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HTC to Break Back Into the Tablet Game With This Abomination?

HTC One Tablet

Almost exactly one year ago, HTC announced its withdrawal from the American tablet market, stating that it was a “learning experience” for the manufacturer. With sales apparently somewhat dismal, there was just no money to be made when competing with Apple and Samsung. In a new plot twist, if this newly-leaked picture is to be believed, then could HTC be rethinking its stance? 

Leaked from overseas in Asia, where consumer electronics can tend to get a little sketchy, an image of a tablet-sized device with HTC One characteristics has hit the web. You can see HTC’s popular BoomSound front-facing speakers, a front-facing camera and a well-sized display showing itself off. It is what we don’t see that has us a bit worried, though. We do not see HTC’s logo in its trademarked place on the front under the display, plus we see some massive bezels alongside of the screen. Even the One doesn’t sport bezels of that size.

So, could this just be some cheap knockoff? Could HTC actually intend to market this device? We know they are currently working on a phablet-like phone named the One Max, but this would be almost too ridiculous to imagine.

Let’s hear your thoughts down below.

Via: SimOnlyRadar

  • droidxethan

    Lolololol. EWW

  • Brian_2112

    I don’t mind HTC doing tablets again, they just need to refocus their approach. Hopefully this won’t be part of the process.

    We have the One, soon we’ll have the One Max. If this is real, it will be the One Too Many.

  • Ken

    lol and what battery will they put in this? 2800? >_<

  • Jack

    fake clone

  • cockerspanole_

    WTF htc one on steroids

  • Cosmix

    The One Abominable

  • chris420o


  • EnX$$

    clone and fake no HTC logo no buttons

  • Lee Sandy

    Stop smoking your MotoX Tim.

  • RaptorOO7

    So they REALLY blew up the HTC One Max to HTC One MAXXXXXXXXXXX for the really heavy flow (of data) you have to manage.

  • frhow

    I highly doubt this is even made by HTC. First and foremost they haven’t been the best at keeping their future products a secret. Better yet a fully assembled HTC Tablet and this is the first rumor about it? Probably some Chinese knockoff using the HTC One design. There are plenty of them out there, just Google them.

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    introducing the HTC bezel monster