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Video: A Look at the Apps Available for Galaxy Gear

Galaxy gear

When announced, it was stated by Samsung that the Galaxy Gear (hands-on here) smartwatch would launch with 70+ different compatible applications through Samsung Apps. While we still have our review unit from Samsung, we wanted to highlight a few of the choices future Galaxy Gear owners will have, and how they work. There are a few well-known third party app developers making their creations available for Gear owners such as Evernote, Path, Snapchat, Vivino and plenty more. 

Downloading new apps to Galaxy Gear is very easy – open up your Gear Manager app on your Note 3 device, then hit the Samsung Apps icon inside. From here, you are met with the usual Samsung Apps store, but a special Gear filter has already been applied, that way you are only met with apps that are compatible with your smartwatch. Down below are some screenshots of Samsung App’s user interface.

Gear ManagerRecommended GearGearGear Apps

Once you choose which one you want to download, hit “Install” and it does the rest for you. From there, you can either select to have the app placed in your Favorites or just in your regular “app drawer” on the Gear.

For a video demoing some of the available apps for Galaxy Gear, check out the video below. If there is an application in particular you would like us to highlight, let us know down below.

  • Converted

    my gear’s battery last for 3 days in between charge and i play with it all the time.

  • banananaaaaa

    the gear is $300 and the note is $500 making it a total cost of $800.

    If I buy some velcro and superglue for $1 and an iPhone 5s for $749 I get something doubly functional and get to keep $50.

    What is the point of this product.

  • morgan boyle

    If everyone had a waterproof smartwatch we could start pushing each other into pools again!!!

  • morgan boyle

    i’ll wait a couple years till my smart watch is totally waterproof and has a more classic feel/look.

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  • fyrfyter

    This is probably the saddest excuse for a smartwatch. Who designed it, and why does it look like 90s tech? So far as far as functionality goes, I think Omate is beyond everyone. The TrueSmart looks best. I think we could be in for a rude awakening, as I don’t think any of the big manufacturers can produce a decent smartwatch. They have spent too much time focusing on phones and tablets. It may actually be better this way!


    wow, 10 comments … waa waaa

  • Big e

    I cant understand why anyone would want a smartwatch?

  • Derrick Jefferson

    did anyone else try to move their screen to get rid of the glare on the note 3? lol

  • WCM3

    lol..my favorite part is “oooh Britney you’re in trouble”…

  • IDLE0095

    I want to see how good the notification are. I want to see gmail and hangouts and so on.

    • Well, neither app is supported, so all you get is the application’s icon, then text that allows you to open the app on your Note 3. For now, notifications are very limited.

      • RaptorOO7

        Which is why I canceled my entire pre-order today and will just pre-order the GN3 solo. It just not ready and it seems Google and Apple are forcing any attempt to fail before they are ready with theirs.

        • Shane Redman

          No. Samsung chose to lock down the gear to only a few of their in-house products. That’s on them.

  • questionnoob

    Do us a favor and re-do this video with more in-depth looks at the applications we want to see instead of just swiping around the menus and moving your hands a lot.

  • This is why I don’t plan on getting Galaxy Gear

    • Adam Elghor

      It’s not actually that big…part of that device was a security attachment so people wouldn’t steal the demo unit.

    • David

      That’s the security attachment, it’s not thick at all. Know something about it before you make judgements.

  • Shane Redman

    The gear battery died shortly after this video….