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Sprint’s LG G2 Pre-orders Open October 11


Sprint announced this morning that its version of the LG G2 will go up for pre-order October 11 for $199 on-contract. Personally, that seems a bit late as the rest of the major U.S. carriers are all planning to launch the phone in mid-September. No matter what, you have to applaud LG for getting their newest flagship out to all of the big players in the U.S., something they probably couldn’t have dreamed of doing a couple of years ago. Then again, that’s the way the industry is trending these days, and we’re big fans.

If you pre-order, Sprint will toss in a free Quick Window case with a value of $50.

To see our most recent hands-on overview with the LG G2, hit up this post.

Via:  Sprint | Pre-order

  • Blue Sun

    Any idea on the Model number of this device?

  • recoveringlefty

    Sprint has a $100 credit to new customers who bring their number to them. Offer expires 10/10/13. When I read that part, I thought ‘watch them sell the G2 starting on 10/11’. Sure enough…

    At least that’s biz – I get it. What I don’t get is why Sprint is so slow on the uptake. 10/11 for PRE-ORDER? Then how long?

  • Ron_Swanson

    So is this confirmed to be tri-band capable on Sprint?

    • recoveringlefty

      It was touted as such. I think they need to clear more data through the FCC re: at least one of the LTE bands. Maybe the triband capability is what is delaying the release of the device compared to the other carriers. (I don’t believe the other three US carriers are using the triband radio in the g2.)

  • Tim242

    Those buttons on the back…worst idea EVER!

    • PolarBear

      Get this device, then use it for a few weeks, and finally make your opinion. Don’t make your opinion before you even had tried this device.

      • Tim242

        Do you not see the hump from the power button? No thanks. Not to mention the terrible UI and lack of Dev support. I pay full price to keep unlimited. This is not the droid I’m paying for.

        • BobbyG

          How do you know there is a lack of Dev support? Everything you listed is your opinion

          • Tim242

            Nothing I mentioned is opinion. Look at the pic above…hump from the power button. I’m active on XDA, LG Dev support is almost nnonexistent.

        • PolarBear

          Time will tell. No one knows what will happen in the future of this device. Even the CyanogenMod team is supporting the HTC Droid DNA.

    • Ryan

      You’re annoying. The buttons have actually been getting good praise from first time users. Check it out instead of making yourself seem like a complete bonehead.

      • Tim242

        I work in a cell phone store. I’ve handled it plenty. Kellen doesn’t like them…so not everybody is praising them.

        • Ryan

          OMGAWD Kellen doesn’t like it!? Then it must be the standard for everyone. Kellen has the MOTO X so far up his ass to even notice anything else anyways (no offense Kellen, but you know it’s the truth). I didn’t say that everyone liked them; I did say they are getting good praise by first time users however. You’ve already established that you work in a cellphone store a long time ago with your petty rant about how everyone in the world uses a case on their phone. Which we also proved that to be wrong. If you don’t like it that’s fine don’t buy it Mr. Cellphone Sales Guy.

          • Tim242

            You are such an angry man. I feel sorry for the people in your life that have a different opinion than you. I’d be willing to bet you’vehad some domestic bbattery charges

          • Ryan

            Be careful… I’m coming for you.

        • anon

          You cant have handled it at all. If So i need to fire some reps. Let people make their own decisions to each is to own. I understand you like Samsung but dont bash competitors just destroys your image.

          • Tim242

            Pointing out an obvious flaw in design is not bashing. We are allowed to have and share opinions, ya know?

  • Map

    Actually I do not quite understand this issue.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I mean, I’ll go check it out just to see how it is, but is there really a high excitement level for this phone?

    Especially for DL readers? Especially with Nexus 5 on the mind?

    Also, I don’t like TouchWiz, I’m pretty sure i’ll hate Lg’s take on it…. But I’m wiling to give it a look see

    • Godzilla

      Nova Launcher covers up touch jiz very nicely

      • Tim242

        Very little of it, actually.

    • Brian Wolfman

      I think there is some excitement, Im getting it on vzw thursday. I think DL is gaga over the motoX and with samsungs usual, this kinda got lost in the mix, but all the reviews are phenomenal, even about the button placement. Shame, gonna be a killer phone. Just hope there is some dev support 🙂

    • kwubba

      Why wait for the nexus 5 (which definitely WON’T be released on Verizon)? It’ll be almost exactly the same specs…and I agree with Godzilla…Apex in my case covers up the crappie LG software nicely. I’m in on Thursday to p/u mine and retire my DNA.

      • Kevin

        i’m still flipping the coin between the G2 and the HTC One, hopefully i can decide by this weekend. It’s time for the Bionic to retire.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          You won’t regret the One. Especially with 4.2.2.

          • Kevin

            that’s what i’ve been leaning toward since the G2 was announced, but I figured I’d wait for actual release and see what price Coscto might have.

          • Matas

            I’m so torn now. I bought the One last Friday to hold me out till G2 comes out this week, but I’m slowly falling in love with this phone. Decisions, decisions…

        • emoney

          how long does it take you to flip a coin? but seriously get the One. You won’t regret it

          • Kevin

            haha way too long.

    • Jonathan Ly

      I just want to throw it out there, the notion of the Next Nexus coming to Verizon is probably a reach at best.

      Google wants to hold the experience of the Nexus devices in there hands, and the GPE’s have been GSM tech only.

      Until Verizon switches to LTE exclusively we will not see a Nexus device again. And from what I’ve read the FCC’s recent LG device does not look to be the Nexus Nexus, so it’s a waiting game at this point.