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T-Mobile Moto X Added to Motorola Bootloader Unlock Program

moto x official2

With the T-Mobile version of the Moto X going up for sale this morning, Motorola has gone ahead and added it to their bootloader unlock program. We knew it would be a part of it, but are still surprised to see it happen so quickly. Good job, Motorola.

The T-Mo version joins Sprint and US Cellular models in terms of the U.S. contingent. We’ll still see developer editions on this list as well, assuming they ever arrive. Remember, their arrival in “days” has already turned into weeks. 

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Via:  Motorola

  • Roderick

    Can somebody tell me if the Moto X is unlockable for cariers in New Zealand. Thanks

  • Morten Lund

    Now all we need to know is if T-Mo have to sign off on OTA’s or if Moto is just going to push them out fast.

  • loony2nz

    If the Moto X line and the Droid line share so much DNA (not the HTC phone), wouldn’t it be possible to unlock the bootloader of the Droid line?

  • sk102704

    What if Moto is waiting for that supossed price drop in October to release the Developer Edition so they can go with Nexus pricing and not piss off the carriers? That Nexus pricing Moto X rumor had a lot of traction, maybe it was just too early.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Moto’s CEO has confrimed that a cheaper version of the Moto X will be released later this year for prepaid/developing markets. The Moto X is their flagship, and will probably stay priced that way. If there is a price drop, it will be the contract price not the retail price.

      • sk102704

        I’m not saying its overpriced. There were a lot of rumors that the Moto X was going to be priced like a Nexus and that came from some really credible sources who really believed that it was going to happen. There have been many people saying that a price drop is coming, and if its coming to contact X’s there is no reason to believe a price drop for full retail won’t happen either. Rmember those rumors were saying it would be $299-$399 off contract and $99 on contract. If the rumors are true about the price drop, half of the rumor is coming true.
        Also, apple is rumored to release the iphone 5C at an off contract price of $300 and Moto certaintly had apple in its sights when they developed the Moto X. Perhaps this price change is to compete against the upcoming iphone.
        While it may just be wishful thinking on my part because I want a DE Moto X and would prefer to pay as little as I have to for it, I’m holding at least a glimmer of hope it happens. And I think there is a slim chance it can.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          What I was saying is that the timing of the rumors and the arrival of the Moto X converged to make it seem like the X would be Nexus-priced off-contract. The reliable sources may have gotten info about the cheaper Moto X that Woodside mentioned the day of the announcement, and attached it to the Moto X instead.

          I’m holding out hope as well, but if the retail price drops more than $50 I would be incredibly surprised. Motorola is treading a very fine line by trying to sell a complete experience rather than specs, which has never before been attempted in the Android world. They are calling it a flagship device, so pricing it too far below their competitors’ flagships would weaken that proposition as many consumers equate price to quality (generally speaking that’s okay, but can also be really far off as well). Whether they are successful is a different discussion that can’t really be had for the next 2-3 quarters as they bring MotoMaker fully online. I have a feeling that we will see a major marketing push in the next 4 weeks or so as Apple ramps up their advertising, trying to pull people from iPhone upgrades to the Moto X. The best thing they can hope for is a luke-warm reception and the intense polarization we’ve seen for iOS 7 so far.

        • Tony Fyffe

          The T-Mo version is priced at $599!?! I wouldn’t pay that price to be locked down to a carrier. I would (begrudgingly) pay the same price for a 32GB developer edition to retain the same carrier freedom I enjoy today.

      • michael arazan

        Beating it’s competitors? Have source?

    • tickytocky

      I was thinking the same thing! Be sweet if it was!

  • ed

    lets guess who is not coming to this party?

  • Jim890

    Why do I have a feeling that Verizon will never make it to that list? Not that I care.

  • KB

    Things like this are among the many reasons I will be jettisoning Verizon.

  • Mickey

    Is there any difference other than appearance between the dev edition and an unlocked t-mobile version?

    • Tony Fyffe

      32GB for the dev edition. Also, I hope that it’s carrier unlocked, like Nexus’s have been. I haven’t read anywhere that the T-mo version is carrier unlocked. No contract, and no subsidized pricing, but it’s possible/probable that it’s still locked to the carrier.

  • jnt

    If only these carriers knew what this did to their network… thank goodness for Verizon.

  • Andrew

    What about the AT&T version?

    • k0nane

      Ha! Good one.

    • Greg Morgan

      You should be able to buy it, unlock it and use on At&t. Probably the only way to get it.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        There will supposedly be a North American Dev edition for AT&T which is probably a variant of the T-Mobile version, and a Verizon Dev edition which will likely be a derivative of the regular Verizon edition (because CDMA sucks).

      • Ryan

        SIM unlock is a bit different from a bootloader unlock, which is what this program actually means. SIM unlocking requires carrier approval under current Library of Congress regulations, which IMO is utterly ridiculous to begin with.