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Chrome Beta for Android Gets “Add to Homescreen” Shortcuts for Sites and Web Apps


In the newest Chrome Beta (build 31) for Android, Google added a new “Add to homescreen” option that allows you to create shortcuts to your favorite websites that can be displayed on your home screen. If your favorite websites have been coded properly, some will even show up as apps in your app switcher and direct you to more of a web app experience than just the Chrome browser. 

To create a shortcut on your home screen, visit your favorite website (like DL), press the action overflow menu, and look for the “Add to homescreen” option. Once you rename the shortcut to whatever you’d like, you should see the shortcut appear.

chrome beta apps

Google is also testing out a new New Tab page with middle-placed search box, which can be viewed below. This new experience has actually been available in chrome:flags for some time, but Google appears ready to make it the new default. They discovered that many people still visit google.com to do searches rather than using the omnibox and hope that by placing a search box front and center in a new tab will help change that.


The update is rolling out today, so be sure to check for updates or install directly through the link below.

Play Link

Via:  Google Chrome Blog | Chromium Blog

  • feztheforeigner

    Why the hell do they keep giving me two freaking search bars?! They used to brag about the omnibar providing one place for everything. It was awesome.

    Slightly off topic: Did anyone find a way to get rid of this on the desktop?

  • baniels

    And now I can’t swipe from one tab to another.

  • Anon

    All I FREAKING WANT is to be able to sort my bookmarks in Chrome for Android alphabetically. from the program. Is that too logical a suggestion after several years?

    I don’t want them sync-ed with other versions of Chrome or to have to sync with my desktop browser to do it. Just want them A-Z. Kthxbye.

  • Jason Kahn

    I got the update no new fancy new tab page house do you turn it on

  • thelolotov

    FINALLY, I’ve been waiting for this feature to make it over from the stock browser.

  • rthvk


  • Jeff


  • shecalledmejay

    Is there away to stop it from opening a new tab every time?

  • Wudien

    Finally! Been trying to do this forever.

  • Myk Robinson

    How about adding a quick “scroll to top” like so many other mobile browsers? Once you’ve gotten used to using it, it’s hard to give it up. But I have grown to like Chrome Beta versus Dolphin or any of the others. heck, if they would combine the features of both, that’d be stellar. I really enjoy Dolphin, but it seems rather crash prone for some reason 🙁

  • Intellectua1

    About time.. I missed that feature from when I had my iPhone..

  • kashtrey

    I like the new tab page, it’s more inline with the desktop. The pinning website thing has been something iOS has been doing since the beginning though, seems very late to the party (though google has had the bookmark widget for a while as well). I do appreciate that they’re doing the whole, special mobile site short cut thing though.

  • Gnex

    For f*ck’s sake, why don’t they work on fixing the performance issues?

    • Jason Kahn

      It’s way better than the “stable” non beta version and had consistently been getting ferret performance with each update on my gnex

      • Gnex

        As a gnex user, tell me how chrome beta compares to the almighty AOSP browser.

        • Jason Kahn

          I haven’t used it since chrome came out I will try it on my phone tomorrow and let you know

          • Gnex

            gigity gigity gigity Alright

          • Jason Kahn

            I’m ready to make a judgement, AOSP has speedier animations particularly zooming and scrolling, but only marginally better, I miss the true full screen mode, and text reflow.

            Chrome particularly the Beta does a much better job rendering full websites, and on Verizon’s LTE which is completely overwhelmed 90% of the time in Manhattan, has significantly faster load time with bandwidth management turned on.

            I will be sticking with Chrome Beta as I spend most of my time on LTE.

            Screenshots of Droid-life the first one is AOSP

          • Gnex

            There’s actually a fix for this! Go into the AOSP browser’s settings, tap ‘Advanced’, and deselect the ‘Auto-fit pages’ option. #BAM

    • cherylaiello33

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  • Thank God!

  • kellex2


  • Stnkycheezman

    i’m gonna miss my iGoogle page =(

  • mustbepbs