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T-Mobile Continues UnCarrier Revolution on October 9 With Help From Shakira

shakira tmobile

T-Mobile has set a date for new UnCarrier-focused announcements, this time with the help of Shakira – yes, that Shakira. In previous events throughout 2013, T-Mobile decided to kill off contracts, light up over 100 LTE markets, and then introduce an early upgrade program called JUMP! which every other carrier has attempted to copy. T-Mobile’s “UnCarrier” approach to wireless service is a bit like prepaid service, but with the backing and support of the network’s owner. They have certainly come a long way over the last year, and even managed to add over 1 million new subscribers in Q2

So what’s in store for part 3? Well, we just don’t know for sure. What else is left after killing contracts and introducing an early upgrade program? All T-Mobile has announced thus far is that we should “get ready” as their “UnCarrier revolution” will continue.

Welcome International superstar @Shakira to team @TMobile. Get ready, the #UnCarrier Revolution continues 2013.10.09

Any guesses?

Note:  This is a ticketed event.

Via:  @TMobile

  • Jonathan Ofalla

    Is there any news about this announcement? What time will it be made and will there be a press conference?

  • Mark

    T-Mobile – 50% more bandwidth, 90% less places

  • socalrailroader

    Still, the majority (land) remains EDGE and GPRS, that’s just sad for 2013 going into 2014. Sorry, but even Shakira can’t dance T-Mobile out of that mess.

  • Bruce Vazquez

    My brother works for T-Mobile Corp and said they’ve been told that they’re going to be financing their phones through a third party company so they accrue no loss if someone doesn’t pay for the remainder of the phone and become 100% profitable. That might be what this is about maybe …….?

    • Croq

      Not sure they’d make a big deal out of the announcement. Doesn’t seem like something worthy of doing the whole Shakira/wait till 10/9 thing…

  • Carla SBruner

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  • Chris VanAnden

    I hope that T-mobile continues to expand at this rate. I’d certainly jump from Verizon to them, but their coverage isn’t what I need in a service…yet. It’s fine where I live, but when I visit my family, getting anything better than 2g with them is nearly impossible. That just doesn’t cut it for me.

  • Eldorath

    A little birdie mentioned a few months ago, that Tmobile was looking to do away with ‘extra’ pricing for data plans. (Data packaged in the already insanely low price) Wonder if this is what we’re going to see?

    On every other network, I’d expect to see it work like this: ‘NOW DATA IS 100% FREE!!!’ *queue the +$20 permanent charge on all lines, data or not*

    With Tmobile, however, if this is indeed what we’re going to see.. I’d not be shocked to see them just reduce everyone’s current plans to include unlimited data across the board for no extra charge. (I’m still trying to do the math on how they do it)

    • nvitone23

      you trust this birdie? How did it get its info?

      • Eldorath

        Honestly? Don’t know.. she’s been right 3x and wrong once. To be fair, one of the times she was right, I initially thought she was wrong.. it was just delayed.. (was the ‘upgrade every 6 months’ thing they unveiled recently.. she was talking about it as early as March of this year)

        The wrong once thing was when she said they were going to initially roll out VoLTE with their original LTE rollout as well. Though she still swears there are a few people within Tmobile who ARE utilizing VoLTE, but the handoff when you go to a GSM portion is ugly as hell.

        • nvitone23

          Thank you. I’m gonna trust her on this

    • Brian Menius

      I was about to go in and change my already-cheap plan for three lines to save another $10/mo and increase the service level on two of the lines. I suppose I’ll just wait until the 9th to see what’s coming as my billing cycle closes on the 9th, and I prefer to make changes at or near the cycle cutoff, anyway.

    • Croq

      I’m hoping this is what proves to be true. That could save me some money.

  • Frettfreak

    Well, my guess is that part of their announcement will be more LTE cities. I dont have LTE anywhere NEAR me normally, but went into town today and it lit up. Only 1 bar, but still got 8mb on a speed test. Its not exactly a huge town, so there could be a good chance that they drop a large list of LTE cities again.

  • WPNX

    I was a verizon customer for 6 years and was very happy with their network and coverage. That’s the ONLY thing I was happy with…After paying top dollar for all that time, verizon pushed me away..no support for nexus devices, no new every two upgrades..no more unlimited data was a killer for me..I am now with TMO..paying less and enjoying unlimited 4GLTE on two lines which I have to say rivals the speed of verizon 4GLTE..no joke it’s pretty damn fast…at least here in central TX

  • Defenestratus

    Tomorrow I’m going to ditch Verizon for T-Mobile. I went into Verizon today and got pricing plans for their maxx plan and it would be $130 a month for 6gb. On T-Mobile it’s half that practically for unlimited. What kind of no brainer decision is that?

    • Paylam

      Not really a no brainer considering the level of quality of T-Mobile’s network (especially their non existent 4G LTE) – how many markets is it? 145 compared to 500 covering 99 percent of Verizon’s 3G network? Like the issue with Sprint, no point getting excited about having unlimited if you have a crappy network to run it on.

      • Paylam

        Verizon Higher Price + Excellent Coverage, Network, and 4G LTE>>>>>> TMobile’s low prices + unlimited w/ extremely worse coverage and 4G LTE network.

        • Phil

          What is your position at Verizon? Be a little more subtle in the future, dude.

      • Hoff16

        It all comes down to where you live. If you’re in an urban area and plan to stay there for awhile then go with the cheapest carrier because they all have service there. If you live in a sparce coverage area then go with what you are willing to give up. Service or Price. I personally have Verizon btw.

      • Ron Howard

        How many markets do you live in? As long as they have coverage where you tend to be, what does it matter if they have coverage in another 144 markets instead of 499?

  • Chris Hilbert

    Still waiting for them to fix the 50 MB data roaming limit.

  • Plot twist: the concert is actually celebrating my birthday.

    • Brian Menius

      NO WAI! You’re October 9, too? Happy birthday, birthday twin!

  • Tmobile customer

    Tmobile is the best

  • Simon Belmont

    Looking forward to this. I’ve been on T-Mobile almost 5 months and I’ve been very pleased (came from Sprint).

    If it’s something I can take advantage of, I will, if not, I won’t. Best of both worlds.

    • master94

      I think a sprint customer would be happy with anything, after all sprint isnt a real network

      • Simon Belmont

        Actually, I was happy with Sprint’s speed and coverage for the nearly 3.5 years I was on their network. I consistently got good coverage everywhere I went.

        My speeds ranged from 1.5 to 2.5 Mbps on 3G (Good for a CDMA 3G network) and 15 to 20Mbps on WiMAX. I left Sprint because I was getting tired of being chained to the CDMA phones they offered, and wanted to bring my own GSM phones (hello, Nexus) to the party, and because T-Mobile costs less and is more transparent on how they bill you.

  • WickedToby741

    Contract buyouts?

    • master94

      I thought the same a few months ago, its the only thing tying people down today

    • Omar Amer

      they already uncarrier’d that with no contracts to begin with.

  • Godzilla

    Next thing you know sprint will be calling up the Beach Boys.

    • Cael

      Sprint would so go Justin Bieber.

      • EnX$$


  • Godzilla

    Shakira can bend over in front of me any time. Those hips.

    • Ian

      We’ve been over this…

      • Godzilla

        have we? I didnt know we’ve discussed shakira before.

        • Justin W

          They don’t lie

        • Ian

          Shakira? No, but we did establish that you should avoid publicizing your lack of sexual encounters.

          Joggin’ the memory?

  • Cael

    So where is Carly?

    • sc4fpse


      • Mark Mann

        moscas en las sandías en Tiajuana

  • Perfect…just in time for me to move to T-Mo and get the Nexus 5 🙂

    PS…has anyone figured out how to sell your unlimited vzw plan and still keep your number?

    • MichaelFranz

      you would have to be in agreement with who you sell it to that they will change their number and request it be released to you. its do-able, just takes some cooperation and phone calls

    • Godzilla

      Highly doubt there is a way to do that

    • prometheus1010


      I used these directions to move my number to Tmo while keeping my Vzn line active a few months ago. Went smoothly and then sold the vzn line.

    • Nayners

      Port to Google Voice (call vzw first to tell them). Then, assign new number to VZW account. Cancel VZW. Profit?

      That’s exactly what I did for the N4. Worked awesome.

    • ChuckG73

      Nayners is correct. I have ported my number to Google Voice and got a new number for my Verizon Unlimited line. When I leave Verizon in December my number goes with me. I still will have my Verizon Unlimited data line and be on a month to month contract. I was going to cancel my line but after reading this I am thinking I will sell it.

  • Omar Amer

    Unlimited music streaming with no fees?

  • Greg Morgan


    • MichaelFranz

      that was my guess. figures verizon gets j-lo’s spanish booty….now tmobile gets shakira’s booty

    • Cael

      T-Movil is gonna cut throat Verizon for Hispanics now. Phase 4 will be Sprint. LOL

    • Joey Funk

      i came her to make this exact comment. :/

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  • Greyhame

    Verizon, I see your J-Lo over there, and I’ll raise you Shakira.

  • Zach B.