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Icons and UCCW Episode 6: Banx, Peek, iNex, Shift Clock, and More

It has been a few weeks since we last dropped a batch of icon sets and UCCW skins on you, but feel as if we have enough quality submissions to put together episode 6 of this ongoing, reader-driven series. We had a number of really great icon sets to pick between this time, some of which we are saving for episode 7. The clock skins weren’t as bountiful this time around, so until we see more that catch our eye, we had to limit this episode to three setups. Ready to see them?

In the top setup, you are looking at the Banx icon set from long-time friend of the site, @JsinLegacy. In Banx, you’ll find over 800 insanely pretty icons along with 12 matching wallpapers. We’ve paired it up with a UCCW clock skin known as Peek, which features both horizontal and vertical clocks. It’s subtle, but also adds a nice dimension to a home screen. The wallpaper used is part of Banx.

icons and uccw inex

In the setup you are seeing above, we’ve got an icon pack called iNex which features over 120 icons and 11 wallpapers. At 120 icons, it may not be as robust as some, but it includes all of the staples. What we really love about iNex, is the fact that it gives you icons both with and without shadows. Shadows on icons are the hot trend right now, but they don’t fit all occasions. We’ve paired iNex up with a fantastic UCCW skin called Shift Clock. It comes in both white and black, and seriously should fit almost any setup. The wallpaper used is from iNex.

icons and uccw eternal

In this final setup, you are looking at a wonderful icon pack called Éternel, which features over 277 icons and 6 wallpapers (more on the way). We’ve paired it up with a super minimal clock called Circles. You’ll find four different colorways in Circles that should give all you minimalists something to drool over for a bit. The wallpaper was pulled from Éternel.

Icons:  Banx ($1.49) | iNex ($0.99) | Éternel ($1.99)

UCCW Skins:  Peek | Shift Clock ($0.99) | Circles

Be sure to continue to submit your beautiful icon and skin creations to be featured in episode 7! | All previous Icons and UCCW episodes can be found here.

  • Mason Lammers

    How do you get your dock icons so close to one another? I am a Nova user.

  • Guest

    If anyone likes gaming or old school stuff I would suggest Simply 8-Bit. They have some great icons so i figured I share with everyone. Here’s my home screen at the moment.

  • Justin

    I have a question but please bare with me, I was wondering how you get your phone home screens to look so chic and stylish? I love the icons and the clocks. It always looks to simple yet minimal in a cool way. I want to set my phone up to look like that. Is there different options you can choose from? If so how do I go about and doing so? I would very much appreciate it for any help you have to offer. Thank you so much for your time.
    -One of your daily readers- JUSTIN HOWARD

    • alex drum

      you just do it… if you dont wanna work at it, apply for a beta code from “themer beta”.

  • Raven

    Although nice looking, I am growing rather bored of these minimalist flat layouts. Need to get back to some more interesting layouts with other widgets.

  • Higher_Ground

    Awesome! What may have been lacking in quantity, was certainly not lacking in quality. Those are some pretty creative clock skins, and shift clock looks very professional.

  • sheenajessen

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  • disastrousrainbow

    Weakest selection so far for icons. Nothing’s topped Axis, Portal Pack, or Click UI yet imo.

    • Click UI… Oh the memories we have shared together.

  • Josh Shaw

    How the hell do I make shift use Fahrenheit?

    • Higher_Ground

      Trying going into UCCW and checking the settings menu. There’s a checkbox for metric/english units.

      • Josh Shaw


  • Mike Ranucci

    Kellex, what is your grid setup (column/rows)?

    • Warwick

      I believe that he set to 7×7. My homescreen is similar to his.

  • Justin W

    @kellex:disqus – How about another show-off your home screen day?

  • Richard

    Mines a work in progress. I’m still looking for great icon packs.

    • B!

      What weather widget is that?

      • Richard

        DashClock. But its only for android 4.2 and above.

    • CaptainBlasia

      what weather widget is this.

      • Richard

        DashClock. But its only for android 4.2 and above. Give it a try

        • B!

          Thanks man. I will. Looks pretty sweet.

  • Teddy Chen

    Is it me or does Eternal look a bit like the iOS 7 icons?

    • estellahorlacher

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      I can’t keep buying so many icon packs

  • Joe Cross

    Does anyone have the wallpaper for the first screen?

    • rthvk

      Part of the Banx icon pack

    • Respen

      I might buy the pack just for that wallpaper.

      • Joe Cross

        Already did

    • rthvk

      Part of the Banx icon pack

  • Fabian Cruz

    You guys should really do zooper widgets :). They are way more involved than UCCW.

  • Lucas

    I never understood why are the icons so close one to each other

    • mrjayviper

      launcher was setup to use more rows and I don’t think that’s using a dock too.

  • jose

    STAHP. I can’t keep buying so many icon packs!!!!!!!!

    • alex drum

      Don’t. They are all the 99.9% the same…

  • xFlawless11x

    Any recommendations on a black/white icon set for Nova that is updated relatively often/recently?

  • Illinipoke

    Anyone know how you create the transparent numbers like in the twist uccw theme?

    • Higher_Ground

      You go to edit object, choose the object, and then the option is under “special effects”. It’s called see through effect.

  • Warwick

    I used my $5 Google Play credit from a KitKat bar on the last episode. ):

    • Glad we could help you spend that. 😛

      • rthvk

        Heh Kellen I hate you so much for showing all these beautiful setups… More google play credit giveaways soon? 🙂

        • Saw some cards in the store the other day and almost bought a bunch. Next time I leave my cave, I’ll pick some up for a new giveaway. 🙂

          • CasperTFG

            My BDay is fast approaching. If a give-away could be rigged in my favor…just saying.