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Best Buy to Carry Exclusive Metallic Blue HTC One on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint

Blue HTC One

Best Buy announced this morning that they will be the exclusive seller of the HTC One in Metallic Blue. We first caught a glimpse of this device last week, complete with Verizon branding. According to Best Buy, the device will be available on Verizon, Sprint and AT&T starting on September 15. 

No exact word on if this One will be priced differently from the regular One on these carriers, but that is unlikely.

On a personal note, that tint of blue is hot.

Best Buy Launching Exclusive Metallic Blue HTC One September 15

The award-winning HTC One will be available in a stunning new Metallic Blue exclusively through Best Buy in the United States with the option of 4G LTE service from AT&T, Sprint or Verizon at the more than 1,400 Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores as well as on BestBuy.com onSunday, Sept. 15.

Since its launch, the HTC One has received critical acclaim for its premium all-metal design and breakthrough smartphone features including the UltraPixel camera, reinvented home screen called HTC BlinkFeed™ which incorporates both news updates and social networks, and as the only smartphone with stereo front-facing speakers.

  • Steve Byers

    Now 49.99 with Contract upgrade!!! Whewhoo….!!

  • chelseaerinn

    Bought my blue HTC one at best buy 3 days early. I wanted black but I like the blue one too. It’s awesome!

  • Asimoalex

    is there root for the VZW HTC one ??

  • ScottyB

    Might have already scene this, but found this video. I love the dark edge color with the blue!!

    HTC One and HTC One Mini Blue edition first look and hands-on

  • I’d never buy a phone from Best Buy

  • Sith77

    Htc doesn’t need more exclusive crap . Make a phone and get it on EVERY carrier at launch . Sell units !! Get market share up , get updates out THAN worry about stupid exclusives . I have owned HTC phones for the last 8 years , but I have really lost faith in them as a company . Stupid idea like this , when they need market share juts seems like a thought up idea by a bunch of drunk ceo’s on a napkin in a bar .

  • Steve Byers

    Best Buy sucks!!!

  • tidusmccoy1515
  • Dino

    The blue HTC One, on Verizon, is available NOW at Best Buy. Both online and in store


    Already available on bestbuy.com, for $100 more off contract than Verizon; the only way I’d get it is if I could find a store to price match (and if the Moto X Dev ed was delayed until late Oct).

    • ams165

      I was told that best buy does not price match cell phones because they cannot compete with the carriers.
      Store manager, Manchester, NH

  • Col_Angus

    Saw one on display there yesterday. It looks good.

  • John

    I work at best buy mobile. Haha I’m actually at work now.

    The blue HTC one is available immediately. Just sold one for Verizon….

    • Michael W

      What do I do? Buy it from you and take it to a Verizon store and have them activate it? But then do I have to pay full price from you?

  • I was at a fair in Olathe, KS saturday and saw a sprint employee sporting a bright blue HTC One, I was blown away on how vivd the color was, I want one now so bad!

  • Tony Byatt

    So it’s a Best Buy promo…I was wondering why blue…

    • SetNick

      So I guess the soon to be released Target promo version will be red?


  • Caveman

    Got the blue HTC One on 09/07. The Best Buy had to look up the sale date in the system to make sure they could sell them, it showed 09/06. Not sure what’s up with the 09/15 announcement. Anyways, love the blue, love the HTC One. Coming from GS3 it’s hard to get use to the software differences. Oddly, I like the GS3 software much better. However, the front facing speakers and the screen make up for the quirks on the One.

  • Ryan Powell

    Does this mean we can get the Best Buy logo added to the back for the Verizon version? I prefer my phones to look like a NASCAR stock car and theres only so many Verizon can add on their own.

    Seriously I’ve been really wanting to see this Blue version come to Verizon but after seeing the their Verizon 4GLTE decals on the back I don’t want anything to do with the One.

    Looking like a custom made Moto X for me later this year.

  • Why don’t OEMs just make all the color choices available at launch? Even more importantly, why are some colors exclusive to some carriers? Does a phone available in a particular color really sway someone’s decision as to what carrier to go with? This is insane and every OEM is guilty of it.

    • Ryan Powell

      I think it comes down to bulk cost. They don’t want to invest in a large amount of a certain color and not have it sell. Especially considering they would need to stock the colors in so many stores. I imagine they approach a carrier and say “Order X many of the red and we’ll give you the exclusive.” Then they leave it to the carriers to worry about selling them off.

  • Inquizitor

    I seriously, seriously just want the black version. Cmon Verizon, stop being assholes for like ONE day.

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      dey racist, dey don’t like da black

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    • kimberly537

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    • Michael W

      Huh? Pretty sure you can order a black one through Verizon

      • Inquizitor

        You’re pretty wrong.

        • Michael W

          Lol. Ok. I suppose my Verizon friend just pulled some strings for me.

          • Hand76

            Post a pic of the back of this fake phone you got and after that post a pic of your fake friend.

          • Inquizitor

            What Hand76 said. Seriously, man, do not jerk me around here.

          • Michael W

            Sorry fellas, didn’t mean to sound crazy here. Haha. You have me worried now = I’m going to see her at work tomorrow (Thurs) to order one, and she keeps reassuring me she can order a black one in her system! I guess I’ll keep you posted…

          • Hand76

            The way you made it sound is that you already had one. But yea there is not even a sku # in the system for the black one on Verizon. So your friend was wrong. 🙁

          • Michael W

            Gah! You’re right!! I texted her for a THIRD time and said “Ok, hold on. These guys are telling me I can’t get black. Are you SURE SURE SURE that you can order it in black?”

            Aaaaaaaand nope. What a fail. Lol. F U VERIZON AND STUPID FRIEND

  • Justtyn Hutcheson

    Color is so very very hot. I am sorely tempted to buy this. If only the Verizon version were unlockable since Verizon isn’t selling it direct, but those delusions remain unfulfilled.

    And so my wait continues. Keep truckin, Razr, keep truckin….

  • banditball

    I just need a black Verizon with my Draco case and I’m happy:)

  • bboyairwreck

    This, Droid Maxx, or the Moto X. Hmmmmm. That Blue looks suuuuppper clean. I’ll have to go to best buy to see for myself. Idk bout buying a phone via Best Buy though

    • Eric R.

      Id like it if it was darker. And not so metallic

    • bobbymay1

      Buying the Moto X through them today. Plus there is a $50 gift card if you trade in an old phone, regardless of that phones value. Getting rid of my OG Droid (battery is starting to bulge) and keeping my GNex

      • Andy Stetson

        Good info on that front. Maybe costco with a metallic red? (to kill of the sprint exclusive)

      • Shawn Burke

        Good idea but in the pursuit of unlimited data I still can’t justify 550 for a phone.

        • Droid22

          Unless you add a line, or have a non smartphone line that is eligible for upgrade. You wouldn’t lose your unlimited.

    • Dusty

      Buying via bestbuy is no different than going to a carrier store. The benefit though is usually their prices are lower than the carrier prices and you get their reward zone points which usually they give you $20-$50 back in gift certificates depending on the promotion they are running. You still have to pay the same upgrade fees and etf and plans are exactly the same.

      • Adrynalyne

        Lower prices?
        I’ve yet to see that.
        The biggest advantage of buying through Best Buy is their buyback program.

        • Dusty

          Their contract prices are actually cheaper you just have to wati for the deals. I.e. Note 2 on verizon was on sale for $99 last week. Now its $149 but still cheaper than verizon. They no longer offer the buyback program that was discontinued last year. I can guarantee you their prices are lower as long as you check. Worked there for 2 years and always compared prices with carrier and other store prices and bestbuy’s was generally cheaper.

          • Adrynalyne

            That only happens on older devices and that sucks about the buyback program.

          • Dusty

            Nope. Last year they had the Galaxy s3 for $49 when everyone else had it for $149 or more. I had friends all come in to upgrade their phones last year. You just really have to check their prices weekly. I’ll admit their everyday prices are about the same but they have that special week where they undercut just about everybody. Yea they got rid of the buyback but they have trade in plus. Free w/ their protection plan you get +$50 on your trade-in value.

        • ams165

          Plus you can use your best buy card for the points or no interest financing, if that’s your gig…

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Not if you’re buying Full Price, like many of the DL faithful do… off contract is always at least $100 more

        • Dusty

          Yea you’re right about that. Never buy phones off contract at bestbuy since they also don’t PM for that.

          • Jonathan Ly

            You’re wrong on that, I’ve priced matched two phones from Best Buy, a Bionic and a Note 2.

            They will price match the full retail cost, they will not price match contract costs.

          • Dusty

            Then consider yourself lucky. By Best Buy’s policy they are not required to PM a contract device even though you are purchasing it off contract the device itself is considered a contract device. I used to be a manager and usually most stores do not PM off-contract price. Really up to manager’s discretion to PM.

          • John

            Our DCSM basically told us to price match anyway regardless of policy. No manager would turn away $50 erosion for $140 on the back end for the upgrade…

          • Dusty

            Well you have to look at your store’s performance and read the rasc reports etc… havent worked there in a while forgetting all the names. Because if you have high erosion you can’t pm. You cant just look at the -50 gain 140. If you are a lead or a gm you know better than to just go off of that. I hope your dcsm isn’t the dcsm i used to work for cause if he is then he is getting desperate for sales.

          • Justin Larmay

            i’ve price matched at my best buy before as well. I’m pretty sure most best buy’s will.

          • Ngalo10

            Hate to tell you but as of about two weeks ago Best Buy changed their policy and can PM contract phones on or off contract.

            BBYM Associate

          • Dusty

            If that is the case then that’s awesome however on bby’s website it still says “The Guarantee is limited to one price match per identical item, per guest and DOES NOT APPLYE TO: CONTRACT MOBILE PHONES sold by any online retailer, the online prices of retailers not listed,”

            Sorry about the caps couldn’t find a way to make it bold or underline that part. However, like i said earlier if bby did make that change that would be awesome considering how they are giving me less reasons to get my phone there since they changed the protection plan…

          • HarleyGuy72

            They’ll actually price match contract cost too. Just did that for my second line. Showed them the price for an S4 at Amazon ($149.99) and they gave me the $50 off.

          • pappy53

            $50 off would make it $199, as they are $249 for VZW S4’s.

          • HarleyGuy72

            They were having a sale that particular Sunday for $199.