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YouTube for Android Updated to 5.1.10 – New Video Notifications and Google Ads Included

youtube update

The wave of Google app updates continues to roll in today, with YouTube now joining the party. The Play store listing has yet to update and tell us what is new, but after opening the app, we noticed a couple of things almost immediately. The first, was a listing at the top our timeline which showed as an advertisement from Google for Drive. We aren’t sure if we are only going to see Google ads like this after the update or if this is the beginning of a new advertising machine for any company.

The second thing we noticed was a check box in the General tab that allows you to receive notifications for new videos that “match your interests.”

Once the changelog is out, we’ll be sure to update this post.

Play Link

Or you can sideload it thanks to @WinDroidGuy. [Download Link] [Mirror]

  • Jason Kahn

    Google and app updates, sometime means worse. The PC version of Chrome just updated and it’s horrible took me a minute to locate the open on other devices menu. Google music keeps getting worse,not better, add to my library when searching for new artists disappeared. Google Maps lost significant functionality. Gmail is the biggest let down for people with multiple accounts, the old pull down menus was so much cleaner. On the other hand, drive got easier to use, and keep added location based features.

  • Rotkaeqpchen

    New version doesn’t always mean better Software.

    Sorry, but I downgraded Google Music (because it was slow and consumed more battery, also the play all randomly feature is always hard to navigate to).

    I also downgraded Youtube because the new version drains battery really fast, compared to the older version. Also it feels like the ammount of ads has been increased.

    And I downgraded Hangouts back to Talk because I almost don’t use it and its faster and more straightforward to write a quick message in Talk.

    I usually love every improvement, design change and am always excited when there’s something new. But I think, evolution of some apps are not that great.

  • droidrazredge

    Hopefully Google Maps, Chromecast, Google Chrome, and Google Play Books are updated next. Four applications I’ll be using the most since school has started this week!

  • Chad

    The new youtube app is nearly as horrific as the new paypal app!! YouTube = Buffer Buffer Buffer. GS4 on Verizon LTE.

    • Jason Kahn

      I have it on my VZW GNEX and found it significantly improved playback especially during the busiest times in Manhattan. Try clearing the app data

  • miri

    2 things:
    1. The ads have been there for the since the redesign
    2. When you click on the context menu button on the video card, rather than just “Add to Watch Later” you have “Add to” (which lets you add to watch later, playlists and/or favorites without opening the video) and share.

  • Al-Burrit0

    i think my favorite part about this update is the ads smh

  • miri

    I guess it would be cool if YouTube actually had decent recommendations. If I watch even one video that deviates from my normal habits ALL of my recommendations are based on that for the next week. Then there’s the recommending of videos that I watched ages ago or even had just watched and so on.

  • Gnex

    I hope they update Chrome, too! Love the interface, HATE the lag.

    • miri

      Lag? I guess that could apply to Chrome stable. I disabled it ages ago so I have no idea what it’s like. Chrome beta, on the other had FLIES.

      • Gnex

        Scrolling is still terrible, even on newer devices (GS4, One, Moto X), dropped frames everywhere, etc.

        • Al-Burrit0

          chrome for pc sucks now because it doesn’t suggest you a website when typing. :
          So much easier back then.

          • Gnex


        • miri

          …You must have disabled it. It’s always done that.

          • Gnex

            I just downloaded Chrome Beta… And it’s pretty legit. Thanks man :p

      • Jason Kahn

        Chrome beta especially with bandwidth management on performs so much better than the regular chrome I actually removed the non beta version from my GNEX.

  • Jordan

    Off topic, but how’s AIO Kellen?

  • Droidzilla

    Does this mean the Nexus 5 and Kit Kat releases are imminent? Just feeding the hypebeast hoping that it shows up today; I need a new phone.

  • Leif Sikorski

    I wish I could get notifications for specific channels I choose.

    • miri

      You can, albeit by email.

    • Redlac

      I may have something you want soon…

  • Guy Pierce


    • Guy Pierce

      I guess the people that are disliking my post. Must like crappy ads in their face. Probably have iPhones too.

      • miri

        Ads keep services free and in this case they’re seamlessly integrated into the stream so that they don’t add clutter and otherwise compromise the design while still being clearly marked as an ad. I don’t mind it.

    • Gnex

      This guy knows how the internet works /s

  • Swoops212

    Apps apps for everyone, go to Gplay and get you some. Slow clap…

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    I needed more ads!

  • Adam Truelove

    I cringe whenever I see screenshots of Android with a gap between the Wifi icon and the 5 bar mobile signal icon. What is the point of changing things like this?

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      Unfortunately carriers like to have their particular 4G logo shown so when it’s not there a gap is created.

      • Justin W

        Odd. I never noticed that before – my HTC One, Nexus 4, Bionic never showed a gap like that (though my Nexus 4 didn’t have LTE, the other two do).

        • ReturnOfTheMack

          It’s pretty much just Verizon and AT&T doing this to their newer devices. If you buy an unlocked phone you won’t see carrier 4G logos and they definitely won’t be there on stock Android.

  • ReturnOfTheMack

    Haha today is like Christmas from Google. Updates for everyone…over the next few days.

    • EC8CH

      more like Hanuka then huh?

      • ReturnOfTheMack

        Haha yeah except we know what we are getting.

  • Hey I know that guy! Also today feels like a holiday with all these app updates 😀

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      King of tech reviews. ^

      • Daeshaun Griffiths

        He performs so well infront of the camera.

        • ReturnOfTheMack

          Plus he starts his videos with “What is up guys”. Awesome.

          • And I always reply “chicken butt”

        • hkklife

          And he’s usually wearing a cool T-shirt or jersey too!

      • BaconEater

        I wouldn’t say “king”. He’s not that technical. He does present stuff very well, but those are two things that are hard to come by.

        • cheese

          from what i remember he was one of the first to present smartphone reviews in high quality HD and continues to this day. He’s not ‘technical’ but I don’t think he has to go down that route.

    • Of course it’s your iOS vid. 😛

      • Naturally :}

      • Bionicman

        maybe a special guest on the “Droid Life Show” Kellen? 🙂

        • Radgatt

          Just thinking the same thing.

        • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

          He’s already been one on the tato show. It was pretty good stuff

    • Ray Gray

      I vote Marques in and Ron out the site needs a token black guy

      • Ian Smith

        down with Ron & that weird dude Tin

        • ReturnOfTheMack

          Yeah Tin was horrible, that’s why he was replaced with Tim.

    • clobberedchina

      You are the rocking bomb. Thank you so much for what you do.

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