The Gnex doesn’t have 4.3, a minor upgrade. It just doesn’t deserve the Nexus moniker. I’d love google to make a backroad and update nexus/moto phones thru chrome.

      • Franklin Ramsey

        I would love if they would do that too, but at the same time, the Gnex still got updates faster than any other phone on the Verizon network, and at the end of the day, might not have been a nexus in name, but was still the most open and developer friendly phone on the Verizon network. I’d take an updated gnex (N5) over any other phone on Verizon’s network right now, with the G2 and moto x coming in at a second place.

  • Nexus Lifestyle

    People asking what carrier it is coming to i don’t think understand the nexus program.

  • angermeans

    I was really hoping for a little more of a visual overhaul from Android 4.4. It looks ok, but Android is looking a little stale in my opinion. This will help some. Also, once again I’m praying to the tech gods that Google does something about the horrible lag on android. It kills me that it is ever present on even phones with the Snapdragon 800 and 3GB RAM (Note 3 is horribly laggy in places). I’m starting to lose faith that it can even be done. We need some 60fps throughout the OS and something better than 2.5times slower than even the iPhone 5 on touchscreen latency. It just takes away from the experience.

    • Skittlez

      that lag is due to touchwiz and other skins. 4.3 on my Gnex didn’t lag unless i was downloading and installing app updates at the same time, due to the RAM i guess, but 4.2.2 on my Nexus 4 was the smoothest i’ve ever seen anything run. 0 lag whatsoever

    • Chris

      Yeah TouchWiz and Sense 10000% slow down Android. You will not have lag on a Stock experience. I say this from a stock S4 running Touchwiz, but I’ve had some stock Android tablets and they just FLY.

  • Guy Meatdrapes

    i pooped

    • aDROIDfreeworld

      Me too. 6.52 pounds of brown!

  • Phone icon on the far right… is it opposite day?

  • Guy Meatdrapes


    • aDROIDfreeworld

      Want some sausage bro?

  • anezarati

    the icons in the app drawer look a lot bigger than my n4 and they are only 4×5, not 5×5

  • Ej McCarty

    Idk I’m torn between waiting for this or getting the Note 3. I’m on Verizon so I know there is a very slim chance that we will even get the N5, but in the off chance that we do get it, I don’t want to have already bought another phone.

  • Chippah

    Wish it was drastically more different than ics,jb..,..
    This reminds me of jb with a rom..

    • miri

      It’s a 0.1 increment.

    • Chris

      if you want a new UI then wait till 5.0. Hopefully it wont be all white with the now like interface…

  • Omar McFarlane

    I WANT THIS!!!!

  • guitarguy23

    Yeah, I’m probably not even going to consider buying this phone because of the ugly phone icon. I won’t even use an icon pack to change it. Too much work.


  • J Dub

    I see all these people mentioning AIO, but nothing about Net10 or Straight Talk. They have came clean about when you get throttled. It’s at 2.5 GB. It’s hard to pay $60 for AIO when I can pay $45 with Net10. $85 on Net10 for my wife and me.

    • Kay

      Does Net10 have 4G access now?

    • Kay

      Oh, just checked their website out (haven’t in a while). I see they do.

  • Fox-News

    Nothing impressive or wow yet.

    • Galileo

      How about huge performance and gaming enhancements along with lower specs requirements? Not enough for you?

      • Fox-News

        Indeed, now that is a pretty good reason to jump to KitKat. I Would like to read more on that.

  • zombiewolf115

    i love the new look. but i worry about the gallery. i wouldn’t want my gallery to be tied into google plus.

    • Why not? Auto Backup works very very well, and i can’t really see a reason not to use it.

      • Piyush

        While I personally auto backup my photos to Google+, I can why see many people wouldn’t want to do that … Many people don’t want to upload their photos on any cloud service at all, especially with all these NSA revelations.

        • duke69111

          I’m not worried about the NSA, but I’m not a major fan of backing up my photos to the cloud. I prefer to keep them on my computer and home backup. I think its a mess to keep them organized at home and online.

          • zombiewolf115

            lol i simply dont like it. i have a problem enough if some1 wants to see my gallery on my phone. but to have it simply out their on the internet no thank u lol

          • You say that as if its a totally public gallery.

          • Skittlez

            i’m just worried about it accidentally uploading my pictures of my peepee

      • Chris

        I’d rather auto upload with drop box then that silly google plus service

    • Peter Mansour

      We can still download galleries from google play

    • Chris

      Google thinks its cute to shove google plus ion your face. Google plus is the new google account. Soon you can’t sign up for a google service with out a google plus account. Google plus will be the main google service

    • Galileo

      No one wants their porn to appear online on our social media web pages:P

  • Wondering why the intentional “blur” over the wifi/battery/clock in the last 3 pics but not in the first few?

  • Mark Schiller

    Maybe my opinion is a little skewed…but since I took advantage of the Verizon glitch 2 weeks ago, that allowed me to keep my unlimited data and upgrade to the LG G2(w/Verizon30) for $139, I don’t think I’m missing out on a lot here. I haven’t read thru all the post about the Nexus 5, but I’m curious…since it’s from LG, but yet a Nexus device, is it going to have the much-beloved Knock-On? With some of the things in Kit Kat similar to what the LG G2 has, I don’t feel too left out. And hopefully the Kit Kat update to the G2 will be one of the first. LG has made me happy that I finally decide to jump off the Moto bandwagon. I’m sure the Nexus 5 will be awesome, but at least with the G2, I was able to stay on Verizon w/ unlimited data!

    • Daniel Flores


    • Ryan Gullett

      The Nexus line has never really been a phone that will blow you away. Really the biggest appeal to them is stock android and their cheap off contract price. Other phones will be much more “impressive” in terms of specs and stuff like that. It’s just not what they want the Nexus to be.

      • Matthew Rebmann

        It’s not JUST stock that gets us excited over it. It’s the speed at which updates are received and the incredibly easy to unlock boot loader for development as well. I also happen to think that the N4 was freaking gorgeous (never owned one sadly) and this one isn’t too shabby looking.

        • Ryan Gullett

          There are much more things that make a Nexus a good phone (obviously), I just mentioned the two biggest. The faster updates kinda falls under the same category as stock android anyway.

          • Matthew Rebmann

            Ah, I suppose you’re right 🙂

  • Roubaix

    Will this be a global ready phone?

  • Jerry Rose

    Ok, one isuue that has not been addressed by the tech whore world – the FCC is closed because of the gubment shutdown. So did the nexus 5 get past it in time? The images where mixed up at some point so I’m curious to see if it will drop in Oct or later. If they don’t open anytime soon we could have a phone and tech shortage.

  • JohanV
  • Jerry Rose


  • joejoe5709

    I want to believe. But something about this doesn’t feel right. Can’t put my finger on it… That is definitely a Nexus 5 and it is one of our best views yet!

    • jbdan

      What doesn’t feel right?

      • joejoe5709

        Not sure exactly. Something about the icons and the transparent bars feels more like a launcher or something. It feels… half baked and not in line with Google’s typical style. It’s obviously KitKat but maybe slightly modified to throw us off or perhaps an older build.

        • jbdan

          Trickery! Ehh, I think it’s just beta/alpha/undone or as you say an older build. Indeed

  • trixnkix637

    This will be probably the phone that pushes me from Verizon to T-Mo. I just can’t deny how customer orientated they’ve become while VZW remains the dollar fiends they’ve always been known to be.

    • jbdan

      I did it after 11 years with VZ. Tmo’s service and coverage in my neck of the woods (and beyond) is equal to and better than VZ’s. That’s been my experience with a N4 and GS4 compared to families VZW GNex, GS3, and LG Lucid. You should test drive it if you have the $35 (restocking fee) and grab a new Tmo phone/number. Was worth it to me

    • mjmedstarved


      If what I hear from my Google friends is true…….

      Oh, and.. colors. 😉

      • supermiah

        and what are your Google friends saying? LTE for all? including VZW?

        • mjmedstarved

          I cannot say more, sir. 8)

          • jbdan

            Can you say if VZW will butcher the N5 like they did the GNex? 😉

          • mjmedstarved

            Hahaha…. isn’t that a given’? ; )

  • Tony Byatt

    Gallery is now Google Photos…

    • zach471

      Hope that means better G+ photo integration. Already works pretty well on my N7

  • n900mixalot

    OH, hey. What’s up, Meego?

    • Meepo

      You Called?

  • Tony Byatt

    I guess I better start looking for Nexus 4 buyers…

  • Droid Ronin

    Please take my money now.

  • shelderman

    google creates the most hideous icons imo. Chrome and News are the only decent ones

    • Jeff

      Good thing it’s extremely easy to get icon replacements, Axis in my case.

    • zach471

      I’ll admit they’re not uniform — some circle and some square. Some in between. But the first thing I do with any new phone is put Nova on it and drop on a custom icon theme.

  • DodgerDroid

    They just need to announce the damn thing already! I don’t know what to do since I’m with Verizon. Do I leave and lose my unlimited data or do I stay and have phone envy for the foreseeable future.

  • I am not sure why, but this reminds me of Facebook Home a little.

    • ChrisNacca

      the app drawer icon is the same. that was my thought as well

    • joejoe5709

      Maybe it’ll have Chatheads. Kidding. Or am I?

  • Matt

    I hope they mention something about the camera having OIS. This will be a deal breaker if it doesn’t have it.

    • Skittlez

      it does

  • bionicwaffle

    Will Android 4.4 fix the soft buttons at the bottom so they can be hidden in games, photo viewing, web pages, book reading, or other content? Right not the only thing that space can be used for other then buttons is some full-screen video.

    • Skittlez

      that all depends on the coding of the individual app. there’s also an app you get get(but i think you have to be rooted) and you can hide the on-screen buttons, and swipe up to bring them back

  • Jose Garcia

    Already called sprint and warned them. In a couple of weeks I call back and say “I told you so”.

  • Colton

    Verizon…. why…..I want so badly….

    • zach471

      Colton, they’d just screw it up anyway! But I totally agree. I’d love this on Verizon, then I’d love Verizon to get the hell out of the way…

      • Colton

        that’s so depressing, but true… might be time to switch…

  • NexusMan

    Love the transparent background to the navigation buttons, love the ability to add more than 5 home screens, and love the “Ok Google,” launch from the home screen (if handsfree). Don’t really care for wallpaper in the app drawer or white notification icons.

    • NexusPhan

      Wallpaper is the only negative I can see here. Which is great cause that would change for most of us anyway!

    • SplashMTN

      I’m a big fan of transparent app drawers so I think this could be a cool next step. Plus you could always set it to just a plain solid color picture.

  • Dane Carpenter

    What is with the menu button on the settings menu on the left picture? It reminds me of how the HTC phones deal with the menu button.

    • Mike

      Same thing I said- it makes no sens.

    • NexusPhan

      That’ll be fixed before the public release. Don’t forget we’re looking at very early software here.

  • me

    Looks like Google Android is doing some good things to lower battery usage in the location services. This is muy bueno.

  • MIke

    What is going on with three button icon for settings on the bottom left location pic?! Why isn’t it moved to the right of the nav buttons? In the middle location settings screen it moves back to the top. Very surprising for Duarte to allow this in-cohesiveness.

  • jbdan

    Phone icon looks crazy. Kkat looks amazing. Papers look amazing. Phone looks amazing. Thank you thank you for axing the holo blue status icons!! I’m officially more pumped for this device than any other before it. Held off on the MX & so far glad. Can’t freakin’ wait!

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    On my phone it goes from g+ to hangouts. That watermark is placed all too well. If you can say ok google from the homepage, is it always listening? I wonder why tap and pay is in settings and not just in wallet settings…Interesting.

  • PolarBear

    Android 4.4 smells like iOS, just like iOS 7 smells like Android. I don’t like this…

    • NexusPhan

      The only slight way you can see this looks anything like iOS is that awful and colorful wallpaper that will not be present on my phone.
      But even then, Google has always been fun and colorful.

      • Larizard

        The main wallpaper has a subtle “5” in it; just like the wallpaper in the Nexus 7 with the “7”.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      that camera icon on the lockscreen is a tad bit fishy

      • NexusPhan

        Who cares. 90% of iOS 7’s lock-screen was an ICS ripoff anyway. We can take the quick camera and I’ll be okay with it. I prefer the swipe left tho, but I agree about the visibility issue.

      • Larizard

        I agree. Also, with the addition of those little dots to indicate the homescreen page you are in, is a tad bit too iPhoney or TouchWizzy for me….

        Them getting rid of the tabs in the app drawer as well. Tabs have been a Holo hallmark for awhile now, and it seems like they are moving away from it too..

  • rabidhunter

    I read that Tap and Pay was supposed to be built in to the phone rather than through the Google Wallet app. That appears to be in the settings menu.

  • unashamedgeek

    The phone icon is bad, but all the icons look big to me. I was thinking with the increase in screen, it would be 5 icons wide, similar to the G2.

    • ksavai

      yeah. app drawer should be 5 column. Nova have the option. Hope its in stock launcher too.

  • WilliamKingX17

    That phone icon is hideous. Guess that’s what icon packs are for.

  • Brandon Golway

    Bring back the blue and black color scheme!!

  • Joshua Bailey

    Also, there is no “Messaging” app. That really shows me that “Hangouts” will replace it. Really exciting.

    • Brian Wolfman

      hopefully its not a kit-kat “thing” but a google play updated hangout thing.

      • Joshua Bailey

        I almost doubt that as the messaging app is a system app.

        • Franklin Ramsey

          So was Google Talk and for all phones that had that, it was updated to hangouts.

          • Joshua Bailey

            Good point. Could be right. I hope you are. A lot less confusion with only one app.

  • Joshua Bailey

    Looks amazing. Really proving how beautiful the Android UI has become over the last few updates. Well done Google.

    Love that the notifications and navigation background are now transparent. My only complaint on the soft nav keys was the potential screen burn, so this should take care of that!

    • NexusPhan

      Wow that UI looks damn good. Looking at my current set-up feels really dated all of a sudden. I really, really hope this is exactly what we see with 4.4!

      • I would to see that the transparency goes into apps as well and not just the launcher and app drawer. PA would be honored i’m sure. alas, the settings look to be black again and not transparent.

        • jbdan

          What exactly do you mean. Transparencies look great on some UI elements (widget/status bar/nav bar), but transparencies in something like a menu or settings where you need to read text is just plain awful (imo of course).

  • ksavai

    I am sure you can add 5 icons in dock. transparent navigation and app drawer looks amazing. I use pie just bcoz I hate black navigation bar

  • nvitone23

    Is it me or is that dialer icon one of the most hideous icons you’ve ever seen?

    • Jeff Tycz

      its you

      • nvitone23

        Doesn’t seem like many others disagree with me but i guess to each’s own.

        • Larizard

          im with u.

    • ksavai

      whats wrong with it. Need flat ones??

      • nvitone23

        I just think the top and bottom part of it look awkward.

        • ksavai

          I guess its just eyes don’t want changes it will look better once on my own phone.. otherwise Icon Packs

          • nvitone23

            Yea, I guess I’ll get used to it…after all it is just an icon…

        • n900mixalot

          It’s so pointy. Aerodynamic, even.

  • Sb_81st


  • Kryten2k35

    Don’t like the new phone icon, the white battery icon and signal icons and text…. not like.

  • DKowalsky2

    As @0c0eaa82caef1b9e67ff58ef4a1a5c03:disqus mentioned below, encouraging to note the lack of the Messaging app between Maps and News & Weather. Bundling to Hangouts must be coming soon. As for the icons, they’re just okay. I’ve been a huge fan of Holo since its launch. This will take some getting used to, but everything can be skinned if necessary.

    • DKowalsky2

      +1 for tagging. That was supposed to tag “Jimas.”

  • Paul

    Death to the Widget Drawer!

    • ksavai

      anyways it was not useful…

      • Flat_Stanley

        It was a nice idea, with the little previews and all, but it just wasn’t functional. Swiping through 23 pages (my real count) to add a YouTube widget is utterly ridiculous.

  • geedee82

    I cannot WAIT to leave verizon for this!!!

    • SplashMTN

      Same here! Which carrier are you going to?

      • geedee82

        Most likely AT&T, they have excellent service in my area, including LTE. How bout you?

        • SplashMTN

          I’m either going AIO or T-Mobile, but I’m leaning towards AIO. A lot of people have told me to give T-Moblie a shot, but coverage is nonexistent where I’ll be travelling a lot so I’m hesitant to try it.

          • Derek L.

            I’ve been on AIO for over a month. They have been fantastic for me, and I don’t see me leaving them for a contract for quite some time.

            T-Mo is so much faster on H/H+, but if you don’t have the coverage, it’s not worth it. I had T-Mo for a month as well, and while I had some awesome spots, There were so many places in my town where I had absolutely zero coverage.

            Go AIO.

          • Roubaix

            Ok, I’m an idiot. What/who is AiO?

          • mike dunham

            AT&T’s prepaid service

          • pookietookie

            Wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T. Good prices but not as good network access as using an AT&T individual plan (non-contract-based).

          • Derek L.

            AIO is a prepaid carrier. AT&T bought them out so essentially they are a subsidiary of AT&T with (IMO) better prices and just as good of service.

          • SplashMTN

            The only drawback is that they’ll throttle your speed to 8mbps. I’m not usually getting anywhere near that on VZ’s network right now though so I’m not too worried about it, but it’s good info to know.

          • Bill Anderson

            Remember that there is no contract, so if T-Mo doesn’t work for you, just switch over to AIO…

          • SplashMTN

            That’s true, I think I’ll start out with AIO and then if I don’t like it I’ll try T-Mo.

          • jbdan

            If it’s non-existent and you know this, I think you know how simple of a decision it will be 🙂

          • SplashMTN

            Haha that’s true. I believe there’s pretty good service where I live, but whenever I’d visit family I’d be left in the dark. T-Mo’s speed is the only thing that was really making me consider it, but I’ll be with AIO.

        • Mo

          why not straight talk with AT&T lte sim?

        • michael arazan

          I wish ATT here in St.L wasn’t like swiss cheese, even along the major highways their service drops out. Sprint would be the only viable option but their 4G is almost non-existent here, but their phone calls don’t drop like ATT does. I’ll be stuck with vzw until these companies reinforce their networks.

      • Flat_Stanley

        I’m going AiO or T-Mo’s no contract

      • cheese

        By the year 2016, Dish Network and Google will merge or collaborate in some way as a singular Wireless Carrier Service

        Google is getting into the Wireless Service Business. Except this time Dish is not messing around. They are aggressively purchasing spectrum, and going at it hard to get more Clearwire spectrum. Dish, by government mandate, must cover at least 40% of the U.S population in a couple years.

        I would not put my money on any of the existing Carriers. FYI, Dish is buying up LTE-A spectrum, or LTE-Advanced. We’re talkin 100mbit speeds here.

        • michael arazan

          Sprint already made the purchase and owns 100% of clearwire now. The deal went through back in July

        • Robertjm

          Isn’t Dish already partnered with AT&T for cell phone coverage??

      • Rambir

        Coming from Britain, and an English point of view, I don’t understand this Verizon talk. What are they like? Are they bad, expensive, have bloatware?

        • sk3litor

          Everything bad about a carrier. Small choice of phones, very expensive, horrible update process, chastity locked bootloader, massive bloatware . The only reason they’re even a contender is because they are still hands down the best coverage. Very sad but a necessary evil.

          • Rambir

            Well, we have only one carrier that supports LTE, EE which used to be T-Mobile and Orange Telecom, and they charge around £40 for an unlocked LTE plan when the same plan with one of their LTE devices costs around £30. Plus coverage is shoddy. Then we have Vodafone and O2 who have the best coverage for 3G but only support LTE in London, and some unknown dead company that exclusively uses WiMax.

    • Buur

      Yep, I’ve made my decision and now anxiously await for this phone to be released.

    • WalterWhite

      Are you leaving your grandfathered unlimited data?

      • SplashMTN

        I am, but I’m so sick of Verizon not having the phones that I want or getting “special” versions (most notably LG G2) of phones that are worse than the originals and having to wait an unreasonable amount of time for a phone that’s on all of the other major networks (HTC One). Also I’ve been experiencing a lot of trouble trying to change devices over the past month.

        I used to think that Verizon was the best and every other network was awful, but now that I actually know the benefits of a GSM vs CDMA network I have a much different opinion. I also used to think that the Droid line of phones was better than anything else out there, but after owning the OG and the RAZR I know it’s not the case. I can’t wait until my contract is up in November.

        • WalterWhite

          I’m in the same boat. I used to be a heavy data user but lately, I’m always connected to wifi so losing unlimited data doesn’t seem too bad. I dunno, It’s a constant push/pull with me.

          • SplashMTN

            Same here. I’m currently on a GNEX so I pretty much have to be connected to wifi all day if I want a shot at decent battery life. I would also be losing unlimited data on my next update because I currently can’t afford to buy a phone on VZ’s network at an off contract price.

          • WalterWhite

            My Verizon bill is $210 a month! 4 lines, one future phone which was used for an upgrade. I’m seriously considering making a jump, tired of throwing my money, especially to big red.

          • Larizard

            We have 4 lines: 1 2G Plan, 1 non-smartphone plan, 2 Unlimited Data lines. and we pay $250/month..

            If only it’s easy to sell FOUR lines……. No one would want that feature-phone plan….

          • James Friedman

            You should try and sell your unlimited plan dude, I think that’s what I’m going to do. Get like $400 for that, plus sell my Gnex for like $75-$100

          • fundi

            push pull this nuts

          • WalterWhite

            Sorry, I don’t eat baby food.

          • jisaac16

            I have a Nexus 4 on T-Mob and use Wifi at work and at home and I have never had any data issues (I am a bit of a Wifi whore now as I always ask for people’s Wifi passwords). Come join the unlocked, no-contract fun. It is a great feeling!!!

          • WalterWhite

            haha! I dont’t remember what that was like.

          • MannyLegacy

            Yeah I think it’s about time for me to “Jump Ship” from Vz. I’m over them in a BIG WAY.

            And your comment got me thinking about how I use my Tab & phone and you’re absolutely right. I have unlimited now but am not really using much data OFF of Wi-Fi

          • EnterTheNexus

            You’re god damn right.

      • Raj Bhatt

        I’m also leaving my grandfathered unlimited for the Nexus 5.

        • WalterWhite

          Wow, that’s crazy. AiO or Tmob?

          • Raj Bhatt

            T-Mo I think. I read that Aio limits download speeds to 8 mbps.

            This was a tough decision since I get a 25% corporate discount on VZW and we have to keep my wife’s phone on VZW. She drives 45 miles to work through a Native American reservation where only Verizon works.

            I love rooting and tinkering with the OS and I am just tired of Verizon not allowing unlocked phones. Using hacks can be fun, but a Nexus is built for it. I live in a suburb of Phoenix so hopefully Tmo service will be good.

          • WalterWhite

            Do you know if Aio throttles data?

          • Raj Bhatt

            They do after you hit the data limit I think. There’s actually a DL article that breaks it down:


          • WalterWhite

            Thanks man.

          • Raj Bhatt

            No problem 🙂

          • SplashMTN

            AT&T limits LTE speed to 8mbps at all times. They’ll throttle down to 2G(?) speeds after the allotted high speed data is used.

          • Rusty Shackleford

            They do? Since when?

          • SplashMTN

            Sorry, I didn’t word my comment very well. AT&T throttles AIO’s LTE speeds down to 8mps at all times.

        • Mo

          Why not Straight talk with new ATT lte?

          • Raj Bhatt

            I use more than 2.5 GB per month on mobile data. If I was extra careful, I could keep it under that but I would rather enjoy some freedom with my phone.

      • Buur

        I am. I get good TMobile coverage in my area (refarmed area and LTE). I also rarely talk on my phone so the $30 prepay plan is going to save me tons a money month and I won’t lose much, if any, speed. Tired of being locked to Verizon with phones I don’t want.

      • Dale

        I will leave my unlimited as well. I rarely hit 6 or 7 gigs on my line b/c I am constantly on wifi and the 2 other lines usually use 2-3 gigs combined. 10 gig share plan on AT&T seems like a good deal.

        • WalterWhite

          That shared plan looks really good! I’ll see how ATT fairs with coverage in my area. Thanks.

      • carluverdrm2004

        I am, for a Motomaker Moto X whenever that feature comes to Verizon. I barely use 1 or 2 GBs of data, I’m generally always on Wi-Fi.

      • starnovsky

        I don’t need more than 3-4Gb (no use) and when T-Mobile is offering 5Gb cheaper than 1Gb at Verizon, what do I need that unlimited for?

    • Robbie Gerling

      haha I did that two months ago 😀

    • EnterTheNexus

      Going to Solavei, using the AT&T LTE Sim and an LG G2!!

    • 16reasonswhy

      Amen brother. I am counting down to 12/27/13 to ditch my g-nex AND Verizon!

    • KoTiell

      I am also leaving Verizon. Trying out T-Mobile with AIO as a back up plan. With all the build up for this, I’m really fearing the “Out of Stock” period we will be going though.

    • my92agsr

      but what if it’s on verizon?

  • StuckOnVerizonForever

    When are we going to see a huge overhaul like ios7?

    • nvitone23

      Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.

      • StuckOnVerizonForever

        Not saying it’s broke. But I’d like something new and refreshing.

        • You can download themes, that’s what IOS7 was right? A theme?

    • Asmodai

      Probably Android 5.0, what do you want from a point release?

    • bionicwaffle

      Are you serious? I have an iPhone 5 for work along with my Droid Razr Maxx HD. Yeah, iOS 7 was a big cosmetic overhaul. But Android doesn’t need that. It’s already much better and more advanced than iOS 7. With iOS 7 you’re still stuck with the same terrible soft keyboard (no third party keyboards, no text prediction, no easy access to special characters, no arrow keys, no numeric pad number layout option, too small because the screen is too small), it still doesn’t have good app to app sharing that any developer can implement in any app, it still doesn’t offer real widgets, it still has a “Settings” app that you need to use to change some settings for apps but other settings are in the app (how is that good design?), no local voice dictation, you are forced to have all installed apps on your desktop, you can’t see battery usage per app or data usage per app and set limits, and of course no OS update can fix the fact that it’s a poorly made phone (yes, high quality components but in the wrong places) that needs a case or it scratches very easily, it has no Notification LED, has a non-replaceable battery that’s too small, and the display is too small.

      At least Apple still uses an LCD display instead of OLED. OLED is just a bad idea for a mobile device because they’re not bright enough for all outdoor situations. Sure, it’s the only way they can do “Active Notifications” or whatever on the Moto X and Droid Maxx/Ultra but I’d rather have an notification LED and LCD display any day. At least people do have some choice in the Android world so you could get an LG, HTC, or GS4 Active to get an LCD.

    • Skittlez

      lol huge overhaul, you mean just an icon pack pretty much and a different way to close out apps?

  • Capt. Crunch

    Can Google just announce the Nexus 5 already, I need a new amazing phone for when I leave Verizon in a month!

  • Liderc

    Sad Verizon user….

    • Jonathan Isenberg

      I know that feel…

      My only hope is an MSRP price drop on the Moto X…

      • socarwolverine

        Has there ever been an MSRP price drop on any phone? I don’t think there has been, but I could be wrong. You could always pick up the droid mini. Similar screen real estate and it’s only $450 out of contract.

        • Jonathan Isenberg

          To be honest, I have never had to look. I have no idea. From now on though, I’ll have to look at that price tag though.

          All because I use way too much data. Smoke it if you got it, right?

    • Chris Choncek

      Don’t be sad, The LG G2 is fantastic and would probably get you as close to this as any other phone. The specs are beastly and the skin is not nearly as bad as everyone likes to make it out to be.

      • TheDrunkenClam

        All manufacturer skins are dreck.
        Give me AOSP, or give me death.

        • durtoffmyshoulda

          I feel your love for AOSP but wouldn’t go that far 🙂

      • bionicwaffle

        I just realized the G2 has the Snapdragon 800. The GPU in that is 2x the speed of the Snapdragon 600 in the GS4. Not that it matters for most things but that is a huge advantage.

      • Skittlez

        the NFC handicap pissed me off when i got the G2. made my decision to sell it for the Nexus 5 and go to T-mobile very clear

  • Ron_Swanson

    Alright alright.

  • anywherehome

    Hope they will bring real features…. not just a few design adjustments
    IR remote support
    Full permission manager
    Full screen mirroring with Miracast
    TV tuner support
    Home automation
    Smartwatch guard (lock when out of range)
    Voice coprocessor

    Etc etc etc

    • Most of them things, the general user will not care about, so i doubt it 😛

      • anywherehome

        Year, most of Apple users are very limited……but you should read a definition of the world “innovation”
        Increase your range and you will find many non existing things in your head useful, e.g. home automation, gaming console with TV capabilities with Google pay at once

        Read more and read everything to understand the all possibilities ;P

        • You can innovate in ways that aim towards a much larger market, which is more beneficial both to Android and most of it’s user base.

          For instance, the [email protected] project never really took off, because most of the users in the world don’t want it/care about it.

          That is not me saying they should not do these things, but there are way more important things to sort out than just cramming features in for the sake of a small number of people.

    • Brandon Golway

      How would TV Tuner and IR Remote support be beneficial to any device? AFAIK the latest Samsung products (Galaxy Tab and S4) are the only Android devices that I know of that have an IR blaster and they work just fine. As for the TV Tuner, you do realize that this would require special hardware and a coax connection right?

      • Skittlez

        G2 and HTC One also have an IR blaster

      • anywherehome

        Apple users are satisfied with icons, but IR remotes in android works, TV tuner also…..you should increase your range

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      i just want a brightness slider in quick settings.

  • Two icons in the dock feels like a step backward to Gingerbread.

    • I’d imagine you can add more, right?

    • Jeff

      I am betting those just happen to be the two icons that are there, as in more can be dragged into the blank spots, not that there can not be any more than that.

    • Larizard

      imo, they should just get rid of the whole “dock” idea.. maybe a “pin” to homescreen or something. “Dock” just sounds too Apple-ish

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Google Now as a home page

  • enyce36

    And from these shots you can unlock the phone with a prosthetic hand as well 🙂

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      after reading this i noticed there are no nails to be found.

  • Rojo623

    Looks awesome. Looks like there’s no dock area? One of the screenshots is just a phone, camera and app tray, although the others dont have those three at the bottom. Interesting.

  • Gabriel

    Since it looks like UI changes will be somewhat minimal, then here goes to hoping there are tons of under the hood changes that helps with battery, stability, and speed! I think once we have a smoother translation of android across the board, then it will make KitKat something worth the wait!

    • Chris Choncek

      No doubt. Even with significant UI changes on the G2, LG addressed issues with battery, stability, and speed.

    • zurginator

      Well the design team and code monkeys work largely independently, so it shouldn’t matter much anyways.

  • Caleb Loop

    I want it. NOW.

  • Jimas

    I don’t see the Messaging app! Hopefully it really is rolled into the Hangouts app with the Kitkat release per the rumors!

    • I also cannot see it, unless they let you reorder your app draw now? But i don’t think that’s the case.

      • pball_inuyasha

        I would love to see that option. While most people complain of non stock themes, I quite enjoyed my D3’s ability to make a custom app drawer and my S4’s ability to hide and reorder apps.

        • Some would argue that being able to reorder the apps defeats the point of it though, since you have your homescreens for that. Being able to hide apps is a must though.

          • pball_inuyasha

            I can see that, but I have three pages in my app drawer each organized. One is general, another is settings and such, and the last is development type apps. You also don’t have to reorganize, the S4 lets you select between just putting then in order or letting you reorganize them. Usually people are all for options and that doesn’t seem like asking for too many useless options.

  • They have dropped the + in “Google Photos” 😛

  • Jeff C

    this would be one of those rare instances where i would be overjoyed to see verizon branding on a phone

    • Eldorath

      While it’d be nice to see VZW pick this one up.. I don’t think anyone wants 2-5x ‘Verizon’ slapped all over the thing 😉

      • Jeff C

        most you’ll get is 2 just like most new phones out now. and im sure people wouldnt mind them if it meant a confirmation. chu know?

      • rabidhunter

        I got the new DROID Mini, there’s only one Verizon logo on the lower back (tramp stamp) the Motorola M in the middle and the DROID logo on the top. No logo or branding on the front.

    • John

      This… I could care less about the branding as long as it works on its LTE!

  • garbagedick

    Google + Photos is Google Photos now, interesting…

    • Damn, you beat me to it!

    • Seth Merritt

      And no gallery

      • raazman

        They should be one and the same.

  • kretz7

    The app icons appear rather large.

    • Justin W

      Are you looking at the ones in the dock? I was thinking they only had two by default there maybe? I’m surprised Hangouts isn’t down there if it’s going to be the default messaging app on Nexus devices, but maybe there’s another reason for it.

      • kretz7

        Not sure, I just know they all look huge.

    • tomn1ce

      I was thinking the same thing.

  • Zach B.
    • Jerry Rose

      Ok, one isuue that has not been addressed by the tech world – the FCC is closed because of the gubment shutdown. So did the nexus 5 get past it in time? The images where mixed up at some point so I’m curious to see if it will drop in Oct or later. If they don’t open anytime soon we could have a phone and tech shortage.

      • Chris

        Have you been under a rock for the last month?? The phone passed FCC sometime ago.

        • Jerry Rose

          We will see about that….

          • Chris

            o_O Huh?

      • Franklin Ramsey

        The times when it passed through the FCC it already received certification. If it were to be passing through right now, we would be in trouble, but it already got certified.

    • carluverdrm2004

      I wish I could like this twice, as I’m watching Parks and Rec at this very moment.

  • Hunter

    it’s like christmas!

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      I’d like to thank Kellen for making my Friday before 12pm.

  • Luis Celis

    Hopefully its on Verizon. Lets cross our fingers lol

    • Hunter

      ha not a chance. just go buy the htc one already

      • Luis Celis

        Lol, a man can dream. Happy with my note 2 right now, but I just love the nexus phones.

      • StuckOnVerizonForever

        No, buy the G2.

  • ademircm


    • Allen Byrd

      I know, right? I’m loving the new UI changes so far. The flat icons (especially the app drawer, omg) look amazing. I hope the notification bar is customizable as expected, too.

    • jim

      so beautiful? really ? I think many on here hold their phone lightly between two fingers way over their head and run around screaming ‘ look how beautiful my phone is ‘ kids

      • Ej McCarty

        Calm down bro. Who pissed in your cheerios this morning?

        • zurginator

          That would have been me.

  • Shane Redman

    Those wallpapers doe!!!!

  • zach471

    This makes me warm and happy

  • Inspector Butters

    dat nexus 5 doe!!!

  • BiggiePhat

    I’m moist

    • athom07

      go wipe yourself you filthy animal

  • Chris

    Dat phone icon doe? :/

    • Daeshaun Griffiths


    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      Its like we went back in time.

      • pezjono

        It looks so…. weird?

        • jisaac16

          Who in gods name disliked Marty and Doc?!?!?!?! That is blasphemy!

          • Chris

            You clearly missed this point LOL

  • Derek Duncan


  • Shane Redman

    The internet overjoys!!!!!