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Android 4.4 vs. Android 4.3 – Here are the Changes So Far From the Leak

kitkat vs jellybean2

After this morning’s mega-leak of Android 4.4 “Kit Kat” and the Nexus 5, we decided to do some comparison shots of the leak to the most current version of Android 4.3 running on a Nexus 4. If the differences weren’t immediately clear in that other post, this should help  you see it all. From the new transparent background of the navigation buttons and notification area, to the new icons (and some missing) in the app drawer, there are actually quite a few changes. Sure, they are mostly subtle, but damn do they look good. 

So in the top image and the one directly below, we are getting a comparison of the lock screens and the swipe action to quickly jump into the camera. As we mentioned before, you can see that Google has added a camera icon to the lower right corner to make it more obvious to everyday users that you can access the camera this way. From the leak, we know that you can grab the camera icon and slide it over, but can also swipe from the edge of the display as you have done in the past.

We’re also getting our first look at the new transparent notification bar and white icon set. Personally, I’m a fan of the white now that I’ve seen it next to the Android blue that has been a part of our lives for so long.

kitkat vs jellybean7

In this next screenshot, we get a side-by-side comparison of the home screen setup. This is our first look at the transparent navigation button background, but we’re also seeing a new phone icon and launcher button. Google has also done away with the dock separator and instead gone with a home screen indicator set of dots. That wallpaper may be new to Kit Kat as well.

According to the leak, users can add as many home screens as they’d like and are not stuck with the 5 that Nexus devices have been locked to for some time. They even mentioned that the device may ship with only a few, but that you can add more later on. We aren’t sure if the Camera and Phone icons are the only ones that are going to be allowed in the dock or not, but that would be extremely disappointing if Google locked that area to these two and wouldn’t allow you to add in a folder or Gmail, for example.

The leak also mentions Google Now accessibility coming in two forms. The first, is your typical swipe-up from the Home button. But their source mentioned that if you are on the farthest home screen to the left, that another single swipe from the left will  get you into Google Now. We imagine this being similar to what Motorola was doing with their quick toggles in Blur on devices like the Atrix HD and RAZR HD.

kitkat vs jellybean5

In the next comparison, we’re seeing the revamped app drawer, which also now has a transparent background. Missing are the Apps and Widgets buttons up top, so we’re not exactly sure how Google plans on handling widgets going forward. Hopefully, we see the long-press-to-add-from-home-screen return.

In other changes, we’re seeing the removal of Gallery, Local, Messaging, Movie Studio, and Navigation (Currents gone as well, but can be downloaded through Google Play). If Messaging is no longer a part of the experience, does that mean Hangouts will finally become the all-in-one messaging platform we were hoping it would become?

The grid size is back to a 4×5, but that more than likely has to do with the screen resolution than anything. The Nexus 4 carried a wider resolution than most, so we saw it switch to a 5×5 grid.

Last, there are new icons for Google Photos (formerly G+ Photos), Google Settings, and Google Search.

kitkat vs jellybean8

From the settings menu, the only real difference we are seeing here is the addition of a “Tap & pay” section. These was previously seen as “Payments” in another leak, so we’d assume this has to do with built-in NFC payment apps, more than likely Google Wallet.

kitkat vs jellybean4

And finally, we get a look at the new enhanced location settings menus. We can see that Google is going to give you the power to adjust location modes to either enhance accuracy or work less regularly to save battery life. They are also including a section for recent location requests and giving you quick access to location history.

kitkat vs jellybean3

This seems like quite a bit of change, but part of me gets the feeling that there is far more to see than what these pictures has shown us.

What do you guys think? See anything else?

  • Danyslsj

    I’ve seen changes in my contacts, phone and sms/hangout-talk menues too!

  • chris_johns

    im…disappointed….i dont like all these bright colors and transparency….this is android not ios7’s pastel garbage mess…

    • DevilsAdvocate

      yeah! Despite ios7 being influenced by Android’s look by going flatter and simpler in design, now that Apple’s done it, to even keep everything the same would be imitating Apple. It’s not like Android’s stock wallpapers have ever been colorful or pastel. Google overall has always lacked vibrancy. Just look at their logo. To be classic android, things should have to look more like ios3, all black with rows of detailed icons. Custom roms with transparent menu/drawer element should be ashamed of trying to be Apple.

      • chris_johns

        I love android n hate apple more then anything… Im just not blind or in denial as you appear to be

  • artsr2002

    1. Buy Sprint Nexus 5
    2. Flash it to Verizon MVNOs (Page Plus or Selectel Wireless)
    4. Profit!

    Nexus 5 on Verizon, although limited to 3G speeds but meh who cares. I have wifi access at home and work so its fine for me. Verizon’s coverage is still better than most in rural areas including Sprint.

  • EvildaddyRBLX

    Come on Google! Your better than that! Don’t copy stupid iOS 7.

    • lol wow you are dumb…

      • EvildaddyRBLX

        That’s your opinion and I don’t care. Don’t waste your time hating me. Cuz I love haters!

    • chris_johns

      honestly ima have to agree with you…lil disappointed with all these bright colors and transparency…jp looks more refined in my opinion

    • Moku

      Google’s Android 4.4 did NOT copy iOS 7. Google has been pursuing this direction for Android since Android 4.1. So now that Google’s going a bit further into this direction means that they’re copying iOS 7? As another commenter said, you could be considered “dumb”.

      Oh, and that “Cuz I love haters!” stuff? No. Just no. Absolutely pathetic excuse.

  • Mondy

    I’m suing Google if widgets will be long press on home screen



  • Jeff Martinez

    I can’t wait, my Nexus 4 is hungry for some KitKat!

  • carluverdrm2004

    Ah, the “No Service” icon on the notification bar. I see it every day until turning my phone off and on a few times and/or turning my airplane mode off and on a few times on my Galaxy Nexus. Cannot WAIT until Motomaker comes next month to Verizon….

  • spickle

    it’s funny, my G-Nex looks just like 4.4. with Nova i use the transparent notification and navigation buttons so my screen looks bigger. but minus the white icons.

  • amulya

    So I like most of it, but the app icons seem too large in the drawer and the phone icon sucks now. Not a big deal, but just aesthetically it doesn’t look too good.

  • jeyfrrey

    The little dots to show which page you are in is like gone back gingerbread ,and i ain’t goin back’ …hope the rumors aren’t true ,or its not goin wise

  • John Fibonacci

    iOs 7 users be like, its colorful android copied us again! LOL!

  • vs8

    I’m digging the new navigation bar and status bar look.

  • Fadzil Mohd Ashari

    no more hot seat..lol

  • Bojan Tomic

    The font in the app drawer seems much thinner.

  • Turb0wned

    Wonder how fast the DE moto x will get this.

  • Bruce Wayne

    That phone icon looks like shet compared to 4.3 phone icon.

  • Guest

    I’m wondering where the “widgets” tab is?

    Surely they they wouldn’t do away with that?

    • Guest

      Don’t call me surely.

  • RXG9

    N5 needs removable battery ;

  • Richard Giordano

    hope Motorola gets geared up to release kit kat for there new DROID line soon for wen google releases it

    • needa

      considering verizon still has not released the camera update on the x… i wouldnt hold my breath on kit kat for the droids.

  • Ricardo Da Silva

    isn’t the action bar different in settings ?

  • Ryan

    Looks like they also replaced the check mark boxes with radio buttons.

  • Rand Paul 2016

    Can you even turn off gps now?

  • Cowboydroid

    What the heck is between Google+ and Hangouts in the new app drawer?

    • joejoe5709

      That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? 🙂

  • pcdroidski

    What happens when you use a lighter background? There must be some sort of new API that detects the background and changes the Nav-bar buttons and status bar icons…

  • LuckyStrike1944

    App Drawer button seems like the most suspicious thing to me. Look at the current (4.3) app drawer icon with square dots. Matches the new Gmail/Google layout which was just released. All square dots. But not the “4.4” icon which has what look like round-ish dots…

    Could be Mr. Blurry Cam but something seems amiss…

    • NexusPhan

      The leak is too exhaustive with new angles of the Nexus 5 device to be fake. It may not be 100% final software or may not follow Google’s current styles, but I assure you this is ligit and close to the final software we will see.

  • TeamNexus

    The icons definitely don’t look final, and I hope to see a prettier settings ui–you know, maybe with a little color. I’m pretty stoked about this version though!

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    On top this ui and location loveliness, I would to see Google put code in their gapps for better voice control. Reason being it may work better than being system deep because the way they update apps. Then basic functions like turning on Bluetooth.

  • Nick Stringer

    So what icons are between Google+ and Hangouts in the launcher? I have a load of apps installed on both my Nexus 4 and 7, but these two icons are next to each other on those.

  • Stewie

    We were all questioning the reason behind going grey/white with notification icons, but now we know – because of the transparancy of the new notification bar. I can live with that, plus a transparent nav bar as well, most ROM’s have had this, nice to see Google follow suit.

    Can’t wait to try it out, no matter what device I may settle onto.

  • Guy Meatdrapes

  • onDroid

    Wonder what the two apps are between google+ and hangouts

    • NexusPhan

      Probably developer/testing apps that won’t make it to public release that could potentially help reveal where this leak came from.

  • MikeSaver

    Looks pretty dong. Does anyone think that the standard messaging app being named Hangouts is going to confuse the hell out of everyone?

  • Lucas

    Are the “changes” nice? Yes. Are they ground breaking in a different way? No. Am I jumping up and down with excitement over any of this? No.

    Does any of this change my existing want for a Nexus 5? No. I still want it the just as much as I did before.

    Does any of this warrant me to give up my Verizon Unlimited? No.

    Will I purchase a G2? Yep, probably.

    • Steve B

      Is this a useless, time wasting post? Yep, most definitely.

      • Celeste

        Yep just as useless as 90% of these posts including yours too.

  • j

    iOS7 leaked. OMFG LOOKS LIKE ANDROID 4.3.

    Andriod 4.4 leaked. OMFG LOOKS LIKE iOS7.

    • Epic Tea

      LOL yeah right, they look nothing alike, if anything google took more ideas from samsung and the LG G2

      LG G2’s – transparent soft keys
      Galaxy S4’s transparent notification bar and transparent app drawer.

      How does this even remotely look like ios?

      • The lock screen for one.
        Status bar is transparent and the icons on the status bar are now white.
        Basically the same camera button at the bottom left.
        Once you put the clock on the home screen they will look almost identical.

        If you’re going to argue that similarities between android and ios 7 were Apple ripping off of Google during the ios7 launch, you have to argue the same when there are similarities now.

        • Epic Tea
          • You realize how ridiculous that diagram is, right?
            Did you actually even look at it or did you just repost?

            Apple had a system like power control on the iPad ever since multitasking was announced. You double clicked the home button, swiped left, then had access to music controls, volume controls, brightness controls, etc. All they did was stack them and add a new UI (which looks absolutely nothing like Android’s).

            The only thing apple changed with multitasking is that now you have a preview over the app icon. Besides, Web OS had this style of multitasking LONG before Apple or Google.

            The lock screen in iOS 7 basically just removed everything but the clock, everything else was turned transparent. The clock has been at the top of the screen ever since the first iPhone. You’ve also always used slide to unlock. They still don’t look that similar in this picture regardless.

            The music app example could be one of the most ridiculous comparisons that I have EVER seen in one of these troll pictures. I don’t even know where to start.
            The only similarity that I see is that you see album covers, and they are square.
            If you would actually use the Google Music app, you would know that most navigation happens by the pull out menu to the left of the screen. Apple’s navigation is buttons on the bottom of the screen. The color schemes are almost completely different. In the Google Music player you navigate artists by pictures of the bands. I Apple Music you navigate more through lists. I would also like to point out that you are looking at the radio part of the app on the iPhone and the Explore part of the App on the Nexus. If your point is that Apple is ripping off of android, why not show them in the same part of each app?

            I realize that you enjoy trolling and posting misleading/inaccurate information, but please at least try to think about what you are posting before you post it (even though copy-paste-troll is a lot easier). You make us all look bad.

      • Steve B

        Actually, transparent soft keys were stolen from Moto.

      • j

        It was a sarcastic post, to point out how ridiculous it is to claim this is an iOS rip off only a month or so after the exact reverse was being claimed.

      • joejoe5709

        Moto has had transparent bars for awhile. Google now owns Moto. Boom. Anyway, it just makes sense. The black bars are so ugly.

  • Epic Tea

    is that the Nexus 5 on the first photo on the left??? because if that is, I have never seen a more beautiful Frame on a smartphone, I honestly think this is going to take Nexus Devices from being Dev and Geek Favorites to more Mainstream.

    • joejoe5709

      I know Google wants to sell these off contract and without carrier overlords, but selling it in a brick-and-mortar carrier store would make the Nexus much much more visible. As it is, it’s almost a phone that you have to find on your own via research and reviews. I think this is partially the reason the GNex was so insanely popular compared to other Nexus phones.

      • Epic Tea

        true, I have noticed google is kind of a slow moving company they like to test the waters, remember their not like apple, they won’t just tell you what you need. Google treats their produts like stepping stones, i think with the N4 they figured lets just keep it to gsm cheap and basic and if it does well we can take it a step further and so on, for all we know at the beginning of 2014 if these are so popular google could offer them on carriers, because tmobile did actuallly start selling the Nexus 4 at the beginning of 2013, 3 or 4 months after it’s release, I could easily see the same thing happening.

        google is a company that thinks long term, so they are in no rush to accomplish certain things, they are looking 10, 20 30 years ahead of everyone else.

        • joejoe5709

          Well like it or not, most consumers aren’t interested in off contract unless they’re doing prepaid or have unlimited data. It’s fine to sell tablets and such within the Play Store – I get that. But if they really wanted to actually sell the N5, at least give us the option to purchase it in-store. Think $399-429 off contract and $199 subsidized. Wouldn’t that be the best of both worlds? This thing would fly off the shelves.

          I think the N4 was sort of a reaction to the disaster of the Galaxy Nexus and they needed to take a step back to better plan future phone rollouts. Maybe not with the N5, but I think they intend on eventually coming back to Verizon when it makes more sense to the Nexus brand (VoLTE?).

          And I think it has less to do with Google’s cautious nature and more to do with their “if you can do it, we can do it better” attitude. Most the time they’re right but in this one case, I wish they’d take a page from Apple’s book, step up, and use their market share to have the carriers sell a Nexus with some special conditions just like they do for the iPhone. This is especially true for Verizon. “Hey Verizon – we now own Motorola and HTC is kinda slacking lately. Still want that DROID line? Well you’re gonna sell the Nexus too.”

  • Epic Tea

    I love the the way Google has been Evolving Android overtime, it just gets better and better every year, and kitkat is looking good just base don these photos.

    • AbbyZFresh

      And yet Google makes almost no money from Android at the same time and they are so focused on improving it. It`s quite intriguing.

      • Epic Tea

        agreed and I honestly see Nexus devices becoming more mainstream like galaxy devices and the iphone, in fact I think this might even push Samsung to jump to tizen a lot sooner, and I think samsung’s days are numbered honestly they built a following but just like I use to be a samsung fanatic since 2009 I have come to realize samsungs devices are cheap both in software and hardware and after tasting stock android through Roms I will never buy another samsung as long as I live, Already got a Nexus 7 2013 and I am selling my galaxy s4 for the N5, thanks to google supporting sprint’s cdma finally.

        • MikeCiggy

          Samsung will have a hard time convincing their fan and user base that they should buy the new Galaxy S with the all new operating system and no longer be able to keep any of their paid apps from the Play Store.

      • John Davids

        They make no money *directly* from Android. Always remember that Google makes the lion’s share of their money from Ads. Getting Android in front of the faces of as many people as possible expands their ad market. So they make plenty from Android, just not directly.

        • joejoe5709

          Right. Control of the smartphone/tablet world means control of the information within that ecosystem which means more money for ads. It’s indirect, but it works.

  • Multiwindow capability for phones – as seen in the Note 3 – would be nice.

    • Tim242

      That is one thing that nobody can call a gimmick, with a straight face. Not only is it the most useful added feature ever, Samsung did it right.

      • Amen

      • Epic Tea

        but I gladly sacrifice it for stock, touchwiz is crap.

      • Cowboydroid

        Multi-window on mobile is not a good idea. Just doesn’t work on small screens.

        Now, on a 10″ tablet it would make sense.

        • Tim242

          You are delusional. It works great on the S4 and Note 3.

          • Cowboydroid

            Yes, I’m clearly delusional because I have a different opinion on the utility of having two tiny windows open that supposedly contribute to the productivity of a device designed for consumption.

          • Tim242

            On a 5-5.7″ screen, they aren’t tiny. You can resize them as well. I showed you a perfect use case.

        • Tim242

          I can watch the DL show and still browse. See below.

  • Caleb Loop

    If hangouts replaces messaging, what does that mean for phones that dont have gapps? (google apps) like those really cheap chinese ones that run stock android.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      well kindles don’t have gapps and they are android. They’ll figure something out.

      • Caleb Loop

        Yeah, im talking specifically about stock android devices though.

    • Ryuuie

      It might just be like the Chrome situation where only new devices (beginning with the Nexus 5) will have Hangouts replace Messaging. On all older devices, it will be Messaging + Hangouts.

      • Caleb Loop

        Ah, I just remembered. if you flash an AOSP rom on a nexus device it installs just the browser. Whereas the phone did not ship with the browser in favor of chrome. Its likely that this will be the case, messaging only omitted on the stock nexus rom, not AOSP

        • Ryuuie

          I hope this is the case…the way they did it for Chrome was infuriating on my Nexus S. 🙁

          • Caleb Loop

            Well at least youre able to disable apps ICS and onward!

    • zurginator

      Probably the same that they did when Chrome became the stock browser?

  • Fshnrob

    Interesting that the Nexus 5 screens show the Kit Kat app drawer only having a 4×5 grid where the Nexus 4 has a 5×5 grid with Jelly Bean. What’s interesting is the new phone is supposed to have a 1080p screen where as the Nexus 4 is only 720p. I would think that with a 5″ screen and 1080p it would only make the 5×5 look better.

    • Jeff

      The icons may be sized larger by default to make them easier to see in general. I’m guessing they would be noticeably smaller if not resized on the higher resolution N5 screen. Take a look at the Chrome icon, on the N4 side the icon is within the sides of the text, but on the N5 side, the icon extends past the text.

      Looks like they just made the icons larger. Maybe…

    • zurginator

      It’s not the resolution, it’s the aspect ratio: N4 is 16:10 (768 iirc, not 720p), N5 is 16:9. A 5-wide in a 16:9 display is going to look cramped.

  • Rabid Rotty

    My god, the guy has no fingernail

  • Ryuuie

    What if they just do like they did with Chrome when it first launched and leave Messaging on all phones that shipped with the it and just preinstall Hangouts on 4.4 so as to “not confuse people”?

  • Lou

    gallery is a part of the camera apk so that is weird that it isnt there….

  • Am I missing something? Why is everyone ignoring the weird drawing/photoshopping of a hand? Something about this leak seems suspect

    • moelsen8

      if you’re serious, that’s probably just to cover up the person’s own hand to avoid being identified as the source of the leak..

      • Yeah, apparently my sarcasm didn’t come through at all. Bad joke on my end.

    • PhoenixPath

      Not animated…”Paint”ed over.

      They didn’t want *anything* personally identifiable in the pics.

  • red014

    Why is there a menu button bar at the bottom of the last picture (1st of 3)?

    • Chris

      Oh God no! Hoping not the final build lol

    • Adrynalyne

      Looks suspicious.

    • Tony

      It used to be at the top but now they have that On/Off switch there. Nothing too cynical going on I don’t think.

    • j

      Yo Dawg.. I heard you like settings, so I put a settings button in your settings so you can set the setting settings.

  • I bet this thing is going to run like a champ on my Google Play Edition GS4.

  • TSK

    Am I the only one who is just slightly curious as to what is behind the “censors” that they have put their watermark over top of…its like they’re hiding two apps from us…

    • Chewey246

      it looks like the location from the weather app they are using is what they are hiding
      Edit: I see you are looking at the app drawer. My bad

    • zurginator

      Likely just something that identifies the phone as theirs.

  • idk

    Come on Google….Legacy menu button in new location settings… *Twitches*

    • Jaxon Wright

      I think it’s at the bottom because of the switch at the top. It’s still not entirely “legacy” because it’s not tied to the nav bar.

  • samosa king

    Hehe. 😀

  • Solid_State_Drive

    The wallpaper of the new Nexus has all the U.S. carrier colors except…..well, you guessed.

  • MikeCiggy

    It would be awesome if they would stop using the word Google so much. Maybe a transiting to just the letter g would clean up there apps and offer a new uniformity to their suite. example. gDrive, gMail, gPhotos, gSettings, gMaps. And then squash the play branding and go with gMarket, gBooks, gMagazines. Idk but all this Play crap added with some apps sporting Google and others not is annoying, and definitely confusing for people who are less tech savvy.

    • Jaxon Wright

      looks too much like iDrive, iPhoto etc. I think Gdrive, Gmail, etc looks better

      • MikeCiggy

        your rite! I didn’t even have Apple in mind. I’m really just looking for some uniformity and less ‘Google’ this ‘Play’ that.

    • Epic Tea

      no thank you, the less like apple the better.

      • MikeCiggy

        I was just presenting an example.

        Do you say no thank you to them uniforming the names and excluding the word Google from all of them?

        Rite it those screenshots you get ‘Drive’ actually named Google Drive. Then you also have ‘Google Photos’ instead of just being ‘Photos’ and on top of those. Their are the ‘Play’ branded apps.

        • Epic Tea

          Like Jaxon pointed out G would be better.

    • zurginator

      All they need is to make them uniform (and they are working on that).

      Services: Google Now, Google Maps, Google Mail, Google Plus, etc.
      Content: Play Store, Play Books, Play Music, etc.

  • brkshr

    (borat) I am very excite!

    • JohnBergman

      Haha, that comment made my day, so thanks!

    • Raj Bhatt

      You want make liquid explosion inside of it?

  • Is it me, or are Android and iOS starting to look almost identical? (iOS7 vs Android 4.4) Sort of like, they’ve been borrowing from each other for years, and now they’re almost homogeneous. Not a complaint, just an observation.

    • Shane Redman

      Well of course. When you change your entire UI design to mimic that of your competitor, that’s what happens. Homogeneity

    • And before I get flamed, because I just saw the fanboy thread below, Let me just say that I really don’t care which OS did what first. I love my Android phones and I would like to reap the rewards of competition and innovation. I love that Apple and Google are keeping each other on their toes because it means better products and services for everyone. My first smartphone happened to be an OG Droid, so it’s what I’ve learned. I wouldn’t transfer to an iPhone now. Not because I’m an Android fanboy, but I just don’t want to have to put in the effort to learn a new OS and ecosystem.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      I can’t support this unless you tell me how. The added background to the app launcher? We can’t do much about that because that’s all ios is. The white? It’s clean and more legible than transparent everything.. The card look? nah. Android borderless icons? maybe if you point to what your looking at i can see it too.

      • No one’s asking you to support anything. Based on my quick impression, I was specifically referring to the white notification bar text, and its transparency, as well as the transparency to the navigation buttons. the way the app/homescreen colors bleed into these UI elements reminds me of iOS7. That’s all. Yes, I know iOS7 is a rip off android, but android has ripped stuff off iOS over the years too. That’s all I’m saying. I really don’t care who steals from who. They’re both pretty looking OSes in their present form. They just happen to look more visually similar to ME lately. Period.

        • Epic Tea

          dude the LG G2 has transparent buttons, and the galaxy s4 has transparent app drawer and notifications bar, none fo those came from ios 7, ios 7 took a little bit from everyone.

    • j

      Yes they are.. iOS has been borrowing features from Android for awhile now, and iOS7 UI updates certainly do make it look more like Android.

    • Epic Tea

      actually ios 7 is a rip off android, so it’s more like android is copying itself lol.

    • joejoe5709

      Eh… it used to be that way. But iOS is now a year or two behind Android. So think of this as that transition year where they all look similar until Android gives us a more major overhaul. Then iOS will be once again behind the times.

      Even then, it’s not like their exactly the same. Similarities, sure but you gotta squint real hard before they look exactly the same. And the functionality is still pretty different. You can’t play with an iPhone and then immediately be an Android expert.

  • Joe _T

    So the transparent dock is only on the home screen and app drawer? Would seem more polished if that didn’t vary from one part of the UI to the other. The settings screen it is back to the old style.

    *edit due to spelling fail

    • Jaxon Wright

      the transparent look on the settings page would look cool.

  • AxemRed

    I think the reason people don’t like it is the cheesy background. It will look better if you set it to something that’s not all pastel.

  • Ryan Stewart

    The loss of the gallery concerns me. While some of the abilities of Google+ photos were superior for just browsing the pictures I preferred the gallery.

  • Gerson Monterrosa

    i love reading comments from whiny complainers who say “if this is how its gonna look Im gonna pass, stick with my N4” haha 2 months later they are posting on G+ “love my new Nexus 5, best phone ever” hahahaha

    • Adrynalyne

      Or when they get 4.4 pushed to them.

      I doubt people will be denying the update.

      • Gerson Monterrosa

        HAHA exactly! “i just canceled the 4.4 android update to my Nexus 4 because I dont like it” said no one ever

        • Royal2000H

          Well duh.. how would anyone have said it? Update isn’t out yet.

          • Adrynalyne
          • Royal2000H


          • Gerson Monterrosa

            hahah you missed the point not me 😉


          • Royal2000H

            Pretty sure I got the point – that no one will deny the update. But then I joked about the way you phrased it, pointing out that whether or not anyone will update is irrelevant, because as of now, “said no one ever” applies – since it’s not out yet. Anyway can we stop beating the joke farther and farther into the ground?

          • Gerson Monterrosa

            which is why you missed my point 🙂 whether its out or not, people will complain about the UI or anything about a new Android version and Nexus phone, yet these are the same people who later buy it anyways and post that its the best phone ever, and love their Nexus 5 and love the new UI, and blah blah, lol hahahaha hilarious! but here they are again, its not even out yet and already they are complaining about it lol hahaha 😉

          • Royal2000H

            Are you really so thick? I got the point the first time around. It’s not difficult to understand – it’s a very very simple point. I made a JOKE. Have you heard of them? I disregarded your point (which, again, in case you forgot, I did not miss), and made a joke.

            If you’d like me to spell it out further, I’ll reply one more time. After that, it’s a lost cause.

          • Gerson Monterrosa

            nah, you missed the point, trust me….or else you wouldnt keep responding about this point I made and that you missed, its all good. lol hahaha just stop whining, be happy that we are getting a new android version, and new Nexus 5, and deal with it lol

          • Royal2000H

            Holy balls. Ok last time. 🙂

            You made a point that people like to complain but then they will update later. You made this point by saying: ‘”i just canceled the 4.4 android update to my Nexus 4 because I dont like it” said no one ever.’ Which means no one will cancel the update because they want it regardless of the whining. Is it clear that I understand your point? I completely understand that that is what you were saying.

            I was focusing on “said no one ever” which is actually past tense. Future tense is “which no one will say ever”. It’s obvious what you were trying to say, I’m not correcting your grammar because it was obviously said in jest. Then I made a joke and said well of course no one ever said it (in the past), because it’s not out yet, so how could they have possibly had an update to cancel?

            I’m not claiming my joke was particularly funny. I’m just trying to explain to you that I understood your point from the moment I read it the first time. I was then making a joke off of your phrasing. I don’t know why I care so much to clear your confusion by writing a novel. But anyway, it’s done now. Hopefully you get it.

          • Gerson Monterrosa

            the more i point out on how you missed my point, the longer your responses get hahahahahahah when you said “Woosh!” to that GIF of missing the point towards me, you were implying that I missed the point, but that GIF was intended for you lol haha you actually you missed 2 points. lol
            oh man, here comes another long explanation on how you didnt miss any points lol hahaha

          • Royal2000H

            Oh man.. last response I promise. I know the GIF was directed to me. However I got the freakin point and made a joke (as described above). Therefore, by commenting the gif, the commenter himself missed MY point/joke and therefore himself “woosh”ed.

            At this point I think you understand it all and I’ll just assume you’re pretending to not understand to mess around. No one can be this obtuse.

          • Gerson Monterrosa

            no, you said “woosh” agreeing with that GIF as if I missed the point, then you NOW realize that the point and GIF was meant for you, because I pointed that out. which means you missed 2 points.

            At this point I think you understand it all and just pretending to not understand to mess around. No one can be this obtuse.

          • Royal2000H

            Here I am breaking my own promise…
            There’s a fallacy in your argument that claims I thought the commenter was saying you missed the point. What point could YOU possibly miss? There was no point for you to miss. And the commenter replied to me, not you. So there’s no reason for me to possibly even think the commenter was directing the GIF at you. Therefore I could not “woosh” in agreement as the GIF was directed at me. Rather I “woosh”ed at the commenter because it was clear he (and then you) did not understand my absolutely beaten-to-death joke. I took his GIF and applied it back to him because, like you, he assumed I missed some point when I got the point and was making a simple (or apparently complex beyond belief) joke.

            Am I taking crazy pills?

          • Gerson Monterrosa

            nah it wasn’t a joke, trust me, you responded with “woosh” agreeing with that GIF as if I missed the point, then you NOW realize that the point and GIF was meant for you, because I pointed that out. which means you missed 2 points.

          • Guest

            Ok I’ll “trust you” that what I said wasn’t a joke.


          • Gerson Monterrosa

            thank you, finally you admit your backtracking. and the points you missed.


          • Royal2000H

            OK I’ll “trust you” that what I said wasn’t a joke. Clearly you know my intent better than me.

          • Gerson Monterrosa

            you say that NOW, that is was a joke, but only because I pointed out the point you missed, and the GIF point you also missed, so then you backtracked, cause remember, this all started with you very arrogantly saying this: “Well duh.. how would anyone have said it? Update isn’t out yet.”
            which started the snow ball of points you missed lol


          • Bill Mitchell

            You guys are both idiots for going back and forth about this for so long…

          • Royal2000H

            Honestly, I agree with you. I couldn’t let it go all while seeing what a waste of time it was! Haha at least I get a kick out of it going back and reading it now.

          • Gerson Monterrosa

            you still missed the point no matter who you agree with lol


          • Gerson Monterrosa

            you’re the 3rd idiot for reading it all lmao! welcome to the club hahahahahahahahahahaha


          • Rabid Rotty

            No sense arguing with the jizz gargling cotton mouthed, narcicist. His head is so far up his ass, he doesn’t even know the idiocy of his own words.

          • Gerson Monterrosa

            hahahaha “jizz gargling cotton mouthed” that took all your brain power to come up with that lol you missed the point as well…


          • Gerson Monterrosa

            its all good man, just enjoy the new Android goodies 🙂 have a beautiful friday!

          • Gerson Monterrosa

            exactly my point, “said no one ever” hahaha thank you for supporting my point 😉

        • Really?

          …. did you guys seriously just have a 1 hour discussion on what was a joke..

          • Gerson Monterrosa

            be careful man, this conversation is like quick sand…you’ll get suck right into it lol hahahaha my computers at work are all down, so I got time to spare on the intratubes

          • kkloster

            my secret hope is that you are BOTH Bionic, and this is your genius way of punishing/rewarding everyone here who mistreated/loved you.

          • Gerson Monterrosa

            its no longer a secret………………. 😉

    • Rabid Rotty

      Not whining, just making a few personal observations, 1st I don’t like the white, to me it seems to be a step back to froyo, I love the Holo Blue, 2nd I personally want the SMS and Hangouts separate. But I will def. not pass up on this, there are always work arounds on these isuues

      • Gerson Monterrosa

        sounds like whining to me, you’re still gonna get the update, you’re still gonna get the Nexus 5, Google is not gonna change their UI, or icons or little minuscule, irrelevant things to please a few whiners….deal with it 😉

        • Guest

          Nope, he’s not whining. He’s pointing out things he doesn’t like. And to your point of “you’re still gonna get the update, you’re still gonna get the Nexus 5” … Um, yeah he said that – “But I will def. not pass up on this, there are always work arounds on these issues”

          So he obviously doesn’t care if Google changes them or not … because he’s going to get it. He even said so.

          • Gerson Monterrosa

            sounds like whining to me….”guest” lol lol hahahahahaha

        • C4

          Sounds like trolling to me.

    • zurginator

      Definitely going to pass on the N5 (not a fan of the ‘circles’ design language, though it is interesting). Do like the 4.4 updated looks though.

      • Gerson Monterrosa

        sure you are…..

        • zurginator

          Only reason I’ll buy it is if I trash my N4. But yes, as a designer the N5’s design is that big of a deal to me.

          • Gerson Monterrosa

            well thats reasonable, but what I mean is, if you can afford it, and you know the N5 will be an upgrade to the hardware, I dont understand how the design (which cant be worst then any previous Nexus phones) can keep you from upgrading your phone, I mean I read comments all the time on G+ about people wanting to upgrade their Galaxy Nexus to the N4 for many reasons,. but the point I was making was, I read the same things about the N4 before it came out how people disliked this, and hated that, etc… blah blah, and they werent going to get it because of a design “flaw” yet these are the same people who later post this “just got my new N4 and love it, best phone ever blah blah” hahah its hilarious to me lol 😉

          • zurginator

            Fair. I’m just an extremely design-oriented person. N4 just looks nice, feels nice, etc. The N5 looks rather iffy (IMO) and will probably feel like my N7, which while nice, doesn’t compare.

    • Tiggrr

      Hmm, must have missed those comments on this page. The only whiny complainer I see here is you 🙂 Oh and the new design choices for Kitkat are horrible. I hope my “whiny complaint” doesn’t cause you to have an identity crisis!

  • James Briano

    Let’s go, Google.

  • Morbid138

    With all these leaks, what’s the point of keeping it a secret for? Announce the damn thing already damn it!

    • ninjawarren

      That’s not how PR works. They have a marketing plan in place and spent a lot of money on it. It’s rare to see a company deviate from these plans.

    • Royal2000H

      Leaks are part of the marketing. What’s better? To release all the details, we get excited and talk about it for a day, and that’s it? Or to release tiny little bits over several months, each time exciting us a bit and keeping us talking.

      • Morbid138

        Yeah but why waste time with all these leaks targeted to us tech guys that are probably less than 30% of the market when they can just release it and start making money from general consumers.

  • Spider210

    Now if only Google could work with carriers and release the update at one time to all devices then Android would in a much better standpoint. The problem with new releases like this is nice however the reality is that about 80%+ current android devices will probably never see these enhancements. Unlike our enemy apple they update all there devices (mostly) to the latest weather is works slow or not, not leaving any of their customers out of the loop. Not saying apple does everything right but, they do understand that their users (I’d say 95% of them) want the latest OS.

    The day we see android devices with this level of software upgrades/support is when it will become trying the #1 mobile OS not just padded by #’s <– My opinion

    • Rabid Rotty

      Actually it would be good if the carriers, worked with Google

    • InvaderDJ

      Unfortunately that would be impossible even if the carriers and OEMs worked together (way too many different devices and skins) and the carriers and OEMs don’t work together. Besides Google going nuclear and changing the licencing terms to force OEMs to update there isn’t much they can do.

    • j

      Not going to happen.. not realistic The manufacturers have to make the builds, which is going to go at different paces.. then the carriers have to test and approve the builds, which as we know (vwz ahem), goes at vastly different paces. Stop thinking of Android as a unified OS.

      • Spider210

        Android needs to become a true OS, no different then say Windows. Manufacture doesn’t matter in this situation all OS updates straight from Google with carrier approval would solve a lot of the ill-regularities in Android. Not saying it could/can happen overnight but, it could eventually happen.

        • zurginator

          It’s not really possible on a phone because of how each one is specially engineered. It’s also the reason Windows is massively bloated compared to other OS’.

  • hyperbeaster

    just realized, those dots….touchwiz….

    • Adrynalyne

      Not sure about latest TW, but mine are little squares on the Note II…

    • j

      And every other launcher since the beginning of time… ….

  • idk

    These UI changes remind me of 1990’s for some reason. I don’t like it.

  • idk

    If I am forced to use Google + integration just to look at my photos due to the removal of Gallery then I’m going to be super pissed.

    • PSU_DI

      I would expect that G+ will still be opt in, but that it’s simply one app to manage your photos regardless if you use G+ or not. As someone who use G+ for auto photo backup I’ve been waiting this integration desperately. It should be a win win for all.

    • NAM37

      Just download QuickPic.

    • pd240

      I always replaced stock gallery with QuickPic anyway. I actually like the new integration of Google plus for pictures. It organizing everything for you and backs up automatically.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      Thats not a bad thing. If the photo’s are stored on their servers and not my internal storage, i’ll be happy. Pinning pics i want to keep on the device may be an option, similar to music.

    • schoat333

      I agree. That’s a bad move. I don’t want all of my pictures to go to Google. I turn of auto upload for that reason.

    • PhoenixPath

      I am pretty sure we’ll still have the AOSP GalleryGoogle apk in some shape or form to push.

    • TheWenger

      So you can use Google + for your photos and never have anything to do with the social network. It’s possible. Just another app.

    • Droidzilla

      I don’t get this. If DropBox came out with a suite that would back up all of your photos for free, auto enhance you photos and videos for free (with the ability to reverse it; including making automatic, custom gifs and collages), would automatically show highlights for free, allowed downloading from any device for free, allowed robust sharing for free, had a built in photo editor for free, integrated with your camera for free, and was secured by your Google account, people would be having kittens. App of the year for sure. But since it’s linked to Google+ and some people are snobby about social networks (“stop forcing me off of Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, Google!”) it’s now a dealbreaker. Makes no sense on any level.

      • Epic Tea

        you should represent google lol.

        • Droidzilla

          Well, I mean, if they want to pay me to use their stuff I wouldn’t exactly say no . . . hint, hint, Google.

      • Tyler

        DropBox isn’t in the business of whoring out your data to advertisers.

        • Droidzilla

          Then I guess you don’t use anything by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, and a bunch of others. Good on you.

        • zurginator

          Technically Google doesn’t whore out your data (that would put them out of business). They whore you out (or targeted access to you, rather).

          Considering ads are a necessary evil for most things we use, I would at least like them to be somewhat relevant to me.

        • perfectlyreasonabletoo

          They use that data to target ads; giving the data away would destroy their own business.

  • NYCHitman1


    • Droidzilla


    • Epic Tea

      that never gets old 🙂

  • TheDrunkenClam

    To all you Verizon users, especially the ones leaving for this device, please take a couple minutes and let them know how you feel on twitter @VerizonWireless

    • Let them know how you feel by leaving… Words seem to fall on deaf ears over there.

      • TheDrunkenClam

        I agree, they’re trolls. But they still need to hear it. Let’s get this trending.

        • So everyone knows, when your contract is up you can go to T-Mobile, port your number away, get a phone and try it out. If it doesn’t work out, return the phone for a $50 restocking fee. In the meantime, Verizon will tell you that they want you back and will offer you $50-$100+free activation to get you back. It is a little bit of a time sucker, but money wise you are not out anything and may come out ahead. You can also get a phone 3rd party and then resell it if it doesn’t work out.

          • abqnm

            Yeah but they won’t be giving back your unlimited data when you return.

          • perfectlyreasonabletoo

            You can’t keep your unlimited data anyway.

          • FAL_Fan

            Wrong! I still have mine on 2 of my 4 lines, and the other 2 lines didn’t have it to begin with!

          • abqnm

            As long as you don’t upgrade at a discount you can keep it.

          • michael arazan

            sadly Verizon would not even notice if the thousands of people who visit this site all left Verizon at once when their network has 100 million users, hard to vote with your wallet when they won’t notice the votes

    • me

      I left T-mobile for the Verizon Exclusive Galaxy Nexus.
      I left Verizon for the unlocked Nexus Five.
      My SIM card is ready.

      • me

        I didn’t write this.

      • The Phenom

        Should the words Verizon and Nexus even be allowed to be mentioned together?

        • antinorm

          Not unless there are some four-letter words in the sentence.

    • Richard Colon

      ……..You cant force a carrier to carry a phone a hardware manufacturer is not supporting

      • normmcgarry

        …………The hardware supports their network.

        • TheWenger

          False. It’s about those CDMAs.

          • Dale

            True. The Nexus 5 already supports Verizon’s bands of CDMA (Sprint also uses the same bands), the only thing missing is band 14 for LTE. I am no expert, but my guess would be that a firmware update would fix that problem, even though it would probably have to pass through the FCC again.

          • Adrynalyne

            It might not even be missing. It might simply be software blocked. I mean, the Nexus 4 went through the FCC with NO LTE support, and we know that was BS.

          • IanKellogg

            Keep in mind just because the broadband chipset supports a certain band does not mean that you can just software unlock it. The amplifiers still have to be added in externally and it is up to the manufacture to put those on the board.

          • Dale

            The device already supports a very wide array of LTE bands. I assume it is possible that those amplifiers are already on the device?

            Give me some hope, Ian! 🙂

          • Adrynalyne

            I am aware, but at the same time, LTE was enabled on the Nexus 4, if you recall. I don’t think the Nexus 5 will ever be on Verizon, no. Just saying the FCC doesn’t tell the whole story always.

          • IanKellogg

            Well the nexus 4 just so happened to have the LTE amplifier and that isn’t always the case. ALso from what I remember only a few bands actually worked. Also, LG will have to have a baseband firmware that supports it as its almost impossible for a normal dev to make one.

          • Zach Mauch

            The Nexus 4 had the LTE radio, but was missing the Amplifier. that’s one reason why using it sucks so much battery.

          • TylerCameron

            No amplifier, eh?
            Explain how my Nexus 4 gets better LTE reception than my HTC One and the Note II I previously had? I mean, -80-90dBm on the Nexus 4 on LTE vs -100 and worse on the One and Note II on LTE in the same location.
            It’s been looked over in great detail over at XDA, and missing parts is a myth. The Nexus 4 isn’t missing anything.

          • Zach Mauch

            Got a link? I’d love to read it. It goes against what I heard but I hope you are right. I’ve tried to use LTE on T-Mobile, but my battery life was terrible.

          • TheWenger

            Herp derp. I was wrong. Good call.

          • normmcgarry

            Hmm? Aren’t the CDMAs of Sprint and Verizon the same? Are they different frequences of CDMA? I could be wrong. Please explain.

          • Omar Amer

            different frequencies. they use the same technology to process the frequency, but the frequency emitted by towers for your phone to pick up and process are different between verizon and sprint. In this case, the phone itself doesnt even know the verizon frequency exists and will ignore it when it receives the signal. Well for voice at least. For LTE it works on all major carriers, but the device isnt even certified for verizon’s network.

            the same concept is true for ATT and T-Mobile.

          • Zach Mauch

            Check the FCC filling, it has CDMA capability. Only issue is that you need to have your network activate. That is required for CDMA. The hardware works though.

            this likely means Sprint will allow it to be activated on their network as the FCC lists sprint’s LTE bands. However, Verizon’s are absent and thus people assume no verizon.

          • TheWenger

            Yeah I saw CDMA. I thought Sprint’s and VZW’s were different though. Thanks.

          • Randy Coffman

            Right have you ever been to Verizon with a dead phone. Oh its not entirely about CDMA I had a alltel phone I used on Verizon after Verizon took over. Verizon would not reactivate the phone even though my new phone from them died after 1 year. Verizon wants you to buy a Verizon phone that cost about $200 more than any other phone. Talk to Verizon the phone has to be on there list no matter it has CDMA and ad the right Freq. I own a Nexus 4 greta phone at a great price and use T-mobile. Paid Verizon $220 a month to T-mobiles $100 for my family. I get just as good of coverage where i live and if I wanted to keep unlimited data I had to pay full price for a phone i didnt want

        • Tim242

          No it does not.

        • acras

          Where on earth did you come up with that ?

          • normmcgarry

            Ann Arbor, MI. That’s where I came up with it.

          • acras

            Oh , is that the same place that came up with the rumor that the N5 would have a tazer? I hear the hardware supports that too

        • rav5479

          correct me if I am wrong, but from my understanding by reading the manual for the Nexus 5, the LTE support is within the 1900 spectrum which is what VZW uses for their data but the phone calls is in 800 for VZW and the manual for this phone completely skips the 800 spectrum. It actually goes from 750-799 and then the next spectrum says from 850-899. They skipped VZW voice spectrum. Now of course VZW does own the 700 spectrum (which the Nexus 5 does list) but if they allow customers to use it, then due to their contract from 2008 when they bought the 700 spectrum, they would need it to be open and could not lock it down like they have with the 800. You can buy this phone for VZW and use it for data but that’s the extent of it. No voice on it.

      • TheDrunkenClam

        They could have easily reached out to Googleto have them make a version that does work on their network if that were the case.

      • Droidzilla

        Google tried with the Galaxy Nexus, but Verizon screwed the pooch on that one. If Verizon wanted to, Google would release a Nexus on it in the next cycle. But for that to happen Verizon would have to allow Google to do it their way with no approval process. It’s certainly possible for Verizon to do, but they won’t relinquish that control. This is 100% a Verizon problem.

        • Adrynalyne

          Everyone took turns screwing that pooch.

          Samsung for the shoddy hardware and bad battery, Verizon for the interference, and Google for bending over for a carrier.

          • Dale

            I wouldn’t even care if Verizon got the Nexus 5 but didn’t allow Google to update it directly. As long as I can unlock the bootloader and install a custom ROM I am happy.

          • Droidzilla

            The phone was nice enough for the time; basically a Galaxy SII but better. But those old LTE modems were battery murderers. Also, I’m betting Google got screwed by Verizon as they really had a lot of backlash.

          • Tyler

            When someone asks me what phone i have i always say Gnex then galaxy s2.5.

          • abqnm

            I give it a Galaxy S1.98

          • Tyler

            The only thing considerably worse is the camera, and maybe battery life.

          • carluverdrm2004

            After I say Galaxy Nexus, I usually say something like, “Yeah, it came out around the same time as the S2.”

          • abqnm

            And Verizon and Sprint are still busy screwing that pooch. 4.2.2 and 4.2.1, respectively. Nexus, huh?

        • morgan boyle

          its because of the proprietary CDMA chips. once verizon starts using LTE only phones i bet we see unlocked phones on verizon.

      • Adrynalyne

        Nope. But you can spread bad publicity and make them reconsider in the future.

    • TheDrunkenClam

      Use hash tag #Nexus5

    • Adam Truelove

      They don’t care. Words won’t do anything. Cancel your service with them and go to another carrier.

    • Ian Smith

      why? i don’t want to pay their higher prices for B.S. locked down services and devices. let them be. my money is going to T-Mobile and I don’t care about their inferior network.

    • Tim


  • hyperbeaster

    still lol’ing that they painted over their finger

    • perfectlyreasonabletoo

      If they have any identifying marks they’d be… identifiable. Maybe they normally wear a ring on their thumb, or they have a scar, or they’re one of only a handful of people with a certain skin tone that has access to the phone.

      • zurginator

        Generally speaking it’s not too difficult to match a thumb to a person – I would have definitely covered mine up.

  • zakry obrien


  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    WHen the hell is the presser Google? Start sending damn invites

    • Jerry Rose

      Wait for the FCC to open back up.

      • Adrynalyne

        Why? Its already gone through the FCC.

        • Jerry Rose

          I think there is other steps involved after it gets to the carriers, I’m just saying. None of the tech god blogs will touch the subject so……

  • RedRamen

    Stop teasing and give it up Google… I want it.

  • Kevin B

    Just tell me when Google is going to show it off.

  • Defenestratus

    Ugh.. It looks like….. iOS7

    • Michael Contreras

      Except it looks nothing like iOS7

    • Buur

      Except for the part where it doesn’t look at all like IOS7.

      • JDHokie

        Well yeah, but other than that, it looks like iOS7.

    • Adrynalyne

      Never used iOS7 I take it?

    • joey563

      so….. what you’re saying then is that it looks like android…

    • Bryan Greene

      Except iOS7 looks like JellyBean

    • Nick V

      Ugh… iOS7 looks almost like Android… What losers..

    • Rabid Rotty

      It look’s exactly like iOS7 if iOS7 was Android 4.4

    • George Fayad

      Not entirely, but i do agree slightly. Especially with two points in particular:

      1. Camera icon on the lock screen. That location is exactly iOS 7.

      2. Transparent notification bar, and 4×5 app grid (note my screen caps come from an iphone 4s. the iphone 5 has 4×5), and home screen dots.

      • j

        So.. you’re accusing them of copying iOS7 with the notification bar.. wheeeeen iOS copied the notification bar originally from Android?

        And homescreen dots have been on android launchers since day 1. DAY ONE. The very first launcher I ever used on my OG Droid, and every single launcher since, has had the option for homescreen dots.

        • George Fayad

          the notification bar itself is not in question. the transparent style is. which is why i said transparent in my post.

          homescreen dots being on other launchers is not the same as native to the OS. I have my OG droid in front of me and the stock launcher doesn’t have dot indicators.

          • j

            Google borrows from 3rd party Android developers, and manufacturers skins. All the features that are in 4.4 have been implemented in Android previously (transparent noti bar, dots, etc). It’s ridiculous to claim they are borrowing these features from iOS when in reality, they are, if anything, borrowing from Android.

          • George Fayad

            where did i ever say they were borrowing features from iOS?

          • Epic Tea

            lol the transparent notifications bar style was on the Galaxy S4 1st you moron before ios 7 was even shown.

          • George Fayad

            holy crap.

            the comment i replied to said it looked like iOS 7. no mention of the s4, no mention of borrowing from other manufacturers or devs. a simple statement that it looked like iOS 7. i posted a couple screen caps to show that, yes it does in fact have a few key features found in iOS7.

            clearly, this calls for overly defensive posts and name calling!

          • Epic Tea

            my point is, if apple would of never ripped off jellybean with ios 7 these conversations wouldn’t even be taking place.

    • zurginator

      iOS7, Kitkat, and WP8 all have massively different design languages.

      iOS7 is image-heavy, rounded, and extremely flat, with frosted bokeh glass.
      Kitkat is image-heavy with some slight dimensionality and very square elements combined with circles.
      WP8 is text-heavy, square, and very flat.