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Chrome for Android Updated, Brings Navigation Gestures and Image Searches Seen Recently in Beta App

google chrome

Back in August, the Chrome Beta browser for both Android and desktop users received an update that brought advanced image searches and new navigation gestures for mobile. The features was received quite well, and now after testing, the features have been brought over to the stable build of Chrome for Android right on Google Play. 

The newly added gestures for the mobile app include navigating through all of your open tabs by swiping on the top navigation bar, quickly opening the options menu by swiping on the settings icon, and switching into tab view. It streamlines the experience, and once you get the hang of them, it speeds up your browsing times.

chrome gestures

In addition, the advanced image search is easy to manage. If you see an image on either your phone or desktop on Chrome, simply right click or hit the settings button and select “Search Google for this image.” You will be shown all relevant results, which is usually pretty spot on.

Go grab the update from Google Play if you haven’t already.

Play Link

Via: Chrome Blog

  • MrBigStuff

    I hate this update so much that I uninstalled all updates from the settings menu. I really like swiping between tabs and the new gesture is awful. Why would I want to swipe from the menu bar? Especially since I have to scroll up for it to even be there. Makes absolutely no sense – I can count on one hand the umber of times I’ve accidentally changed tabs when trying to scroll horizontally, that really wasn’t a problem.

  • wuzun901



  • Bretton Key

    Performance and some themeing options would be great.
    Plus the navigation menu is outdated, it needs to have a card ui or just overhauled to be sleek.

  • HarvesterX

    Chrome was updated … And none of these features are working. None. Granted it’s hard to swipe down from the settings icon on the LG G2 since they wanna use a menu soft key, but no reason the rest shouldn’t? Oddly though performance has improved vastly.

  • mmoreimi

    Chromecast addon would be t I t s

  • mh0520

    I noticed today (since I don’t use chrome often) that somewhere along the way, they dropped the stacked tab previews in the tab switcher for my device. I’m using a droid incredible currently. It seems like maybe they dropped it and switched to a list view to improve performance on older devices. Anyone else notice this?

    I’m just waiting for my new Moto X to arrive tomorrow. So, I’m guessing that I won’t be concerned with it after that but I figured it was worth mentioning.

  • droidbeat

    autotext reflow yet?

  • chris kilps

    Whatever happen to chrome beta for android, is it gone? I can not find it in the play store, but it is still on my phone.

  • Tim242

    Does it have true full screen yet? How bout being able to comment on here without slowing to a crawl?

    • Gnex

      I’ve noticed that Chrome sometimes displays certain comments larger than others. Pretty annoying, especially if you’re the OCD type haha

      • Tim242

        Yeah, that drives me nuts. Then when you try to comment, it zooms all the way in!

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    I don’t see an update…. app was last updated on Sep. 5th.

    • Higher_Ground

      Same here, that’s all I’m seeing.

    • Gnex

      Staged roll-outs are the best AMIRITE?

  • litobirdy

    yes quick controls for me too. I don’t know why they haven’t added that in to Chrome from Android Browser. HURRY UP

  • Chippah


    thats the only Gesture Chrome on Android gets from me until they fix it.

    Google, Heres an idea! How about make it work without crashing and freezing before adding features?

    • Droidzilla

      Works a treat on my Nexus 4.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Working perfectly on my Moto X and Razr (though the Razr is slow, of course).

      maybe less pr0n?

    • drathos

      I’ve never had it crash. Just be slow, especially on initial use.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I think going back and forward in you tab history needs to be less clicks. I don’t know if i want a gesture for it (accidents happen), but at least bring the buttons out. It’s used often enough to be front page goodness.

  • Gnex

    But is it FAST?!?

  • Defenestratus

    I really wish the Chrome team would work on performance issues rather than adding new bells and whistles.

    • Adam Truelove

      I honestly don’t think they test it much on slower devices. It’s painful on the Gnex.

      • j

        Agreed. Stock browser on my Gnex functions much better. Chrome is slow and choppy. Unfortunate that a lot of GNex roms are replacing browser with Chrome!

      • sean carey


        • Justin W

          WHAT? I CAN’T HEAR YOU!

        • RAZR_FANN

          I also have the RAZR MAXX…both Google Now and Chrome are slow as hell on it, to the point where if I want to search something or go to a website I’ll use the stock browser.

          I think it’s slower on devices that upgraded to 4.1 than those that came with it shipped.

          • michael arazan

            Try chrome beta, I use it instead of chrome and already had these features. When I go to sites that I don’t need flash for chrome beta is pretty fast.

            Also remember that your network speeds play a major issue on how fast the browser will load.

        • Droidzilla
    • ahsan96587

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  • Chippah

    I only use chrome when I want to open tabs from another machine,
    I love desktop Chrome, but Mobile Chrome is dead to me…

    Even IOS chrome is better than its home turf on Android.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      If the rumors are true and they are slimming down the android platforn, it’d be hard to imagine them leaving out chrome….but it is google and they love to take their time.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      The iOS Chrome is just a wrapper for the Safari rendering engine that adds bookmark/tab sync via Google, different UI elements/theme, etc.

  • cmbeid

    Gestures seem to only work on my Galaxy Nexus in Chrome Beta, not my Nexus 7.

    • Nate

      That’s because the tabs are all showing on the N7…

      • Ryan N

        Avatar = C&H = WIN!

  • Dan-O

    Include swipe to bookmarks like Dolphin and I’m sold. Why do you need 2 clicks to get to them, but a single click to add one. Which do you do more?

    • Higher_Ground

      I really dislike how many clicks it takes to get to a bookmark. Back when I had Launcher Pro Plus (how long ago was that?) I remember having a gesture where I swiped on the icon and the bookmarks appeard. That was back with the stock browser, though. With Chrome, it almost seems like they don’t want you to use your bookmarks, if you can even find them. When you add in the lag on my gnex, the extra press or two adds up.

    • Orion

      This! Oh, so very this…

      Dolphin is a great browser, but it slows down on me some. But every time it gets on my nerves enough to switch, the bookmarks always bring me back. I don’t get why every other browser hasn’t conceded (and adopted) this approach.

  • Droidzilla

    Are there DL readers that actually aren’t on Chrome beta? That’s like having a BLT with no mayo; might as well be a sickly vegan!

    • Tim242

      I’m a healthy Vegan…watch it.

      • Droidzilla

        I never mind insulting someone’s chosen food-religion.

    • Stevedub40

      I prefer BLC (Cheese). None of that fruity-vegetable crap for this guy!

      • Droidzilla

        You, sir, inspire me.

  • moelsen8

    quick controls or die!

    • Shane Redman

      ah….there it is, lol

    • Greyhame

      Been using the old browser on account of this, and that it’s much more light on battery use. Granted, I don’t get the tab syncing option, but when you’re using a GNex, battery is paramount.

      On a side note.. of ALL the weekends to miss an article. Damn, a G2 would be nice!

    • Chippah

      The New version of Maxthon rocks.

  • Shane Redman

    Do people still complain about the lack of quick toggles or no???

    • moelsen8

      i was just about to. hold on..

      edit: there we go.

    • BobbyG

      yes. i want my quick controls

    • J2000pro

      No, I tend to complain about it’s inability to re flow text.